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1 Fiji: Counting On The Trendy To Revive Kava, A Traditional DrinkFri, 24 Feb 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Solomon, Serena Area:Fiji Lines:150 Added:02/24/2017
2 Fiji: Special Team In OperationMon, 19 Jan 2015
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Moceiwai, Salaseini Area:Fiji Lines:55 Added:01/21/2015
3 Fiji: Drug PushSat, 06 Jul 2013
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Chaudhary, Felix Area:Fiji Lines:61 Added:07/08/2013
4 Fiji: Drug Trend In SchoolsSun, 23 Jun 2013
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Tokalau, Torika Area:Fiji Lines:49 Added:06/24/2013
5 Fiji: Teachers Make A DifferenceSun, 13 May 2012
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Biumaiono, Solomoni Area:Fiji Lines:49 Added:05/16/2012
6 Fiji: Substance Abuse Linked To Peer PressureTue, 09 Aug 2011
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Gopal, Avinesh Area:Fiji Lines:47 Added:08/09/2011
7 Fiji: Glue For CashMon, 26 Jul 2010
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Chand, Shalveen Area:Fiji Lines:64 Added:07/31/2010
8 Fiji: North Districts Top Cultivation Area ListMon, 30 Nov 2009
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:47 Added:11/29/2009
9 Fiji: Villagers Choose To Banish Farmers, UsersMon, 30 Nov 2009
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:62 Added:11/29/2009
10 Fiji: Marijuana: The Smaller They Are In FivesSun, 26 Oct 2008
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Luvenitoga, Jone Area:Fiji Lines:166 Added:10/27/2008
11 Fiji: Students Sleep From MarijuanaSun, 17 Aug 2008
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Marau, Mereseini Area:Fiji Lines:69 Added:08/17/2008
12 Fiji: Fight Against Drug Abuse, Ministry PleadsFri, 27 Jun 2008
Source:Fiji Daily Post (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:54 Added:06/27/2008
13 Fiji: Court Quashes Prison SentenceMon, 10 Mar 2008
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:52 Added:03/11/2008
14 Fiji: Drug Dealers Develop Own System To Beat The NetFri, 18 Jan 2008
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Heatley, Ernest Area:Fiji Lines:61 Added:01/18/2008
15 Fiji: Station Tightens WatchWed, 28 Nov 2007
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:39 Added:11/28/2007
16 Fiji: Court: Protect Villages From Drug DealersThu, 16 Aug 2007
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:56 Added:08/18/2007
17 Fiji: Teachers Dying of Stress a ConcernTue, 01 May 2007
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:50 Added:05/05/2007
18 Fiji: Danger In The ClassroomThu, 03 May 2007
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji) Author:Raicola, Verenaisi Area:Fiji Lines:203 Added:05/03/2007
19 Fiji: Police As Last ResortFri, 27 Apr 2007
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:32 Added:04/28/2007
20 Fiji: Military Targets Dope Dealers, BootleggersThu, 28 Dec 2006
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:52 Added:12/28/2006
21 Fiji: Villagers Take On Marijuana WarTue, 10 Oct 2006
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:36 Added:10/09/2006
22 Fiji: Marijuana's On Sale Near SchoolFri, 04 Aug 2006
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:60 Added:08/05/2006
23 Fiji: Hemp Solution Ruled OutTue, 26 Jul 2005
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:46 Added:07/28/2005
24 Fiji: Senators Battle Drug ScourgeSun, 30 Jan 2005
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:67 Added:01/30/2005
25 Fiji: Fijians 'Worst Sex Offenders'Mon, 24 Jan 2005
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:69 Added:01/28/2005
26 Fiji: Villagers Help PoliceMon, 25 Oct 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:33 Added:10/27/2004
27 Fiji: Addicts Top Relapse ListSat, 23 Oct 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:51 Added:10/25/2004
28 Fiji: Police Warn Drug GrowersFri, 22 Oct 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:43 Added:10/22/2004
29 Fiji: Ministry Plans To Combat DrugsFri, 22 Oct 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:59 Added:10/22/2004
30 Fiji: Hunt On For Drug OwnersSat, 16 Oct 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:47 Added:10/21/2004
31 Fiji: 'Drugs Not Condoned'Wed, 04 Aug 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:38 Added:08/04/2004
32 Fiji: Why We Cultivate Marijuana: MPTue, 03 Aug 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:78 Added:08/02/2004
33 Fiji: Drug Found Near SchoolFri, 16 Jul 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:38 Added:07/16/2004
34 Fiji: Police Mum on Drug ProbeMon, 12 Jul 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:59 Added:07/13/2004
35 Fiji: Editorial: Drug ProblemMon, 12 Jul 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:73 Added:07/13/2004
36 Fiji: Police Seek Foreign Drug LinkSat, 10 Jul 2004
Source:Fiji Times (Fiji)          Area:Fiji Lines:54 Added:07/10/2004
37 Fiji: Inside The $1 Billion Drug FactoryMon, 14 Jun 2004
Source:New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) Author:Masters, Catherine Area:Fiji Lines:123 Added:06/15/2004
38 Fiji: Six In Court Over Record Fiji Drug HaulFri, 11 Jun 2004
Source:New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)          Area:Fiji Lines:80 Added:06/14/2004
39Fiji: Police Shut Down Massive Illegal Drug Factory On FijiFri, 11 Jun 2004
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Goodspeed, Peter Area:Fiji Lines:Excerpt Added:06/11/2004
40Fiji: Marijuana a Fiji Election IssueSun, 19 Aug 2001
Source:CNN (US Web) Author:Chew, Connie Area:Fiji Lines:Excerpt Added:08/20/2001
41Fiji: RCMP Aid Seizure Of Fiji Heroin HaulMon, 30 Oct 2000
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Grindlay, Lora Area:Fiji Lines:Excerpt Added:10/31/2000
42 Fiji: Web: Huge Heroin Haul In FijiSun, 29 Oct 2000
Source:BBC News (UK Web)          Area:Fiji Lines:39 Added:10/30/2000

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