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1 CN ON: Province To Choose Location For Pot StoreFri, 12 Jan 2018
Source:Peterborough Examiner, The (CN ON) Author:Kovach, Joelle Area:Ontario Lines:91 Added:01/17/2018

The provincial government will decide where to locate a new cannabis store in Peterborough, states a new city staff report - city council won't have any say in the matter.

Peterborough is getting a new government-run cannabis store by July 1, but it's unclear where exactly it will be located.

City council won't be allowed to weigh in on the choice of location, states a new report that councillors will review at a meeting Monday.

That will be up to the province, although the government has said it won't locate these new stores anywhere near schools or homeless shelters.

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2CN SN: Stores selling pot could face trouble: PoliceFri, 12 Jan 2018
Source:Regina Leader-Post (CN SN) Author:Frasetr, D. C. Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:01/17/2018

Chief warns crackdown could be coming as weed is still illegal

Regina police are well aware stores selling marijuana are up and running around the city.

And while cannabis is set to become legal this summer, Chief Evan Bray is clear: selling the product is still illegal.

It's a message he says will be actively communicated with the public in coming weeks, and it is one those working at or running dispensaries in the city have likely already heard.

Bray wants the illegality of dispensaries to be clearly known.

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3 CN ON: Legal Marijuana Concerns MaddWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:North Bay Nugget (CN ON) Author:Hamilton-McCharles, Jennifer Area:Ontario Lines:57 Added:01/15/2018

Organization recognizes officer of the year

North Bay police Const. Mitch Thomas is surprised how many people still get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Thomas arrested six people for impaired in 2017 and was recognized during Tuesday's monthly police services board meeting as the Mothers Against Drunk Driving officer of the year.

Thomas, who has been an officer for the past three years, said he still remembers the first motorist he charged with impaired.

"It was a gentleman from out of town. We got the call just after the bar rush," Thomas said.

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4 CN BC: Vernon Restricts Sale Of MarijuanaWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Morning Star, The (CN BC) Author:Gerding, Barry Area:British Columbia Lines:78 Added:01/15/2018

Vernon City Hall continues to walk a line of uncertainty over how and where marijuana might be legally purchased in the city.

While Ottawa is on board with legalizing the sale of marijuana, the province is yet to work out the rules for its retail availability.

As a result, all B.C. communities are left in a zoning bylaw quandary on how to proceed.

In response on Monday, council gave first reading to bylaw 5000 amendments limiting the sale of cannabis in Vernon retail outlets to provide some legal clarification until the province mandates how and where marijuana is to be sold.

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5 CN BC: Cannabis: Council Passes Moratorium After Public HearingWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Nelson Star (CN BC) Author:Metcalfe, Bill Area:British Columbia Lines:54 Added:01/15/2018

The ban on cannabis businesses extends to July and does not include current medical dispensaries

Only two people presented their views at a public hearing held by city hall on Monday to get the public's reaction to a proposed moratorium on recreational cannabis sales. Both presentations took less than one minute.

Brenton Raby said he supports the moratorium. He said he hopes the city will change its terminology by replacing the word "marijuana" with the word "cannabis."

Herb Couch said he is pleased that the moratorium does not include medical cannabis.

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6 CN ON: LTE: Ad Campaign Won't WorkWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON) Author:Braund, Marie Area:Ontario Lines:26 Added:01/15/2018

Ahead of its July deadline for legalizing recreational marijuana use in Canada, the federal government has launched a ad campaign warning of the risks of drug-impaired driving. I wonder if any elected official has noticed ads warning against drinking and driving have not eliminated drunk driving. The new ads won't work either. The way to curb drug-impaired driving is to not make cannabis legal for recreational purposes. Cannabis should only be marketed for seriously ill people on a doctor's prescription.

Marie Braund



7 CN ON: Local MPs Split On Marijuana LawWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Glengarry News, The (CN ON) Author:Carmichael, Scott Area:Ontario Lines:81 Added:01/15/2018

The federal with a handful of minor revisions, passed its third and final reading in the House of Commons November 27 and has moved on to the Senate for further review and discussion.

A total of 200 Members of Parliament voted in favour of the legislation - Bill C-45 - with 82 voting against it.

Following the final vote, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted "we're one step closer to legalizing & regulating marijuana. #BillC45 means less money for organized crime and harder access for our kids."

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8CN BC: Pot Vendors Still Selling In OpenSun, 14 Jan 2018
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Lazaruk, Susan Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/14/2018

Illegal booths continue to operate in downtown square despite mayor's vow to crack down

After Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said to "stay tuned" to see how the city and police plan to oust illegal pot vendors from the Vancouver Art Gallery square, a handful of vendors were still operating an open drug market there.

Darren Tarry, owner of DZ Buddz, is one of the unlicensed marijuana vendors regularly setting up shop on the south side of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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9CN BC: Column: Crunch Time Nears For Legalized PotSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Leyne, Les Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/13/2018

Less that six months before the start of the legal marijuana era begins, here's what the B.C. government has decided when it comes to how to handle it:

* The minimum age for consumption and possession will be 19,

* Wholesales distribution will be handled by the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch,

* Retail sales will go through some mix of public and private stores.

There's a bit more to this than just those items.

B.C. and other provinces have also succeeded in budging the federal government off its original offer of a 50-50 sharing of cannabis tax revenues. It's going to be 75 per cent to the provinces, and Ottawa's share is capped at $100 million a year. That suggests that the federal government won't be making much money off this change, not that it expected much, given the new costs to be incurred. Whether the provinces can turn a buck from the new revenue stream remains to be seen, since they'll bear most of the new costs.

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10CN BC: Former Health Minister Says Pot May Help With Opioid AddictionSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Kane, Laura Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/13/2018

Terry Lake, the former B.C. health minister who oversaw the declaration of a public-health emergency amid the deadly fentanyl crisis, is urging more research on the effects of marijuana on opioid addictions.

Now a vice-president at a medical cannabis company, Lake said there is preliminary evidence that shows marijuana can help people with addictions reduce their use of hard drugs and ease the painful symptoms of withdrawal.

"I'm not saying it's the answer to the opioid crisis. I'm saying it's one of the options we should explore," said Lake, who chose not to run in last spring's provincial election. "It's very promising and deserving of further research and there's no better place to do that than in British Columbia."

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11 CN ON: Trudeau Says He's Open To Strengthening Ethics LawsSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Curry, Bill Area:Ontario Lines:75 Added:01/13/2018

Justin Trudeau says he's open to tightening federal conflict-of-interest laws and strengthening the powers of parliamentary watchdogs after a year in which both he and his Finance Minister were reprimanded by Canada's ethics commissioner.

The Prime Minister made the comments at the conclusion of a cabinet retreat in London, Ont., where the government drafted plans for the final half of its first mandate.

The government is enjoying solid poll numbers and a strong economy, but is coming off a year that ended with a finding by outgoing ethics commissioner Mary Dawson that Mr. Trudeau violated federal ethics laws by accepting a 2016 island vacation hosted by the Aga Khan.

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12CN SN: Column: Legalization Of Pot Means Things Are About To GetSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:StarPhoenix, The (CN SN) Author:Fuller, Cam Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:01/13/2018

Young people are going to lose one of their last remaining ways to stick it to The Man

How will marijuana legalization affect us? If only there were a way to see the future, to look into a crystal bong, so to speak.

Well, we can, more or less. It's been legally sold in Colorado for four years. Has it turned people there into zombies? Is there more general giggling than there was before?

The sky hasn't fallen. Various studies indicate that teen consumption hasn't increased (in fact, it's gone down, according to trusted news source leafbuyer. com). Traffic fatalities continue on a downward trend. That's what happens when everybody drives three miles an hour. And with $230 million going into the treasury in 2016, tax revenues are so high they can't feel their face.

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13CN ON: Liberals Weighing Legal Implications Of Pot Possession AmnestySat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Forrest, Maura Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:01/13/2018

No time frame for what would be 'major change'

Ottawa * The Liberal government is looking at the possibility of amnesty for people with pot possession convictions once marijuana is legalized, according to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

"We're weighing all of the legal implications to make sure that we fully understand all the dimensions of this and, when we're in a position to make an announcement, we will do so," Goodale told reporters during the Liberal cabinet retreat in London, Ont. Friday.

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14CN SN: Column: Legal Pot Has Provincial Government SquirmingSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:Regina Leader-Post (CN SN) Author:Mandryk, Murray Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:01/13/2018

The reluctance of the Saskatchewan Party government to come forward with a fulsome policy on legal cannabis sales speaks to the discomfort this conservative-minded administration is having with the subject matter.

But it also demonstrates how this party's leadership race - and perhaps other political considerations - have shut down the business of governing for some time now.

The kindest grade one can give Monday's government announcement on legal marijuana sales is "late" and "incomplete."

It avoided answering even the most basic question: At what age will one be able to purchase marijuana in Saskatchewan, come its legalization on July 1.

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15CN ON: Pm Hints At Pardons For Pot PossessionSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Bryden, Joan Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:01/13/2018

They won't happen, though, until after July 1 legalization

LONDON, Ont. - Canadians convicted of simple marijuana possession will have to wait until recreational pot is legalized on July 1 before learning whether they'll be pardoned for something that will no longer be a crime.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ruled out Friday declaring an amnesty before the new law goes into effect.

"We recognize that anyone who is currently purchasing marijuana is participating in illegal activity that is funding criminal organizations and street gangs," he told a news conference wrapping up a twoday cabinet retreat.

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16 CN ON: We'll Look At Amnesty After Pot's Legalized, Trudeau SaysSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Stacey, Megan Area:Ontario Lines:78 Added:01/13/2018

Amnesty for marijuana possession convictions could be in the cards for Canadians, but not before recreational pot is legal.

That's the word from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who wrapped up a two-day federal cabinet retreat in London on Friday.

With Trudeau and his cabinet in town, questions swirled around the potential for a legal amnesty program that may offer Canadians relief when it comes to criminal convictions for simple possession of marijuana.

The federal government's plan to legalize marijuana is just months away from hitting London, with the first local pot shop set to open by July 1. That's the same deadline that's been promised by the Liberal government for legalization.

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17 CN ON: Editorial: There's A Haze Over Province's Pot PlansSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:Peterborough Examiner, The (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:77 Added:01/13/2018

A legal pot shop will open in Peterborough this summer and what a report that goes to city council Monday night reveals is that most of the local impacts are still unknown.

One concern for some municipalities is that they have no say on where marijuana stores locate.

It's an old irritation: because municipalities are "creatures of the province" zoning regulations cities normally use to direct where a business can set up shop don't apply. Fortunately, that's not really a concern.

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18 CN SN: Bringing Change To The Cannabis ConversationSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:Prince Albert Daily Herald (CN SN) Author:Kerr, Jason Area:Saskatchewan Lines:69 Added:01/13/2018

With legalization right around the corner, one P.A. resident wants to help educate people on the benefits of marijuana

Mike McCaul is not your average cannabis activist.

McCaul, who moved to Prince Albert from Calgary in 2008, first began using marijuana to help alleviate severe back problems. He rarely uses cannabis these days as his injuries have healed, but his passion for helping others understand the medical benefits remains.

"It's the education aspect and the health aspect, the benefits of it," McCaul explained. "Legalization is right around the corner, but I'm trying to help people understand that there is a medical side to it."

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19 CN MB: NDP Calls For Safe Drug Injection SitesSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:Martin, Nick Area:Manitoba Lines:81 Added:01/13/2018

DP Leader Wab Kinew demanded Friday that provincial Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen create safe consumption sites for injection drug users in Winnipeg and other communities in Manitoba.

"There are people in our city who are dying," Kinew told reporters.

But Goertzen said in an emailed statement late Friday that he's not considering establishing sites.

Kinew said deaths and overdoses from opioids and methamphetamine have reached crisis proportions in Winnipeg.

"It's time for there to be a safe consumption site in Winnipeg," he said. "We know safe consumption sites save lives."

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20CN BC: OPED: New Drug Policy Needed To Fight Overdose CrisisSat, 13 Jan 2018
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Chang, Derek Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/13/2018

Addiction is a serious issue, but it shouldn't be a criminal one, says Derek Chang.

"I just learned that my cousin overdosed at a friend's party. His friends were afraid of calling 911 and left him alone. He was eventually brought to the hospital but remained in a coma and died the following day."

Biting her lips, my patient told me this painful news in the clinic. I thought I wouldn't be hearing these kinds of tragedies again after the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act came into legislation last year.

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21 US IL: AG: Girl Can Use Medical Marijuana At SchoolFri, 12 Jan 2018
Source:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:62 Added:01/12/2018

CHICAGO -- The Latest on lawsuit to allow 11-year-old to receive marijuana treatment while at school.

The Illinois attorney general's office has told a federal court it will allow a suburban Chicago school district to administer medical marijuana to an 11-year-old leukemia patient to treat her for seizure disorders.

The commitment made to Judge John Blakey on Friday came two days after the student's parents sued Schaumburg-based District 54 and the state for the girl's right to take medical marijuana at school. Illinois' medical cannabis law prohibits possessing or using marijuana on school grounds or buses.

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22 Canada: Weed kings: How The Tragically Hip Became MarijuanaFri, 12 Jan 2018
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Jones, Jeffrey Area:Canada Lines:145 Added:01/12/2018

Rob Baker, lead guitarist for the Tragically Hip, is chatting about the surging market for cannabis-company stocks.

It's high dough - some might say too high. The short-term gains make things all the more interesting for Mr. Baker, king of the northern power chord, and now a stakeholder in the weed sector.

But he's more focused on the long-term prospects for Canada's new recreational cannabis industry, and two companies in particular: Newstrike Resources Ltd., a consumer-focused producer in which he and his band mates have a significant ownership stake, and CanniMed Therapeutics Inc., a medical-marijuana grower and distributor that has launched a friendly bid for Newstrike. He's a firm supporter of the transaction, which is not yet a sure thing.

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23 CN ON: LTE: Legal Pot Means More Psychotic BehaviourFri, 12 Jan 2018
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Leclerc, Trudy Area:Ontario Lines:35 Added:01/12/2018

RE: Legalizing cannabis

I have witnessed the detrimental effects of smoking pot on a young teenager diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. The pot interfered with his medication and he would become psychotic, often requiring hospitalization. He continued to smoke pot despite the warnings from his parents and doctors. He now boasts that smoking pot is a good thing because the government has legalized it and there is even medical marijuana.

As pot is a "gateway drug," he now uses other drugs as well. This leads to his mental condition being out of control at times, but because he is an adult now who has "rights" and because of the limited beds available, he is sent home vulnerable and untreated.

With legalizing pot, I predict a rise in young people experiencing psychotic behaviour and the hospitals unable to deal with this increase. But hey, smoking pot must be a "good thing" because it is legal.

Trudy Leclerc, Hamilton


24 CN ON: Province, Cities Preparing For Cost Of Cannabis StoresFri, 12 Jan 2018
Source:Niagara Falls Review, The (CN ON) Author:Spiteri, Ray Area:Ontario Lines:121 Added:01/12/2018

Funding for pot shops needed after 'modest revenue' projections, says finance minister

The province and municipalities will incur up-front incremental costs as a result of the federal government's decision to legalize recreational marijuana, says Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

In a recent letter to municipalities identified by the province to host initial cannabis retail stores by July, including Niagara Falls, Sousa said "it appears unlikely" there will be enough revenue to cover the costs associated with legalization.

He said with the conclusion of the federal government's consultation with provinces and territories on the tax framework, the Ontario government has a better understanding of the revenue share to address the costs of legalization.

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25 CN MB: Getting Paid From Mary JaneFri, 12 Jan 2018
Source:Winnipeg Sun (CN MB) Author:Pursaga, Joyanne Area:Manitoba Lines:108 Added:01/12/2018

Manitobans want municipalities to get half of pot revenue: survey

Most Manitobans believe municipalities should get at least half of the revenues raised through recreational pot taxes, a new survey says.

A Probe Research poll commissioned by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities found 59% of respondents believe municipal governments should get between one half and all of the tax revenue from marijuana sales. Another 24% felt they should get less than half of the revenue and 16% weren't sure.

The total doesn't add up to 100%, due to rounding.

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26 CN ON: Column: Here's Why Itas Time To Legalize All DrugsFri, 12 Jan 2018
Source:Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON) Author:Dawson, Tyler Area:Ontario Lines:92 Added:01/12/2018

Picture this: You're an injection drug user in Ottawa, and, you're worried the next time you use, you might die. So, you head for the Shepherds of Good Hope, where there's a special trailer. There, you can use your drugs - and someone will save you if you overdose.

Upon arrival, though, there's a police cruiser outside. Apparently it's there a lot, according to Ottawa Inner City Health, which runs the site, and officers question staff and clients.

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27 CN BC: PUB LTE: Cannabis Can Lead To Happy Contented PeopleFri, 12 Jan 2018
Source:Quesnel Cariboo Observer (CN BC) Author:Wemock, Bobbe Area:British Columbia Lines:65 Added:01/12/2018

Canada will be the greatest tourist destination for drug sales and tourism


There is a lot of talk about legalizing the marijuana weed and other psychedelics.

Pay no attention to the narrow-minded, inconsiderate, uneducated opposition aligned with the anti-democratic, misogynist, racist, reactionary old school.

One thing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knows is drugs, and that's why legalizing marijuana is a high priority for our Liberal Federal Government.

Considerate people like us have an obligation to command progress for social change for the working class.

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28 CN ON: Concern Growing Over Pot Dispensary RobberiesThu, 11 Jan 2018
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:O'Reilly, Nicole Area:Ontario Lines:121 Added:01/11/2018

Workers have been assaulted, but fear of raids stop some from calling police

AFTER NEWS OF THE LATEST armed marijuana dispensary robbery, local cannabis advocate Britney Guerra appealed through a media release for any store owners who have been robbed to call police. The responses she got back shocked her. She knew there were robberies going unreported, but the problem was bigger than she suspected. Within 48 hours she had calls from four different Hamilton store owners who told her they had been robbed - perhaps by the same people - in the last month alone.

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29 CN BC: PUB LTE: Very Little Waste From MarijuanaThu, 11 Jan 2018
Source:Daily Courier, The (CN BC) Author:Kelly, Sally Area:British Columbia Lines:37 Added:01/11/2018

Dear editor: This is a response to Gord Marshall's wherein he states "Pot smokers will hurt the water system" (Daily Courier, Jan. 9).

Mr. Marshall, your statement may or may not be true. From what I have seen, pot smokers generally keep their roaches, as they are called (not butts), because pot is expensive and the old roach material can be used later in another joint or pipe. There is very little waste.

Also, people don't hang out on the corner drinking beer because there are bars to go to, where you can relax and have a drink. Very civilized. Looks like pot smokers will have no such luxury.

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30 CN BC: Column: Some Thoughts On Pot UseThu, 11 Jan 2018
Source:Prince George Citizen (CN BC) Author:Travers, Kathi Area:British Columbia Lines:78 Added:01/11/2018

Marijuana, cannabis, pot, whatever you want to call it, it will become legal in Canada sometime this year following the U.S. where pot is legal in several states.

I do not smoke pot or anything else. Two glasses of wine and I am asleep. I do get high though watching the Patriots and the Red Sox win. I am also asthmatic and any kind of smoke bothers me. There is a lot of kerfuffle going on and this is my take on this hot topic.

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31 CN ON: Passing The Sniff TestThu, 11 Jan 2018
Source:Simcoe Reformer, The (CN ON) Author:Sonnenberg, Monte Area:Ontario Lines:83 Added:01/11/2018

Norfolk moves to control odours from marijuana grow ops

SIMCOE - Norfolk County has opted for a low-key approach to the regulation of marijuana grow operations.

Producers won't have to apply for a zoning amendment or defend their applications at Norfolk council.

However, they will have to meet planning standards and ensure that odours from their operations don't impact the surrounding neighbourhood.

This is the route Norfolk council chose Tuesday after a discussion of marijuana and its potentially negative impact on surrounding properties.

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32 CN BC: B.C. Liquor Sellers Brace For Impact Of Legal CannabisThu, 11 Jan 2018
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Ebner, David Area:British Columbia Lines:123 Added:01/11/2018

The Kettlewell family has been in the business of selling alcohol for decades. These days, the family owns 11 liquor stores in British Columbia.

Business has been good, as the Kettlewells have doubled the number of their Jak's Beer Wine Spirits stores in the past five years. But what most intrigues the Kettlewells these days is a new product: cannabis.

The emerging rules around the legalization of cannabis vary by province. In general, governments will be heavily involved - and the sale of cannabis will be kept apart from alcohol, following Ottawa's recommendation. In B.C., however, a unique landscape is being considered, one in which government-owned liquor stores, as well as private liquor stores, sell cannabis. Alongside these stores, currently illegal cannabis dispensaries might also be allowed to operate in the legal market.

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33 CN ON: Column: City marijuana store: Proceed With CautionThu, 11 Jan 2018
Source:Peterborough Examiner, The (CN ON) Author:Goyette, David Area:Ontario Lines:82 Added:01/11/2018

Last month, the government of Ontario passed the Cannabis Act. It gives the province a monopoly on the sale of recreational marijuana through an estimated 150 stand alone stores to be run by the new Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation.

While the new law piggybacks on the federal decision to legalize recreational marijuana this summer, as well as a new federal-provincial revenue sharing agreement that will give the provinces and territories 75 per cent of federal marijuana revues, it has not been without controversy. In the Ontario Legislature, 27 Progressive Conservatives opposed the law, citing concerns from police associations that more financial support is required for law enforcement. While the NDP supported the law, some of its MPPs expressed concerns about the uncertainty of revenues to be provided to municipalities, as well as the small number of store fronts (40) to be opened this summer, which they see as inadequate to put a dent in the existing black market.

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34 CN ON: Questions Remain Around Marijuana LegalizationThu, 11 Jan 2018
Source:Pique Newsmagazine (CN BC) Author:Dupuis, Braden Area:Ontario Lines:106 Added:01/11/2018

Whistler council gives first two readings to zoning amendment bylaw - with more to come

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is starting down the long, legislative road of legal recreational marijuana.

At its first meeting of 2018 on Jan. 9, council gave the first two readings to a zoning amendment bylaw concerning cannabis retail, production and distribution - likely the first of many prior to federal legalization of the substance in July.

With much still unknown about the full scope of legal cannabis in Canada and B.C., the zoning bylaw is more a preemptive measure than anything - it updates definitions to align with the new federal Cannabis Act, and reinforces the current status quo in Whistler, which limits cannabis production and distribution to a single site in Function Junction (operated by the Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation).

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35 CN ON: Editorial: Education Campaign Needed To Deter Drugged DrivingThu, 11 Jan 2018
Source:Wasaga Sun (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:67 Added:01/11/2018

We are just a few months away from marijuana being legal for recreational use in Ontario.

For legislators, one of the trickiest aspects of navigating the road to legal pot, has been the question of how to handle/discourage drugged driving.

How much pot constitutes too much when it comes to cognitive ability? What's the best way to test for it? A sobering poll, conducted last year by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), suggests that when it comes to public education on drugged driving, we have a long way to go.

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36 Canada: Some Out Of JointWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:Artuso, Antonella Area:Canada Lines:100 Added:01/10/2018

Legal marijuana, yes, but not in front of the kids: Poll

Canadians are comfortable with legal pot but would still be reluctant to consume it in front of their families like they might alcohol, a new Nanos Research poll shows.

The survey also found that almost seven out of 10 Canadians agree or somewhat agree that there are medical benefits to marijuana.

Jay Rosenthal, President of Business of Cannabis - which commissioned the poll and provides news and analysis of the sector in Canada - said the most surprising finding to him was the high level of public support or acknowledgement that the product has medicinal benefits.

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37 CN AB: Column: The Times They Are A Changin'Wed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Calgary Sun, The (CN AB) Author:Wallace, James Area:Alberta Lines:102 Added:01/10/2018

At some point this summer, Justin Trudeau expects to make good on his promise to legalize recreational marijuana use across Canada.

The Senate thus-far has spoiled Trudeau's plans to kick off Canada Day with a country-wide high, and may yet delay or otherwise thwart speedy implementation of his Cannabis Act.

The provinces, meanwhile, are working to flesh out the regulatory details that will govern the sale, purchase, distribution and use of pot across the country.

However, the reality of marijuana legalization is fast approaching, raising the question, how do Canadians feel about legal pot now that it is upon us?

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38CN ON: Column: Here's Why It's Time To Legalize All DrugsWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Dawson, Tyler Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:01/10/2018

Picture this: You're an injection drug user, and, you're worried the next time you use, you might die. So, you head for the Shepherds of Good Hope, where there's a special trailer. There, you can use your drugs - and someone will save you if you overdose.

Upon arrival, though, there's a police cruiser outside. Apparently it's there a lot, at least according to Ottawa Inner City Health, which runs the injection site, and officers are questioning staff and clients.

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39 CN ON: Column: Politicians Will Bungle Pot LegalizationWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:DiManno, Rosie Area:Ontario Lines:142 Added:01/10/2018

I happened to spend three days over New Year's in Las Vegas. Work! On the Star's dime!

What a pleasure it was to smoke indoors again, a rarity in our world, with all the casinos tobacco-friendly. A city built on vice recognizes that gamblers are smokers and drinkers.

But on New Year's Eve, when venturing out onto the Strip, I immediately recoiled from the stench of cannabis.

Had forgotten that Nevada is one of eight American states where recreational marijuana is now legal. Clark County, in which Vegas is situated, boats some 80 dispensaries selling recreational (as opposed to medical) pot. Anyone over the age of 21 can buy up to one ounce of cannabis (or one-eighth-ounce of concentrate) at a time.

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40 CN AB: Column: Sharing A Toke With Family Still Taboo For Majority OfWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Wallace, James Area:Alberta Lines:102 Added:01/10/2018

At some point this summer, Justin Trudeau expects to make good on his promise to legalize recreational marijuana use across Canada.

The Senate thus-far has spoiled Trudeau's plans to kick off Canada Day with a country-wide high, and may yet delay or otherwise thwart speedy implementation of his Cannabis Act.

The provinces, meanwhile, are working to flesh out the regulatory details that will govern the sale, purchase, distribution and use of pot across the country.

However, the reality of marijuana legalization is fast approaching, raising the question, how do Canadians feel about legal pot now that it is upon us?

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41 CN BC: Column: Pot And Liquor Are A Bad FitWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Burnaby Now, The (CN BC) Author:Baldrey, Keith Area:British Columbia Lines:98 Added:01/10/2018

Will the selling of marijuana in liquor stores result in poor health outcomes, higher health costs and more impaired driving?

The answer, according to two credible and well-respected medical professionals, is a resounding "yes," and it's an answer they are trying to get the NDP government to sit up and take notice of.

Dr. Perry Kendall, B.C.'s long-serving chief provincial health officer, and Dr. Marcus Lem, the chairman of the Health Officers Council of B.C., are leading the charge against what is a widespread assumption that liquor stores will indeed be the primary outlet for the sales of cannabis once it becomes legal on July 1st.

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42 CN NS: Researchers Working On Pain Relief Aspect Of CannabisWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:News, The (New Glasgow, CN NS) Author:Peddle, Stuart Area:Nova Scotia Lines:124 Added:01/10/2018

Editor's Note: This story is part of a series on the birth of a new Nova Scotia industry: Legal pot cultivation.

Nova Scotia pain researchers are looking to key into the body's own systems for relief through new products based on cannabinoids like those in cannabis.

A research team has founded a company called Panag Pharma Inc. to develop non-addictive, effective topical pain relievers that will be available over the counter.

Company president Dr. Mary Lynch is a professor at Dalhousie University and director of research in the pain management unit of the QEII Health Sciences Centre.

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43CN BC: OPED: The Pain Behind Opioid CrisisFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Soles, Trina Larsen Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Adverse childhood experiences linked to drug abuse, says TrinaLarsen Soles.

The opioid epidemic is the biggest public health crisis to hit B.C. in decades. Upwards of four people a day are dying of overdoses, usually due to fentanyl poisoning of the street drug supply.

To date the B.C. government has committed $322 million to address the crisis, including opening more supervised consumption sites, providing naloxone kits, urging people not to use alone, and trying to stop tainted drugs from coming into B.C.

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44CN SN: Fentanyl Finding Way Into Sask. JailsFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Regina Leader-Post (CN SN) Author:Polischyuk, Heather Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Corrections officials have antidote available for potential overdoses

Fentanyl has been found within all the province's adult correctional centres, a provincial spokesman has confirmed.

The drug has made the news repeatedly, blamed for a rash of deaths throughout the country. As with other trends in the illegal drug world, Saskatchewan has been far from immune, having witnessed a number of deaths and non-fatal overdoses related to this and other opioids.

Drew Wilby, spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, said one other pattern has proved true here - that what's available on the streets is also available in jail.

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45CN AB: OPED: A Fresh Way Of Responding To Opioid EpidemicSat, 06 Jan 2018
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Soles, Trina Larsen Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Let's shift our approach, writes Dr. Trina Larsen Soles

The opioid epidemic is the biggest public health crisis to hit in decades.

One potential response, in addition to opening more supervised consumption sites, providing better access to Naloxone kits, urging people not to use alone, and trying to stop tainted drugs from being accessible - could be to deepen our public understanding and shift our approach to a more compassionate and effective outcome: recognizing and addressing the underlying role of adverse childhood experiences and how they make individuals more vulnerable to substance use.

[continues 575 words]

46 Canada: PUB LTE: The Rush To Slow DownFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Vickers, Gary Area:Canada Lines:39 Added:01/09/2018

Re Majority Of Canadians Are Against Legalizing Pot By July 1, Poll Finds (Jan. 3): Yet again, we're told that Canadians do not want to rush our municipalities, provinces and country into legalized marijuana.

In the more than two years since the election of a government supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana, reactionary talking heads have taken every opportunity to stall and delay the implementation process.

We have had more than ample time to discuss the important issues and prepare as well as can be expected for the legal sale and distribution of cannabis in Canada. California, a state with a population greater than Canada, voted to legalize recreational marijuana in November of 2016 and the product is already available for purchase in their state.

[continues 52 words]

47 CN AB: LTE: Safe Injection Sites Won't Solve ProblemFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:O'Hara, Phil Area:Alberta Lines:41 Added:01/09/2018

Re. "Opioids kill hundreds," Dec. 28

This is a terrible tragedy and health professionals need to be supported in their evidence-based efforts to prevent these deaths.

However, this story, like many media reports, inaccurately frames the approval of four supervised drug injection sites in Edmonton as a "positive development" in efforts to prevent these deaths.

In contrast, the Journal's headline on the day after these sites were announced was "Injection sites may do little for fentanyl crisis, experts say" (Feb. 23, 2017).

[continues 118 words]

48 CN NS: Developer Hopes Fish Urine Gives Edge In Cannabis MarketSat, 06 Jan 2018
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Rankin, Andrew Area:Nova Scotia Lines:91 Added:01/09/2018

Editor's Note: This is the fourth in a series of stories focusing on people in Nova Scotia who will be delving into the marijuana industry.

Fish urine is the secret sauce that will allow some 50,000 cannabis plants to thrive in Liverpool. We'll get to that momentarily. Myrna Gillis, founder and president of Aqualitas, reported recently her company had collected $8.7 million from investors across Canada and the United States.

Three years into the making, and Gillis says Aqualitas has its sights set on a cultivating licence next month, allowing a minimum of 60 people to go to work in a job-starved area that was devastated by the closure of the Bowater newsprint mill in 2012. The Aqualitis plant itself occupies the former Bowater site.

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49 CN AB: PUB LTE: Marijuana High Isn't So Long-LastingSat, 06 Jan 2018
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Tarrant, Ted Area:Alberta Lines:24 Added:01/09/2018

Re: "Marijuana isn't without its risks," Letter, Jan. 4.

As is typical of marijuana scaremongers, Jack Falk misconstrues the fact that marijuana metabolites are detectable in the body for a longer period than alcohol. The effects of marijuana (the high, if you will), however, are fairly short-lived (two to three hours if smoked, six to 12 hours if ingested). The letter writer needs to educate himself a little before making such easily repudiated claims.

Ted Tarrant, Calgary


50CN BC: Government Hiring For Marijuana Retail IndustrySat, 06 Jan 2018
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Brown, Scott Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

The B.C. government will soon be weeding through resumes as the province looks to hire the right people to run its marijuana-sales business.

The province will be the sole wholesale distributor of recreational pot through the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch when cannabis becomes legal across Canada, which is expected to happen this summer.

The B.C. Public Service Agency is advertising two jobs - executive director and director of merchandising - for the liquor branch's cannabis operations.

Qualifications for the executive director job, which pays between $126,000 and $140,000 a year, include having a post-secondary degree in a related field and "several years of progressive senior leadership experience" in leading a wholesale and retail division.

[continues 116 words]

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