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81 CN YK: Drug Scene Stable Over Last DecadeWed, 28 Jul 2004
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Area:Yukon Territory Lines:196 Added:07/28/2004

Whitehorse's drug trade hasn't grown over the last decade, though it's gone through highs and lows, according to a study due out this fall.

"It didn't appear to have grown," RCMP Cpl. Pete Greenlaw said about Whitehorse's illegal drug market. "It appears to be fairly stable. You have peaks and valleys, but there's no dramatic increase."

Greenlaw, the Yukon RCMP's drug awareness officer and a career drug cop, is part of the SASSY committee (Substance Abuse Strategy and Solutions for Yukon) conducting a study of the city's drug scene. It's set for completion by November.

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82 CN YK: Needles Everywhere; Traffic Is 24-7Wed, 07 Jul 2004
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Area:Yukon Territory Lines:113 Added:07/09/2004

A downtown resident's concern about traffic coming to and from a nearby drug trafficker's home base has prompted the constituency's MLA to call a public meeting to see what the community can do.

Todd Hardy, territorial representative for the downtown riding, as well as the Yukon NDP leader, is in the planning stages for a July 28 open discussion at the Whitehorse Public Library.

A woman who lives in the downtown area said she approached Hardy a couple of weeks ago because she's fed up with incessant noise 24 hours a day after two houses where drugs are sold cropped up in her area recently.

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83 CN YK: Pro-Pot Party Plans Yukon CandidateMon, 12 Apr 2004
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Small, Jason Area:Yukon Territory Lines:111 Added:04/13/2004

One Yukon candidate in the upcoming federal election wants to bring a higher profile to his lesser-known party.

Sean Davey, 22, will enter the federal election as a the candidate in the Yukon riding for the Marijuana Party of Canada. It's the first time the pro-pot party has sparked up a candidate in the Yukon.

Davey is running to get the word out in the Yukon about the Marijuana Party, which will be entering its second federal election.

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84 CN YK: Parents Weigh School Canine PatrolsFri, 16 Jan 2004
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Waddell, Stephanie Area:Yukon Territory Lines:115 Added:01/19/2004

Though F.H. Collins Secondary School principal Darren Hayes doesn't believe drugs are a big problem at the facility, the school is looking at having the RCMP bring in a drug dog.

"Some of this is to be a deterrent," he said in an interview this morning.

School council officials, parents and students turned out to a meeting at the school Thursday evening to discuss a potential policy that would permit the drug dog into the Riverdale high school.

"Members of the RCMP M division with the cooperation of the principal or designate may conduct random patrols of Yukon schools," reads the draft policy. Hayes noted there was a wide variety of views represented at the meeting. While some parents support the policy, others had questions about the wording. Still others queried how far the school would go in its searches.

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85 CN YK: Drug Problem In For Exhaustive StudyFri, 28 Nov 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Area:Yukon Territory Lines:110 Added:11/29/2003

Cocaine, ecstasy, pot, heroin, mushrooms - they're all to be found on Whitehorse streets.

But just how accessible drugs are, their prevalence and their overall effect on Yukoners isn't known.

By next June, a local researcher will have reviewed existing data and spoken with coroners, cops, doctors and people who treat addicts in order to find out just how bad Whitehorse's drug scene is.

Whitehorse is one of six Canadian communities doing the drug studies starting in December. A further nine towns and cities will conduct the studies in the two following years.

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86 CN YK: Support 'Very Humbling,' Fentie SaysTue, 25 Nov 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Small, Jason Area:Yukon Territory Lines:124 Added:11/28/2003

The Yukon's premier admits his past conviction for dealing heroin is an embarrassment.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Dennis Fentie addressed the issue of his 1976 conviction of being part of a heroin trafficking ring in Edmonton.

Fentie told the Star during the 2002 election campaign about his conviction for narcotics trafficking. However, the Yukon Party leader refused to say, at the time, what drug he had been pushing.

It was revealed recently that Fentie had spent 17 months of a four-year sentence in prison for peddling smack, also known as heroin.

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87 CN YK: Premier Should Have Come Clean, Observers SayMon, 24 Nov 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Small, Jason Area:Yukon Territory Lines:152 Added:11/24/2003

Two veteran federal political strategists feel Premier Dennis Fentie made a big mistake by not telling Yukoners what drug he went to prison for selling. "My advice would've been you come clean," Tim Powers said today in an interview from Ottawa.

Powers used to work for federal Tories John Crosbie and Joe Clark, and most recently worked for the Canadian Alliance during the 2000 federal election. "If you hide something that is a part of the public record somewhere out there, come clean or you will pay the price," Powers added.

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88 CN YK: Principal To Employ Drug-Sniffing DogThu, 20 Nov 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Area:Yukon Territory Lines:137 Added:11/21/2003

While the Department of Education and the RCMP have hammered out an agreement allowing a police dog to search high schools for drugs and weapons, not all principals plan to take up the offer.

At a news conference yesterday afternoon, Porter Creek Secondary School principal Kerry Huff said he plans to ask the RCMP to bring one of their drug-sniffing dogs into the building after school hours to conduct "random sweeps" of the building in an effort to root out contraband.

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89 CN YK: Man's Death Attributed To CocaineFri, 31 Oct 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Area:Yukon Territory Lines:43 Added:11/05/2003

The lethal amount of cocaine in a Whitehorse man's body likely killed him as he ran from the RCMP officer trying to arrest him in late September.

Clark Edward Whitehouse had more than 10 mg of cocaine in his system, Sharon Hanley, the Yukon's chief coroner, said this week.

Anything over 10 mg is considered lethal. Exactly how much he'd ingested won't be made public until a yet-unscheduled coroner's inquest.

Coroner's inquests are standard practice when someone dies in police custody.

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90 CN YK: RCMP Officer And Dog Credited With Huge BustWed, 29 Oct 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Waddell, Stephanie Area:Yukon Territory Lines:50 Added:10/29/2003

A Yukon RCMP officer and police dog are behind an Alberta drug bust worth millions of dollars, the RCMP said this afternoon.

This morning, four people were arrested in Lethbridge, Alta. and charged with possession of controlled substances for the purpose of trafficking.

Lethbridge Police Service officers seized 235 kilograms (524 pounds) of marijuana, as well as cash, cell phones and other items related to a vehicle Yukon Const. Wayne Smyth and police service dog Luke came across early yesterday morning.

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91 CN YK: Territory Can't Try Drug Possession Case - JudgeMon, 22 Sep 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Waddell, Stephanie Area:Yukon Territory Lines:101 Added:09/22/2003

Judge Gail Maltby has ruled that the Yukon has no jurisdiction to try a youth accused of possession of drugs for the purposes of trafficking.

The case was scheduled to go to trial in Whitehorse this morning, but defence counsel Malcolm Campbell argued the Yukon does not have the jurisdiction for the case.

"The offence was not committed here," Campbell told the court.

The alleged offence stems from an incident at a Kelowna, B.C. bus station. Kelowna RCMP arrested the youth after being informed by Whitehorse RCMP that he was believed to be bringing cocaine into the territory for the purposes of trafficking.

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92 CN YK: MDs Uneasy About Prescribing MarijuanaSat, 30 Aug 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Taggart, Sarah L. Area:Yukon Territory Lines:251 Added:08/30/2003

The president of the Yukon Medical Association (YMA) won't soon prescribe medicinal marijuana, even if federal courts have guaranteed that Health Canada will be a willing supplier.

Advocates for the ready access to medicinal marijuana aren't pleased either with the last-minute decision made on July 9.

Dr. Wayne MacNicol is the president of the YMA and an obstetrician-gynecologist at Whitehorse General Hospital. He has been provided with information from Health Canada on how he should go about prescribing marijuana to his patients.

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93 CN YK: Girl Sold Joint During Her Walk to SchoolFri, 06 Jun 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Area:Yukon Territory Lines:92 Added:06/09/2003

Three months in custody is needed for a 15-year-old girl convicted of selling one marijuana cigarette to her cousin on the walk to school, a Crown prosecutor argued in court this week.

Territorial court Judge John Faulkner rejected that suggestion for the girl, who had no criminal record until Wednesday afternoon. He instead handed her eight months' probation for the trafficking conviction.

Fourteen at the time, the girl was convicted after a 20-minute trial in early February for selling the joint on the way to school last September as they neared Selkirk Elementary School on the way to F.H. Collins Secondary.

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94 CN YK: Cop Goes From Busting Dealers To Dealing With KidsFri, 16 May 2003
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Area:Yukon Territory Lines:175 Added:05/18/2003

This is the last in a four-part series looking at various aspects of police work to mark national police week.

Pete Greenlaw flaps his fingers, pantomiming a pair of lips talking -- "Drugs are bad. Don't do drugs."

"This doesn't work," the RCMP corporal said.

When the RCMP first hired drug awareness officers as their part in implementing Canada's drug strategy in 1988, those police officers were often labelled the "pin and poster guys."

They handed out pins and posters and stood at the front of the classroom telling kids to stay away from drugs, Greenlaw said. There wasn't a lot of interaction, and students didn't take a hands-on role in the learning process.

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95 CN YK: Youth Offered Options To DrugsMon, 30 Dec 2002
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Waddell, Stephanie Area:Yukon Territory Lines:79 Added:12/31/2002

For a month and a half, Anne Aram has been trying to improve her pool skills and come up with some fun activities for the young people who hang out at the Whitehorse Youth Centre.

The centre's new executive director said in a recent interview she wants to offer the city's youth an alternative to drugs and alcohol.

One of the latest initiatives was the Beat the Heat pool tournament between the Whitehorse RCMP and youth at the centre. Aram proudly pointed out that the youth beat the police in the tournament. It's something she hopes to do every month in an attempt to alleviate some of the differences between the youth and police.

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96 CN YK: Justice Minister Awaiting Changes To Marijuana LawTue, 24 Dec 2002
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Small, Jason Area:Yukon Territory Lines:51 Added:12/25/2002

The Yukon government will wait until Ottawa makes an official decision before it gets off the pot on the issue of decriminalizing marijuana.

Recently, a committee of federal MPs released a report recommending that anybody caught with up to 30 grams of marijuana receive a fine instead of being charged and left with a criminal record.

According to the report, fines would be paid without a court appearance and people would not receive a criminal conviction, much like a speeding ticket.

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97 CN YK: Debate Lights Up Over Pot LegalizationThu, 21 Nov 2002
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Area:Yukon Territory Lines:151 Added:11/22/2002

"Hi. My Name Is Dennis And I Smoke Marijuana."

The admissions were as thick as the pot smoke in a Cheech and Chong flick at last night's debate on the decriminalization of marijuana, though the agreement on what should happen with the plant's legal status wasn't as strong.

Some disagreed about whether marijuana is even a drug as a couple argued it's simply an herb. Others disagreed about it being labelled a "gateway drug" while others said they thought it leads to harder drug use.

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98 CN YK: Anti-Addictions Week StartsMon, 18 Nov 2002
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK)          Area:Yukon Territory Lines:55 Added:11/19/2002

Parents worried their kids are trying drugs, families that want healthy activities to participate in and those curious to hear more about the issue of decriminalizing marijuana have a week all their own.

Officially starting early this afternoon with the opening ceremonies at the Elijah Smith Building, National Addictions Awareness Week runs until Saturday evening with a wide variety of events throughout the city.

This afternoon was to involve a March for Sobriety at the Kwanlin Dun potlatch house from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Kwanlin Dun Wellness Centre is hosting a three-hour open house starting at noon Tuesday.

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99 CN YK: `Date Rape' Danger Rising In TerritoryWed, 30 Oct 2002
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Tobin, Chuck Area:Yukon Territory Lines:132 Added:10/31/2002

There were 200 sexual assaults reported in the territory last year, and it looks like the rising violence against women over the past summer will make this a "banner year," says a territorial victim services worker.

Some of the victims report they believe they were drugged, Bonnie Ross told the audience during Monday's annual crime prevention conference in Whitehorse.

One victim, Ross said, said she was conscious for the entire assault, but was unable to do anything.

"She could not move, but knew what was happening," said Ross. "She could not move because she was paralyzed, and she was raped."

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100 CN YK: Former Addict Recounts Life Of TurmoilFri, 13 Sep 2002
Source:Whitehorse Star (CN YK) Author:Brown, Sarah Elizabeth Area:Yukon Territory Lines:145 Added:09/15/2002

Empty-handed except for the clothes he was wearing, Matthew Cardinal received a priceless gift two days before Christmas 2001 - the desire to kick the cocaine habit that had him in its grip for the last eight years. Sitting alone in a barren, dingy apartment, he looked around at nothing. All he had was clothing and his own body. He'd spent four of the last eight years in jail for property crimes - smoking crack cost money he didn't have. But other people had things he could take and sell.

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