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121US CA: Wildomar Pot Collective Goes To CourtThu, 25 Nov 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Horseman, Jeff Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:11/28/2010

The organizers of a Wildomar medical marijuana collective are asking for the court's help in their fight to stay open.

Wildomar Patients Compassionate Group is seeking an order to stop the city Planning Director Matthew Bassi from enforcing the city's ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

In legal papers filed Monday in Riverside County Superior Court, lawyers for the collective argued that Bassi's legal authority to enforce the ban conflicts with state law that allows for the medicinal use of marijuana. The petition also alleges that Bassi's actions "are motivated exclusively by a desire" to eliminate collectives.

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122US CA: Judge Backs City In Pot Dispensary BanThu, 25 Nov 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Stokley, Sandra Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:11/25/2010

RIVERSIDE - While acknowledging that this was "a troubling case for the court," a judge nevertheless ruled Wednesday that the city of Riverside is within its rights to use zoning laws to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.

"The city has acted within their authority," Superior Court Judge John Molloy said at the end of the hour-long hearing that pitted attorneys for the city of Riverside against medical marijuana activists.

Supporters of medical marijuana -- some of whom identified themselves as cancer patients -- filled the courtroom seats. Others were not allowed in because all seats were taken.

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123US CA: Temecula Medical Marijuana Co-Op Set For Monday OpeningSun, 14 Nov 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Horseman, Jeff Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:11/16/2010

Despite warnings from the city, a medical marijuana activist said a co-op created to help patients get their medicine will open its doors in Temecula on Monday.

Douglas Lanphere said Cooperative Patients' Services will provide a secure venue for legitimate medical marijuana patients to exchange the drug with each other. The establishment, in a leased storefront on the southern end of Old Town Front Street past First Street, will allow members to bring marijuana in for processing, he said.

California voters legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes in 1996. While several Temecula businesses offer medical marijuana referrals, the city has banned dispensaries since 2004.

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124US CA: Pot Legalization Proponents Aren't Giving UpMon, 08 Nov 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Miller, Jim Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:11/08/2010

SACRAMENTO - California voters likely have not seen the last of efforts to legalize marijuana despite last week's defeat of Prop. 19.

Legalization advocates are weighing a return to the ballot in 2012.

And the author of an unsuccessful Assembly bill to legalize pot intends to introduce similar legislation early next year.

"We had a debate that was just heard around the world. The conversation has only begun," Dale Jones, a yes-on-Prop. 19 spokeswoman, said after Tuesday's election.

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125US CA: Editorial: Tax pot? UnlikelyMon, 25 Oct 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)          Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:10/24/2010

Prop. 19 was a dubious proposition even before the federal government snuffed out one of the biggest arguments in the measure's favor last week. Comments from the Justice Department are yet more evidence that Prop. 19's promises are largely smoke -- and that voters should not inhale.

Prop. 19 on the Nov. 2 ballot proposes to legalize marijuana in California for those 21 years and older, and would let state and local governments regulate and tax the drug. Proponents say this step would save taxpayers money now spent policing marijuana, and would generate revenue for public services.

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126US CA: San Bernardino: Cypress Hill Smokeout Draws ThousandsSun, 17 Oct 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Ghiotto, Gene Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:10/17/2010

The Cypress Hill Smokeout music festival Saturday at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino was as much about marijuana as it was about music.

Hip-hop and Latin groups shared the stage with DJs, while advocates of medical marijuana and Prop.19, the California ballot measure to legalize marijuana for adults, extolled the virtues of pot while also registering new voters.

K.T. Howard of Oceanside, a supporter of Prop. 19, said she attended the festival to support the ballot measure as much as to hear the music.

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127US CA: Prop. 19 Brings Up Many QuestionsSun, 17 Oct 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Miller, Jim Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:10/17/2010

For most California ballot measures over the years, the debate has been about whether the initiative is good or bad for the state.

But what if supporters and opponents don't agree about what the initiative says?

That's the case with Prop. 19. The measure, on next month's ballot, would make California the first state in the country to legalize marijuana.

The measure would let people possess and cultivate pot for personal use. It also would allow, but not require, local and state governments to regulate and tax the commercial production, distribution and sale of marijuana.

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128US CA: Temecula Medical Marijuana Co-Op Ready To OpenWed, 06 Oct 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Horseman, Jeff Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:10/08/2010

Buoyed by a recent court ruling, the organizers of a medical marijuana patients' cooperative in Temecula plan to allow members to bring in and process marijuana by the end of this month.

The announcement this week by Cooperative Patients' Services, formerly Qualified Patients Resource Center, marks a new chapter in the group's quest to help medical marijuana users in Temecula, which bans dispensaries. A number of Temecula businesses are licensed to offer medical marijuana referrals.

Cooperative organizer Douglas Lanphere insisted Cooperative Patients' Services is not a dispensary. Rather, it is as a nonprofit agricultural cooperative akin to grain farmers who pool their resources to harvest and distribute their crops.

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129US CA: Editorial: No On 19Fri, 10 Sep 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)          Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:09/11/2010

Prop. 19 on the November ballot clouds complex policy issues in a smoky haze of uncertainty. The measure's vague language would result in endless litigation, and put state and federal drug laws in confusing conflict. Voters should say no to a proposition that would cause unnecessary turmoil for the state.

Prop. 19 proposes to legalize marijuana in California. State law would allow the possession, cultivation and use of marijuana by those 21 years and older. The measure would also let state and local governments regulate and tax marijuana.

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130US CA: Riverside Pot Clinic Open While Awaiting Court DateWed, 11 Aug 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Robinson, Alicia Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:08/12/2010

Riverside medical marijuana clinic operator Lanny Swerdlow continues to maintain that the city made a mistake when it sought a court injunction against him in May.

Not only did the city's filing name a business entity that doesn't exist, but the city's use of the zoning code to ban all medical marijuana facilities is unlawful, Swerdlow said Tuesday. His attorney, Richard Ackerman, made similar arguments in a response to the city's suit that was filed last week.

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131US CA: Board Recommends Not Allowing Medical Marijuana DispensariesWed, 04 Aug 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Hill, John F. Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:08/06/2010

Wildomar planning commissioners voted Wednesday to recommend that the City Council continue to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.

Commissioners said they had uncertainty about the results of a statewide proposition that would make marijuana legal for people older than 21.

The commission voted 3-2, with Harv Dykstra and Michael Kazmier dissenting, to recommend the council vote down a proposed law allowing dispensaries.

The commission has the power only to suggest whether the city should lift its 2-year-old ban on storefront marijuana facilities. It is now left to the City Council to decide whether to allow nonprofit dispensaries.

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132US CA: Column: Wildomar Could Become Medical Marijuana PioneerTue, 27 Jul 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Love, Carl Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:07/29/2010

Think Wildomar and concepts such as a feisty spirit (it says so right on the city website) and anti-government bent (one of the reasons it took the community so long to incorporate) might come to mind.

Reefer madness probably isn't one of them.

Yet which southwest Riverside County city is on the verge of allowing retail outlets to sell medical marijuana to patients?

That would be wacky Wildomar at the forefront of distributing the wacky weed.

Or so go the fears of critics who envision the community turning into the cannabis capital of the area, hippies on the street corner doling out joints, political types toking at City Council meetings and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius near.

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133US CA: Lake Elsinore Medical Marijuana Initiative Fails ToWed, 21 Jul 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Ghiotto, Gene Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:07/22/2010

Lake Elsinore voters won't decide whether they want medical marijuana dispensaries in the city because backers of the proposal didn't gather enough valid signatures to put the measure on the ballot, election officials said Tuesday.

The group We the People gathered 870 valid signatures of registered voters, about half the 1,623 needed to qualify the measure for the Nov. 2 general election, according to the Riverside County registrar of voters.

The group gathered a total of 2,678 signatures, which were sent to the registrar's office on June 17 for verification. The Lake Elsinore city clerk's office received the results Tuesday.

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134US CA: Wildomar Commission To Consider Regulations To AllowSat, 17 Jul 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Hill, John F. Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:07/18/2010

Wildomar could start on a path this week toward becoming the second Riverside County city to allow medical marijuana dispensaries.

The city's Planning Commission on Wednesday will consider a new law that would regulate the dispensaries, lifting a ban in place since Wildomar became a city in 2008.

First, the commission must decide if dispensaries are appropriate for the city. If so, it must decide how and where they can operate.

City Attorney Julie Hayward-Biggs drafted regulations based on a law passed by the city of Laguna Woods, an Orange County retirement community.

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135US CA: OPED: Youths Deserve To Hear Truth About DrugsThu, 08 Jul 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Rosen, Mitchell Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:07/08/2010

I read in this week's newspaper that the use of Ecstasy among adolescents is increasing.

A 15-year-old girl who attended a rave in Los Angeles last week was found dead from what appears to be a drug overdose. For those who are not aware, Ecstasy is a combination of amphetamines and hallucinogens. Imagine taking speed and LSD and you have a glimpse of what Ecstasy is about.

According to the article, the amount of Ecstasy seized by drug agents in LA County has doubled in the past five years.

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136US CA: Hemet Officials Concerned Hydroponics Store MayWed, 30 Jun 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Rokos, Brian Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:07/01/2010

Hemet city officials are keeping a close eye on a hydroponics store out of concern that it attracts customers who illegally grow marijuana.

Steve's Hydroponics at 106 E. Florida Ave. opened Feb. 1. It sells indoor irrigation systems, growing lights and pesticides. Co-owner Steve McCann said his products are popular among growers of fruits and vegetables because the soil-less systems do a better job of delivering nutrients than outdoor gardens, and because the plants can be grown indoors -- away from extreme weather -- year-round.

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137US CA: Lake Elsinore Council Denies an Appeal Seeking toThu, 24 Jun 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Ghiotto, Gene Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:06/24/2010

The operator of an unlicensed medical-marijuana dispensary in Lake Elsinore vowed to keep his business open despite a decision by the City Council to uphold the revocation of his business license.

"We're going to do everything we can to remain open," Carlos Stahl, operator of R Side Medical, said Wednesday.

The Lake Elsinore City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to deny the appeal by Stahl to keep his business open. On Wednesday, Stahl said he believes he is operating within state medical marijuana laws.

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138US CA: Pot-Mobile Parked, for NowMon, 14 Jun 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Parrilla, Leslie Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:06/15/2010

The medical marijuana mobile that recently rolled out of Norco and into unincorporated Riverside County to sell its wares illustrates the latest in legal entanglements between federal, state and local laws.

Stewart Hauptman said he and his 1985 Pace Arrow motor home are gone for good from Norco after police cited him for possessing drug paraphernalia and operating a dispensary. He has since moved to unincorporated Riverside County, where he says he feels safer because state law applies.

But Hauptman and his roving pot-mobile may not be driving on any more solid legal ground.

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139US CA: Group Tries New Zoning Approach For Riverside PotFri, 04 Jun 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Robinson, Alicia Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:06/05/2010

As Riverside tries to shut one medical marijuana dispensary within city limits, another is seeking to open with the city's approval.

But city officials said they don't intend to allow the Greenhouse Care Group, a collective of about 25 Riverside patients, to run a dispensary on the east side.

The group has taken a unique tack. The city has said its zoning code forbids any marijuana dispensaries, so Greenhouse Care Group applied to change the code, said Katherine Clifton, a San Diego attorney representing the not-for-profit group.

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140US CA: Inland Medical Marijuana Users Run Afoul Of CodeSun, 23 May 2010
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Burge, Sarah Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:05/24/2010

Local law enforcement agencies, similar to many across the state, are treading a more careful path with medical marijuana users since an appellate court decision this year struck down a state law that set specific limits on the amount of marijuana patients can possess.

This month, Murrieta code enforcement and police officers shut down what they described as an illegal medical marijuana dispensary and warehouse growing facility. They did not arrest the operator or seize any marijuana. Instead, they cited him for code enforcement violations.

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