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1 Cuba: US, Cuba Join Forces Against Common Foe -- Drug TradeSun, 27 Mar 2005
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Marx, Gary Area:Cuba Lines:160 Added:03/28/2005
2 Cuba: Colombian Cocaine Suspect In Cuba, Out Of U. S. ReachMon, 27 Dec 2004
Source:Miami Herald (FL)          Area:Cuba Lines:88 Added:12/29/2004
3Cuba: Has Fidel Castro Been Laundering Drug MoneyTue, 07 Dec 2004
Source:Dallas Morning News (TX) Author:Geyer, Georgie Anne Area:Cuba Lines:Excerpt Added:12/08/2004
4Cuba: Cuban Rastas Gather SurreptitiouslyFri, 13 Aug 2004
Source:Dallas Morning News (TX)          Area:Cuba Lines:Excerpt Added:08/15/2004
5 Cuba: Castro Lures Maradona To CubaMon, 05 Jul 2004
Source:Vanguard (Nigeria)          Area:Cuba Lines:51 Added:07/07/2004
6 Cuba: Cuba's Farmers Vow To Fight DrugsWed, 29 Jan 2003
Source:Wilmington Morning Star (NC) Author:Snow, Anita Area:Cuba Lines:61 Added:01/31/2003
7 Cuba: Crackdown On Drug ProductionFri, 31 Jan 2003
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Gonzalez, David Area:Cuba Lines:26 Added:01/31/2003
8 Cuba: Farmers To Take Role In Policing Drug TradeWed, 29 Jan 2003
Source:San Jose Mercury News (CA)          Area:Cuba Lines:19 Added:01/30/2003
9 Cuba: Busted, On The High SeasMon, 23 Sep 2002
Source:National Journal (US) Author:Kitfield, James Area:Cuba Lines:539 Added:09/23/2002
10 Cuba: In Cuba, Forging A Black IdentitySun, 19 May 2002
Source:Newsday (NY) Author:Tayler, Letta Area:Cuba Lines:157 Added:05/20/2002
11Cuba: Cuba Holds Colombian Drug Smuggler, Solicits US AccordTue, 19 Mar 2002
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Snow, Anita Area:Cuba Lines:Excerpt Added:03/20/2002
12 Cuba: Cuba Arrests Drug TraffickerMon, 18 Mar 2002
Source:Las Vegas Sun (NV)          Area:Cuba Lines:66 Added:03/19/2002
13 Cuba: Havana Seeks Crime PactTue, 19 Mar 2002
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL)          Area:Cuba Lines:31 Added:03/19/2002
14 Cuba: Cuba Urges Cooperation On Drug InterdictionTue, 19 Mar 2002
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Slevin, Peter Area:Cuba Lines:50 Added:03/19/2002
15Cuba: Wire: Colombian Drug Trafficker Being Held In CubaMon, 18 Mar 2002
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Snow, Anita Area:Cuba Lines:Excerpt Added:03/19/2002
16 Cuba: Gen. McCaffrey Goes To CubaWed, 06 Mar 2002
Source:Weekly Standard, The (US) Author:Last, Jonathan V. Area:Cuba Lines:52 Added:03/06/2002
17 Cuba: Wire: Former U.S. Drug Tsar Meets Castro In CubaSun, 03 Mar 2002
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Sequera, Vivian Area:Cuba Lines:72 Added:03/04/2002
18 Cuba: Web: Controlling The Substances - Castro Linked To DrugSun, 27 Jan 2002
Source:WorldNetDaily (US Web) Author:Westerman, Toby Area:Cuba Lines:121 Added:01/27/2002
19Cuba: Smuggle and You'll DieSat, 30 Jun 2001
Source:Dallas Morning News (TX) Author:Eaton, Tracey Area:Cuba Lines:Excerpt Added:06/30/2001
20 Cuba: Former Southcom Chief On Tour In CubaWed, 14 Feb 2001
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Rosenberg, Carol Area:Cuba Lines:110 Added:02/15/2001
21 Cuba: Editorial: Maradona's FidelityFri, 16 Jun 2000
Source:Times of India, The (India)          Area:Cuba Lines:62 Added:06/16/2000
22 Cuba: Wire: Castro Says Cuba Will Stay In Pan Am GamesSun, 05 Sep 1999
Source:Associated Press Author:Snow, Anita Area:Cuba Lines:74 Added:09/05/1999
23 Cuba: Wire: Castro Asks For IOC Probe Of Pan Am Drug ScandalsSun, 05 Sep 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Cuba Lines:34 Added:09/05/1999
24 Cuba: Wire: Castro Puts Honor Of Pan Am Games On Trial InFri, 03 Sep 1999
Source:Associated Press Author:Snow, Anita Area:Cuba Lines:78 Added:09/03/1999
25 Cuba: Cuba To Aid U.S. Anti-Drug EffortThu, 19 Aug 1999
Source:Herald, The (WA) Author:Marquis, Christopher Area:Cuba Lines:76 Added:08/20/1999
26 Cuba: Wire: Castro Opposes U.S. Intervention In ColombiaThu, 19 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Acosta, Nelson Area:Cuba Lines:54 Added:08/19/1999
27 Cuba: Wire: Sotomayor Withdraws From World Championships WithSat, 14 Aug 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Cuba Lines:57 Added:08/15/1999
28 Cuba: Wire: Cuban Government To 'Defend To The End'Sat, 07 Aug 1999
Source:Associated Press Author:Snow, Anita Area:Cuba Lines:74 Added:08/07/1999
29 Cuba: Wire: Cuban Sports Officials: Sotomayor Drug Charge A FrameupFri, 06 Aug 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Cuba Lines:89 Added:08/06/1999
30 Cuba: Wire: Castro Declares War On DrugsTue, 27 Jul 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Cuba Lines:83 Added:07/27/1999
31 U.S. Re-examines Cuban Connections To Illegal Drug SmugglersFri, 23 Jul 1999
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Tamayo, Juan O. Area:Cuba Lines:146 Added:07/24/1999
32 Cuba: Cuba Denies Drug Chases in WatersSat, 26 Jun 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Cuba Lines:33 Added:06/26/1999
33 Cuba: Cuba Rejects Drug Chases In Its WatersFri, 25 Jun 1999
Source:Herald, The (CT) Author:Tamayo, Juan O. Area:Cuba Lines:123 Added:06/26/1999
34 Cuba: Cuba Rejects Drug 'Hot Pursuit' Chases In Its WatersSat, 26 Jun 1999
Source:Miami Herald (FL)          Area:Cuba Lines:38 Added:06/26/1999
35Cuba: US, Cuba Discuss Drug-Fighting EffortsFri, 25 Jun 1999
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL)          Area:Cuba Lines:Excerpt Added:06/25/1999
36 Cuba: Cuban Officials Meet On Drug BattleTue, 22 Jun 1999
Source:New Haven Register (CT)          Area:Cuba Lines:46 Added:06/22/1999
37 Cuba: Wire: US, Cuba Seek To Improve Anti-Drug CooperationMon, 21 Jun 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Cuba Lines:49 Added:06/21/1999
38 Cuba: Cuba Wages A Lonesome War On DrugsWed, 02 Jun 1999
Source:Guardian Weekly, The (UK) Author:Farah, Douglas Area:Cuba Lines:116 Added:06/02/1999
39 Cuba: WP: Despite Limited Resources, Cubans Battle DrugWed, 02 Jun 1999
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Farah, Douglas Area:Cuba Lines:76 Added:06/02/1999
40 Cuba: Joint Anti-Drug Effort With Cuba BlockedWed, 26 May 1999
Source:Seattle Times (WA) Author:Farah, Douglas Area:Cuba Lines:125 Added:05/26/1999
41Cuba: Cuba Seeks U.S. Help In Battle To Control Drug TradeWed, 26 May 1999
Source:Houston Chronicle (TX) Author:Farah, Douglas Area:Cuba Lines:Excerpt Added:05/26/1999
42 Cuba: In This Case, Cuba-US Teamwork Netted Big ScoreTue, 25 May 1999
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Farah, Douglas Area:Cuba Lines:76 Added:05/25/1999
43 Cuba: Cuba Wages A Lonesome Drug WarTue, 25 May 1999
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Farah, Douglas Area:Cuba Lines:162 Added:05/25/1999
44Cuba: Cuban CooperationMon, 10 May 1999
Source:Orange County Register (CA)          Area:Cuba Lines:Excerpt Added:05/10/1999
45 Cuba: Cuba Willing, Ineffective, In War On DrugsSun, 09 May 1999
Source:New Haven Register (CT)          Area:Cuba Lines:53 Added:05/10/1999
46 Cuba: Did Castro Use Cocaine To Keep The Economy Afloat?Sun, 28 Feb 1999
Source:Independent on Sunday (UK)          Area:Cuba Lines:62 Added:02/28/1999
47 Cuba: Seeking To End Long Civil War, Colombian PresidentSat, 16 Jan 1999
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Goering, Laurie Area:Cuba Lines:113 Added:01/16/1999
48 Cuba: 2 Shipped Drugs Through CubaFri, 08 Jan 1999
Source:Miami Herald (FL)          Area:Cuba Lines:60 Added:01/08/1999
49 France/Cuba: Castro Accused Of Role In Drug TraffickingThu, 7 Jan 1999
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Henley, Jon Area:Cuba Lines:78 Added:01/07/1999
50 Cuba: Wire: Fidel Castro Declares War On Cuba's Rising CrimeThu, 07 Jan 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Cawthorne, Andrew Area:Cuba Lines:93 Added:01/07/1999

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