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181 CN BC: LTE: Residents' Calls For Help Go UnheededWed, 23 Aug 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Hussey, Erin Area:British Columbia Lines:51 Added:08/25/2006

To the Editor:

Death visited my neighbourhood on Friday.

A well-known drug house on Rowcliffe was its stage.

Am I surprised? No. Are my neighbours surprised? No.

For almost two years, calls have been made to the police and the landlord regarding suspicious activity around this house-but to no avail.

My wife and I have two young children. Many of our neighbours have young children and we are doing our best to keep our little part of the city beautiful and family friendly. But it seems that everyone is conspiring against us.

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182 CN BC: Power Theft Proves Successful In Busting GrowersSun, 20 Aug 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Jones, Marshall Area:British Columbia Lines:64 Added:08/23/2006

Lake Country RCMP used a hydro warrant to move in quickly on a local marijuana grow operation in an underground bunker Thursday.

They removed 800 plants, many of which were in bud, as well as cash and equipment while arresting three people from the property on McCoubrey Road.

Sgt. Reg Burgess said police got a tip about the possible marijuana grow operation. Under normal circumstances that means police have to mount a lengthy investigation before they can get a warrant to search a home under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

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183 CN BC: Fortis, Hydro Ready To Target Grow OpsFri, 11 Aug 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Jones, Marshall Area:British Columbia Lines:80 Added:08/13/2006

Authorities in the Okanagan are stream-lining a process for taking down residential marijuana grow operations while ostensibly investigating theft of electricity.

Power companies such as FortisBC and BC Hydro have long been complainants in marijuana grow cases before the courts.

Charges of theft of electricity under the Criminal Code of Canada often accompanies the drugs charges on the indictment.

Now, those companies have hired their own policemen, or "power theft experts" as FortisBC calls them.

They have law enforcement backgrounds and they follow tips to confirm power theft, then report the theft to the RCMP.

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184 CN BC: Pre-Hiring Drug Tests Under AttackWed, 09 Aug 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Smithson, Robert Area:British Columbia Lines:173 Added:08/13/2006

The legality of pre-employment drug testing is an ongoing battleground between employers and human rights tribunals (and, ultimately, the courts).

The question of whether an employer can impose pre-employment drug testing and disqualify candidates on the basis of a positive result is one which raises difficult legal questions.

In order to understand why this battle continues to be fought, one must be familiar with the workings of employment and human rights law.

The common law of employment really says nothing about the issue of drug testing. That's because it is really just a branch of the law of contract.

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185 CN BC: LTE: Rutland Gets Kelowna's DruggiesWed, 09 Aug 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Flamand, Mandi Area:British Columbia Lines:50 Added:08/13/2006

To the editor:

I am not the type of person who will go and read the newspaper all of the time, but something really has to grab my attention to it. And lately the topic that is going on with a co-worker and I is how the downtown area is cleaning up.

And then I read the paper: Kelowna After Dark (Aug 6 Capital News). But what I am wondering is, does anyone care to know where all of the people who are using crack or meth or any type of drug at all are going? Because now it seems to me that I am seeing them everyday in front of my home.

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186 CN BC: Credibility Of Informant's Testimony ChallengedFri, 21 Jul 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Jones, Marshall Area:British Columbia Lines:105 Added:07/22/2006

Jurors are being asked to place plenty of weight on the testimony of a drug dealer turned informant who fingered Colin Hugh Martin as the ringleader in a cross-border marijuana smuggling operation in the late 1990s.

It appears the lengthy investigation and the long, drawn-out court proceedings come down to whether the 12 people who heard the case believe the informant or not.

Prosecutor Michael LeDressay urged jurors to accept the evidence of Dennis Dober, a former cocaine dealer who got arrested, then had charges dropped and was paid cash for his information about the alleged marijuana smuggling.

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187 CN BC: Council Happy With Lease WordingWed, 14 Jun 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Smith, Jennifer Area:British Columbia Lines:65 Added:06/17/2006

The City of Kelowna has an out, should a supportive housing project slated to open on St. Paul Street next year prove a nuisance to the public.

On Monday councillors voted to adopt a lease agreement which the operator must sign in order for the facility to open. That lease includes a public nuisance clause that gives the city a way out, if the housing complex for mentally ill and addicted residents proves a serious problem.

"I'm quite comfortable moving forward," said Coun. Brian Given, pointing out the city has a number of ways of ensuring the building is run properly.

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188 CN BC: Look At All Factors Of Drug AbuseFri, 16 Jun 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Smith, Jennifer Area:British Columbia Lines:115 Added:06/17/2006

Random attempts to prevent drug and alcohol abuse may cause a community more harm than good, according to the deputy provincial medical health officer.

In a cautionary speech delivered to the Local Government Management Association of B.C. convention held at The Grand in Kelowna this week, Dr. Eric Young warned civil servants from around the province that community task forces and municipal drug strategies are a tricky undertaking.

He cautioned that such strategies must be targeted at the right groups, evaluated, and should address the social context producing the abuse.

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189 CN BC: Picking A PathSun, 11 Jun 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Smith, Jennifer Area:British Columbia Lines:252 Added:06/14/2006

Crystal Meth Grabs The Headlines But B.C. Teens Are Still More Likely To Have A Problem With Alcohol Or Marijuana, Say Local Experts

As hot topics go, this summer, crystal methamphetamine is on the tip of Kelowna residents' tongues.

Where it is? Who is on it? How much is out there? How can we avoid it?

Launched on May 18, the Crystal Meth Task Force has 90 days and $20,000 in grants, to devise a strategy for protecting local youth, finding help for those already addicted and deterring others from a similar path.

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190 CN BC: Learning About 'Harm Reduction'Sun, 11 Jun 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Hodge, Charlie Area:British Columbia Lines:151 Added:06/14/2006

Two terminologies have been bantered about our community at such great frequency lately, that they fall into the category of local 'buzz words.'

It seems most folks have their own varied view or interpretations of exactly what the words mean.

From my perspective, these words have become too stereotypical for reasonable community health.

Sometimes the connotations related to these words are filled with a lot of ignorance.

The terms are-'homeless' and 'harm reduction.'

Fortunately, those with half an interest can much better educate themselves on one of those buzz terminologies next week.

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191 CN BC: Drug Treatment Facility Location Blasted By ChamberWed, 07 Jun 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC)          Area:British Columbia Lines:42 Added:06/11/2006

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce says the decision by Kelowna city council to decide to locate a transitional housing facility downtown increases the risk of negatively affecting the downtown at a time of increased development.

In a letter to the city--the chamber's fourth letter on the issue in the past three months--the chamber questions the decision to move forward with the project downtown and calls for city council to be firm in watching over the facility when it is operating.

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192 CN BC: Editorial: Youth Violence Weighs On Drug Task ForceFri, 26 May 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC)          Area:British Columbia Lines:51 Added:05/27/2006

Fueled by stories of crystal meth's destructive influence on youth and the community, all walks of Kelowna society came out for the first phase of the Crystal Meth Task Force this week.

The city now has 20,000 provincial dollars and the attention of several hundred concerned residents ready to take action against the potent drug--and hopefully avoid the public humiliation of a young, severely addicted street population.

But just as those 200 concerned residents assembled in the Mary Irwin Theatre, police were unravelling a weekend rampage which rivaled any big city tale of crystal meth psychosis. Four 16- and 17-year-olds used marijuana and alcohol before going on a five-hour beating spree through Rutland streets, leaving four people with an array of injuries.

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193 CN BC: Judges Can Follow Example Of Stiffer Drug SentencesSun, 21 May 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Jones, Marshall Area:British Columbia Lines:66 Added:05/26/2006

It took everyone by surprise when Kelowna Provincial Court judge Vince Hogan sentenced a woman to four years in jail for selling .8 grams of cocaine.

It seemed unusually harsh for a court system that has recognized that drug users become drug dealers to feed their habits.

Tracy D. Gibbon cried through the video screen when she appeared in Kelowna last October.

She was clearly expecting either the year her lawyer requested or the 16 months requested by the Crown.

But Hogan said Gibbon's method of selling drugs stood her apart from other desperate addicts. She was caught in a notorious drug house, "a commercial, sophisticated commercial distribution network in which she is taking part."

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194 CN BC: Addiction 'Hush Hush' Approach Called WrongWed, 24 May 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Smith, Jennifer Area:British Columbia Lines:77 Added:05/26/2006

No mother can forget the moment her child is born.

For 20 year-old Kelsie Richardson, it is a moment hundreds, if not thousands, of perfect strangers won't forget either.

Watching the documentary Crystal Fear, Crystal Clear, more than 100 Kelowna residents assembled at the Mary Irwin Theatre Tuesday night felt their hearts seize as tiny Brianne Richardson takes along pause before starting to breath.

On camera, the young mother who struggled to get off crystal meth, get her General Equivalency Diploma and save her and her baby's life whimpers quietly after an emergency C-section.

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195 CN BC: Better Late Than Never For Mandatory Sentences SaysSun, 21 May 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Day, Stockwell Area:British Columbia Lines:87 Added:05/26/2006

Crying doesn't come easily for most men. That's not a sign of weakness or dysfunction as some pop psychologists might suggest. It's just the way we're wired.

That's why the sight of dozens of men standing at attention with tears rolling down to their faces hit me with such impact.

Special Const. John Atkinson had finished his shift last Friday at 2 p.m.

He was fueling up at the local gas station before going home to be with his wife and two kids. He could have ignored what looked like a drug deal going down in the near empty lot.

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196 CN BC: Addiction Grip That's Hard To BreakFri, 19 May 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Smith, Jennifer Area:British Columbia Lines:103 Added:05/20/2006

Justin Cooper knows there is crystal methamphetamine in Kelowna.

He can smell it in the toxic body odour of his Mission McDonald's customers.

It's offered to him as he works his shifts; he can stop and say hi to the same kids he did drugs with downtown.

"I was a pretty good kid before crystal meth-a little mischief, drugs that sort of thing," Cooper says.

"Within a week of trying meth I was face down on Leon, gun to me head, hands cuffed behind my back."

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197 CN BC: PUB LTE: Addicts Must Learn Skills In 'Real World'Wed, 10 May 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Nagy, Lisa Area:British Columbia Lines:41 Added:05/13/2006

To the editor:

It's clear to me, while reading Hans Birker's letter of 30 April (City Chooses Wrong Spot for Transition House), that there is still plenty of misunderstanding out there.

His quote " there should be a minimum distance from access to drugs and alcohol " is nice, but real world impossible. There really is nowhere to go, these days. It's all around. Learning to say "no" to a drug, a drink or even a cookie is easy when there's none around you.

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198 CN BC: OPED: Drugs Are Not the Only Way a Person Can Get HighFri, 05 May 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:McNiven, Wendy Area:British Columbia Lines:101 Added:05/09/2006

In the late 1970s, Louise was a bit of a party girl - not wild, but definitely social.

She drank a little, smoked some weed, snorted some cocaine and enjoyed her life.

When she married and became pregnant, she wanted to behave responsibly, especially for the sake of the child.

So she stopped doing drugs, and only drank the occasional glass of wine. All seemed to be well.

Then, in about 1990, Louise was having some health problems.

Tests revealed that she had a form of liver disease that was called, at the time, "non-A non-B hepatitis." Now, that liver disease is known as hepatitis C.

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199 CN BC: Mayor Heeds St. Paul Business Area ConcernsWed, 26 Apr 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Nicholl, Shelley Area:British Columbia Lines:83 Added:05/03/2006

As a long-time advocate of homeless issues, it was a bit of a surprise Mayor Sharon Shepherd voted against putting in a supportive housing complex on St. Paul Street.

Shepherd was one of three dissenting votes in Monday's decision to reaffirm the site chosen in November for the 30-unit housing complex for those battling addictions and mental illness.

Shepherd said the downtown site was too vulnerable for the residents and believed the $4.5 million from the province might better have been spent on upgrading or expanding current services.

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200 CN BC: Interior Health Tries To Dispel MythsWed, 12 Apr 2006
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:Nicholl, Shelley Area:British Columbia Lines:96 Added:04/16/2006

There's the story of John.

He's a schizophrenic with alcohol dependency who is trying to get off the street and on his feet.

"He needs a place to live where he won't be kicked out just because he slipped," psychiatrist Don Duncan told city council Monday. John is one of the reasons why the 30-unit supportive housing complex slated for St. Paul Street is necessary, Duncan explained.

The housing complex for homeless people with mental illnesses or addictions was on city council's agenda Monday.

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