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81 US NJ: New Jersey And Cops - Imperfect TogetherThu, 13 Mar 2003
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Smerconish, Michael Area:New Jersey Lines:86 Added:03/15/2003

New Jersey's management of law enforcement continues to be a microcosm of the screwed-up, politically correct world in which we live.

Just mix cops and race in the Garden State - and watch as stupidity reigns.

Remember, this is where a few years back, then-Gov. Christine Todd Whitman threw police Superintendent Carl Williams under the bus because he said that blacks and Hispanics played a leading role in the state's drug trafficking problems. Missing at the time was any debate as to the basis of his assertions. Talk about shooting the messenger.

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82 US PA: Top Cop Takes Policing PersonallyMon, 25 Nov 2002
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Geringer, Dan Area:Pennsylvania Lines:290 Added:11/26/2002

Sylvester Johnson Walks The Corners And Neighborhoods Taken Back By Operation Safe Streets

AFTER SPENDING 37 years working his way from foot patrolman to top cop, Sylvester Johnson gambled all his hard-earned credibility on Operation Safe Streets.

Barely two weeks after becoming police commissioner in late April, Johnson launched his multi-million dollar, overtime-driven cleanup of the city's 300 worst drug corners by keeping cops on the corner up to 24 hours a day.

His baby is now six months old and, depending on who you ask, it's Godzilla or godsend, hell-bent or heaven-sent.

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83 US PA: LTE: Safer StreetsThu, 25 Jul 2002
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Ricks, Sam Area:Pennsylvania Lines:54 Added:07/25/2002

Philadelphia and many other cities have long been plagued by piecemeal drug enforcement programs that have been long on promises but short on long-term results. Every last one of those programs displaced drug dealers to adjacent neighborhoods.

I give Mayor Street credit for taking a bold step with Operation Safe Streets by taking drug enforcement citywide, drug corner by drug corner, block by block, all at once.

Even though I don't live in a neighborhood where Safe Streets police are deployed, I can see a positive impact on my neighborhood. I'm a Town Watch volunteer and I live in one of those "adjacent neighborhoods."

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84 US PA: Column: When The Dealers - And Their Money - Go AwayFri, 14 Jun 2002
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Smith, Elmer Area:Pennsylvania Lines:81 Added:06/14/2002

Trash whipped up in swirling winds as the skies darkened over North 5th Street.

But children played through a slight sprinkle. It would take more than a threatened storm to chase them inside.

"You see more of them outside now," said a man nodding toward a group of children playing a few doors from his wrought-iron railing.

"It's better," a woman on the adjoining stoop agreed. "They still sell drugs. They just moved it inside."

In a running turf war between the cops and drug dealers, the cops are winning. For now.

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85 US PA: Narcs On Alert For Fake OpiumSat, 19 Jan 2002
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Caparella, Kitty Area:Pennsylvania Lines:51 Added:01/20/2002

The substance is reddish, hard, easily shattered or crumbled and forms a slightly sticky, red powder when it's crushed.

Users think it's opium.

But it's not.

It's nearly identical to red opium. In fact, it's called "Red Rock Opium." But the substance contains no opiates.

It's incense.

"The substance looks like opium, but it's fake," said Mary Vaira, spokeswoman for the Drug Enforcement Administration here, who checked with a DEA laboratory that has analyzed red-rock opium. "It's the same texture, it's red and it smells like incense."

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86 Afghanistan: War Bringing Opium To The MassesSun, 13 Jan 2002
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Angeles, Mark Area:Afghanistan Lines:134 Added:01/13/2002

Supply Coming From Afghanistan

AMERICA MIGHT have chased Osama bin Laden out of the mountains of Afghanistan with three months of bombing raids, but the hills are alive with still another scourge - opium.

Allied forces in Afghanistan have dismantled the Taliban, but at the same time effectively eliminated any oversight on illegal drug activity in that country.

Federal drug experts say they're certain that the recent fall of the fundamentalist Islamic government is directly tied to a glut of inexpensive opium spewing from the country.

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87 US PA: Let's Hear It For The Ex-Drug Offenders!Fri, 04 Jan 2002
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Conroy, Theresa Area:Pennsylvania Lines:202 Added:01/04/2002

Success In This Court Program Earns Applause

It was Crystal's first time in a prison.

"I looked around," she remembered, "and I just started crying, saying, 'How the hell did you end up here?' "

She ended up there, in January 1998, because she had sold cocaine to an undercover cop.

Crystal, who didn't want her last name used, had become a sad contradiction: a hard-working woman with a master's degree and a middle-class background who was addicted to crack.

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88 Colombia: Sept. 11 Attacks End FARC FarceWed, 02 Jan 2002
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA)          Area:Colombia Lines:53 Added:01/03/2002

From Drug Traffickers And Threatened To Overthrow The Democratically Elected Government By Force.

Before Sept. 11, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) was able to call such actions a legitimate form of rebellion and drew upon a network of international support.

Now FARC is on the U.S. list of terrorist groups and FARC commanders are upset that they are being associated with the likes of Osama bin Laden.

Some sources of rebel funding and diplomatic support have been cut off, and there is the potential that they could be hunted by the U.S. military in the same way bin Laden is being pursued.

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89 UK: British Drug Firm Readies Marijuana-Based Pain RelieverThu, 25 Oct 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:62 Added:10/25/2001

LONDON - GW Pharmaceuticals, the only British firm licensed to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes, said yesterday it foresees a surge in sales once the government relaxes laws restricting use of the drug.

The company is conducting trials of a marijuana-based pain reliever and expects that it could start selling the medicine under prescription by 2004.

A day after the government announced its new policy, investors pushed company shares 13.7 percent higher to 107 pence ($1.52) on the London Stock Exchange.

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90 US: New Drug Czar Now Believes In TreatmentThu, 11 Oct 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA)          Area:United States Lines:49 Added:10/13/2001

WASHINGTON - John Walters, President Bush's nominee to become the next White House drug policy director, said yesterday he supports federal funding for drug-abuse treatment and prevention, reversing his past view on the issue.

Asked by Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., if his opinion had changed since 1996, when he wrote that federal funding was neither "necessary nor sufficient" for teaching children that drug abuse is wrong, Walters replied: "Yeah, I have changed my view on that."

Walters, was testifying at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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91 US PA: Wounded Cop 'Incredibly Lucky'Wed, 03 Oct 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Kim, Myung Oak Area:Pennsylvania Lines:94 Added:10/05/2001

On The Mend, He Can't Wait To Get Back On The Street

GENE JONES became a cop because he wanted to help people and make the world better.

Monday afternoon, the narcotics officer found out how evil the world can be.

The 36-year-old undercover officer approached a suspected crack-cocaine dealer on a West Oak Lane street and identified himself as a cop. The suspect pulled out a gun and shot Jones in the chest, sparking a gunfight that continued down two streets until the suspect was arrested.

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92 Colombia: Turmoil In Colombia's ParamilitaryFri, 31 Aug 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA)          Area:Colombia Lines:92 Added:08/31/2001

Hard-Liner Likely To Be Their New Leader

BOGOTA, Colombia - A hard-liner from northern Colombia's cattle country is emerging as the likely new leader of the country's brutal right-wing paramilitary forces.

Although he has not yet accepted the position, Salvatore Mancuso is already considered the new boss of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, or AUC. That word came from former AUC commander Carlos Castano, in an editorial posted yesterday on the group's Internet site.

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93 US PA: A Target, Not A WitnessThu, 26 Jul 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Adamson, April Area:Pennsylvania Lines:75 Added:07/26/2001

THE VICTIM of Tuesday's broad-daylight execution on Columbus Boulevard was a target in a multimillion-dollar drug investigation that included at least a dozen players from New York to Philly, a law-enforcement source said yesterday.

"He was not a government witness and was not cooperating. He is a target of ours," the source said, after erroneous reports circulated that the man had been cooperating with the government investigation.

"He was somebody who we were going after, who was eventually going to be indicted federally," the source added. "Looks like his buddies whacked him."

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94 US PA: Cat Tranquilizer High On Fad-Drug ListWed, 11 Jul 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Vargas, Jose Antonio Area:Pennsylvania Lines:118 Added:07/11/2001

Dealers Stealing Sedative From Vets' Offices

Users say the drug brings you to another world, one that separates your mind from the rest of your body.

But unlike the other designer drugs popular at Philadelphia's bustling nightclubs - Ecstasy ("e"), LSD ("acid") and GHB ("Georgia Home Boy") - this drug kicks in much faster.

It's a drug whose primary purpose is to sedate animals.

And when abused by humans, law enforcement and medical officials say, ketamine, or Special K as it's often called, has the potential to kill.

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95 US PA: If It Smells Like A Cat, It Could Be A Meth LabFri, 29 Jun 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Vargas, Jose Antonio Area:Pennsylvania Lines:55 Added:06/30/2001

The smell of cat urine led detectives to a sophisticated methamphetamine laboratory in Port Richmond Wednesday afternoon.

Officers from the East Detective Division noticed the smell while investigating a missing persons case.

Phillip DeFelice, 30, of Cherry Hill, was reported missing by his parents, who hadn't seen their son in a week. DeFelice owned an auto-dealership on North Almond Street near East Ontario in Port Richmond.

Police went to the garage Wednesday to look for DeFelice. Upon entering the building, they noticed a familiar odor that is often a telltale sign of methamphetamine production - cat urine.

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96 US CA: Raitt Sings For Inmates And Talks Of Own TurmoilThu, 28 Jun 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Curtis, Kim Area:California Lines:67 Added:06/30/2001

SAN QUENTIN, Calif. -- Bonnie Raitt gave a free, two-hour concert Saturday at San Quentin State Prison, describing her struggles with drugs and alcohol in hopes of helping inmates who are trying to stay sober.

About 2,000 men gathered in the prison's yard to hear Raitt.

"We're all here together," Raitt said in an interview before the show.

"We're all just one infraction away from being in prison ourselves. I could've been in here in a minute. I could've been too angry, and if I had a gun in my hand instead of a telephone or a guitar, I'd be right in here."

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97 US PA: Gal Pal Faces Charges In Inmate's OverdoseTue, 19 Jun 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:33 Added:06/20/2001

ALLENTOWN - The girlfriend of an inmate who died of a drug overdose in prison last year has been charged in his death for allegedly sending him heroin.

Brian P. Dos Santos, 25, was found dead in his cell at the Lehigh County Prison on Sept. 16, with a syringe, tourniquet and other drug paraphernalia nearby. An autopsy showed he died of an overdose of morphine and heroin.

Elayne Nicole Zielinski, 25, a postal employee at the time, is accused of smuggling drugs to Dos Santos on several occasions, hiding them in magazines and mailed packages.

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98 Colombia: Coca Farmers Stage Protest In ColombiaTue, 12 Jun 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Baena, Javier Area:Colombia Lines:38 Added:06/14/2001

BOGOTA, Colombia -- Thousands of angry coca farmers and pickers occupying a northern town yesterday said they would not leave until the government abandons a U.S.-backed program to aerially eradicate their crops.

The protests that began Thursday in Tibu, a town near the border with Venezuela, were the first major grass-roots demonstrations against fumigation since President Andres Pastrana's drug-fighting plan known as Plan Colombia got underway late last-year.

The protesters came from the countryside where coca, the crop used to make cocaine, is grown. They want the government to manually eradicate the crops instead of spraying, said Gonzalo Cardenas, the mayor of Tibu.

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99 US PA: Officials Use Hope To Stage War On HeroinWed, 06 Jun 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Meltzer, Marc Area:Pennsylvania Lines:73 Added:06/08/2001

Residents of the 2700 block of North Hope Street in North Philadelphia are used to getting plenty of attention - historically from drug traffickers and buyers.

Yesterday, however, it was law enforcement authorities, led by state Attorney General Mike Fisher, who converged here.

Fisher unveiled a statewide grand jury report on the booming trade of heroin, a staple of life on North Hope until December 1999 when authorities brought it to a halt.

"Obviously we hope to alert a lot of Pennsylvanians about this scourge and deter them from buying and using and selling drugs," Fisher said.

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100US FL: Medical Marijuana Pioneer, Who Got His Pot From US, DiesWed, 06 Jun 2001
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:06/06/2001

SARASOTA, Fla. - Robert Randall, the first person in the United States to obtain legal access to marijuana for medical use, has died of complications from AIDS, his wife said.

Randall, 53, legally smoked 10 marijuana cigarettes a day until his death on Saturday at his home here, said his wife, Alice O'Leary.

Randall developed glaucoma in his teens and doctors told him the buildup of pressure in his eyes would cause blindness within a few years.

Arguing that no legally available drug could halt the deterioration of his eyesight, he petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for legal access to marijuana.

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