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1 US: The Great Pot ExperimentMon, 25 May 2015
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Barcott, Bruce Area:United States Lines:405 Added:05/25/2015

Yasmin Hurd raises rats on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that will blow your mind.

Though they look normal, their lives are anything but, and not just because of the pricey real estate they call home on the 10th floor of a research building near Mount Sinai Hospital. For skeptics of the movement to legalize marijuana, the rodents are canaries in the drug-policy coal mine. For defenders of legalization, they are curiosities. But no one doubts that something is happening in the creatures' trippy little brains.

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2 US: Marijuana Reform Activists Push For Change With DEA HeadWed, 22 Apr 2015
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Rhodan, Maya Area:United States Lines:105 Added:04/25/2015

And the resignation of Chief of Administration Michele Leonhart offers the chance for change

Marijuana legalization advocates are excited about the departure of Michele Leonhart, the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, whom they long considered an obstruction in their goal of reforming the nation's drug laws.

"We are happy to see her go," says Dan Riffle, the director of federal policies at the Marijuana Policy Project. "She's a career drug warrior at a time when we've decided the `War on Drugs' is an abject failure."

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3 US: Marijuana Should Be Legal, But ....Mon, 04 Aug 2014
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Sheff, David Area:United States Lines:121 Added:08/08/2014

We must treat drug use for what it is: a health, not a criminal, issue

Yes, it's harmful, and yes, it should be legalized.

How Many People Watched Orange Is the New Black? No One Knows The editorial board listed sound arguments, including the social costs of prohibition. However, the board was remiss when it effectively brushed aside what it acknowledged are the "legitimate concerns" about marijuana's impact on the development of adolescent brains.

Even supporters of legalization, of which I'm one, must not underestimate those concerns.

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4 US WA: Washington Residents Smoke Way More Weed Than Officials ThoughtWed, 18 Dec 2013
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Steinmetz, Katy Area:Washington Lines:102 Added:12/20/2013

A new report highlights the difficulty of predicting supply and demand for a legal weed market

Generic Marijuana

Knowing how much marijuana people consume is now a very important statistic for officials in Washington and Colorado. That number can help them make sound decisions about how to regulate the supply side of the country's first recreational marijuana markets. And on Wednesday a non-profit think tank released a report showing that Washington residents consume far more weed than the state initially thought.

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5 US CO: Will Colorado Have Enough Pot Stores To Meet Demand?Mon, 09 Dec 2013
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Steinmetz, Katy Area:Colorado Lines:83 Added:12/11/2013

Sales of recreational marijuana begin in three weeks, and lawmakers fear that demand will dwarf supply

Growth technician Mike Lottman moves through the marijuana plants in a medical marijuana center in Denver, April 2, 2012.

Call it Black Wednesday. Recreational marijuana goes on sale legally in Colorado on Jan. 1, and Denver officials are worried that the city's retail shops won't be anywhere close to meeting demand.

At a city-council meeting Monday, lawmakers in Colorado's largest city raised questions about licensing delays and the prospect of people queuing up for hours in what have been historically low temperatures.

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6 US: Legal Recreational Marijuana: Not So Far OutMon, 06 Feb 2012
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Cohen, Adam Area:United States Lines:107 Added:02/07/2012

With medical marijuana now available in 16 states, decriminalizing pot for recreational use could be around the corner

The drive to legalize marijuana has long been a fringe cause, associated with hard-core libertarians and college-age stoners. But it could go mainstream in a big way in this November's election, when Washington could become the first state to legalize recreational pot use. If it does -- or if voters in any of several other states do -- this year could be a turning point in the nation's treatment of marijuana.

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7 Mexico: Day Of The DeadMon, 11 Jul 2011
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Padgett, Tim Area:Mexico Lines:370 Added:07/11/2011

You will hear the voice of my memories stronger than the voice of my death -- that is, if death ever had a voice.

- -- Juan Rulfo, Pedro Paramo

This is how Mexican investigators believe gangsters murdered business student Juan Francisco Sicilia: Two of his friends had been assaulted in Cuernavaca, south of Mexico City, by a pair of policemen moonlighting as muggers for the Pacifico Sur drug cartel. The friends reported the criminal cops, who panicked and asked their mafia bosses for help. On March 27, eight Pacifico Sur thugs, including a crazed psychopath called El Pelon (Baldy), abducted the two accusers, as well as Juan Francisco and four other buddies, from a bar. They were bound with packing tape, tortured in a safe house and suffocated to death. Their bodies were found the next day outside the city.

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8 US: OPED: The Way ForwardMon, 11 Jul 2011
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Castaneda, Jorge G. Area:United States Lines:102 Added:07/06/2011

Since time immemorial, Mexicans have argued that were it not for U.S. demand for illicit substances, Mexico would have a manageable drug problem. More recently, we have also contended that absent the U.S.'s laxity on arms sales and its tolerance for the possession of extraordinarily dangerous weapons, the violence in our country would not be what it has become. Lately our leaders have added a new gripe: Americans are hypocrites because they support prohibitionist and costly drug-enforcement policies -- yet, through the specious fallacy of medical marijuana, are legalizing drugs without saying so.

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9 US: Web: Does Teen Drug Rehab Cure Addiction or Create It?Fri, 16 Jul 2010
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Szalavitz, Maia Area:United States Lines:246 Added:07/16/2010

"Matt Thomas" (a pseudonym) had only recently begun experimenting with marijuana when he got caught selling a few joints in the bathroom at his junior high school.

It was no big deal, Thomas thought, especially considering that his parents - an investment banker and a homemaker - smoked pot too.

But Thomas' grades had already begun to slip, perhaps because of his increasing alcohol and marijuana use; that, coupled with his drug-dealing offense, was enough for the school to recommend that his parents place him in an inpatient drug-treatment program.

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10 US MI: Growth Industry: Learning How to Grow Medical MarijuanaMon, 28 Jun 2010
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Gray, Steven Area:Michigan Lines:118 Added:06/24/2010

This is what a medical-marijuana class looks like. Twenty-five or so students - men, women, young, middle-aged - listen attentively as an instructor holds up a leafy green plant and runs down the list of nutrients it needs. Nitrogen: stimulates leaf and stem growth. Magnesium: helps leaf structure. Phosphorous: aids in the germination of seeds. Michigan's Med Grow Cannabis College is one of several unaccredited schools to have sprung up in the 14 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized medical use of marijuana. Many of its students suffer from chronic pain. Others are looking to supply those in need of relief.

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11 Mexico: Mexico's Meth WarriorsMon, 28 Jun 2010
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Padgett, Tim Area:Mexico Lines:62 Added:06/24/2010

Mexico's newest drug cartel, and certainly the most bizarre, is La Familia Michoacana, a violent but Christian fundamentalist narco-gang based in the torrid Tierra Caliente region of western Michoacan state.

The group is infamous for methamphetamine smuggling, lopping off enemies' heads and limbs, and massacring police and soldiers. (Most recently, on June 14, a band of Familia gunmen ambushed a federal police convoy in Michoacan, killing 12.) Yet La Familia's leader, Nazario Moreno - aka El Mas Loco, or The Craziest One - has written his own bible, and his 1,500 minions hold prayer meetings before doing their grisly work.

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12 US: Brief History: Medical MarijuanaMon, 21 Jun 2010
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Sebley, Kayla Area:United States Lines:53 Added:06/16/2010

Some call it a green rush. In the past five years, the number of medical-marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles has exploded from four to nearly 600. To get a handle on what one city official called a "chaotic situation," more than 400 were shuttered June 7, following a January vote to limit their numbers in response to complaints that many were catering to recreational users.

When it comes to using the drug for medical purposes, though, no one did it like the ancients.

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13 US: OPED: Let's Bail Out the Pot Dealers!Mon, 16 Nov 2009
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Stein, Joel Area:United States Lines:101 Added:11/08/2009

Some dude outside my supermarket just asked me to sign a petition to legalize marijuana. Apparently he was so high that he forgot he's in California, where pot is already more legal than budget-balancing. Last year I was granted a medical-marijuana license, even though I'm healthy and I don't smoke weed. I went to a doctor's office that consisted of a desk, a TV, two cans of air freshener and a man wearing a Hawaiian T-shirt. I told Dr. Magnum P.I. about my constant anxiety, insomnia and headaches -- two more conditions than any previous patient had bothered to mention. He freaked out and gave me a pot license for only six months until I saw a psychologist. My lovely wife Cassandra, however, got a full year's prescription by claiming she was afflicted with a condition called "menstruation." Looking back, I'm pretty sure I could have used that too.

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14 Mexico: On the Bloody Border: Mexico's Drug WarsMon, 04 May 2009
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Padgett, Tim Area:Mexico Lines:311 Added:04/28/2009

Pedro Rojas is the sort of wealthy Mexican who's usually in control of his world. "I don't panic or scare easily," says Rojas, a business owner and rancher from the Mexican border city of Juarez. But last year narcos, or drug traffickers, moved into his upscale neighborhood--punks in cowboy attire and sparkling pickup trucks buying expensive homes.

Rojas and his neighbors were awakened at night or horrified in broad daylight by assault-rifle fire and the screaming of tires as cars raced away after kidnappings. One afternoon, local children watched as a pickup rammed down the door of a house, sparking a gun battle that left four people dead in the street. Out at Rojas' ranch, the situation was worse.

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15 US: OPED: It's High TimeMon, 13 Apr 2009
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Klein, Joe Area:United States Lines:93 Added:04/10/2009

Legalizing Marijuana May Be Politically Risky. But the Economic Benefits Are Becoming Difficult to Ignore

For the past several years, I've been harboring a fantasy, a last political crusade for the baby-boom generation. We, who started on the path of righteousness, marching for civil rights and against the war in Vietnam, need to find an appropriately high-minded approach to life's exit ramp. In this case, I mean the high-minded part literally. And so, a deal: give us drugs, after a certain age -- say, 80 -- all drugs, any drugs we want. In return, we will give you our driver's licenses. (I mean, can you imagine how terrifying a nation of decrepit, solipsistic 90-year-old boomers behind the wheel would be?) We'll let you proceed with your lives -- much of which will be spent paying for our retirement, in any case -- without having to hear us complain about our every ache and reflux. We'll be too busy exploring altered states of consciousness. I even have a slogan for the campaign: "Tune in, turn on, drop dead."

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16 US: Pot: Now Starring in Your Favorite MovieMon, 07 Jul 2008
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Luscombe, Belinda Area:United States Lines:105 Added:06/29/2008

Judd Apatow had a problem. The test screenings for his movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin were killing. But the jokes that were really landing were the ones featuring pot. Sophomoric, Cheech-and-Chong-y cheap yuks about weed. But funny ones. He called his old friend Garry Shandling to ask whether he should leave them in. They went with the only responsible choice: comedy comes first.

The film opened, and nobody made a big deal about the pot. Nor did Apatow get called out when the lead character in his next big hit, Knocked Up, was an inveterate stoner. And on Aug. 8, Pineapple Express, which he produced, arrives; it's named after a particularly potent (and fictional) strain of Cannabis sativa.

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17 US: Web: OPED: The Wire's War on the Drug WarSun, 09 Mar 2008
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Burns, Ed Area:United States Lines:110 Added:03/10/2008

We write a television show. Measured against more thoughtful and meaningful occupations, this is not the best seat from which to argue public policy or social justice. Still, those viewers who followed The Wire -- our HBO drama that tried to portray all sides of inner-city collapse, including the drug war, with as much detail and as little judgment as we could muster -- tell us they've invested in the fates of our characters. They worry or grieve for Bubbles, Bodie or Wallace, certain that these characters are fictional yet knowing they are rooted in the reality of the other America, the one rarely acknowledged by anything so overt as a TV drama.

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18 US: Column: Pushback on the War on DrugsMon, 19 Nov 2007
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Thornburgh, Nathan Area:United States Lines:25 Added:11/12/2007

Two local measures in the West called for authorities to make marijuana arrests and prosecutions a low priority. Denver and Hailey, Idaho, passed the initiatives. (Hailey also voted yes to industrial hemp and medical marijuana.) Possession remains a federal and state crime.


19 US: Being Fair to Crack DealersMon, 19 Nov 2007
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Rawe, Julie Area:United States Lines:113 Added:11/12/2007

Drug dealers are bad guys, but even they should be treated fairly.

That's why advocates of sentencing reform are cheering a recent federal move to narrow the jaw-dropping disparity in sentences for trafficking in two versions of the same drug, cocaine.

But it's way too early for them to be declaring victory.

The U.S. Sentencing Commission, which was created in 1984 to help ensure that people convicted of similar crimes end up with similar prison terms, has finally shortened its recommended penalties for crack cocaine.

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20 Denmark: Europe's Last Commune Braces For BattleMon, 23 Jul 2007
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Thompson, Christopher Area:Denmark Lines:102 Added:07/23/2007

There is something different in the air at Christiania these days the usual spicy aroma of marijuana smoke now occasionally mixes with the smell of tear gas and burning tires. That's because, more than three decades after Europe's oldest and largest commune was established as an antidote to "selfish society," Danish authorities are moving to close it down. More than 90 people were arrested a few weeks ago after groups of youths fought running battles with police, throwing bottles and cobblestones and burning homemade barricades. The riot, a rare occurrence in this normally placid Scandinavian country, was prompted by police arriving to demolish a shelter deemed unsafe by the authorities.

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