Daily Herald, The _Provo, UT_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2018
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1 US UT: Cities Take Aim At Legal MarijuanaSat, 09 Aug 2014
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Hesterman, Billy Area:Utah Lines:121 Added:08/11/2014

PROVO -- City mayors and a county commissioner were recently warned of the impacts the cities and county may have if recreational marijuana was ever made legal in Utah.

On Thursday night at a meeting of the Utah County Council of Governments, a monthly meeting of county and city leaders, the county's Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment made a brief presentation informing the leaders of what has happened in cities and states that have already moved forward with legalizing pot.

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2 US UT: OPED: Ambitious Trials In Legalizing DrugsWed, 02 Apr 2014
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT)          Area:Utah Lines:87 Added:04/03/2014

Let it be clear at the outset: I am definitely not an advocate for recreational psychoactive drugs! But I've never been enamored with staying uninformed on the issue either. So with that caveat, and with two countries now experimenting a little with legalization of such drugs, let's summarize a bit.

It should be well-known that the states of Colorado and Washington have recently legalized certain broad uses of recreational marijuana and are still working out the fine details of how to control the use thereof. Uruguay has thrown the doors wide open for marijuana. And New Zealand has now formalized legislation for all new psychoactive drugs, while still banning the ones that have heretofore been internationally illegal.

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3 US UT: Utah Man Found Guilty Of Teen Babysitter's MurderFri, 14 Feb 2014
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:McCombs, Brady Area:Utah Lines:117 Added:02/14/2014

A jury Friday found a Utah man guilty of child abuse homicide in the death of a teenage baby sitter who prosecutors say died after the man gave her a lethal dose of drugs during a night of drugs and sex that also included the man's wife.

The eight jurors reached their verdict about two hours after they were given the case. Eric Millerberg, 38, was also found guilty of unlawful sexual contact with a minor, obstruction of justice and desecration of a dead body in the 2011 death of Alexis Rasmussen, 16.

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4 US UT: OPED: Medical Marijuana In CaliforniaWed, 01 Feb 2012
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Jeffery, Duane Area:Utah Lines:82 Added:02/01/2012

Twenty or so years ago I had a student who spent her summers as a Forest Service trail crew chief in northern California.

Knowing her area to be a hotbed of illegal marijuana growing, I asked what she and her crew did when they encountered a patch of "weed."

"Our orders are clear," said she. "We immediately turn around and leave, before we catch a [rifle] slug." Serious stuff, this mobile agriculture.

Since that time, fans of marijuana have claimed that it is useful for treating all sorts of medical conditions, including migraines, arthritis, cancer, glaucoma and many conditions of hard-to-treat pain. But federal law was and still is -- clear: Marijuana is classed as a Schedule I substance, meaning that it has no accepted medical use but possesses a high potential for abuse due to its psychoactive properties.

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5 US UT: The New High: SpiceSun, 15 Aug 2010
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Toth, Heidi Area:Utah Lines:740 Added:08/16/2010

Legal and Undetected

Smoking marijuana may not destroy your life like a heroin addiction or damage your body like cocaine.

It does, however, destroy trust and damage relationships; no parent wants to be lied to, to lay awake at night wondering what's going on with their children or to explain to a 5-year-old girl why her brother isn't around much anymore and doesn't seem to like his family very much.

Now, a new substance that mimics the effects of marijuana is sold legally as an incense. It could be causing the same worries - except most parents have no idea that the marijuana substitute even exists. They don't know what signs to watch for. They don't recognize the smell. It's sold by legitimate businesses and does not show up in drug tests.

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6 US UT: Editorial: Local Meth Fight Not OverTue, 06 Jan 2009
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT)          Area:Utah Lines:75 Added:01/06/2009

Some recent local news stories are reminders that drug use remains a problem simmering under the placid surface of life in Utah Valley.

* A Provo man was accused of having methamphetamine and marijuana at a day care facility, according to court records. At the Provo home, police found several bags believed to contain meth, a glass pipe used to ingest it and water bongs used to smoke marijuana. The suspect reportedly told officers he had smoked meth in the home when children could have been around.

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7 US UT: Prosecutions On The Rise, But Why?Sat, 26 Jul 2008
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Duda, Jeremy Area:Utah Lines:139 Added:07/26/2008

t's no secret that crime rates have increased over the years in Utah County, and with that in mind, few Happy Valley residents would be surprised to learn that felony prosecutions are on the rise as well. But since the turn of the century, the Utah County Attorney's Office has been busier than most people would probably guess, and the numbers have left a lot of people scratching their heads.

Utah County's population has risen steadily since 2000, and crime rates have risen along with it. But the number of felony cases filed by the county attorney's office has left other statistics in the dust, rising at twice the rate of the county's rapidly growing population. Felonies include serious crimes such as burglary, robbery, murder and rape.

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8 US UT: OPED: The Lost War On DrugsWed, 22 Aug 2007
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Glenny, Misha Area:Utah Lines:149 Added:08/22/2007

Poppies were the first thing that British army Capt. Leo Docherty noticed when he arrived in Afghanistan's turbulent Helmand province in April 2006. "They were growing right outside the gate of our Forward Operating Base," he told me. Within two weeks of his deployment to the remote town of Sangin, he realized that "poppy is the economic mainstay and everyone is involved right up to the higher echelons of the local government."

The rumor was "that we were there to eradicate the poppy," he said. "The Taliban aren't stupid and so they said, 'These guys are here to destroy your livelihood, so let's take up arms against them.' And it's been a downward spiral since then."

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9 US UT: Editorial: Herald Poll: Students and Free SpeechFri, 06 Jul 2007
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT)          Area:Utah Lines:149 Added:07/08/2007

The Supreme Court recently considered a 2002 Alaska case involving the question of limits on the free speech rights of public school students. In a 5-4 vote it said that school principals could punish students for making statements that could be "reasonably" construed as advocating illegal drug use.

At the center of the case was a banner spread in public view at the Olympic Torch Relay as runners headed for Salt Lake City. In big letters the banner proclaimed "BONG HiTS 4 JESUS."

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10 US UT: Editorial: Court Teaches Kids Bad LessonSun, 01 Jul 2007
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT)          Area:Utah Lines:148 Added:07/01/2007

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation warned that our children don't fully appreciate or respect the rights protected by the First Amendment.

The foundation released a national study in 2006 that showed nearly half the students surveyed believed that the First Amendment went too far in the rights it guarantees, and 46 percent believed that newspapers should not publish stories without government approval.

The report blamed educators for not doing a better job of teaching students how essential free expression is to our system of government.

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11 US UT: PUB LTE: The Constitution Shouldn't Be a Casualty ofWed, 11 Apr 2007
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Utah Lines:32 Added:04/11/2007

Prescription overdose deaths are now second only to motor-vehicle crashes as a cause of death from unintentional injury. Television is filled with pro-drug messages paid for by alcohol and pharmaceutical companies. The Bush administration doesn't have a problem with corporate drug pushers. But hoist a "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner at an off-campus high school rally in Alaska, and you'll be fought all the way to the Supreme Court.

It's not clear how this nonsensical phrase somehow merits limiting free speech. Culture warriors in the White House seem to think the war on pot is more important than the Constitution. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there: By raiding medical marijuana providers in California, the very same Bush administration that claims illicit drug use funds terrorism is forcing cancer and AIDS patients into the hands of street dealers. Apparently, marijuana prohibition is more important than protecting the country from terrorism, too.

Robert Sharpe, Arlington, Va.


12 US UT: PUB LTE: Legalizing Drugs A Way To Reduce CrimeFri, 06 Apr 2007
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Utah Lines:38 Added:04/07/2007

Suppose that all types of recreational drugs were re-legalized and the drug were legally sold in local licensed business establishments for pennies per dose.

Would this solve your drug problems? No.

It would however, greatly reduce your violent and property crime. Many judges and prison wardens have said that 70 to 80 percent of all property crime and violent crime is drug-related. Actually, almost 100 percent of all so-called "drug-related crime" is caused by drug prohibition policies, not drugs.

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13 US UT: Editorial: Do Kids Have Free Speech Rights?Fri, 23 Mar 2007
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT)          Area:Utah Lines:137 Added:03/24/2007

How far can a school go in regulating what students say, even off campus?

That's the question the Supreme Court is wrestling with in the case of Morse v. Frederick, also known as the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case.

The case dates back to 2002, when the Olympic Flame was making its way to Salt Lake City. When the torch run passed through Juneau, Alaska, students from Juneau-Douglas High School were given a break from class to watch. Joseph Frederick, then a senior, was across the street from the school holding up a sign that read "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" (whatever that means) as the torch passed.

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14 US UT: Dealing With Drugs In Utah CountySun, 18 Mar 2007
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Andrews, Natalie Area:Utah Lines:578 Added:03/18/2007

She's the woman you see at the mall, with her 13-year-old tagging behind her.

Getting into her sedan at the end of the trip, new pink sweater in the Macy's bag, her cell phone rings.

But sometimes when Mechelle Leifson's phone rings, the mother of four recovering drug addicts' heart jumps.

There have been too many late night phone calls in the past six years for her stomach to not still drop, for her to not worry about her boys.

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15 US: Federal Officials Ask States To Tighten Medical Marijuana LawSun, 28 Jan 2007
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT)          Area:United States Lines:87 Added:01/28/2007

HONOLULU -- Federal officials want the state to conduct background checks on those certified to supply medical marijuana to patients, saying the state must close loopholes being exploited by drug dealers.

Ed Kubo, chief federal prosecutor for Hawaii, said the December indictment of Richard Velasco, a 49-year-old accused drug dealer from the Big Island, is an example of why the state needs to strengthen oversight of its medical marijuana program.

Velasco was awarded a medical marijuana caregiver certificate in December 2004, just months after Hawaii County police officers discovered 246 marijuana plants growing on his property. He was arrested for drug trafficking.

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16 US: Mountain States Set Pace in Imprisoning More WomenSun, 21 May 2006
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Crary, David Area:United States Lines:116 Added:05/21/2006

NEW YORK -- Oklahoma, Mississippi and the mountain states have set the pace in increasing the imprisonment of women, while several northeastern states are curtailing the practice, according to a new report detailing sharp regional differences in the handling of female offenders.

The report, to be released Sunday by the New York-based Women's Prison Association, is touted as the most comprehensive state-by-state breakdown of the huge increase in incarceration of women over the past 30 years.

Overall, the number of female state inmates serving sentences of more than a year grew by 757 percent between 1977 and 2004, nearly twice the 388 percent increase for men, the report said.

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17 US MA: Religious Use Of Peyote Not Harmful To American IndiansMon, 14 Nov 2005
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Kunzelman, Michael Area:Massachusetts Lines:81 Added:11/14/2005

BOSTON -- A study of the effects of peyote on American Indians found no evidence that the hallucinogenic cactus caused brain damage or psychological problems among people who used it frequently in religious ceremonies.

In fact, researchers from Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital found that members of the Native American Church performed better on some psychological tests than other Navajos who did not regularly use peyote.

A 1994 federal law allows roughly 300,000 members of the Native American Church to use peyote as a religious sacrament. The five-year study set out to find scientific proof for the Navajos' belief that the substance, which contains the hallucinogen mescaline, is not hazardous to their health even when used frequently.

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18 US UT: Witnesses Say Undue Force Used At RaveTue, 23 Aug 2005
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Johnson, Rashae Ophus Area:Utah Lines:112 Added:08/23/2005

Firsthand accounts conflict so starkly that one might wonder whether law enforcement busted two separate events last weekend in Spanish Fork Canyon. Yet the Diamond Fork-area location is among few details confirmed by both the roughly 300 partygoers and about 90 law enforcement personnel who dispelled them at 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

Uprock Records of Salt Lake City promoted the event as an "album-release party" on fliers and Internet sites like www.utrave.org. In addition to live performances by DJ Craze of Miami and Spor from the United Kingdom, the party featured typical highlights like a laser light show, barbecue, oxygen bar and glow sticks.

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19 US UT: Mooneys Arrested For Distribution, Possession Of PeyoteFri, 24 Jun 2005
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Nelson, Nick Area:Utah Lines:100 Added:06/27/2005

Local medicine man James Warren "Flaming Eagle" Mooney was out walking his dog Thursday morning when agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration approached him with an arrest warrant.

James Mooney and his wife, Linda, were arrested near their Spanish Fork home on 16 combined drug charges involving possession and distribution of peyote. Each of the charges carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Nicholas Stark, an Ogden man with ties to Oklevueha EarthWalks Native America Church, which the Mooneys founded in 1997, was also named in the federal indictment. In the indictment, which was filed June 15 but sealed until Thursday morning, Stark was charged for distribution and possession of peyote and for possession of coca leaves.

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20 US UT: Mooney HearingSat, 25 Jun 2005
Source:Daily Herald, The (Provo, UT) Author:Nelson, Nick Area:Utah Lines:94 Added:06/27/2005

James and Linda Mooney, the Spanish Fork couple arrested on a combined 16 federal felony drug charges for using peyote in religious ceremonies, pleaded not guilty to all of the charges Friday in Salt Lake City.

Federal prosecutors told U.S. Magistrate Judge Sam Alba that the Mooneys should be held without bail until the case is resolved. Citing the complexity of the case and the need for more information before deciding if the Mooneys should be held without bail, Alba set a detention hearing for Tuesday.

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