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1 US CA: State, Federal Officials to Placer: Ban All OutdoorWed, 18 May 2016
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Thomson, Gus Area:California Lines:100 Added:05/19/2016

LaMalfa, Nielsen Cite Crime Increase, Youth Access, Pollution

Placer County supervisors faced down more opposition Tuesday to efforts that could result in taxing and regulating medical pot grows this time from Congressman Doug LaMalfa and state Sen. Jim Nielsen.

The two were not present at Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting but sent representatives to read prepared statements reinforcing strong concerns already voiced earlier in the month by Placer County's four police chiefs.

Nielsen, speaking to the Journal late Tuesday, said that as chairman of the state Board of Prison Terms for several years, he observed the negative impact of marijuana.

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2 US CA: Placer Schools' Prevention Programs March on DespiteFri, 27 Jul 2012
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Marra, Amber Area:California Lines:137 Added:07/30/2012

State Funding for Most Ended in 2010

Despite funding cuts in recent years, drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention and mental health programs are still going strong in Placer County school districts.

And that's good news for those who are trying to educate parents about teen drug abuse locally.

Beginning in 1986, school districts got Safe and Drug-Free School Communities Funding to help implement a variety of prevention programs, according to Greg Wolfe, consultant in the Coordinated School Health and Safety Office with the state Department of Education.

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3 US CA: PUB LTE: Re-Legalize the God-Given PlantSun, 16 Oct 2011
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:White, Stan Area:California Lines:27 Added:10/16/2011

President (Barack) Obama's desperate attacks on state-regulated dispensaries of cannabis (marijuana) has got to stop: "Medical marijuana crackdown gets reaction from those in industry," Journal, Oct. 13).

Cannabis prohibition is a monster that must be put to death. Political leaders must stop feeding the monster and citizens must stop feeding politicians who feed the monster.

Hopefully federal government policies to persecute, prohibit and exterminate cannabis will accelerate the race to completely re-legalize the God-given plant.

Stan White, Dillon, Colo.


4 US CA: Medical Marijuana Crackdown Gets Reaction From Those InThu, 13 Oct 2011
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Jones, Bridget Area:California Lines:135 Added:10/13/2011

Even Without Letter, For-Profit Facilities Not OK, U.S. Attorney Spokeswoman Says

A recent directive from the federal government telling several California medical marijuana facilities to shut their doors inspired locals connected to the industry to speak out.

According to Lauren Horwood, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Sacramento, the office has issued letters to close to 50 medical marijuana facilities.

"(This happened) because the U.S. Attorneys felt the need for it," Horwood said. "It has been in the process for awhile and it seemed that as the illegal operations were becoming more and more prolific that something needs to be done by the federal government."

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5 US CA: Judge Rules Against Auburn Med-Pot DispensaryWed, 24 Aug 2011
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Thomson, Gus Area:California Lines:40 Added:08/24/2011

A court clash over a medical marijuana dispensary the city of Auburn is seeking to close down has been postponed again.

But the city's cause has now been bolstered by a judge's tentative ruling that supports its 1996 ban on pot dispensaries.

Judge Colleen Nichols issued the tentative ruling Monday, clearing the way for arguments in the civil court case to be heard Tuesday morning. Instead, however, Nichols postponed the session another week so that she could hear what she described as an emergency criminal issue.

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6 US CA: Court Showdown Coming Over Auburn Pot DispensaryThu, 11 Aug 2011
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Thomson, Gus Area:California Lines:40 Added:08/13/2011

A medical marijuana collective's attempt to fight the city of Auburn's efforts to permanently close its downtown dispensary will have to wait a week for another court date.

Sierra Patient and Caregiver Exchange closed its doors last month after a temporary restraining order requested by city attorneys was granted in Placer County Superior Court.

A hearing -- with the exchange requesting a hold on the restraining order and the city looking for a more-binding preliminary injunction - -- was to have been heard Tuesday in Roseville before Judge Colleen Nichols.

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7 US CA: Medical Marijuana Supporters Speak Out After AllegedThu, 14 Jul 2011
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Jones, Bridget Area:California Lines:113 Added:07/15/2011

Security Is Important for Cannabis Patients, Physician Says

A recent robbery that involved a medical marijuana theft has some speaking out about concerns and asking local residents to use security to keep themselves and their medical cannabis supply safe.

At presstime Wednesday Robin Oscar Tipton, 20, of Sacramento, David Eugene Thomas, 23, of Sacramento, and Duane Edward Patton II, 23, of Elk Grove, were still in custody in Placer County Jail after being arrested July 7 for allegedly bursting into an Auburn couple's home and stealing medical marijuana, cash and other property, according to Dena Erwin, spokeswoman for the Placer County Sheriff's Office.

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8 US CA: Fines Instead Of Jail For Marijuana Dispensaries?Thu, 03 Feb 2011
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Jones, Bridget Area:California Lines:59 Added:02/03/2011

Facilities Currently Prohibited in Auburn

Anyone trying to run a medical marijuana dispensary in Auburn could face fines instead of court in the near future.

The Auburn Planning Commission voted Tuesday night to recommend the City Council amend the city's municipal code to make penalties for running dispensaries in the city civil rather than criminal infractions.

According to Will Wong, community development director for the city of Auburn, in 2004 the city adopted an ordinance putting regulations on the dispensaries, but in 2006 the city amended its code to prohibit the facilities altogether.

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9 US CA: Medicinal Marijuana Grower: Prop 19 Poorly WrittenSat, 02 Oct 2010
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Thomson, Gus Area:California Lines:217 Added:10/03/2010

Pot Harvest, Prop. 19 Issues Keep Placer County Medicinal Grower Busy

The buds are sprouting at George Miller's medicinal marijuana grow, located on property on an isolated hillside somewhere between Auburn and Colfax.

They're sending the sweetish aroma of cannabis wafting over the land where he passionately - and secretively - tends to his crop of 90 plants.

The sun and the heat of the summer are lingering, extending a slow growing season that has kept plants smaller than they would normally be but moving steadily toward harvest time - and shipment by armored car to a Northern California collective.

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10 US CA: California Bid To Legalize Pot Cultivates VariedWed, 29 Sep 2010
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Thomson, Gus Area:California Lines:115 Added:09/30/2010

The Proposition 19 buzz is already hitting Auburn.

With the potential to be part of the first state to legalize recreational use of marijuana, Auburn-area residents have strong -- and divided -- views on the proposition. Prop. 19 is on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Auburn City Councilman Keith Nesbitt said he's basically in favor of decriminalization of cannabis and taxing it.

"But Prop. 19 is a tough call," Nesbitt said. "We don't want to make it available for young people, for instance."

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11 US CA: Stirring The Pot: Prop 19 Marijuana Legalization DebateSat, 04 Sep 2010
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Thomson, Gus Area:California Lines:117 Added:09/04/2010

Is the Proposition 19 pot initiative going to harm or help California?

Proponents like Dale Sky Jones, executive chancellor of Oakland's Oaksterdam University, contend passage of the proposition will save hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars now wasted on enforcing the failed prohibition of cannabis.

But Sacramento attorney John Lovell, whose current clients include the California Police Chiefs Association, points to a coalition of law enforcement organizations and argues that the threat of losing significant federal funding should be a deal-killer in itself.

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12 US CA: Column: 2000 - Olympic Gold and Pot Case Highlights of Y2KSun, 03 Jan 2010
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Miller, Michelle Area:California Lines:40 Added:01/05/2010

A Look Back on the Aughts

Editor's note: The Journal shares some notable events that occurred in the last decade of Auburn's history.

With fears of a Y2K apocalypse alleviated, 2000 ushered in the new decade with little fanfare. That came later as the presidential election heated up, ending in a recount and a newfound familiarity with hanging chads.

Locally, plans were afoot to build Foresthill High School and a high-profile marijuana case against compassionate use advocate Steven Kubby went to trial. Here's a sampling of other local happenings in 2000.

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13 US CA: Pot Shop Debate Hits HomeTue, 25 Aug 2009
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Gee, Jenifer Area:California Lines:198 Added:08/25/2009

Local Cities Weigh In On Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

It's not so easy being green in Placer County for those looking to open a commercial medical cannabis dispensary.

Recently the towns of Colfax and Loomis have put a moratorium in place prohibiting medical marijuana shops from opening. Officials from both towns say they will take the next 10 months to research the issue before making a final decision.

Other county cities, including Auburn, have ordinances in place not allowing commercial storefront medical marijuana dispensaries. Federal law declaring medical marijuana as illegal was the reason most of those cities opted to not allow the shops.

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14 US CA: Medical Marijuana Advocate's Final Drug Convictions DismissedThu, 10 Jul 2008
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Thomson, Gus Area:California Lines:60 Added:07/10/2008

A Mendocino County court has dismissed the remnants of a 1999 Placer County prosecution of medical marijuana proponent Steve Kubby.

The ruling -- which sees Kubby's misdemeanor convictions for possession of a magic mushroom stem and peyote buttons expunged under California law -- came last week.

Full erasure of the conviction would take a governor's pardon, but Kubby said Tuesday that the court decision to dismiss the case leaves him "fully vindicated and in possession, once again, of my inalienable, inseparable, non-transferable rights."

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15 US CA: County Prepares to Dole Out Medi-Pot Cards to PatientsFri, 15 Feb 2008
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Thomson, Gus Area:California Lines:113 Added:02/16/2008

Placer County plans to roll its medical marijuana identification-card program out March 1.

But it's still uncertain whether the state-overseen and state-authorized program -- which remains voluntary for marijuana-medicating patients under the 11-year-old Proposition 214 Compassionate Use Act -- will take hold.

Neighboring El Dorado County established its own ID program under state guidelines in mid-August and has issued 13 cards.

Statewide, the three-year-old program has issued 18,847 cards in 36 counties.

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16 US CA: Jury Finds Couple Guilty In Pot CaseSat, 18 Aug 2007
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Usher, Penne Area:California Lines:91 Added:08/19/2007

Cool Doctor And Lawyer Cite Compassionate Use Act

Two Cool residents were found guilty in federal court Thursday of manufacturing and selling large amounts of marijuana.

But the Cool professionals, Marion "Molly" Fry, a doctor and her lawyer husband, Dale Schafer, say they are unfairly targeted and that the pot they were growing, completely legal, was allowed under the California Compassionate Use Act.

"They were convicted by the jury of all charges in the indictment after three hours of deliberation," Rosemary Shawl, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office said Friday. "The are out of custody pending sentencing Nov. 26."

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17 US CA: Column: Medipot Harassment Lets Illicit Use ThriveTue, 31 Jul 2007
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Elias, Thomas Area:California Lines:98 Added:07/31/2007

There's something almost idiotic about the obviously confused and misguided way in which federal authorities are trying to enforce anti-marijuana laws in California today.

Nothing better illustrates this than the headlines that appeared together in newspapers this spring and summer about numerous pot raids in middle-class neighborhoods across the state and those about the second trial of medical marijuana activist Ed Rosenthal of Oakland, an author sometimes known as the "guru of ganja."

In the eastern Los Angeles County suburb of Diamond Bar, authorities burst into a three-bedroom home one day and found the entire house had been converted into a massive indoor marijuana farm with an elaborate irrigation system and overhead lights on timers set up to bypass electric meters that might have alerted the local utility something odd was going on in the house.

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18 US CA: Couple Could Face Decades In Prison For Pot ChargesWed, 25 Jul 2007
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Usher, Penne Area:California Lines:113 Added:07/27/2007

Foothills Doctor And Husband Say They Grow Legal Marijuana

Two Cool residents could face up to 40 years in prison and millions in fines, if found guilty of manufacturing and selling large amounts of marijuana.

But the Cool professionals, a doctor and a lawyer by trade, say they are unfairly targeted and that the pot they were growing, completely legal, was allowed under the California Compassionate Use Act.

Dr. Marion "Molly" Fry and her attorney husband, Dale Schafer, were indicted by the U.S. Attorney's office in June 2005.

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19 US CA: PUB LTE: Hemp Products Are Cheap, Good For TheSat, 30 Jun 2007
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Canterbury, Emily Area:California Lines:47 Added:07/01/2007

It has come to my attention that people haven't recognized the importance of hemp, and how to use it in our daily life. I feel it could be a great new resource used in our society.

Hemp can take the role of trees, for instance, hemp paper could be used while trees could be built into houses. Hemp is harvested for its fibers made for hemp clothing, seeds, and hemp oil. With a relatively short growth cycle of 100-120 days, it is an efficient and economical crop for farmers to grow.

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20 US CA: Lawmakers Demand Solutions For PrisonsWed, 21 Mar 2007
Source:Auburn Journal (CA) Author:Nielsen, Jenna Area:California Lines:110 Added:03/21/2007

Calif. Facilities Hold Nearly Twice The Inmate Capacity

The state's Republican lawmakers have called on the Legislature to act immediately on California's worsening prison overcrowding crisis.

At a press conference held Tuesday at the State Capitol, Senate and Assembly members suggesting tackling the problem by making it easier to use available bed space as well as transfer prisoners out-of-state.

"We have been trying to give the impression to the Legislature and the governor that we need to come up with a solution now," Assemblyman Ted Gaines, R-Roseville said after the conference. "If we don't the courts will do it for us and the result would be the release of thousands of prisoners and that's scary."

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