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1 CN AB: Editorial: A Pot Revolution Comes To CanadaSat, 22 Apr 2017
Source:Medicine Hat News (CN AB)          Area:Alberta Lines:92 Added:04/22/2017

The right prices and levels of taxation must be set. If they're too low, people might be tempted to overindulge. If they're too high, criminals will provide cheaper alternatives.

In case you missed it, the federal government has just sown the seeds for a full-blown social revolution in Canada.

Last Thursday, just before the Easter long weekend started, the Liberals tabled legislation that will legalize and regulate the production, sale and use of recreational marijuana in this country starting in the summer of 2018.

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2 CN BC: Is This Pot Prohibition 2.0?Fri, 21 Apr 2017
Source:Nelson Star (CN BC) Author:Johnson, Will Area:British Columbia Lines:190 Added:04/22/2017

Nelson-Creston candidate calls federal legislation announcement 'draconian'

The stakes are high.

Members of the Kootenay craft cannabis community are worried federal legalization will leave them out in the cold, and are concerned the new laws will be invasive and draconian - leading some to dub the Cannabis Act "Prohibition 2.0."

With the cannabis industry making up an estimated 25 to 35 per cent of the local economy, the potential effects of legalization on the Nelson community will be far-reaching. Sensible B.C.'s local representative Herb Couch is one of the voices speaking out against elements of the new law and calling on both provincial and municipal politicians to take action.

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3 CN ON: Oped: Safety Top Priority In New Cannabis LawsThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Tribune, The (CN ON) Author:Goodale, Ralph Area:Ontario Lines:73 Added:04/22/2017

If your objectives are to protect public health and safety, keep marijuana out of the hands of minors and cut illegal profits flowing to organized crime, then the law as it stands today has been an abject failure.

From the very beginning, health and safety objectives have been in the forefront of our approach to cannabis. The new legislation we introduced last week reflects that - to do a better job of protecting our kids and fighting crime.

We have benefited from the thorough, balanced and thoughtful advice of an expert task force which gathered the best available data, medical and legal input, the experiences of other jurisdictions around the world and the views of a vast array of Canadians. Our proposals are in line with their recommendations.The new law would create a strong framework for legalizing, strictly regulating and restricting the use of cannabis:

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4 CN MB: OPED: Take Public-Health Approach To PotThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:Reimer, Joss Area:Manitoba Lines:84 Added:04/22/2017

This time next year will be the last 4/20 - the unofficial cannabis holiday known by its numeric calendar date - when possessing weed for personal use will be a crime. Legalization is coming to Canada in the summer of 2018.

So far, reactions to legalized cannabis have ranged from healthy concern to outright fearmongering. Some people have claimed it will lead the youth astray, make our roads less safe and harm our overall health.

Legalizing cannabis is not without risk. But legalization can also address how risky our current approach, the so-called War On Drugs, has been.

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5 Canada: LTE: Weed WorriesWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:O'Meara, William Area:Canada Lines:26 Added:04/22/2017

Your editorial covers the many issues around the legalization of marijuana that have had extensive coverage in past months (The Countdown To Legalization Begins, April 17).

I am open to the legalization process. However, what seems to be missing is a discussion on second-hand smoke. What about those who do not wish to smoke pot or share secondhand fumes? Are safeguards needed for the interests of all segments of the population? Are there hazards that are not being addressed?

John Loewy, Saskatoon


6 Canada: PUB LTE: Weed WorriesWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:O'Meara, William Area:Canada Lines:32 Added:04/22/2017

Most of the critics of the new marijuana legislation complain that it will affect people's health and, thus, legalization will contribute to poor health outcomes. What are these people smoking? People already smoke marijuana - Canada has one of the highest rates of marijuana usage in the world. Do these naysayers seriously expect that, upon legalization, the population is going to run out, en masse, and begin smoking marijuana?

Teens smoking marijuana will be a problem. The evidence is becoming clear that smoking at an early age can lead to mental health problems. But teens smoke marijuana now, and their supply is likely contaminated with mould, pesticides and who knows what else. At least under legalization, the quality can be controlled, people working in the industry will pay taxes (as opposed to criminals who do not), and police will be free to pursue more important things. Legalization is not a panacea, but it's a lot better than the status quo.

William O'Meara, Toronto


7CN AB: Usual Crowd Expected At 4/20 Marijuana EventThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Wakefield, Jonny Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/22/2017

Edmonton's police chief says he doesn't expect a larger than usual 4/20 gathering Thursday as the city prepares for legal marijuana.

"I imagine we'll get a few people there, but nothing that's really on the radar we're concerned about," Chief Rod Knecht said Wednesday.

The annual smoke-up at the Alberta legislature could be one of the last under existing marijuana laws, as the Trudeau government prepares to legalize the drug.

The Liberals introduced bills this month to legalize and regulate marijuana by July 2018.

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8 CN MB: From Protest To PartyThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:Cash, Martin Area:Manitoba Lines:114 Added:04/22/2017

With legalization on the horizon, today's 4/20 gathering will be a celebration

For as long as anyone can remember, the annual 4/20 gathering at the Manitoba legislature grounds was about protesting the country's harsh marijuana laws. Police would be out in force to keep an eye on a rag-tag group of stoners, rarely arresting anyone unless things got out of hand.

This year's event, which begins at noon today, has a much more celebratory tone since legislation is in the works to legalize the recreational use of pot.

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9 CN BC: Column: Is Marijuana The Miracle Drug Pot Pushers Claim?Thu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Vancouver 24hours (CN BC) Author:Slivinski, Ada Area:British Columbia Lines:54 Added:04/22/2017

There are some pretty substantial medicinal claims around marijuana. Children who no longer have seizures thanks to cannabis oil, symptoms of multiple sclerosis stalled or in some cases reversed thanks to the drug.

I've spoken with many people who say marijuana has drastically changed their lives for the better and that they would not be functioning at anywhere near the level they are today without it.

I spent one afternoon with Chris Nelson, the coowner of Weeds South Van, and he spoke openly and frankly about the desperation that led him to try giving his wife cannabis oil and the drastic way it has changed both of their lives for the better. While I was at the shop I also met a young man who became addicted to opioids after his leg was amputated and doctors prescribed him meds for the pain. He credits pot with helping him kick the habit by easing some of the downsickness that comes with withdrawal. He now works at Weeds and says many of the people who come through the door have used marijuana for the same reason.

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10 CN ON: LTE: We Need More Weed Like Hole In HeadThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Pomian, Rafal Area:Ontario Lines:32 Added:04/22/2017

Everyone agrees that legalizing marijuana will increase its use. Other places that have done it confirm the trend. Doesn't that mean there will be more drug users, more drivers under the influence and more health problems?

So why are we doing it? Has the federal government discovered new money that it will have to give to the provinces who are stuck implementing it? Or is this yet another ill-thought election promise that is hitting the fan?

Especially the young are at risk, and the age limit of 18 is a joke. Kids can get it now when it's illegal, so how much easier will it be to get when it's legal?

Weed is an additional health risk that Canadians need like a hole in the head.

Rafal Pomian, Ottawa


11CN BC: Column: Why Are Provincial Politicians Staying Mum OnWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Leyne, Les Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/22/2017

Campaigning provincial politicians have dozens of changes in mind for B.C., but they are scarcely talking about the major adjustment that's coming, regardless of who wins the May 9 election.

For all the competing visions being outlined by provincial leaders, the federal government's move to legalize marijuana is going to be the single biggest revamp on the social and political scene. It was introduced last week and could be in effect by next summer. Still, Liberal, NDP and Green campaigns have scarcely taken notice.

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12CN AB: Editorial: Work Must Exclude PotThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB)          Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/22/2017

Adding to the many concerns and ambiguities clouding the Trudeau government's rush to legalize recreational marijuana use in Canada, the energy sector has exposed a significant void in the proposed rollout.

Enform, the oilpatch safety organization, is justifiably concerned that proposed federal laws tabled in the House of Commons last week do not include regulations on workplace safety.

It's urging Ottawa and provincial leaders - though the federal cannabis task force - to harmonize labour rules to ban marijuana use in workplaces where safety could be compromised. In Alberta, that would include most oil and gas operations.

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13 CN SN: Letter: Goodale Writes About Marijuana LegalizationWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Prince Albert Daily Herald (CN SN) Author:Goodale, Ralph Area:Saskatchewan Lines:115 Added:04/22/2017

Dear editor,

If your objectives are to protect public health and safety, keep marijuana out of the hands of minors and cut illegal profits flowing to organized crime-then the law as it stands today has been an abject failure.

Law enforcement agencies in Canada spend an estimated $2-3 billion a year trying to fight pot, yet Canadian teenagers are among the heaviest users in the western world. And criminals walk away with $7-8 billion every year in illicit proceeds. We have to do better.

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14CN ON: Police To Continue To Enforce Marijuana LawsWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Windsor Star (CN ON) Author:Samba, Mugoli Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:04/22/2017

Chief says officers will arrest and charge users since pot not legal until July 2018

Windsor police Chief Al Frederick says that police will keep enforcing current marijuana laws - including during "4/20" celebrations planned in Windsor on Thursday - despite the Trudeau government's intention to legalize its use.

"Today, marijuana is illegal," Frederick said in a scrum with reporters following the unveiling of Windsor police's 150th anniversary cruiser Tuesday. "And anybody who (illegally) possesses or traffics marijuana today is subject to prosecution. No question."

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15 CN ON: 4-20 Needed More Than Ever: ActivistsThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Metro (Ottawa, CN ON) Author:May, Drew Area:Ontario Lines:49 Added:04/22/2017

Weed community isn't fully behind legalization plans

With marijuana legalization tabled - and ahead of April 20, as promised by the governing Liberals - some Ottawa activists say they aren't confident the new laws will reflect the concerns of the cannabis community.

Mike Foster, owner of Crosstown Traffic, a sponsor of Ottawa's 4-20 event, said there will be mixed emotions at the April 20 event on Parliament Hill.

"Some people are going to be celebrating this, what they perceive as a newfound liberation," Foster said. "Anyone who actually reads the whole document is going to realize there's not much there to celebrate."

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16 CN BC: Editorial: 4/20 A Headache For TrudeauThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Prince George Citizen (CN BC) Author:Godbout, Neil Area:British Columbia Lines:120 Added:04/22/2017

April 20 is 4/20 on the calendar, the numerical slang long used by marijuana enthusiasts to signify lighting up. This year's 4/20 has major significance because this will be the last year the current laws of the land apply. By this day next year, recreational use of marijuana by Canadian citizens 19 years and older will be legal.

More than any other, this election promise made by Justin Trudeau's Liberals shows that Team Sunny Ways didn't really believe they'd win the 2015 federal election.

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17 Canada: Pharmacy Distributors Want In On Canada's Legalized MarijuanaThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Sudbury Star (CN ON) Author:Kirkup, Kristy Area:Canada Lines:71 Added:04/22/2017

OTTAWA - The federal government's plans for legalizing recreational marijuana has many would be players looking to carve out a role for themselves in the emerging market, including pharmaceutical distributors who already ship drugs across the country.

The Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management - a supplier of medicine for pharmacies and hospitals - says it has a ready-made system for marijuana distribution that they say is far superior to mail-order pot.

Pharmaceutical distributors offer a more appropriate vehicle for the recreational marijuana market, CEO David Johnston said in an interview Wednesday, noting they already have the infrastructure in place to handle potential recalls, be it in downtown Toronto or remote northern Ontario.

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18 Canada: Editorial: Before We Legalize, DecriminalizeThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada)          Area:Canada Lines:103 Added:04/22/2017

The Trudeau government has put itself and many Canadians in a bind with the announcement that it will legalize marijuana by July of next year.

On the one hand, Canada has made it clear that the war on this particular drug is over - a decision based on pot's popularity and ready availability in this country, and in the knowledge that criminalizing its sale and possession for personal use is more harmful, on balance, than allowing its consumption in a tightly regulated market.

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19 CN ON: LTE: 18 Is Too Young For MarijuanaThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Garner, Mike Area:Ontario Lines:22 Added:04/22/2017

There seems to be little discussion about the minimum age, 18, proposed in the new marijuana legislation. Most senior students in high school are 18. If they are legally allowed to buy and use pot, then it will also be exposed to the 17, 16, 15, and 14-year-olds. Some students are 19. Perhaps the minimum should be set at 20 to keep it out of the high-school student population.

Mike Garner, Kanata


20 Canada: O'Leary Backs Marijuana LegalizationThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Stone, Laura Area:Canada Lines:140 Added:04/22/2017

Other Conservative candidates have expressed mixed reactions to the Liberals' proposal to overturn prohibition of the drug

Conservative leadership candidates are split over marijuana policy, with Kevin O'Leary the only serious contender voicing support for legalization and Maxime Bernier refusing to say whether he'll vote in favour of the Liberal legislation to lift the prohibition on the recreational use of cannabis.

Mr. O'Leary said up to 30 per cent of the population uses the drug medicinally and recreationally, and he believes the Conservative Party membership understands it has to embrace "a much larger constituency."

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21 CN BC: 4/20 Organizers Say Protests Still NecessaryThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Georgia Straight, The (CN BC) Author:Lupick, Travis Area:British Columbia Lines:110 Added:04/22/2017

With Canada now well on its way to legal recreational marijuana, what is there left for activists to protest at Vancouver's annual 4/20 event?

Plenty, according to organizers of the massive gathering, which is scheduled to happen this Thursday (April 20) at Sunset Beach in the city's West End.

In a telephone interview, Canada's most prominent advocate for marijuana reform, Jodie Emery, was highly critical of legislation the Liberal government tabled in Parliament on April 13.

"It is prohibition 2.0," she told the Georgia Straight. "It is not legalization. It is a continuation of the kind of criminalization that we've seen before, with the introduction of even harsher laws that will victimize even more peaceful Canadians."

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22Canada: Privatize Marijuana Sales, Think Tank RecommendsThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Freeman, Sunny Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:04/22/2017

Marijuana should be sold through independent retailers rather than provincially owned outlets to eliminate conflicts of interest between public health and profit imperatives, the C.D. Howe Institute urges in a new letter to be released Thursday.

Research fellow Anindya Sen's letter to the Liberals' marijuana point man Bill Blair argues against provincially owned marijuana outlets, a model not used in any other recreational market.

Some provincial governments, including British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba, have expressed support for selling marijuana through provincially owned liquor outlets. That could raise questions about whether they'd have incentive to encourage marijuana use to bolster provincial revenues, the way some advertise for their provincially owned alcohol outlets, Sen, who is also an economics professor at the University of Waterloo, wrote in the letter to Blair.

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23 CN AB: Local Leaders Skeptical About Marijuana LegalizationWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:St. Albert Gazette (CN AB) Author:Henderson, Jennifer Area:Alberta Lines:114 Added:04/22/2017

Last week the Liberal government tabled its long awaited legislation to legalize marijuana but provinces and municipalities are already concerned with the costs and responsibilities associated with it.

St. Albert MP Michael Cooper and Mayor Nolan Crouse are both concerned that the federal government is downloading the responsibilities to the provinces and municipalities without providing any financial support.

The bills tabled on Thursday outline the federal government's guidelines for legalization, which they plan to achieve by July 1, 2018.

The government plans to legalize the possession of 30 grams of dried cannabis for Canadian adults over the age of 18. Provinces have the option to raise the age if they see fit. Canadians will be able to buy the cannabis through the mail or at provincially regulated retail spaces.

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24 Canada: Canada's Catholic Bishops Warn Against Marijuana LegalizationTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:Catholic Register, The (Canada) Author:Gyapong, Deborah Area:Canada Lines:106 Added:04/22/2017

OTTAWA - Legalizing marijuana shows a "disregard" for public health and safety, Canada's Catholic bishops charge.

The bishops' statement came one day before the Liberal government announced the introduction April 13 in the House of Commons of the Cannabis Act, which will eventually "legalize, regulate and restrict access" to marijuana.

"From the standpoint of public health, not only does this course of action appear to be unwise, it is potentially dangerous," said the statement signed by the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), Bishop Douglas Crosby of Hamilton. "The very significant health risks associated with the use of cannabis are widely recognized, particularly in young people."

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25 CN AB: Creating Community One Puff At A TimeThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Vue Weekly (CN AB) Author:Boissonneault, Stephan Area:Alberta Lines:87 Added:04/22/2017

Cannabis Clubs of Canada to be community focused hub for marijuana users

Since the Liberal's announcement of marijuana legislation, the media has been in an absolute frenzy, attempting to answer the question of what regulation in Canada will look like. In this pot-centric media storm no one has really approached the question of how recreational use will happen in a community setting.

Enter the Cannabis Clubs of Canada. Much like Spain's underground cannabis club scene, these collective hubs will allow people to consume marijuana on club property without worry.

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26 CN AB: Alberta Sees Costs, No Cash Cow From Federal CannabisWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Banff Crag & Canyon, The (CN AB) Author:Griwkowsky, Catherine Area:Alberta Lines:92 Added:04/22/2017

It's going to be challenging to get the province ready for the federal government's deadline of July 1, 2018, for legalized marijuana in the country, says Premier Rachel Notley.

Bills tabled Thursday in the House of Commons in Ottawa kickstart a national move toward legalization of recreational pot for people 18 and older.

A lot of decisions in the "very ambitious project" will be left to provinces to figure out before the law takes effect, Notley told reporters Thursday at the Alberta legislature.

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27 CN BC: Maple Ridge Doctor Wants Limits On Recreational MarijuanaWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Maple Ridge News (CN BC) Author:Melnychuk, Phil Area:British Columbia Lines:124 Added:04/22/2017

Limit potency and amount for ages 21-25

Maple Ridge psychiatrist Dr. Biju Mathew is joining others in his profession in calling for the federal government to make legal age for smoking marijuana 21.

"Marijuana shouldn't be used on kids below 25," Mathew said.

The Cannabis Act, introduced by the federal government last week, calls for the minimum age forusing recreational marijuana to be 18, although provinces have the option to raise that.

"They have [proposed to] legalized pot, and they've also come up with stricter regulations, but they have lowered the age to 18, which is very disturbing," Mathew, president of the B.C. Psychiatric Association, said of the federal government.

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28 CN MB: High Spirits May Change Tone Of Winnipeg's 4-20 EventThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Metro (Winnipeg, CN MB) Author:Jones, Braeden Area:Manitoba Lines:68 Added:04/22/2017

Like clockwork, buds burn on April 20-but in light of the federal government's marijuana legalization plans, the organizer of Winnipeg's 4/20 event says the tone has changed.

"For the longest time, cannabis-related events were protests-especially 4/20-that had kind of hit a stalemate," said local cannabis advocate Steven Stairs. "We show up once a year, (authorities) let us do this, and we're probably showing up next year because nothing's changingÂ….

"Well, this year things are actually changing."

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29 CN MB: Column: New Pot Laws Must Include Pardons For Old ConvictionsThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Metro (Winnipeg, CN MB) Author:Mochama, Vicky Area:Manitoba Lines:73 Added:04/22/2017

We cannot have a future pot policy that doesn't deal with criminalized pasts.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has said that the new pot legislation will not include any special amnesty for past convictions.

This is a mistake.

The government's proposed legislation follows a public health approach of reducing harm and preventing problematic drug use. But the legislation, which is slated to come into effect by July 1, 2018, cannot just serve future drug users - and businesses, for that matter. It should also serve the health and wellbeing of the young, racialized men and women who are currently in court and in prison on drug charges.

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30 CN SN: Editorial: It's Still A Clouded IssueWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Estevan Mercury (CN SN)          Area:Saskatchewan Lines:80 Added:04/22/2017

Canadians will be able to celebrate this country's 151st birthday by legally lighting up a joint.

The federal government has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana by July 1, 2018, fulfilling one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's election campaign promises. But there are still a lot of questions regarding the details of a legal pot industry.

Canada doesn't have a lot of international precedent to guide it. We will be just the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to fully legalize marijuana. It's decriminalized in some parts of the world, and legal in some American states, but countries as a whole have been leery about legalizing marijuana.

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31 CN BC: Editorial: Legal WeedTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:North Island Gazette (CN BC) Author:Harding, John Area:British Columbia Lines:90 Added:04/22/2017

When the smoke clears we will all have a better understanding about the details of the federal government's new marijuana laws.

Right now, we know this about the proposed legislation, tabled in the House of Commons last week by the Liberal government:

* Adults 18 and older will be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public, share up to 30 grams with other adults, and buy cannabis or cannabis oil from a provincially regulated retailer.

* Selling cannabis to a minor will become a specific offence, for the first time in the history of the Criminal Code.

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32 CN QU: Editorial: Smoke And MirrorsWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Record, The (CN QU) Author:McDevitt, Mike Area:Quebec Lines:127 Added:04/22/2017

When young Justin Trudeau announced during has election campaign that a Liberal government would legalize the personal possession of marijuana for recreational purposes, the overall political impact could best be described as a collective response somewhere between indifference to "it's about time." For most, the issue of marijuana legalization was pretty low on totem pole of concerns, given more pressing issues. At most, the proposal helped solidify young Justin's reputation as a hip, modern alternative to the depressing crankiness of his predecessor.

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33 CN AB: Concerns Sparked Over Federal Cannabis LegislationThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Airdrie City View (CN AB) Author:Waldner, Christina Area:Alberta Lines:96 Added:04/22/2017

he federal government outlined its plans for the legalization of cannabis April 13, which includes regulations for the production, distribution, sale and possession of the drug while introducing strict penalties for its misuse.

"Today, we are following through on our commitment to introduce comprehensive legislation to legalize, strictly regulate and restrict access to cannabis and to create new laws to punish more severely those who drive under its influence," Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould said in a release issued by the government.

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34 CN BC: Police, Organizers Ready For 4-20 RallyThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Metro (Vancouver, CN BC) Author:Li, Wanyee Area:British Columbia Lines:76 Added:04/22/2017

Beach Avenue along Sunset Beach closed Thursday

The stage is set for today's 4-20 pot rally at Sunset Beach in Vancouver and organizers say the annual protest is here to stay despite the federal government's intention to legalize pot next year.

The unpermitted event, which drew 25,000 people to the beach last year, will feature more than 300 vendor booths and live music.

Park board commissioners voted against giving 4-20 event organizers a permit for this year's event but that hasn't changed things on the ground, said marijuana advocate, Dana Larsen.

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35 CN QU: Column: New Pot for Old Farts: A GuideThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Record, The (CN QU) Author:Murray, Ross Area:Quebec Lines:117 Added:04/22/2017

So, you've decided you're going to start smoking pot again. Congratulations! First, though, stop calling it "pot." These days, the cool kids call it "weed," and that's 30 percent the point of this entire exercise, right? To be cool again, just like you were in your twenties when you wore a bandana and regularly smoking doobies.

Don't say "doobies." Or wear a bandana.

Getting the lingo down is just one of the many things you'll have to relearn after these many, many years since you last smoked the ganja. (Do not say "the ganja.")

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36 CN AB: Pot Law Draws Mixed ReactionThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Cochrane Eagle (CN AB) Author:Seewalt, Lindsay Area:Alberta Lines:110 Added:04/22/2017

Last week the federal government announced it will move forward with its highly-anticipated and contentious pledge to legalize recreational marijuana.

What might possibly be the most memorable piece of legislation undertaken by the Justin Trudeau Liberals will most certainly result in polarizing political and personal stances.

Social media and online reactions range from cheers to fears - including criticisms that the whole movement is nothing short of a government tax grab that has parent and landlord advocates up in arms.

"I've witnessed Justin Trudeau try to manage the economy, electoral reform Â… I'm not sure I have faith in his ability to protect kids from pot," said Banff-Airdrie Conservative MP Blake Richards.

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37Canada: Column: Is It Possible To Ever Please Pot Activists?Thu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Martinuk, Susan Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:04/22/2017

To those familiar with drug culture, April 20th has long been known as 4/20, a celebration marked by smoking pot and taking delight in all things related to cannabis.

In Vancouver, the swelling numbers of 4/20 participants required that the 2016 toke-fest be moved out of the downtown core to Sunset Beach and its surrounding neighbourhood. An estimated 25,000 people used the opportunity to purchase the latest marijuana products and collectively generate an enormous haze that hovered over parts of the city.

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38 Canada: LTE: Pot ShotsTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Heffernan, Vincent Area:Canada Lines:25 Added:04/22/2017

Fifteen years from now, there will be a class-action lawsuit against the federal government for legalizing marijuana (Liberals Table Historic Marijuana Legislation, April 14). It will be brought about by all the people who will be hurt by smoking marijuana. It can harm your health and is linked to depression.

If you want to get a good perspective on legalizing marijuana, visit the rehabilitation centres and interview the drug addicts who are trying to get free of drug addiction. They say it is not a good idea.

Vincent Heffernan, Toronto


39 CN ON: Column: Controlled SubstanceWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Kenora Daily Miner And News (CN ON) Author:Fallis, Jay Area:Ontario Lines:96 Added:04/22/2017

Regulated and legal marijuana limits capacity for criminal organizations to profit

Whether or not you have smoked marijuana, you could probably identify the scent of its smoke. You can smell it everywhere: parks, streets, concert venues, and even on occasion, the lawns of Parliament Hill. It has become an unauthorised part of life in Canada.

However, it seems that it's unauthorized status could soon be changing. In the wake of a report issued by the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation this past November, the Liberal Government recently tabled marijuana legislation in the House of Commons. So, with the idea of legalization quickly gaining traction, I talked with Conservative MP Bruce Stanton to get a better understanding of the implications.

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40 CN AB: Editorial: Ramifications Of Legal Marijuana Remain CloudyThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Medicine Hat News (CN AB) Author:Gallant, Collin Area:Alberta Lines:99 Added:04/22/2017

Today is April 20, or 4/20 for short, the day marijuana activists use for protest, public displays of defiance and a call to action to legalize pot.

The times are certainly about to change as Ottawa and the provinces consider the implications of the Liberal government's plan to make marijuana legal.

Concerns about decriminalizing pot, however, have many recreational smokers increasingly leery about receiving what they wished for.

Those are the people who should benefit most from the bill, which is posed as a measure to avoid criminal records and fines for possession of the drug that is extremely common, if one is being honest.

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41 CN ON: OPED: Proposed Pot Legislation Prohibits And PunishesWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Emery, Jodie Area:Ontario Lines:92 Added:04/22/2017

The Liberal government finally introduced its highly anticipated marijuana legalization legislation. But this proposal is not legalization - it is continued criminalization, with new harsher laws designed to punish even more people.

Canadians want marijuana to be legal because they grew tired of seeing family and friends arrested and charged, then denied job opportunities and travel rights. They became frustrated seeing police spend their tax dollars every year going after people for pot, when they should be solving serious crimes.

Decades of studies note that the multi-billion-dollar marijuana industry already exists in Canada despite decades of prohibition. People grow it, sell it, and consume it in massive quantities. And they're not gangsters; in fact, justice department court statistics acknowledge 95 per cent of growers are otherwise law-abiding citizens with no connection to organized crime.

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42 Canada: PUB LTE: Pot ShotsTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Spreitzer, Donna Area:Canada Lines:33 Added:04/22/2017

There have been plenty of articles lately about the legalization of marijuana yet nobody seems to be talking about where people will be allowed to smoke. I smell it nearly every time I'm walking in my neighbourhood and it's not even legal yet.

We have made such great progress over the past 20 years limiting cigarette smoke. Remember when people used to be able to smoke in restaurants and on patios? Most of us are so happy to live in a nearly smoke-free environment.

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43 CN ON: LTE: Jodie Emery's 15 MinutesThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:NOW Magazine (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:23 Added:04/22/2017

Re Jodie Emery's Marijuana Mission In Life, by Kieran Delamont (NOW, April 13-19).

Enjoy your 15 minutes, Jodie. Have you been so high you couldn't read the medical studies detailing the hazards of smoking up for anyone under 25? Do you just not care? Or is it all just a big conspiracy to prevent your making money? I can't imagine you ran a non-profit and sold at cost?



44 CN BC: Column: B.C. Leaders Lie Low On Legal Highs AheadThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Penticton Herald (CN BC) Author:Leyne, Les Area:British Columbia Lines:106 Added:04/22/2017

Campaigning provincial politicians have dozens of changes in mind for B.C., but they are scarcely talking about the major adjustment that's coming, regardless of who wins the election.

For all the competing visions being outlined by provincial leaders, the federal government's move to legalize marijuana is going to be the single biggest revamp on the social and political scene.

It was introduced last week and could be in effect by next summer (just in time to help cope with Peter Mansbridge's retirement). Still, Liberal, NDP and Green campaigns have scarcely taken notice.

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45 US: Marijuana Advocates Vow To Smoke On Steps Of U.S. CapitolThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Davis, Aaron C. Area:United States Lines:100 Added:04/22/2017

Dozens of activists, including some military veterans, plan to light joints Monday on the steps of the U.S. Capitol - federal land where committing the offense could draw a sentence of up to a year in jail - as part of an effort to urge a reluctant Congress to support marijuana legalization.

"Monday @ High Noon" reads a flier for the event, calling on Congress to also remove marijuana from the nation's list of most-dangerous drugs. "Mass Civil Disobedience @ 4:20p - East Side of the US Capitol."

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46 US: Winemakers Find A Companion In MarijuanaWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Asimov, Eric Area:United States Lines:167 Added:04/22/2017

Legal intoxication is big business and getting bigger. More states have legalized marijuana, leading some in the alcohol industry to regard it as a threat to their profit margin.

Those concerns are warranted in some cases. In Colorado, Oregon and Washington, where recreational use has been legal for several years, beer sales are down, mostly among mass-market brews. The liquor industry opposed several marijuana legalization initiatives last year, and has expressed fears for its bottom line.

The fine wine industry, however, has not panicked. Despite occasional efforts to pit wine and weed against each other, many in the wine business exude an air of mellow acceptance that the two substances can coexist in harmony.

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47 Canada: Editorial: Canada Moves Boldly On MarijuanaSun, 16 Apr 2017
Source:New York Times (NY)          Area:Canada Lines:78 Added:04/21/2017

A majority of Americans and Canadians believe that marijuana should be legal. The governments of the two countries, however, appear to be moving in very different directions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been a staunch opponent of legalization for years, recently ordered a review of an Obama-era policy under which the federal government agreed not to interfere with state laws on marijuana, as long as the states took steps to regulate its distribution and use. Mr. Sessions's apparent goal is to make Washington the ultimate authority.

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48 US CA: Growers Split As Pot Farms Go IndustrialSun, 16 Apr 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Fuller, Thomas Area:California Lines:194 Added:04/21/2017

SALINAS, Calif. - This vast and fertile valley is often called the salad bowl of the nation for the countless heads of lettuce growing across its floor. Now California's marijuana industry is laying claim to a new slogan for the valley: America's cannabis bucket.

After years of marijuana being cultivated in small plots out of sight from the authorities, California cannabis is going industrial.

Over the past year, dilapidated greenhouses in the Salinas Valley, which were built for cut flower businesses, have been bought up by dozens of marijuana entrepreneurs, who are growing pot among the fields of spinach, strawberries and wine grapes.

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49US GA: City Puts Off Vote To Ease Pot PenaltyTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA) Author:Stafford, Leon Area:Georgia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/21/2017

After more than 90 minutes of debate and no consensus, the Atlanta City Council on Monday put off a vote on a measure that would have eliminated jail time for those caught with small quantities of marijuana.

Advocates of the Atlanta legislation said the move is necessary to address the disproportionate number of black Americans incarcerated because of pot possession.

The proposal, which also would reduce the fine for possession of an ounce or less to a maximum of $75, mirrors actions taken in cities across the nation, including Dallas, Kansas City and St. Louis. In DeKalb County, Clarkson also has reduced penalties.

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50 CN ON: Editorial: Liberals Must Make Drug-Impaired DrivingWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Ajax/Pickering News Advertiser (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:63 Added:04/21/2017

Legalized use of marijuana is on the doorstep as the federal Liberals have started the legislative process in earnest. Bills introduced on Parliament Hill last Thursday will establish the legal parameters for the production, sale, distribution and possession of marijuana.

Now, with marijuana to be fully legalized by Canada Day in 2018, there needs to be great care taken by the Liberals to craft legislation that not only provides serious consequences for the sale of the drug to minors, but also for using marijuana and driving.

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