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51 US VT: Shumlin: 'Responsibility' Ended His Use of PotWed, 28 Jan 2015
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Goswami, Neal P. Area:Vermont Lines:74 Added:01/29/2015
52US VT: Lawmakers May Be Ones To OK PotWed, 28 Jan 2015
Source:USA Today (US) Author:Hughes, Trevor Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:01/28/2015
53 US VT: PUB LTE: Legislate Marijuana The Same As AlcoholMon, 19 Jan 2015
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:King, Tom Area:Vermont Lines:47 Added:01/21/2015
54 US VT: Green Mountain High?Sun, 18 Jan 2015
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Halper, Evan Area:Vermont Lines:93 Added:01/18/2015
55US VT: OPED: Vermont Must Legalize MarijuanaTue, 13 Jan 2015
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Cheney, Kimberly Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:01/13/2015
56 US VT: PUB LTE: Legalize, Tax, Regulate DrugsFri, 21 Nov 2014
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Schaft, Ted Area:Vermont Lines:43 Added:11/22/2014
57 US VT: State To Hold Hearing On Marijuana LegalizationMon, 10 Nov 2014
Source:Boston Globe (MA)          Area:Vermont Lines:23 Added:11/11/2014
58US VT: UVM Takes Proactive Step In Drug FightSun, 03 Aug 2014
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Johnson, Tim Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:08/06/2014
59 US VT: Poll: Legalize Pot In VermontFri, 23 May 2014
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Goswami, Neal P. Area:Vermont Lines:91 Added:05/23/2014
60US VT: Vermont To Study Legalization Of MarijuanaThu, 15 May 2014
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Gram, Dave Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:05/17/2014
61 US VT: Man Shares Intimate Struggle With AddictionMon, 28 Apr 2014
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Curtis, Brent Area:Vermont Lines:170 Added:04/30/2014
62 US VT: PUB LTE: Listen To Those Who Know PTSDSat, 26 Apr 2014
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT) Author:Russell, Gary Alton Area:Vermont Lines:38 Added:04/28/2014
63 US VT: Some Challenge Tougher Drugged Driving LawWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT)          Area:Vermont Lines:91 Added:04/26/2014
64 US VT: PUB LTE: What Is The Real Agenda?Thu, 24 Apr 2014
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT) Author:Hanson, Joe Area:Vermont Lines:41 Added:04/25/2014
65 US VT: Bill Would Study Revenue From Legal MarijuanaThu, 24 Apr 2014
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT) Author:Goswami, Neal P. Area:Vermont Lines:107 Added:04/25/2014
66US VT: Vt. Library Bathrooms Clogged By Drug NeedlesWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Times Union (Albany, NY)          Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014
67 US VT: Lawmakers Balk At Medical Marijuana For PTSDSat, 12 Apr 2014
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT)          Area:Vermont Lines:100 Added:04/13/2014
68 US VT: Stopping Drugs On Vermont HighwaysSun, 13 Apr 2014
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT) Author:Etnier, Carl Area:Vermont Lines:307 Added:04/13/2014
69 US VT: Opiate Antidote Soon Offered In RutlandSun, 13 Apr 2014
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Curtis, Brent Area:Vermont Lines:101 Added:04/13/2014
70 US VT: Heroin Scourge Overtakes A 'Quaint' Vermont TownThu, 06 Mar 2014
Source:International New York Times (International) Author:Seelye, Katharine Q. Area:Vermont Lines:109 Added:03/10/2014
71 US VT: PUB LTE: Oh Hemp ...Sun, 23 Feb 2014
Source:Brattleboro Reformer (VT) Author:White, Stan Area:Vermont Lines:32 Added:02/25/2014
72 US VT: PUB LTE: Let's Legalize MarijuanaSat, 18 Jan 2014
Source:Valley News, The (White River Junction, VT) Author:Knapp, Herbert A. Area:Vermont Lines:46 Added:01/19/2014
73US VT: Small State Faces Up To Big Drug ProblemThu, 16 Jan 2014
Source:Dallas Morning News (TX) Author:Ring, Wilson Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:01/16/2014
74 US VT: PUB LTE: Criminalization Isn't The AnswerSun, 29 Dec 2013
Source:Valley News, The (White River Junction, VT) Author:Cardillo, Matt Area:Vermont Lines:45 Added:12/31/2013
75 US VT: Ex-Police Push Vt. To Legalize PotMon, 21 Oct 2013
Source:Valley News, The (White River Junction, VT) Author:Hirschfeld, Peter Area:Vermont Lines:104 Added:10/23/2013
76US VT: Former Police Push For LegalizationSun, 20 Oct 2013
Source:Portland Press Herald (ME) Author:Hirschfeld, Peter Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:10/21/2013
77US VT: OPED: Legalize Marijuana In VermontWed, 07 Aug 2013
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Gordon, Daniel Lawrence Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:08/09/2013
78 US VT: Vt., 8 States Allow Hemp Growth Fed Law ConflictsMon, 22 Jul 2013
Source:News-Item, The (PA)          Area:Vermont Lines:31 Added:07/23/2013
79 US VT: Officials Fear 'Collateral Damage' From DecriminalizationFri, 19 Jul 2013
Source:Manchester Journal, The (VT) Author:Canevari, Brandon Area:Vermont Lines:195 Added:07/23/2013
80 US VT: Conflicting Laws Put A Hold On Farmers' Plans For HempMon, 22 Jul 2013
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Rathke, Lisa Area:Vermont Lines:86 Added:07/23/2013
81 US VT: State's Pot Law Could Impact Court Diversion ProgramsSun, 14 Jul 2013
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Curtis, Brent Area:Vermont Lines:97 Added:07/15/2013
82 US VT: Ex Police Officer Tells Rotary It's Time to Reform theThu, 13 Jun 2013
Source:Northfield News, The (VT) Author:Tripp, Louisa Area:Vermont Lines:68 Added:06/15/2013
83 US VT: Former Police Captain Speaks Out Against War On DrugsTue, 11 Jun 2013
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT)          Area:Vermont Lines:74 Added:06/13/2013
84US VT: As Of July 1, Pot Possession Draws A Ticket, Not AThu, 06 Jun 2013
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Hallenbeck, Terri Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:06/08/2013
85 US VT: Rutland Town Chooses Not To Ban Marijuana DispensariesTue, 01 Jan 2013
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Curtis, Brent Area:Vermont Lines:96 Added:01/01/2013
86 US VT: Aldermen Approve Dispensary BanTue, 02 Oct 2012
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Dritschilo, Gordon Area:Vermont Lines:41 Added:10/03/2012
87 US VT: Edu: Pot Shop To Open Doors DowntownThu, 20 Sep 2012
Source:Vermont Cynic (U of Vermont, VT Edu) Author:Fairfield, Keegan Area:Vermont Lines:74 Added:09/22/2012
88 US VT: Edu: The Story On Pot To Legalize Or NotThu, 20 Sep 2012
Source:Vermont Cynic (U of Vermont, VT Edu) Author:Cardin, Katy Area:Vermont Lines:120 Added:09/22/2012
89 US VT: Waterbury To Get Marijuana SiteWed, 12 Sep 2012
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT)          Area:Vermont Lines:34 Added:09/14/2012
90US VT: Burlington Council Resolution: Legalize Marijuana?Thu, 06 Sep 2012
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Baird, Joel Banner Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:09/07/2012
91 US VT: Tractor Crushes Sheriff's CruisersSat, 04 Aug 2012
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Nelson, Laura J. Area:Vermont Lines:74 Added:08/04/2012
92 US VT: PUB LTE: On Recent Marijuana EditorialFri, 20 Jul 2012
Source:Brattleboro Reformer (VT) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Vermont Lines:37 Added:07/23/2012
93US VT: Editorial: More Casualties In The War On DrugsFri, 13 Jul 2012
Source:Brattleboro Reformer (VT)          Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:07/15/2012
94US VT: Pot Politics In Montpelier: Should Marijuana BeFri, 23 Mar 2012
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Hallenbeck, Terri Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:03/27/2012
95 US VT: PUB LTE: Disappointed Bill Is BlockedThu, 22 Mar 2012
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Dinnan, Chris Area:Vermont Lines:48 Added:03/24/2012
96 US VT: Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Stalled In HouseSat, 18 Feb 2012
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT) Author:Staples, Daniel Area:Vermont Lines:84 Added:02/18/2012
97US VT: Vermont Senate Panel Hears Testimony On Drug TradeSat, 28 Jan 2012
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Hemingway, Sam Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:01/30/2012
98US VT: Vermont Marijuana Dispensaries Expected In SummerThu, 12 Jan 2012
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Hallenbeck, Terri Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:01/12/2012
99US VT: Vermont GoldFri, 22 Jul 2011
Source:Brattleboro Reformer (VT) Author:Namaya, T. Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:07/22/2011
100US VT: New Vermont Law Gives Medical Marijuana Users A LegalFri, 03 Jun 2011
Source:Burlington Free Press (VT) Author:Remsen, Nancy Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:06/04/2011

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