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1 US WV: This Drug Dealer's Heroin Was So Powerful That It Led To 26Thu, 12 Jan 2017
Source:Washington Post (DC)          Area:West Virginia Lines:74 Added:01/12/2017
2US WV: 26 Overdoses Reported Monday EveningTue, 16 Aug 2016
Source:Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV) Author:Stuck, Taylor Area:West Virginia Lines:Excerpt Added:08/16/2016
3 US WV: PUB LTE: US Should Focus On Fighting ISISSun, 13 Dec 2015
Source:Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV) Author:White, Christopher Area:West Virginia Lines:45 Added:12/17/2015
4 US WV: Hasan: Cash Dealings Must Be Removed From Opiate DrugSun, 06 Dec 2015
Source:Register-Herald, The (Beckley, WV) Author:Plummer, Sarah Area:West Virginia Lines:96 Added:12/07/2015
5 US WV: WV Health Officials Look To Needle Exchange For HelpSat, 11 Jul 2015
Source:State Journal, The (WV) Author:Cardosi, Mandi Area:West Virginia Lines:161 Added:07/15/2015
6 US WV: West Virginia Is Saddled With Highest Overdose RateFri, 19 Jun 2015
Source:Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI) Author:Raby, John Area:West Virginia Lines:90 Added:06/19/2015
7 US WV: AIDS Task Force of the Ohio Valley Care CoordinatorSun, 29 Mar 2015
Source:Intelligencer, The (Wheeling, WV) Author:Hanson, Shelley Area:West Virginia Lines:82 Added:03/31/2015
8 US WV: 'These Are Preventable': Group Backs Bills to LowerThu, 25 Dec 2014
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV) Author:Eyre, Eric Area:West Virginia Lines:95 Added:12/26/2014
9 US WV: Editorial: More Support To Legalize PotSat, 02 Aug 2014
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:65 Added:08/03/2014
10 US WV: War on Weed: Vastly Unequal EnforcementSun, 06 Jul 2014
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Fisher, Marc Area:West Virginia Lines:375 Added:07/07/2014
11 US WV: War On Marijuana Intensifies In Some U. S. AreasSun, 22 Jun 2014
Source:Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA)          Area:West Virginia Lines:55 Added:06/26/2014
12 US WV: Entrenched In The War On WeedSun, 22 Jun 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Fisher, Marc Area:West Virginia Lines:354 Added:06/23/2014
13 US WV: Mingo Co. Middle School Drug Testing OrientationSun, 18 May 2014
Source:Logan Banner, The (WV) Author:Sparks, Martha Area:West Virginia Lines:57 Added:05/19/2014
14 US WV: Editorial: Heroin: Old Foe A New ThreatWed, 07 May 2014
Source:Intelligencer, The (Wheeling, WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:63 Added:05/09/2014
15 US WV: Editorial: Drug Epidemic Hitting HomeThu, 01 May 2014
Source:Intelligencer, The (Wheeling, WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:57 Added:05/04/2014
16 US WV: Editorial: Drug Epidemic Hitting HomeThu, 01 May 2014
Source:Wheeling News-Register (WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:58 Added:05/02/2014
17US WV: Column: Switch To Heroin Reflected In Overdose FatalitySat, 26 Apr 2014
Source:Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV) Author:Miller, Tom Area:West Virginia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/28/2014
18US WV: Editorial: Legalization Trend Shouldn't Mask MarijuanaThu, 17 Apr 2014
Source:Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/18/2014
19 US WV: Meth-ingredient Drug Sales Double At CVS In W.Va.Mon, 14 Apr 2014
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV) Author:Eyre, Eric Area:West Virginia Lines:161 Added:04/15/2014
20 US WV: Heroin Deaths In W.Va. Doubled Since 2010, NumberSat, 05 Apr 2014
Source:Daily Reporter (IN)          Area:West Virginia Lines:62 Added:04/06/2014
21 US WV: In West Virginia Debate On Medicinal Use BeginsSun, 26 Jan 2014
Source:Bluefield Daily Telegraph (WV) Author:Jordan, Greg Area:West Virginia Lines:71 Added:01/26/2014
22US WV: Case Against Legalizing Marijuana PresentedFri, 13 Dec 2013
Source:Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV) Author:Murphy, Kristi Area:West Virginia Lines:Excerpt Added:12/13/2013
23 US WV: PUB LTE: Legalize Madical MarijuanaFri, 29 Nov 2013
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV) Author:Hinebaugh, Jim Area:West Virginia Lines:46 Added:11/30/2013
24US WV: Lawmakers Again Weigh Medical MarijuanaWed, 20 Nov 2013
Source:Charleston Daily Mail (WV) Author:Boucher, Dave Area:West Virginia Lines:Excerpt Added:11/21/2013
25 US WV: Wyoming Given Designation As High Drug Trafficking AreaFri, 15 Nov 2013
Source:Register-Herald, The (Beckley, WV) Author:Holdren, Wendy Area:West Virginia Lines:89 Added:11/17/2013
26 US WV: Future Of Medical Marijuana May Depend On Public InputSun, 06 Oct 2013
Source:Register-Herald, The (Beckley, WV) Author:Neff, Cody Area:West Virginia Lines:101 Added:10/06/2013
27US WV: Column: Many Lawmakers Reluctant To Legalize MarijuanaSun, 06 Oct 2013
Source:Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV) Author:Miller, Tom Area:West Virginia Lines:Excerpt Added:10/06/2013
28 US WV: Shift: Legalizing PotFri, 27 Sep 2013
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:75 Added:10/01/2013
29 US WV: Editorial: Student Drug TestingThu, 16 May 2013
Source:Register-Herald, The (Beckley, WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:97 Added:05/16/2013
30 US WV: School Drug Policy Up For CommentWed, 15 May 2013
Source:Register-Herald, The (Beckley, WV) Author:Farrish, Jessica Area:West Virginia Lines:119 Added:05/16/2013
31 US WV: Editorial: Stop Drug Cartel Thugs In The U.S.Wed, 03 Apr 2013
Source:Intelligencer, The (Wheeling, WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:24 Added:04/03/2013
32 US WV: War On Drug AddictionWed, 20 Mar 2013
Source:Bluefield Daily Telegraph (WV) Author:Owens, Charles Area:West Virginia Lines:175 Added:03/21/2013
33 US WV: Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana In W.VA.Wed, 20 Mar 2013
Source:Martinsburg Journal (WV) Author:Molenda, Rachel Area:West Virginia Lines:90 Added:03/21/2013
34 US WV: Sheriff's Department Sees Changes For New YearTue, 01 Jan 2013
Source:Parkersburg News, The (WV) Author:Cardosi, Mandi Area:West Virginia Lines:50 Added:01/01/2013
35 US WV: Legislation To Legalize Marijuana DiscussedSun, 23 Dec 2012
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV) Author:Nyden, Paul J. Area:West Virginia Lines:192 Added:12/23/2012
36 US WV: Advocacy Group Aims To Educate PublicFri, 23 Nov 2012
Source:Register-Herald, The (Beckley, WV) Author:Porterfield, Mannix Area:West Virginia Lines:64 Added:11/26/2012
37 US WV: Edu: Medicinal Marijuana Offers 'Medical Alternative'Tue, 23 Oct 2012
Source:Daily Athenaeum, The (U of WV Edu) Author:Gopalakrishnan, Kamala Area:West Virginia Lines:172 Added:10/25/2012
38 US WV: Edu: OPED: Time To Legalize MarijuanaThu, 11 Oct 2012
Source:Daily Athenaeum, The (U of WV Edu) Author:Moran, David Area:West Virginia Lines:92 Added:10/12/2012
39 US WV: Editorial: The Darkest SideSun, 07 Oct 2012
Source:Register-Herald, The (Beckley, WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:61 Added:10/11/2012
40 US WV: Fighting Drug Abuse Tops Agenda For Putnam SheriffMon, 08 Oct 2012
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV) Author:White, Kate Area:West Virginia Lines:82 Added:10/09/2012
41US WV: Putnam County Students' Drug Test Results MostlyWed, 03 Oct 2012
Source:Charleston Daily Mail (WV) Author:Harold, Zack Area:West Virginia Lines:Excerpt Added:10/06/2012
42 US WV: Mcdowell County Looks To Have Drug Treatment Center Open ForThu, 16 Aug 2012
Source:Bluefield Daily Telegraph (WV) Author:Coil, Kate Area:West Virginia Lines:83 Added:08/17/2012
43 US WV: Tazewell County Students Take Action Against Illegal DrugSun, 05 Aug 2012
Source:Bluefield Daily Telegraph (WV) Author:Jordan, Greg Area:West Virginia Lines:76 Added:08/06/2012
44 US WV: PUB LTE: Pot War Is A Failed, Destructive PolicyFri, 29 Jun 2012
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV) Author:Armentano, Paul Area:West Virginia Lines:40 Added:06/30/2012
45 US WV: PUB LTE: Full Legalization Of Pot Is The AnswerFri, 29 Jun 2012
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:West Virginia Lines:31 Added:06/30/2012
46 US WV: Editorial: Pot: Almost LegalSun, 24 Jun 2012
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:60 Added:06/27/2012
47 US WV: PUB LTE: Marijuana Arrests Drain Us ResourcesSat, 02 Jun 2012
Source:Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:West Virginia Lines:38 Added:06/02/2012
48 US WV: Editorial: Drug War A Wake-up Call For CongressFri, 01 Jun 2012
Source:Bluefield Daily Telegraph (WV)          Area:West Virginia Lines:65 Added:06/01/2012
49US WV: OPED: It's Time For A Review Of Marijuana LawsWed, 23 May 2012
Source:Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV) Author:Mufson, Diane W. Area:West Virginia Lines:Excerpt Added:05/24/2012
50 US WV: OPED: Getting Stoned At WorkWed, 15 Feb 2012
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV) Author:Felsen, James D. Area:West Virginia Lines:83 Added:02/18/2012

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