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101 US SC: Editorial: Save Money, Make SC Safer With Alternative SentencesSun, 10 Jan 2010
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:73 Added:01/11/2010
102 US SC: SC Bill Requires Drug Tests For Jobless BenefitsFri, 08 Jan 2010
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Kinnard, Meg Area:South Carolina Lines:96 Added:01/11/2010
103US SC: Police Cleared In Teen's Crack DeathTue, 24 Nov 2009
Source:Post and Courier, The (Charleston, SC) Author:Behre, Robert Area:South Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:11/25/2009
104 US SC: Edu: OPED: Decriminalizing Marijuana Would Help USWed, 09 Sep 2009
Source:Gamecock, The (SC Edu) Author:Harpter, Johnny Area:South Carolina Lines:69 Added:09/09/2009
105 US SC: Massive Drug Raids Pay OffWed, 12 Aug 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Monk, John Area:South Carolina Lines:201 Added:08/13/2009
106 US SC: Lawyers Question Anti-Drug ProposalSun, 09 Aug 2009
Source:Charlotte Observer (NC) Author:Garfield, Matt Area:South Carolina Lines:93 Added:08/09/2009
107 US SC: Column: Obama Hypocritical On Drug PolicyThu, 30 Jul 2009
Source:Sun News (Myrtle Beach, SC) Author:Harrop, Froma Area:South Carolina Lines:165 Added:08/01/2009
108 US SC: Marijuana Seizure Rise In SC CorridorWed, 24 Jun 2009
Source:Charlotte Observer (NC) Author:Kirkpatrick, Christopher D. Area:South Carolina Lines:122 Added:06/24/2009
109 US SC: Ex-SC Cop Get 20 Years In Drug Trafficking CaseWed, 27 May 2009
Source:Augusta Chronicle, The (GA)          Area:South Carolina Lines:24 Added:05/28/2009
110 US SC: Former Lake City Police Officer To Serve 20 YearsWed, 27 May 2009
Source:Florence Morning News, The (SC) Author:Rogers, Jamie Area:South Carolina Lines:138 Added:05/28/2009
111US SC: Editorial: Kick The Drug War HabitMon, 16 Mar 2009
Source:Post and Courier, The (Charleston, SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:03/16/2009
112 US SC: Column: Obama Should Reverse Bush PoliciesFri, 13 Mar 2009
Source:Sun News (Myrtle Beach, SC) Author:Page, Clarence Area:South Carolina Lines:86 Added:03/13/2009
113 US SC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Enthusiasts ReactThu, 26 Feb 2009
Source:Columbia Citypaper (SC) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:South Carolina Lines:35 Added:02/26/2009
114 US SC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Enthusiasts ReactWed, 25 Feb 2009
Source:Columbia Citypaper (SC) Author:White, Stan Area:South Carolina Lines:23 Added:02/26/2009
115 US SC: Column: Drug Policy Will Liken LoosenSat, 21 Feb 2009
Source:Sun News (Myrtle Beach, SC) Author:Harrop, Froma Area:South Carolina Lines:71 Added:02/22/2009
116 US SC: Column: Phelps Was No Victim, but Lott's InvestigationWed, 18 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Scoppe, Cindi Ross Area:South Carolina Lines:103 Added:02/22/2009
117 US SC: No Drug Charges For Elementary StudentsTue, 17 Feb 2009
Source:Aiken Standard (SC) Author:Daily, Karen Area:South Carolina Lines:63 Added:02/18/2009
118US SC: Phelps Avoids S.C. Pot ChargesTue, 17 Feb 2009
Source:USA Today (US)          Area:South Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:02/18/2009
119 US SC: Michael Phelps Won't Be Charged With a CrimeTue, 17 Feb 2009
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA)          Area:South Carolina Lines:67 Added:02/18/2009
120 US SC: Phelps Escapes ChargesTue, 17 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:172 Added:02/18/2009
121 US SC: PUB LTE: Worry About Murders, Not MarijuanaMon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brown, Marcia Area:South Carolina Lines:28 Added:02/17/2009
122 US SC: LTE: Lott Right To Stop Crime Before It SpiralsMon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Nutt, Wayne Area:South Carolina Lines:31 Added:02/17/2009
123 US SC: PUB LTE: Sheriff Selective About Criminals He PursuesMon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Bryant, Melissa Area:South Carolina Lines:38 Added:02/17/2009
124 US SC: PUB LTE: Is Sheriff Lotts Past Blemish-Free?Mon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Wilson, William D. Jr. Area:South Carolina Lines:26 Added:02/17/2009
125 US SC: LTE: Put Leon Lott On Wheaties BoxMon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Byars, Beverly Area:South Carolina Lines:37 Added:02/17/2009
126 US SC: Edu: Charges Against Phelps Dropped By Local SheriffTue, 17 Feb 2009
Source:Gamecock, The (SC Edu) Author:Cox, Chris Area:South Carolina Lines:95 Added:02/17/2009
127 US SC: Phelps Will Not Face Charges After PhotographTue, 17 Feb 2009
Source:New York Times (NY)          Area:South Carolina Lines:43 Added:02/17/2009
128 US SC: Swimming - Arrests Aimed At Making Drug Case AgainstSat, 14 Feb 2009
Source:New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)          Area:South Carolina Lines:54 Added:02/15/2009
129 US SC: 7 Charged As Evidence Sought On PhelpsFri, 13 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:113 Added:02/14/2009
130 US SC: PUB LTE: Legalize, Control, Tax Marijuana UseThu, 12 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Butler, Kent Area:South Carolina Lines:28 Added:02/14/2009
131 US SC: Column: Those Criticizing Michael Phelps Must Be StonedWed, 11 Feb 2009
Source:Charleston City Paper, The (SC) Author:Hunter, Jack Area:South Carolina Lines:99 Added:02/14/2009
132 US SC: Sheriff's Probe of Phelps Pot Case Strikes Some As OverkillSat, 14 Feb 2009
Source:Wall Street Journal (US) Author:Roth, Alex Area:South Carolina Lines:109 Added:02/14/2009
133US SC: Column: Sheriff Leon Lott Should Stop the PolitickingThu, 12 Feb 2009
Source:Columbia Citypaper (SC) Author:Blake, Paul F. Area:South Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:02/13/2009
134 US SC: Lawyer: At Least 8 Arrested in Attempt to Build PhelpsThu, 12 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:132 Added:02/12/2009
135 US SC: Editorial: Lott Lacks Consistency In Drug EnforcementWed, 11 Feb 2009
Source:Gamecock, The (SC Edu)          Area:South Carolina Lines:46 Added:02/11/2009
136US SC: 8 Arrests In Phelps PartyWed, 11 Feb 2009
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB)          Area:South Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:02/11/2009
137US SC: Column: America Has a Pot ProblemTue, 10 Feb 2009
Source:Post and Courier, The (Charleston, SC) Author:Burger, Ken Area:South Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:02/10/2009
138 US SC: Edu: OPED: End Marijuana Consumption, Cease ViolenceTue, 10 Feb 2009
Source:Gamecock, The (SC Edu) Author:Quinn, Ryan Area:South Carolina Lines:66 Added:02/10/2009
139 US SC: Column: Marijuana Laws Prompt Risky FarceFri, 06 Feb 2009
Source:Sun News (Myrtle Beach, SC) Author:Parker, Kathleen Area:South Carolina Lines:93 Added:02/07/2009
140 US SC: Editorial: Downside of FameWed, 04 Feb 2009
Source:Anderson Independent-Mail (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:88 Added:02/06/2009
141 US SC: Richland Sheriff Could Charge PhelpsTue, 03 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Beam, Adam Area:South Carolina Lines:87 Added:02/04/2009
142 US SC: Phelps: Behavior In Columbia RegrettableMon, 02 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Newberry, Paul Area:South Carolina Lines:99 Added:02/02/2009
143 US SC: Edu: Phelps Apologizes For Alleged Drug UseMon, 02 Feb 2009
Source:Gamecock, The (SC Edu) Author:Segrist, Liz Area:South Carolina Lines:97 Added:02/02/2009
144US SC: Shooting Death Blamed On DrugsSun, 01 Feb 2009
Source:Post and Courier, The (Charleston, SC) Author:Kropf, Schuyler Area:South Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:02/02/2009
145 US SC: Editorial: US Demand For Pot Funds Drug CartelsThu, 15 Jan 2009
Source:Gamecock, The (SC Edu)          Area:South Carolina Lines:48 Added:01/15/2009
146 US SC: Covington To Embark On First Full Year As ChiefSat, 03 Jan 2009
Source:Daily Journal-Messenger, The (SC) Author:Moore, Andrew Area:South Carolina Lines:130 Added:01/03/2009
147 US SC: PUB LTE: End ProhibitionWed, 24 Dec 2008
Source:Charleston City Paper, The (SC) Author:White, Stan Area:South Carolina Lines:40 Added:12/24/2008
148 US SC: Column: The War on Drugs Is a War on Common SenseTue, 16 Dec 2008
Source:Charleston City Paper, The (SC) Author:Hunter, Jack Area:South Carolina Lines:96 Added:12/20/2008
149US SC: Mail-Order Cocaine Scheme Is ThwartedFri, 19 Dec 2008
Source:Herald, The (SC) Author:Graham, Toya Area:South Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:12/20/2008
150 US SC: Edu: OPED: Hemp Could Provide New Opportunities For EconomyMon, 17 Nov 2008
Source:Gamecock, The (SC Edu) Author:Veille, Patrique Area:South Carolina Lines:69 Added:11/17/2008

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