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1 US OR: LTE: Juntos Helps KidsWed, 24 Dec 2003
Source:Hood River News (OR) Author:Cushing, Judy Area:Oregon Lines:38 Added:12/29/2003
2 US OR: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Programs Waste Billions Of DollarsSat, 27 Dec 2003
Source:News Register (OR) Author:Compton, Blaze Area:Oregon Lines:47 Added:12/29/2003
3 US OR: PUB LTE: War on DrugsMon, 29 Dec 2003
Source:Alternatives for Cultural Creativity (Salem, OR) Author:Hill, Mark Area:Oregon Lines:40 Added:12/29/2003
4 US OR: PUB LTE: Rx For MarijuanaSun, 28 Dec 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Bayer, Richard Area:Oregon Lines:31 Added:12/29/2003
5US OR: Editorial: Accommodating Legal PotSat, 20 Dec 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)          Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:12/20/2003
6 US OR: Editorial: Clearing The Haze: Appeals Court Rules For Medical Marijuana LFri, 19 Dec 2003
Source:Register-Guard, The (OR)          Area:Oregon Lines:78 Added:12/20/2003
7US OR: Marijuana Act Clouds Antidrug Work RulesThu, 18 Dec 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Hunsberger, Brent Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:12/19/2003
8 US OR: Students Get Straight Talk About MarijuanaFri, 19 Dec 2003
Source:Medford Mail Tribune (OR) Author:Choy, Bill Area:Oregon Lines:88 Added:12/19/2003
9 US OR: Editorial: Series: Meth's Misery (9 Of 10)Wed, 17 Dec 2003
Source:News-Review, The (OR)          Area:Oregon Lines:100 Added:12/17/2003
10US OR: Sandy High Disciplines Eight Over MarijuanaTue, 16 Dec 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Jones, Mellisa L. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:12/17/2003
11 US OR: Oregon's Meth Laws Are Too LaxTue, 16 Dec 2003
Source:Daily Astorian, The (OR)          Area:Oregon Lines:54 Added:12/16/2003
12 US OR: LTE: Drug Abuse Drags Down Others On TeamTue, 16 Dec 2003
Source:Portland Tribune (OR) Author:Lauro, Kelsey Area:Oregon Lines:23 Added:12/16/2003
13 US OR: Dayton Conducts Drug Sweep In SchoolsTue, 16 Dec 2003
Source:News Register (OR) Author:Pointer, Starla Area:Oregon Lines:46 Added:12/16/2003
14 US OR: Series: As Meth Usage Goes Up, So Does Community Crime (8 Of 10)Tue, 16 Dec 2003
Source:News-Review, The (OR) Author:Bringhurst, Christian Area:Oregon Lines:176 Added:12/16/2003
15 US OR: Series: Trafficking In Tragedy (4 Of 10)Mon, 15 Dec 2003
Source:News-Review, The (OR) Author:Bringhurst, Christian Area:Oregon Lines:273 Added:12/15/2003
16 US OR: Drug Expert To Discuss Dangers Of MarijuanaSat, 13 Dec 2003
Source:Ashland Daily Tidings (OR) Author:Choy, Bill Area:Oregon Lines:71 Added:12/13/2003
17 US OR: Federal Laws Snare State-Authorized Marijuana UsersWed, 10 Dec 2003
Source:World, The (OR) Author:Linn, Sarah Area:Oregon Lines:73 Added:12/10/2003
18 US OR: Alternative MedicineWed, 10 Dec 2003
Source:News-Review, The (OR) Author:Stumbo, Stacy D. Area:Oregon Lines:118 Added:12/10/2003
19US OR: Task Force - Meth A Community IssueTue, 09 Dec 2003
Source:Statesman Journal (OR) Author:Lawrence-Turner, Jody Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:12/10/2003
20 US OR: Marijuana: the Blazers' Toughest FoeFri, 05 Dec 2003
Source:Portland Tribune (OR) Author:Eggers, Kerry Area:Oregon Lines:234 Added:12/06/2003
21 US OR: Column: Bud Out!Wed, 26 Nov 2003
Source:Willamette Week (OR) Author:Budnick, Nick Area:Oregon Lines:78 Added:12/01/2003
22 US OR: Edu: Column: One More Step Toward Universal SuffrageThu, 20 Nov 2003
Source:Oregon Daily Emerald (U of Oregon, OR Edu) Author:Jagernauth, David Area:Oregon Lines:131 Added:11/26/2003
23US OR: Citizen Task Force Confronts MethSun, 23 Nov 2003
Source:Statesman Journal (OR) Author:Lawrence-Turner, Jody Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:11/23/2003
24 US OR: Column: MurmursWed, 19 Nov 2003
Source:Willamette Week (OR)          Area:Oregon Lines:29 Added:11/19/2003
25 US OR: Medical Pot Plant StolenFri, 14 Nov 2003
Source:Herald and News (OR) Author:Cole, Brian Area:Oregon Lines:31 Added:11/15/2003
26 US OR: Meth At 'Epidemic' Levels Says SpeakerSat, 15 Nov 2003
Source:Bulletin, The (OR) Author:Rosetta, Lisa Area:Oregon Lines:128 Added:11/15/2003
27 US OR: DARE Faces Hard Truth - Drug Program To EndSat, 15 Nov 2003
Source:Medford Mail Tribune (OR) Author:Aleccia, Jonel Area:Oregon Lines:80 Added:11/15/2003
28 US OR: Medical Marijuana Heist Leads To Prison TermFri, 14 Nov 2003
Source:News-Review, The (OR) Author:Bringhurst, Christian Area:Oregon Lines:95 Added:11/14/2003
29 US OR: Controversial Herbal RemedySun, 26 Oct 2003
Source:Bulletin, The (OR) Author:Kearsley, Kelly Area:Oregon Lines:266 Added:10/26/2003
30 US OR: Controversial CropMon, 20 Oct 2003
Source:Medford Mail Tribune (OR) Author:Mann, Damian Area:Oregon Lines:132 Added:10/21/2003
31 US OR: Edu: Column: Oh! CanadaTue, 21 Oct 2003
Source:Daily Vanguard (OR Edu) Author:Tanner, Dylan Area:Oregon Lines:103 Added:10/21/2003
32 US OR: PUB LTE: Let Doctors Prescribe CannabisSat, 18 Oct 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Bayer, Richard Area:Oregon Lines:44 Added:10/19/2003
33 US OR: Medical Marijuana Stories SharedSun, 19 Oct 2003
Source:Register-Guard, The (OR) Author:Fuchs, Ben Area:Oregon Lines:107 Added:10/19/2003
34 US OR: Reid Back With DARE, This Time in AmitySat, 18 Oct 2003
Source:News Register (OR) Author:DaQuilante, Paul Area:Oregon Lines:105 Added:10/18/2003
35US OR: Editorial: Herbal Medicine in the Mid-ValleyTue, 14 Oct 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Caldwell, Robert Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:10/17/2003
36US OR: Medical Marijuana Survives ChallengeThu, 16 Oct 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Colburn, Don Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:10/17/2003
37 US OR: LTE: Bravo To Federal Drug AgentsFri, 17 Oct 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:O'Leary, Mike Area:Oregon Lines:33 Added:10/17/2003
38US OR: Oregon Considers Effect Of Marijuana RulingWed, 15 Oct 2003
Source:Statesman Journal (OR) Author:Silverman, Julia Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:10/16/2003
39 US OR: Activists Plan Measure Shielding Marijuana UseTue, 14 Oct 2003
Source:Register-Guard, The (OR) Author:Palmer, Susan Area:Oregon Lines:65 Added:10/15/2003
40 US OR: Court Lets Doctors Prescribe MarijuanaWed, 15 Oct 2003
Source:Register-Guard, The (OR) Author:Steves, David Area:Oregon Lines:102 Added:10/15/2003
41 US OR: Oregon Pot Plants Seized Despite LicenseMon, 13 Oct 2003
Source:Seattle Times (WA)          Area:Oregon Lines:83 Added:10/14/2003
42US OR: Oregon, Bush At Odds Over Medical MarijuanaMon, 13 Oct 2003
Source:Statesman Journal (OR) Author:, Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:10/13/2003
43US OR: Oped: Rush Limbaugh WatchSat, 11 Oct 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Mulshine, Paul Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:10/12/2003
44US OR: Legal To Oregon, Illegal To Federal AgentsSun, 12 Oct 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Sabo, Matt Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:10/12/2003
45 US OR: Editorial: Watching Damon's Every MoveTue, 07 Oct 2003
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)          Area:Oregon Lines:42 Added:10/06/2003
46 US OR: Stoudamire Penalties Wiped AwayThu, 02 Oct 2003
Source:Columbian, The (WA) Author:Seligman, Andrew Area:Oregon Lines:148 Added:10/05/2003
47 US OR: Retired Cop Rides for Drug LegalizationMon, 29 Sep 2003
Source:Albany Democrat-Herald (OR) Author:Moody, Jennifer Area:Oregon Lines:106 Added:10/02/2003
48 US OR: Retired Police Officer Works to End U.S. DrugWed, 01 Oct 2003
Source:Corvallis Gazette-Times (OR) Author:Sowa, Jesse Area:Oregon Lines:115 Added:10/02/2003
49US OR: Man Rides Horse Across Country for Drug ReformSat, 27 Sep 2003
Source:Statesman Journal (OR) Author:Lynn, Capi Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:09/27/2003
50 US OR: Edu: Annual Review Rates University's Residence HallsMon, 22 Sep 2003
Source:Oregon Daily Emerald (U of Oregon, OR Edu) Author:Ikeda, A. Sho Area:Oregon Lines:74 Added:09/22/2003

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