Anderson, David 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2018
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1 US MD: No Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Harford YetThu, 01 Mar 2018
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Anderson, David Area:Maryland Lines:189 Added:03/05/2018

No medical marijuana dispensaries have come to Harford County yet, but two companies have applied for county government approval to open their respective businesses in Joppa and Street, plus a dispensary has already opened just across the Susquehanna River in Perryville.

Dispensaries must have a state license before they open and two dispensaries are allowed in each of Maryland's 47 state Senate districts.

"Certainly any business that comes to Harford County has to meet all of our local requirements, and these businesses will be held to that standard, as any other," county government spokesperson Cindy Mumby said in a recent interview.

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2 US CA: LTE: What's A Nation?Wed, 07 Oct 2015
Source:Ukiah Daily Journal, The (CA) Author:Anderson, David Area:California Lines:32 Added:10/11/2015

To the Editor:

Three cheers for Sheriff Tom Allman for getting rid of the Pinoleville Pomo Nation's bogus medical pot grow and honey oil manufacturing lab.

I got a chuckle out of a comment made by someone named Nori Baldridge who is supposedly the tribe's economic Development Director who said "I think what they're (the Sheriffs) doing is not right. This is sovereign land and this is a sovereign nation." Well now, I've talked to several people who know about such things and they have told me that the Pinoleville Pomo Nation is made up of mainly Chairwoman Leona Williams' family and that their membership is actually about 25 people, give or take a few.

So, in my opinion, how can 25 people give or take a few, constitute a Nation, sovereign or otherwise?

- - David Anderson, Ukiah


3 US CA: LTE: Just Stop All Pot GrowingFri, 26 Jun 2015
Source:Ukiah Daily Journal, The (CA) Author:Anderson, David Area:California Lines:29 Added:06/28/2015

To The Editor:

After reading a recent article in the Daily Journal titled "Two marijuana bills by North Coast reps advance," I shake my head in wonder at the attention paid to the absolute farce known as medical marijuana by politicians. In California, politicians from the local level to the state level want to control what happens with medical pot because they see the pot as an endless source of income to fill up their coffers through permits, regulations, fines and so forth.

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4 US NC: Feds Team In Sampson Meth FightTue, 23 Dec 2008
Source:Daily Record, The (Dunn, NC) Author:Anderson, David Area:North Carolina Lines:142 Added:12/26/2008

Eight Dealers Plead Guilty

Eight Sampson County residents pleaded guilty to federal drug charges this year as Sheriff Jimmy Thornton saw the number of methamphetamine labs uncovered by his narcotics team double from 2007, officials said Monday.

Authorities hope the harsh penalties levied against the dealers will serve as a deterrent to other people involved in the drug trade.

U.S. Attorney George Holding and Special Agent Jerry Weaver, head of the Fayetteville office of the SBI, joined Sheriff Thornton in Clinton Monday to discuss operation "Juiced Out," which has lead to the arrests and convictions of eight dealers so far.

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5 US NY: PUB LTE: Failures in the Fight Against DrugsMon, 07 Jul 2008
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:New York Lines:43 Added:07/07/2008

To the Editor:

Your editorial made an important point about the need for more effort to reduce the demand for drugs.

The United States should devote more resources to preventing and treating substance abuse and dependence. But these resources should be allocated based on need.

Alcohol is the drug of choice for the overwhelming majority of people suffering from a substance use disorder. According to the 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly 16 million Americans were dependent on or abusing alcohol. That's five times greater than the number of people who were dependent on or abusing illicit drugs and almost 15 times greater than the number of people dependent on or abusing cocaine.

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6 US TX: Nugent Challenges Clifton Students To Take BackWed, 05 Nov 2003
Source:Clifton Record, The (TX) Author:Anderson, David Area:Texas Lines:210 Added:11/06/2003

CLIFTON -Rocker/hunter/conservationist/patriot Ted Nugent stormed to mid-court of the Clifton High School gymnasium Thursday afternoon to a rousing greeting from Clifton students in grades six through 12, then quickly stopped the youths.

He then took one of his favorite weapons - an electric guitar, cocked, locked, and ready to fire - and belted out his unique version of the Star Spangled Banner, to begin a Red Ribbon Week anti-substance-abuse presentation unlike any the school district has ever witnessed. While many of the students were not totally sure who Ted Nugent was when he arrived, they likely will never forget his visit the day before Halloween.

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7 US OH: LTE: Protecting Rights Is One Thing ...Thu, 26 Jun 2003
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Anderson, David Area:Ohio Lines:33 Added:06/26/2003

Another fine example of how far wrong we have gone to protect the rights of individuals: A defense attorney has called into question a drug-sniffing dog 's ability to correctly find drugs during traffic stops.

Never mind that the dog was right on and the attorney's client had 113 pounds of suspected marijuana in his van. He's reaching for any kind of technicality to get him off. And of course a law professor chimes in to say, yes, let's question the dog's reliability. He thinks the government should check the dog's record. I guess the only way defense lawyers think a trial is fair is if they can use any kind of ploy to get their man off.

Are there any defense attorneys out there who think our system has gone too far and it needs to be corrected?



8 US CA: Column: Prop 36 May Require Doubling Of Drug TreatmentWed, 11 Apr 2001
Source:Times-Standard (CA) Author:Anderson, David Area:California Lines:91 Added:04/17/2001

Treatment makes more sense than jail for non-violent drug offenders, county officials agree, but it's likely to cost more money than Proposition 36 will provide.

Representatives of eight county departments, including the district attorney and public defender, took part Monday in a public information meeting chaired by state Sen. Wesley Chesbro. They told a packed audience in the County Courthouse of the progress they're making toward implementing the new state program, set to start in July.

To handle the numbers potentially eligible for the program, they said, the county may need to double its present drug treatment capacity.

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9US CA: Humboldt County To Issue Marijuana ID CardsThu, 21 Dec 2000
Source:Ukiah Daily Journal (CA) Author:Anderson, David Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:12/21/2000

County supervisors on Monday tabled a proposed medical marijuana ordinance, then approved a set of rules and procedures that accomplish many of the same ends.

The county will now issue photo identification cards to persons medically authorized to use marijuana to ease certain painful conditions, including glaucoma, arthritis, AIDS symptoms and several forms of cancer. The rules are based on those adopted earlier by Mendocino County and by the City of Arcata.

The county has been under pressure to adopt a medical marijuana ordinance since state voters passed Proposition 215 in 1996. Legal issues arising from Prop 215 are still being fought out in federal courts.

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10US CA: Eureka Ponders Pot PolicyMon, 20 Nov 2000
Source:Ukiah Daily Journal (CA) Author:Anderson, David Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:11/20/2000

EUREKA - Supervisors here have asked the Humboldt County Health Department to work with the sheriff and district attorney to develop a program to identify legitimate medical marijuana users.

They also voted 3-2, with supervisors Bonnie Neely and Paul Kirk dissenting, to ask their legal staff to draft a medical marijuana ordinance. Neely and Kirk said there is no immediate need for an ordinance, and that a less formal program should be worked out first between law officers and health officers.

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11US OR: Ruling Mitigates Illegal Phone TapsThu, 02 Sep 1999
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:09/07/1999

A Multnomah County judge ruled Tuesday that he would not throw out evidence against 51 accused marijuana growers even though police learned of them through unlawfully traced telephone calls.

Circuit Judge Michael Marcus said the issue was whether the Portland Police Bureau's Marijuana Task Force exploited the unlawful information to make arrests. He used the analogy of a suspect who gives police information about a murder while officers beat him. The beating is illegal and the direct information that comes of it might not be used in court, but that doesn't mean that police cannot investigate the murder and use subsequent legal evidence to prosecute.

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12US OR: Supply Firm Questions Timing Of Police RaidSun, 06 Jun 1999
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:06/06/1999

Police Have Investigated American Agriculture For Years Looking For Marijuana Connections

Portland police raided an agricultural supply store in Southeast Portland that has been the subject of controversial telephone traces by police in an attempt to find and arrest marijuana growers.

Police also raided the Beavercreek and West Linn homes of the owner and manager of American Agriculture, seizing computers, business records and other items they think are connected to marijuana growing. Police made no arrests.

The Thursday raids came a month after a judge questioned why police had not acted after more than four years of investigating American Agriculture and three months after the business filed a federal lawsuit claiming police had violated its civil rights.

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13US OR: Suit May Change How Landlords OperateSat, 3 Apr 1999
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:04/03/1999

A Settlement, In A Case Where A Man Fleeing A Problem Residence Caused A Woman's Death, Serves As A Warning

Gregory Amerson and his sisters talked to at least eight attorneys before they finally found one who would take their groundbreaking case against the landlord of a suspected drug house in Northeast Portland.

It was a lawsuit that apparently had never been tried in Oregon, maybe never in the United States, as far as anyone could tell. And a lot of lawyers thought it was a stretch.

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14US OR: Defense Lawyers Want Police To Disclose Task Force'sWed, 10 Mar 1999
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:03/10/1999

Portland's Marijuana Task Force is questioned about a phone tapping and address tracing procedure that could be illegal.

By David R. Anderson of the [Portland] Oregonian staff

Defense lawyers are demanding to know whether Portland police illegally used a "trap and trace" to secretly provide the Marijuana Task Force with the phone numbers of everyone who called a Portland indoor-growing supply store.

The information came to light when a criminal defendant, who is charged with posing as a police officr, taped a phone conversation with an officer on the task force, according to documents the city provided the court.

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15US OR: Housemate Of Officer's Killer Receives 4-Year TermWed, 30 Dec 1998
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:12/30/1998

* The Judge Cites The Marijuana Growing Operation That Was The Target Of The Police Raid In Which Colleen Waibel Died

The man whose housemate shot and killed a Portland police officer during a drug raid was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison on drug and child-neglect charges.

In sentencing Jeffery Harlan Moore, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Linda Bergman doubled the usual 18-month sentence for drug manufacturing to three years and added a fourth year on the child-neglect charges. Moore's attorney had argued that he should be sentenced to probation.

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16US OR: State Court Throws Out Crime Measure: The RulingFri, 03 Jul 1998
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:07/03/1998

Justices Say Measure 40 Has Too Many Amendments

The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday used a narrow legal point to throw out Measure 40, a sweeping initiative backed by crime victims' groups.

The court unanimously ruled that Measure 40, which voters approved in November 1996, violated the state constitution because it contained more than one constitutional amendment. The court did not address the constitutionality of specific provisions, which include allowing convictions in murder cases on an 11-1 jury vote and making it more difficult to exclude evidence.

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17US OR: Suspect In Police Shooting Found DeadMon, 2 Mar 1998
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:03/02/1998

The medical examiner rules that Steven Douglas Dons, accused of killing Officer Colleen Waibel, strangled himself with a bedsheet

The man accused of killing a police officer last month during a drug raid was found dead Wednesday morning in his jail medical room, the victim of an apparent suicide.

Steven Douglas Dons, 37, twisted a bedsheet around his neck and tied it to the frame of his adjustable hospital bed to strangle himself, said Multnomah County Sheriff's Detective Gary Muncy. Dons, who was paralyzed from the waist down when wounded during the shootout, wedged his right arm through the rungs of the bed's side rail for leverage. He tightened the noose by raising the bed about one foot, pressing the controls with his left hand.

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18US OR: Jail, Attorney Say Dons Wasn't SuicidalMon, 2 Mar 1998
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:03/02/1998

A sheriff's spokesman says the office made extra efforts to treat the inmate accused of killing a police officer

Steven Douglas Dons talked about the subject of suicide but never indicated he was contemplating killing himself, a Multnomah County sheriff's spokesman said Thursday.

The man accused of killing a police officer and who killed himself Wednesday in his jail medical room was like many inmates, said sheriff's Lt. Brian Martinek.

Dons used talk of suicide as a way to toy with jail staff.

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19US OR: Shootout Suspect Indicted On 13 CountsSun, 08 Feb 1998
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Anderson, David R. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:02/08/1998

Steven Douglas Dons, accused of killing a Portland police officer, could face more charges

A Multnomah County grand jury Wednesday indicted Steven Douglas Dons on 13 counts of aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder and assault in a shooting last week that killed a Portland police officer and injured two others.

Prosecutors have not presented evidence to the grand jury related to weapons or marijuana plants found in the house where Dons lived at 2612 S.E. 111th Ave.

"The investigation is continuing, and additional charges probably will be presented later on," said James McIntyre, a Multnomah County senior deputy district attorney.

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