New Hampshire, The _U of NH Edu_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2017
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1 US NH: Edu: NH House Passes First Recreational Marijuana BillTue, 28 Jan 2014
Source:New Hampshire, The (U of NH Edu) Author:McGoldrick, Patrick Area:New Hampshire Lines:139 Added:01/31/2014

Following the national tide of public opinion favoring the legalization of marijuana, the Democrat-controlled New Hampshire house passed a bill - HB 492-FN-LOCAL - on Jan. 16 that would legalize marijuana for recreational use.

In passing the bill, the New Hampshire House made history by becoming the first legislative body to pass a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana.

There are currently only two states in the Union - Colorado and Washington - where recreational marijuana is legal, and both states' laws were passed through public referendum, as opposed to legislative action.

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2 US NH EDU: Column: Legalizing Marijuana Is Only Step OneTue, 26 Feb 2013
Source:New Hampshire, The (U of NH Edu) Author:Fournier, Dan        Lines:130 Added:02/26/2013

The recent public hearings on the New Hampshire General Court's possible passage of legislation that would legalize, decriminalize, or make marijuana medically available shows that we New Englanders continue to be leaders in issues of civil liberties.

If our nation's glorious Constitution (and dare I say, the spirit of liberty that it embodies?) speaks of anything, it speaks of inalienable autonomy, of the right of each citizen to do with his life and to his body as he sees fit. There is no reason for our current drug policies.

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3 US NH: Edu: Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Visits UNHFri, 21 Sep 2012
Source:New Hampshire, The (U of NH Edu) Author:Morley, Olivia Area:New Hampshire Lines:95 Added:09/22/2012

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke on campus Sept. 19 and drew many like-minded supporters in to hear his speech. Johnson, who served as the Republican Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003, will be listed on the 2012 ballot in 47 states as a third-party candidate.

Johnson is known for vetoing more bills than all other governors combined, and also for vetoing a whopping 750 bills during his two terms in office. He has been coined "Governor Veto" as a result of his tendency to veto most bills that are presented to him.

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4 US NH: Edu: Column: Obama Finally Confronting Problem of Drug ProhibitionFri, 04 Feb 2011
Source:New Hampshire, The (U of NH Edu) Author:Murray, Nick Area:New Hampshire Lines:108 Added:02/06/2011

Last Thursday, President Barack Obama took questions submitted online in video and text format in the spirit of his State of the Union address two days earlier.

The President has conducted these in previous years, but this year's town hall was a bit different.

The most popular video this year was one from retired deputy sheriff MacKenzie Allen, a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). He took his time to ask the president whether there should come a time for us to discuss the possibility of legalization, regulation and control of all drugs in hopes of an alternative to the current system of zero-tolerance prohibition. Where the President would've laughed this question off to the anxious-to-please audience in D.C. in years past, this year he chose to air and answer Mr. Allen's question.

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