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1 US CA: Editorial: State Vs Feds In Pot LawsWed, 07 Nov 2001
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA)          Area:California Lines:59 Added:11/13/2001

Under normal circumstances, there would be no question about supporting the federal government in its crackdown on marijuana offenders in California. After all, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that distribution of the weed through cooperatives is illegal.

But the latest wave of federal arrests has clashed with Califonia law, which allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and we have to wonder what's really going on, why the sudden outburst of enforcement.

Caught in the federal-state crossfire is the city of West Hollywood, amongst others. A cannabis club there was raided, to the dismay of more than 900 individuals who were treated for illnesses like cancer and AIDS by doctors acting with the approval of city officials.

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2 US CA: Woody Stumps For The EnvironmentTue, 15 May 2001
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Knox, Leila W. Area:California Lines:57 Added:05/16/2001

Talk Is Part Of His West Coast Bike Tour Touting Organic Living

Cal Poly Barefoot, tanned and clad in a loose-fitting hemp shirt and matching pants, TV and film star Woody Harrelson sang the praises of renewable natural resources and earth-friendly products to an audience of more than 800 people at the Cal Poly Recreation Center on Monday night.

"We've got to make a connection between what we're doing and the beast," Harrelson told the audience.

Harrelson, who starred in movies "White Men Can't Jump" and "The People vs. Larry Flynt" among others, rallied the audience to think about the products they are using and the way they live their lives eating at McDonald's, drinking Coca-Cola, driving cars and how it affects the environment.

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3 US: Ill Get No Excpetion To US Pot LawsTue, 15 May 2001
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Margasak, Larry Area:United States Lines:92 Added:05/16/2001

They Can Still Use Marijuana In States That Allow It

WASHINGTON The Supreme Court ruled 8-0 on Monday that there is no exception in federal law for people to use marijuana to ease their pain from cancer, AIDS or other illnesses.

Patients could still use marijuana for medical reasons in states that allow it, legal experts said. But it would be more difficult to obtain the drug because the Supreme Court said distribution violates federal law, they said.

Angel McClary, 35, of Oakland, said she will not stop using the drug to help her cope with an inoperable brain tumor and a seizure disorder.

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4 US CA: Fighting A War In Our Living RoomsTue, 10 Apr 2001
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Ballinger, Jeff Area:California Lines:91 Added:04/11/2001

Parents, Counselors And Others Join Discussion On Kids' Excessive Partying

San Luis Obispo -- A parent quoted from an Oscar-winning film about the drug war to describe the local battle, during a panel discussion Monday on drug use by local teens.

"'We're fighting this war in our own living rooms,'" said Lori La Vine, borrowing a line from "Traffic."

La Vine is co-chair of the Tiger Parent Network, a group of San Luis Obispo High School parents that formed two years ago to address excessive teen partying. The group hosted a panel at the school Monday that featured local people who work with teens and an audience of a little more than 50 people.

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5 US CA: Panel Will Tell Parents What Can Be DoneSun, 08 Apr 2001
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Ballinger, Jeff Area:California Lines:82 Added:04/08/2001

Discussion Will Include Talk By Recovering Addict

Parents will get the opportunity Monday to hear straight talk from a local 17-year-old boy, who is a recovering addict, and his mother.

Both declined interviews before they share their story at a panel discussion on the use of alcohol and other drugs by teens, titled "What Can We Do?" But they are expected to provide the drama on a panel of experts convened by the San Luis Obispo High School Tiger Parent Network, a group of parents that formed two years ago over concern about teen drug use.

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6 US CA: Court To Ask: How Much Pot Is Too Much?Sun, 14 Jan 2001
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA)          Area:California Lines:50 Added:01/14/2001

Grower Had More Than 100 'Medicinal' Plants

SANTA ROSA (AP) -- One marijuana joint for medical purposes under California's Proposition 215 normally doesn't raise too many eyebrows these days, but when a Santa Rosa man grew nearly 100 marijuana plants to keep pace with his ailments, authorities stepped in and arrested him.

Now a jury will need to decide: How much medical marijuana is too much?

Alan MacFarlane, 47, was arrested during two raids on his home. In May 1999, sheriff's deputies discovered 72 marijuana plants at his home. During another visit in August 1999 they found 36 more and promptly uprooted them.

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7 US CA: $400k In Prop 36 Funds ComingFri, 05 Jan 2001
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Pemberton, Patrick S. Area:California Lines:56 Added:01/05/2001

Supervisors Will Decide How It Is Spent In County

San Luis Obispo County will receive more than $400,000 to implement a drug treatment program required by a new voter initiative.

Proposition 36, approved by 61 percent of the state's voters last year, takes effect July 1. It requires first- and second-time drug users to be sent to treatment programs instead of prison or jail.

On Wednesday, the state Department of Alcohol and Drug Program announced how it will divide $60 million among the counties to prepare for the program. The counties also will share $120 million each year for the next five years.

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8 US CA: Editorial: Initiative Reform Is Long OverdueSun, 31 Dec 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA)          Area:California Lines:73 Added:12/31/2000

The Commission on the California Initiative Process has a tall order - fixing it. Reform is needed in what has been called "the fourth branch of government." One of the main shortcomings of the current system is that once a reform initiative passes the voters it may be shot down in a court challenge because it is unconstitutional.

The reason is primarily that reform initiatives have not been checked by the right authorities to make sure they are constitutionally sound before they are placed on the ballot.

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9 US CA: For Safety, Sheriff Requests Armored VehicleSun, 17 Dec 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Jackoway, Richard Area:California Lines:66 Added:12/18/2000

But ACLU Spokesman Opposes Purchase, Seeing It As Unnecessary In This County

The Sheriff's Department won't get its first "tank" without a fight.

The county Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on whether to approve using $49,300 in drug forfeiture money to rebuild two surplus military armored personnel carriers into one transport for use in hostage and other high-risk situations.

The item is on the part of the supervisors' agenda that is designed for noncontroversial items. But not everyone thinks the purchase is routine.

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10 US CA: Officials Lament Passage Of Prop 36Wed, 22 Nov 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Knox, Leila W. Area:California Lines:104 Added:11/23/2000

Judges, Prosecutors Say They'll Have Less Latitude

Law enforcement officials spoke out against it, newspaper editorials statewide voiced strong opposition to it, and even a television actor who plays the role of the American president warned of its perceived dangers.

But not even actor Martin Sheen's pleas to reject Proposition 36 - the measure that will send many nonviolent drug offenders to treatment rather than prison - could dissuade the majority of California voters from approving the legislation. A full 61 percent voted in favor of the measure in the Nov. 7 election.

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11 US CA: Local Teens Admit Drug UseThu, 26 Oct 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Lazier, Matt Area:California Lines:106 Added:10/26/2000

Kids Are Aware Of Dangers, But Many Still Indulge

A teen health survey released Wednesday revealed mixed news about local kids. While most said they understood the dangers of drug and alcohol use, for example, 41 percent of local 11th graders reported driving while drunk.

Area educators praised the good news in the results, but raised concerns about the more worrisome figures.

"The millions of dollars we spend to educate students about the dangers of these behaviors has been successful," said John Barnhart, assistant superintendent from the county Office of Education. He spoke at a press conference Wednesday, presenting results from the California Healthy Kids Survey.

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12 US CA: PUB LTE: From The Front LinesSun, 22 Oct 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Gall, Gary Area:California Lines:41 Added:10/23/2000

Martin Sheen (The Tribune, Oct. 21) would have done well to have watched the PBS documentary on our failed drug war policies (Dan Walters Tribune 10/21) before going to bat for the incarceration industry. I have worked in a jail before I can tell you, being locked-up with thieves and violent thugs is not the best way to improve yourself.

As for myself, I have been sober for 22 years now. Alcohol was my drug. It impaired my ability to make good judgements and made me feel sick and tired. AA helped me get through my first couple of years of sobriety and now I'm free of my alcohol addiction.

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13 US CA: PUB LTE: Disagrees With EditorialSun, 22 Oct 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Gall, Gary Area:California Lines:51 Added:10/23/2000

I am responding to The Tribune's anti-Proposition 36 editorial. I can see The Tribune's reasons for your stance. A large population of SLO works for the prison system, California Men's Colony and Atascadero State Hospital. Proposition 36 would take 25,000 simple-possession prison-bound inmates from the system. We are talking job security.

These are the people who want to put a prison in your backyard. The war on drugs has made prison building boomtown. Anybody out there think the war on drugs has worked? Have I got a bridge to sell you. After 30 years of this nonsense, drugs are cheap and more plentiful than ever and the prisons are overflowing. It is time for a change. Rehabilitation works. You get the most bang for your buck.

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14 US CA: Activists Send Message Against War On DrugsMon, 16 Oct 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Green, Erin Area:California Lines:85 Added:10/16/2000

Proposition 36, Legal Usage Were Themes Of Event

The war on drugs and a ballot measure on treatment for convicted drug users took center stage in downtown San Luis Obispo on Sunday afternoon when about 100 people turned out for the 8th Annual Hemp Rally and Teach-In.

With less than a month to go until Election Day, an eclectic mix of drug-rights activists, civil-rights defenders and interested passersby collected on the lawn and patio in front of the San Luis Obispo County Government Center. The event was hosted by SLO Hemp for Victory, a grassroots group promoting the legalization of marijuana and awareness about the law and drugs.

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15 US CA: Editorial: No On Prop 36 - Its MisleadingThu, 12 Oct 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA)          Area:California Lines:73 Added:10/12/2000

When the president of the Betty Ford Center, the president of the Chief Probation Officers of California and the president of the California District Attorney's Association take a stand against an initiative, it's time to stop and listen.

Those three wrote the opposition argument in the official voters' pamphlet against Proposition 36.

Under this measure, an offender convicted of a "non-violent drug possession offense" would generally be sentenced to probation instead of time in prison or county jail.

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16 US CA: Mass Arrest Could Be Largest Since 1985Tue, 10 Oct 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Knox, Leila W. Area:California Lines:81 Added:10/10/2000

Police Call Saturday Event A Rave; Others Say Characterization Is Unfair

Saturday night's arrest of 23 party-goers - all of whom are believed to have taken the drug Ecstasy - could be the largest group arrest in San Luis Obispo since a 1985 punk rock concert at the Vets Hall turned violent.

Police busted a house party in the Los Verdes Park subdivision just off Los Osos Valley Road on Saturday night after receiving a noise complaint from a neighbor.

Some of the party-goers escaped through windows when officers arrived, but the majority were transported to the police department using five city patrol cars and one Sheriff's van.

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17 US CA: Police Arrest 23 At SLO PartyMon, 09 Oct 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Green, Erin Area:California Lines:61 Added:10/09/2000

19- To 21-year-olds Used Drugs, Authorities Say

Twenty-three people were arrested in San Luis Obispo early Sunday on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance at what police are calling a rave.

Police were investigating a noise complaint at the Los Verdes condominium complex on Linda Way when they found approximately 50 people at a house party. As officers approached, many party-goers fled the scene, including one man who police say shattered the glass in a window and jumped out.

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18 US CA: Marijuana Crop Defendant Skips Out On His HearingThu, 07 Sep 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Pemberton, Patrick S. Area:California Lines:64 Added:09/07/2000

Warrant Issued For No-show Charged With Cultivating Pot Worth Millions

One of two men charged with cultivating a marijuana crop worth an estimated $36.8 million failed to show up for a court hearing Wednesday.

Sometime after his arrest last month, Francisco Garcia, 44, of Santa Maria, was released from the County Jail after posting bail. He was scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

Garcia's attorney, Fred Foss, said he has no idea where his client might be.

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19 US CA: Off Drugs, Out Of PrisonThu, 07 Sep 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Knox, Leila W. Area:California Lines:128 Added:09/07/2000

As Robin De Jong watched her son graduate Wednesday afternoon, she reflected on all the things he won't do.

Most importantly, Rick De Jong, 33, said he won't use drugs anymore, thanks to his yearlong participation in county drug court. He also said he won't lie, associate with his former drug buddies or break promises to his family.

"It's like my son is back," Robin said. "He's a person again."

Rick De Jong, who lives in Grover Beach, was one of nine people to graduate from the county's first round of drug court - a program made possible by a $384,000 federal grant. Over the last year, those probationers, all convicted for felony drug use, went to regular substance abuse treatment sessions, met weekly with a judge and were visited regularly by their probation officers.

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20 Colombia: Critics: Colombia Could Be The Next El SalvadorSun, 03 Sep 2000
Source:San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA) Author:Guggenheim, Ken Area:Colombia Lines:74 Added:09/04/2000

Comparison To Vietnam Isn't As Apt, They Say

Washington - When President Clinton said last week that the $1.3 billion aid package to Colombia will not lead to another Vietnam, some of the plan's main critics agreed. A better comparison, they say, El Salvador.

In the 1980s, the United States helped the El Salvadoran military, despite its human rights abuses, to fight leftist guerrillas. In Colombia, where the "proxy war" is against drug traffickers and the leftist forces helping them. Clinton waived human rights rules to deliver the military aid package.

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