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1 US OH: Lawsuit Threatens Medical Marijuana TimelineFri, 01 Dec 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Provance, Jim Area:Ohio Lines:98 Added:12/06/2017

COLUMBUS - One day after Ohio announced its choices for larger growing sites that would fuel a fledgling medical marijuana industry, a legal challenge was announced that could throw a wrench into the works.

Ironically, such a lawsuit would be filed by some of the chief players behind 2015's failed ResponsibleOhio ballot initiative that would have legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use.

"Whether we end up with a license or we don't end up with a license, that's not what this is about..." said Jimmy Gould, chairman and chief executive of CannAscend Ohio. "I care that this process is broken. I care that there should have been better oversight over this process, and I care where this ends up....

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2 US OH: UT Researchers Study Effects Of Ecstasy On The BrainMon, 04 Dec 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Collins, Stuart Area:Ohio Lines:93 Added:12/04/2017

For someone caught up in the heat of the moment at a local dance club or rave scene, taking ecstasy may not seem like a life-changing event. But as studies have shown, this decision may indeed be life-altering.

A frequent consequence of taking ecstasy is a trip to the hospital. This is because the short-term effects of ecstasy can produce life-threatening increases in temperature and heart rate, and hallucinations.

Stuart Collins is a PhD student in the neurosciences and neurological disorders at the University of Toledo college of medicine.

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3 US OH: DeWine Urging Congress To Restore DEA's Power To Fight OpioidTue, 14 Nov 2017
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Wehrman, Jessica Area:Ohio Lines:47 Added:11/14/2017

WASHINGTON -- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine joined 43 other state attorneys general to ask Congress to repeal a law they argue has damaged the Drug Enforcement Agency's ability to crack down on drug manufacturers and distributors that have contributed to the nation's sweeping opioid epidemic.

In a letter Tuesday to House and Senate leadership, the attorneys general argue that a bill passed by voice vote in 2016 made it more difficult for the DEA to take action against drug companies that were flooding communities with prescription painkillers.

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4 US OH: First Wave Of Ohio Marijuana Grow Sites AnnouncedFri, 03 Nov 2017
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Schladen, Marty Area:Ohio Lines:64 Added:11/03/2017

The Ohio Department of Commerce has approved 14 applications for small operations to grow medical marijuana, although only 11 will become operational.

The 11 sites on which up to 3,000 square feet can be cultivated, will be in addition to 12 sites on which 24,000 square feet can be cultivated. Successful applications for the large sites will be announced in coming weeks, Department of Commerce spokeswoman Stephanie Gostomski said.

Medical marijuana is expected to be available to consumers in about a year.

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5 US OH: Ohio Records 4,050 Drug Deaths Last Year, Up 33 Percent OverWed, 30 Aug 2017
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Johnson, Alan Area:Ohio Lines:43 Added:09/01/2017

More state spending, legislation and debate on Ohio's drug crisis don't appear to have made a dent as the statewide death toll from accidental drug overdoses soared last year to 4,050, a 33-percent jump over 2015.

Fentanyl, the deadly opioid that is 50 times stronger than heroin, is increasingly to blame for overdose deaths, with fentanyl and its derivatives accounting for 58.2 percent of the deaths, up from 37.9 percent in 2015. There were 3,050 overdose deaths in 2015.

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6 US OH: Marijuana Cultivation Warehouse Approved For North Toledo -Fri, 11 Aug 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Reiter, Mark Area:Ohio Lines:79 Added:08/12/2017

The site of the proposed warehouse is vacant land at Jason Street and Cassandra Drive.

A Cleveland-based company that has applied for a state license to grow medical marijuana won approval Thursday from the Toledo Plan Commission to build a 60,000-square-foot cultivation warehouse near Alexis Road and Suder Avenue.

Les Hollis, a consultant for Lake Erie Compassion Care, said the proposed facility would employ as many as 60 people, generating a $2.5 million to $3 million annual payroll.

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7 US OH: Toledo Residents Ambivalent On Marijuana Greenhouse Near TheirSun, 23 Jul 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Yaffe-Bellany, David Area:Ohio Lines:164 Added:07/25/2017

Kevin Jones lives at 700 Spencer St. He says he sees pros and cons to using the dilapidated factory across the street to grow marijuana: jobs and crime.

In 1910, Toledo businessman William Bunting opened a cavernous brass factory on Spencer Street, just a short distance from the zoo.

Eighty years later, arson badly damaged the building. And today, the vacant warehouse is a neighborhood eyesore, its facade pockmarked with broken windows and crumbling bricks.

But soon this once-formidable, now-dilapidated industrial edifice could take on an unlikely new identity: a greenhouse for medical marijuana.

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8 US OH: Police Find 400 Pounds Of Marijuana In Cars Made In MexicoSat, 15 Jul 2017
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:31 Added:07/19/2017

WARREN, Ohio (AP) - Authorities say more than 400 pounds (181 kilograms) of marijuana has been found in 15 new cars made in Mexico and shipped to Ohio and Pennsylvania to sell.

A drug task force in Ohio's Portage County was called to a Ford dealership this week after a service department employee found a package of pressed marijuana in a spare tire compartment during a vehicle inspection.

Investigators then went to a rail yard near Warren and found more packages in the trunks of Ford Fusions pressed into the shape of a spare tire. Additional packages were found at other northeast Ohio dealerships and one in Pennsylvania.

A Drug Enforcement Administration agent tells The Vindicator that marijuana was found in April in new cars shipped from Mexico to Minnesota.

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9 US OH: Heroin, Cocaine Are Cheap, Potent And Widely AvailableThu, 13 Jul 2017
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Johnson, Alan Area:Ohio Lines:71 Added:07/14/2017

Heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs remain widely available throughout Ohio, often at bargain prices, a new state report reveals.

If that isn't bad enough, the quality of the drugs is "is really good, too good. We've lost 12 friends in the past year (to overdoses)," said one respondent in the just-released Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network Report. The semi-annual statewide report of drug availability trends is done by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

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10 US OH: Doctors Still In Limbo Over Ohio's Medical Marijuana RulesMon, 10 Jul 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Provance, Jim Area:Ohio Lines:122 Added:07/14/2017

COLUMBUS - Louis Johnson, managing director of OMNI Medical Services, showed up Monday at a hearing about proposed rules governing physicians under Ohio's newly legal-medical marijuana program in hope the murky waters of "affirmative defense" might be cleared a bit.

But he never heard the words mentioned in testimony before the hearing officer, and the words won't be found in the rules written by the Ohio Medical Board.

"It's confusing a lot of municipalities and a lot of courtrooms..." Mr. Johnson said afterward. "They're applying the wait-for-the-state-is-ready rules to affirmative defense, and that's not how [the law] is written."

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11 US OH: 'I Don't Do Narcan': Sheriff Refuses To Use Overdose DrugSat, 08 Jul 2017
Source:New York Post (NY)          Area:Ohio Lines:48 Added:07/11/2017

A sheriff in an Ohio county with record numbers of overdose deaths in recent years is sticking to his long-standing refusal to allow deputies to carry an overdose-reversal drug.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says he remains opposed for safety reasons because people can become hostile and violent after being revived with Narcan. Deputies in neighboring counties in southwest Ohio do carry it.

"I don't do Narcan," Jones told The Cincinnati Enquirer. "They never carried it. Nor will they. That's my stance."

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12 US OH: Woman Selling Marijuana, Illegal Mushrooms For 'SpiritualFri, 07 Jul 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Feehan, Jennifer Area:Ohio Lines:64 Added:07/11/2017

Deb Sheamer and other friends of Charmaine Bassett protest her arrest and detention outside of the Lucas County Courthouse on June 21.

Friends of Charmaine Bassett protest her arrest and detention outside of the Lucas County Courthouse on June 21.

Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Michael Goulding on Friday found a Toledo woman charged with selling marijuana and illegal mushrooms for "spiritual purposes" competent to stand trial on felony drug charges.

Charmaine Rose Bassett, 56, of the 3400 block of Secor Road entered not guilty pleas to aggravated possession of drugs, aggravated trafficking in drugs, and trafficking in marijuana. She is the founder and "medicine woman" at Anyana-Kai, a member of the Oklevueha Native American Church.

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13 US OH: Column: One Politician's Answer To Opioid Overdosers: Let 'EmFri, 07 Jul 2017
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Page, Clarence Area:Ohio Lines:108 Added:07/11/2017

An council member in Middletown, Ohio, has asked the city's attorneys to look into whether the city has a legal obligation to provide ambulance service to repeat opiate overdose patients.

An council member in Middletown, Ohio, has asked the city's attorneys to look into whether the city has a legal obligation to provide ambulance service to repeat opiate overdose patients. (Brendan Smialowski/Getty-AFP)

Americans often complain that Washington debates seem to be far removed from the lives of real people.

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14 US OH: Nearly 200 Applications Submitted For Chance To Grow MedicalWed, 05 Jul 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:48 Added:07/07/2017

COLUMBUS - Nearly 200 prospective medical marijuana growers submitted applications to the state for cultivation licenses, but the Department of Commerce won't say yet where those applicants want to operate.

The department announced Wednesday that 185 applications were received by the state last month for two types of licenses: level II cultivators for grow operations with cultivation areas of 3,000 square feet or less, and level I cultivators, which can have up to 25,000 square feet. The state will issue 12 of each licenses.

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15 US OH: Ketamine Novel Approach To Treating DepressionSun, 25 Jun 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Lindstrom, Lauren Area:Ohio Lines:128 Added:06/30/2017

Anesthesiologist Dr. William James is the founder of the NorthWest Ohio Ketamine Clinic in Toledo, which offers the drug as an infusion to rapidly treat depression.

Anesthesiologist Dr. William James is the founder of the NorthWest Ohio Ketamine Clinic in Toledo, which offers the drug as an infusion to rapidly treat depression.

After three years of ever-present suicidal thoughts and two decades of unrelenting, treatment-resistant depression, Rosemarie Barciz was desperate.

The 61-year-old Maumee woman researched every new medication that came onto the market or excited researchers.

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16 US OH: Cases Proceeding Against Marijuana Petition CirculatorsFri, 23 Jun 2017
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Lane, Mary Beth Area:Ohio Lines:49 Added:06/23/2017

Criminal charges filed against petition circulators accused of falsifying signatures on petitions for the marijuana-legalization ballot issue in 2015 show that people must be careful, Delaware County Prosecutor Carol O'Brien said.

"It serves as a cautionary note that people circulating petitions need to be very careful and follow the law when they are gathering signatures," O'Brien said. "People need to be careful to only sign their own names."

O'Brien commented Friday as four cases continued to move through Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

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17 US OH: West Toledo Church Protests For Release Of 'Medicine Woman'Wed, 21 Jun 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Feehan, Jennifer Area:Ohio Lines:51 Added:06/21/2017

Members of a West Toledo church that describes itself as "an alternative medicine and naturopathic healing center" demonstrated outside the Lucas County Courthouse today in support of the woman they call their head medicine woman.

Charmaine Rose Bassett, 56, is held in the Lucas County jail on felony charges of aggravated possession of drugs, aggravated trafficking in drugs, and trafficking in marijuana.

Bassett, who founded Anyana-Kai at 3344 Secor Rd., was indicted by a Lucas County grand jury after Toledo police raided the church and seized marijuana and illegal mushrooms. The indictment alleges she sold the marijuana and mushrooms to members who paid a fee to join the church.

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18US OH: More Victims Of ODs: First Responders Suffer CompassionMon, 19 Jun 2017
Source:Courier-Journal, The (Louisville, KY) Author:DeMio, Terry Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:06/19/2017

The man was still, mouth open, head back in a white Crown Victoria stalled in the middle of a neighborhood street.

A paramedic pushed a flexible tube in the man's vein to pump in lifesaving naloxone to block the effects of whatever opioid he had taken and, if all worked well, revive him. Routine work. A little girl stopped her bicycle, clutching a melting red ice pop as she watched.

"This is just normal for her," said David Geiger, director of Covington Emergency Medical Services, nodding toward the child.

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19 US OH: More Towns OK Medical Pot OperationsWed, 14 Jun 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Rosenkrans, Nolan Area:Ohio Lines:78 Added:06/14/2017

A string of northwest Ohio communities are considering or have passed resolutions in support of medical marijuana operations while other elected officials are rescinding past votes that prohibited such businesses.

Samples of marijuana are tested in an oven in Denver.

At least four village, township, and city councils voted Monday regarding medical marijuana cultivation in their communities, as the state licensing process for such grow sites moves forward.

The state began accepting applications for level II cultivators June 5, with a deadline of Thursday for 12 licenses for grow operations with an initial cultivation area of 3,000 square feet or less. Larger operations, called level I cultivators, can have up to 25,000 square feet, and the state also will issue 12 of those licenses. Applications for those larger operations begin June 19 and end June 30.

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20 US OH: PUB LTE: A Family Tragedy, And An Unwinnable Drug WarMon, 20 Mar 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Brautigam, Michael G. Area:Ohio Lines:41 Added:03/24/2017

Re "As Heroin Infests Farms, a Grieving Parent Fears for the Future" (front page, March 13):

The view of Roger D. Winemiller, who lost two children to drug overdoses, that the solution to the drug epidemic is tougher penalties, while understandable, is misguided.

As a former prosecutor, including time as a narcotics prosecutor, I can only conclude that the war on drugs is unwinnable. What good did tough narcotics laws do the Winemiller children? Would the results be better if sometimes draconian laws were made even more draconian?

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21 US OH: As Heroin Infests Farms, A Grieving Parent Fears For TheMon, 13 Mar 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Healy, Jack Area:Ohio Lines:259 Added:03/17/2017

BLANCHESTER, Ohio - A life of farming taught Roger Winemiller plenty about harsh twists of fate: hailstorms and drought, ragweed infestations and jittery crop prices. He hadn't bargained on heroin.

Then, in March 2016, Mr. Winemiller's daughter, Heather Himes, 31, died of an opioid overdose at the family farmhouse, inside a first-floor bathroom overlooking fields of corn and soybeans. Mr. Winemiller was the one who unlocked the bathroom door and found her slumped over, a syringe by her side.

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22 US OH: Town Center To Train For Using NaloxoneThu, 19 Jan 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:24 Added:01/20/2017

The Town Center at Levis Commons, a retail center off State Rt. 25 in Perrysburg, said Wednesday it will train some of its security, cleaning, and management staff to administer a life-saving drug used to counteract opiate overdoses.

The center said it was important to acknowledge the heroin problem with training about a drug that can halt the affects of an opiate overdose.

Employees are to be trained by the end of next week by officials with the Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program. Training will include how to identify a possible overdose and how to administer naloxone.


23 US OH: Drug Company That 'Fueled' Opioid Epidemic In Kentucky To PayTue, 17 Jan 2017
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:52 Added:01/18/2017

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- One of the nation's largest pharmaceutical distributors allegedly failed to report suspicious orders in Kentucky and elsewhere, contributing to a spike in abuse of painkillers called opioids, federal authorities have charged.

McKesson Corp. agreed to pay a $150 million penalty for alleged violations of federal drug law, the U.S. Justice Department announced Wednesday. The case was a civil, not criminal, matter.

The settlement resolves an investigation of a McKesson distribution center in Washington Court House, Ohio, by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency office in London and the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Kentucky, based in Lexington, according to a news release.

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24US OH: A Mother's Fight For Daughter's Life Turned Battle ForTue, 10 Jan 2017
Source:Cincinnati Enquirer (OH) Author:Reinert, Melissa Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:01/11/2017

[photo] Tiffany Wigginton Carnal with her daughter Lyndi at Children's Hospital.(Photo: Provided)

Tiffany Wigginton Carnal is in the fight of her life to save her daughter.

Lyndi Carnal, 17, has Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract, which can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss and malnutrition. Lyndi was diagnosed when she was 14. Since that time, she and her mother have spent three Christmases, three New Year's Days and countless other days at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

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25 US OH: Opioid Detox Center Set To Open In 2017 In MaumeeThu, 05 Jan 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Rosenkrans, Nolan Area:Ohio Lines:71 Added:01/05/2017

An addiction support group is partnering with a Florida treatment center to open a new opioid detox and treatment facility in Maumee - one of three potentially new detox centers in Lucas County.

Matt Bell, a former University of Toledo baseball player with the addiction support group Team Recovery, speaks about his fight against heroin addiction.

Team Recovery will work with Hollywood, Fla.,-based Recovery in the Light to open the center at Arrowhead Park. Using the business names Midwest Detox Center and Midwest Recovery Center, the new facility will have 22 beds for detox and 38 for treatment and recovery for those addicted to opiates, said Matt Bell, co-founder of Team Recovery. It will have medical directors, clinical directors, a 24-hour nursing staff, psychiatrists, and counselors. About 75 percent of staff will be in recovery themselves, as is Mr. Bell.

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26 US OH: Kasich Signs Bills To Fight Heroin EpidemicWed, 04 Jan 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Provance, Jim Area:Ohio Lines:57 Added:01/04/2017

COLUMBUS - Gov. John Kasich today signed another bill targeting Ohio's opiate and heroin epidemic.

In 2015, Ohio led the nation in opioid overdose deaths.

Senate Bill 319, sponsored by Sen. John Eklund (R., Chardon), expands access to the anti-overdose drug naloxone to entities such as homeless shelters, halfway houses, schools, and treatment centers that deal with populations at high risk of heroin overdose. It also offers civil immunity to law enforcement officers who carry and use naloxone.

"We have spent a billion dollars on this issue. A billion dollars...," Mr. Kasich said. "Thank God we expanded Medicaid, because that Medicaid money is helping to rehab people...There are going to be more tools to come, but we're not going to defeat this just from the top down."

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27 US OH: Ohio Highway Patrol's New Anti-drug Emphasis Is BringingMon, 02 Jan 2017
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:102 Added:01/02/2017

[photo] Trooper Mike Wilson of the Ohio Highway Patrol leads his canine partner, Pluto, past a truck on I-70 in Madison County. Last year, Ohio registered a record 3,050 overdose deaths, with many attributed to painkillers and heroin abuse.

Lt. Robert Sellers said state troopers' first job is to protect the public. Last year, troopers recovered 156 pounds of heroin and record amounts of painkillers and methamphetamines.

COLUMBUS - The Ohio Highway Patrol says the agency's new anti-drug emphasis is paying off with record seizures of heroin, opiates, and other illegal substances.

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28 US OH: Ohio Troopers Add Anti-Drug Effort To Traffic Safety MissionSat, 31 Dec 2016
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:102 Added:01/02/2017

Sgt. Kurt Beidelschies of the Ohio State Highway Patrol walks to his cruiser holding a truck driver's log books that will be examined for discrepancies after a drug-sniffing dog "alerted" to the presence of drugs on the truck along I-70 in Madison County.

Lt. Robert Sellers of the Ohio State Highway Patrol explains how his agency's new focus on stopping criminal activity along with its traditional role of traffic safety has led to record drug seizures in 2016, including a variety of drugs due for disposal.

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29 US OH: Marijuana Supporters Worried By Trump's Attorney GeneralWed, 28 Dec 2016
Source:Norwalk Reflector (OH) Author:Wehrman, Jessica Area:Ohio Lines:122 Added:12/28/2016

WASHINGTON - President-elect Donald Trump's pick for attorney general is an outspoken foe of efforts to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes - and that has some wondering what it means for the 28 states that have legalized marijuana in some form.

Those states include Ohio, which is in the process of working on regulations for its own medical marijuana legalization. Aaron Marshall, a spokesman for Ohioans for Medical Marijuana, said his hope remains with Trump, who has repeatedly said he supports leaving marijuana legalization efforts to the states.

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30 US OH: Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Cocaine SentenceSat, 24 Dec 2016
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Provance, Jim Area:Ohio Lines:109 Added:12/26/2016

COLUMBUS - In a case closely watched by law enforcement statewide, a sharply divided Ohio Supreme Court on Friday said prosecutors must prove the weight of the actual cocaine - and not fillers - to get stiffer sentences in drug busts.

For Rafael Gonzales, 58, convicted in Wood County in 2012 of first-degree felony cocaine possession, the 4-3 decision means his 11-year sentence could be slashed to one.

Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger, writing for the majority, said state law's definition of "cocaine" does not provide for fillers such as baking soda.

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31 US OH: Lucas County Preps Needle ExchangeSun, 04 Dec 2016
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Lindstrom, Lauren Area:Ohio Lines:152 Added:12/04/2016

Health officials in Lucas County are working to get the area's first needle exchange program up and running by the spring.

Health officials in Lucas County are working to get the area's first needle exchange program up and running by the spring, adding another weapon to their arsenal in the fight against the heroin and opioid epidemic.

Toledo will be the last large metro area in Ohio to adopt such an exchange. Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati all have them, as do the smaller cities of Dayton and Portsmouth. Such programs aim to decrease the likelihood of spreading HIV or hepatitis C among users who share needles.

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32 US OH: Council OKs Medical Marijuana MoratoriumTue, 01 Nov 2016
Source:Courier, The (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:66 Added:11/03/2016

Findlay City Council made sure to give its two-year moratorium on medical marijuana a final vote Tuesday, but tabled legislation that would continue funding for the Arts Partnership of Greater Hancock County through the city's hotel/motel bed tax.

Council voted 9-1 to enact a ban on dispensing, cultivating or processing medical marijuana within city limits until Sept. 8, 2018. That will be exactly two years from the date the Ohio Legislature legalized the drug. Council plans to revisit the ban once state officials establish rules, which is expected to take at least two years.

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33 US OH: Cincinnati Is Awash With a Drug That Kills in MinusculeTue, 06 Sep 2016
Source:New York Times (NY)          Area:Ohio Lines:142 Added:09/06/2016

CINCINNATI - On the day he almost died, John Hatmaker bought a packet of Oreos and some ruby-red Swedish Fish at the corner store for his 5-year-old son. He was walking home when he spotted a man who used to sell him heroin.

Mr. Hatmaker, 29, had overdosed seven times in the four years he had been addicted to pain pills and heroin. But he hoped he was past all that. He had planned to spend that Saturday afternoon, Aug. 27, showing his son the motorcycles and enjoying the music at a prayer rally for Hope Over Heroin in this region stricken by soaring rates of drug overdoses and opioid deaths.

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34 US OH: City Talks Medical MarijuanaThu, 25 Aug 2016
Source:Morning Journal (Lorain, OH) Author:Remington, Kaylee Area:Ohio Lines:59 Added:08/25/2016

Council Moving for Medical Marijuana Moratorium

With the term medical marijuana buzzing around, Avon Lake City Council's safety committee moved along a moratorium to a collective committee meeting during its meeting Aug. 24.

"A number of communities are doing this to allow for the dust to settle," said Safety Committee Chair David Kos, adding that they want to see how everything will land in place and how it will take effect.

Mayor Greg Zilka agreed with Kos that a lot of communities are taking action to give them some breathing room.

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35 US OH: OPED: Federal Marijuana Policy In A HazeMon, 22 Aug 2016
Source:Morning Journal (Lorain, OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:77 Added:08/22/2016

President Barack Obama has said he considers marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol. More than three years ago, he said he had "bigger fish to fry" than targeting pot smokers in states that permit recreational use.

Federal officials remain in a haze when it comes to articulating a comprehensible policy on marijuana.

Perhaps last week's ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals curtailing the feds from prosecuting legitimate growers and distributors will help clear the air.

Half the nation's states, led by California, permit medicinal applications. Four states and the District of Columbia allow recreational use. In November, California could become the fifth.

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36 US OH: Miamisburg May Join Bans On Medical PotTue, 16 Aug 2016
Source:Dayton Daily News (OH) Author:Blizzard, Nick Area:Ohio Lines:60 Added:08/16/2016

Six-Month Measure Needed to Evaluate Issue, City Officials Say.

MIAMISBURG - Miamisburg is moving to become the latest Miami Valley community to place a temporary ban on medical marijuana.

The city is considering a six-month ban on issuing and processing "any permits allowing retail dispensaries, cultivators, or processors of marijuana" in the city, according to a proposed ordinance.

Last month Beavercreek City Council approved a similar measure while Troy voted in favor of a 180-day moratorium.

Those cities' actions and the measure before Miamisburg City Council tonight follow Gov. John Kasich's signing in June of a bill that allows medical marijuana to be prescribed for certain ailments.

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37 US OH: Board Says Attorneys Can't Help Marijuana BusinessesSat, 13 Aug 2016
Source:Morning Journal (Lorain, OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:53 Added:08/13/2016

COLUMBUS (AP) - An Ohio board that oversees attorney conduct said Thursday that attorneys aren't allowed to help someone establish a legal medical marijuana-related business in the state because using, growing and selling marijuana remains a federal crime.

The state Supreme Court's Board of Professional Conduct also said Ohio attorneys aren't legally permitted to use medical marijuana or to be personally involved in related businesses. Attorneys sought the opinion to determine whether a law barring employers from disciplining professionals from working with marijuana businesses applies to lawyers

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38 US OH: Medical Marijuana Options On The TableSat, 13 Aug 2016
Source:Morning Journal (Lorain, OH) Author:Remington, Kaylee Area:Ohio Lines:59 Added:08/13/2016

Sheffield Village Council will discuss Aug. 15 whether to prohibit the cultivation, processing and retail dispensing of marijuana for medical use in all its zoning districts during its regular meeting.

Mayor John Hunter said the Council also will have another option: a moratorium for up to six months.

Hunter said there is the moratorium for six months option because this will give the Village Council and the planning commission to review all Ohio statutes, criminal codes and the Village's zoning code.

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39 US OH: County Looks To Start Needle Swap ProgramFri, 29 Jul 2016
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Harris-Taylor, Marlene Area:Ohio Lines:92 Added:07/29/2016

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department will soon begin a local needle exchange program aimed at preventing intravenous drug users from contracting HIV or Hepatitis C.

The health board voted unanimously Thursday in support of starting a program which will be administered at two local sites. Both the Talbot Center, a drug addiction recovery center in East Toledo, and St. Paul United Methodist Church downtown have agreed to be access points for the exchanges, said Kelly Burkholder-Allen, acting director of health services.

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40 US OH: Part Of Pot Law Legally QuestionableMon, 25 Jul 2016
Source:Morning Journal (Lorain, OH) Author:Smyth, Julie Carr Area:Ohio Lines:53 Added:07/26/2016

(AP) - Apparently unconstitutional portions of Ohio's medical marijuana law, which set aside a percentage of the state's pot licenses for minorities, were spotted during legislative debate but left in the bill to gain needed votes, a key lawmaker says.

State Sen. Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican, said legally prickly provisions exposed by The Associated Press in June may require changes. The law takes effect Sept. 8, at which point a new panel will begin laying out a blueprint for how the new industry will work.

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41 US OH: Liberty Twp. Weighs Ban On Pot BusinessesWed, 20 Jul 2016
Source:Journal-News (Hamilton, OH) Author:Callahan, Denise G. Area:Ohio Lines:84 Added:07/20/2016

State Still Working on Rules for Medical Pot Dispensaries

LIBERTY TWP. - Liberty Twp. officials plan to ban or place a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses while various state agencies work on rules for the new law that allows the drug.

After a failed attempt at legalizing marijuana both for recreational and medical use, the state legislature and Gov. John Kasich signed into law a measure that will allow it only for medicinal purposes.

State Sen. Bill Coley, R-West Chester Twp., met with trustees Tuesday in a work session to discuss the new legislation. He encouraged them to place a moratorium on the medical drug while they figure out how they want to tackle the issue.

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42 US OH: OPED: Need New Weapons In This Drug WarFri, 08 Jul 2016
Source:Morning Journal (Lorain, OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:41 Added:07/08/2016

It's not your grandfather's war on drugs. It can't be.

Over the years, we've watched police officers and agencies fight the good fight. Get the bad guys off the streets.

We've also watched as the fight changed and law enforcement leaders, who see the casualties from the front line in the drug war, became advocates for recovery.

They still have to do their jobs: enforce the state's drug laws.

But police agencies are now out front in a different way.

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43 US OH: Medical Pot Raises Ethics IssuesTue, 05 Jul 2016
Source:Dayton Daily News (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:56 Added:07/05/2016

Ohio Supreme Court Board Asked to Weigh In.

Attorneys are asking whether Ohio's new medical marijuana law that bars employers from disciplining professionals from working with marijuana businesses applies to them.

Lawyers have submitted at least two requests for formal opinions on the matter to the state Supreme Court's Board of Professional Conduct. Only the state's high court can discipline licensed attorneys.

Attorneys want to know whether lawyers can use medical marijuana, own or operate medical marijuana businesses and represent marijuana cultivators, processors, dispensaries, patients and caregivers. The new medical marijuana law bars professional license holders from being disciplined "solely for engaging in professional or occupational activities related to medical marijuana."

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44 US OH: Portman, Strickland Focus on Ohio's Drug Crisis inSun, 03 Jul 2016
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Wehrman, Jessica Area:Ohio Lines:121 Added:07/03/2016

WASHINGTON - When Sen. Rob Portman's campaign launched its first TV ads of 2016, it wasn't hard to sense a theme.

The first ad focused on Portman's work to fight Ohio's drug crisis. The second told the story of Tyler Campbell, a young man from Pickerington who died of a heroin overdose. A third told of a Lakewood woman who is a recovering heroin addict. And a fourth told the story of a young woman from Carrollton who died of a heroin overdose.

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45 US OH: Minority Goals For Pot Market Raise Legal QuestionsThu, 23 Jun 2016
Source:Morning Journal (Lorain, OH) Author:Smyth, Julie Carr Area:Ohio Lines:93 Added:06/23/2016

Part of Ohio's new medical marijuana law that sets aside a piece of the state's budding pot business for minorities appears to be unconstitutional, legal experts told The Associated Press.

The provisions were inserted into the fast-tracked bill at the request of Democrats, whose votes were key to its passage in both Republican-controlled legislative chambers. The law made Ohio the 25th state to legalize medicinal cannabis. It takes effect Sept. 8.

The benchmarks require at least 15 percent of Ohio's cultivator, processor, retail dispensary and laboratory licenses to go to the businesses of one of four economically disadvantaged minority groups - - blacks, Hispanics, Asians or Native Americans - so long as an adequate number apply.

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46 US OH: Lawyers Share Questions Concerning Drug-Law EthicsWed, 22 Jun 2016
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Ludlow, Randy Area:Ohio Lines:36 Added:06/22/2016

Ohio lawyers are inquiring about the legal ethics accompanying medical marijuana.

A committee of the Board of Professional Conduct is examining the issue and expects to make a recommendation on an advisory opinion in August.

Two lawyers have sought guidance on ethical issues since lawmakers recently legalized the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medical purposes.

The questions being asked include the type of services lawyers can provide to marijuana-related businesses, attorney ownership in related businesses and the personal use of medical marijuana.

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47 US OH: PUB LTE: Medical-Pot Law Too RestrictiveTue, 21 Jun 2016
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Cline, Brian Area:Ohio Lines:39 Added:06/21/2016

I respond to the Sunday letter "State needs guidance on medical pot" from Thomas D'Onofrio. I don't think he should worry about anyone using medical marijuana. This bill was crafted by elected career legislators, who are also prohibitionists.

I don't think any doctors are going to write people a prescription for medical marijuana unless they are on their death bed.

No insurance company is going to cover medical marijuana as soon as it sees the word THC anywhere.

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48 US OH: Lawyer Questions Hamilton Pot LawTue, 14 Jun 2016
Source:Journal-News (Hamilton, OH) Author:Pitman, Michael D. Area:Ohio Lines:69 Added:06/14/2016

Medical Marijuana Ban Now Appears to Conflict With State Law

HAMILTON - Hamilton City Council voted 5-1 last year to effectively ban in the city the sale of medical marijuana through its zoning codes, and Cincinnati attorney Mike Allen said it may have a legal issue since it will soon be legal in Ohio to prescribe medical marijuana in limited forms.

The bill signed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich last week won't allow marijuana to be smoked or grown at home, but would allow for it to be prescribed in alternative forms, such as patches, vapors and edibles.

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49 US OH: PUB LTE: The Economics Of Legalizing PotSat, 11 Jun 2016
Source:News Herald (Willoughby, OH) Author:Dauenhauer, William Area:Ohio Lines:44 Added:06/11/2016

When the subject of legalizing marijuana comes up, there seems to be plenty of mixed emotions, clashing of opinion and even ambivalence of tolerance in our society. We generally disdain excessive use of alcohol and nicotine as anodynes - painkilling drugs or medicines - but a rigid line is drawn between hedonistic marijuana use and an almost Calvinistic condemnation of the drug.

Currently, we understand that 25 states, including Ohio, allow the use of marijuana for the relief of chronic pain, and just four states for "recreational" escape.

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50US OH: How Medical Marijuana Will Work In OhioFri, 10 Jun 2016
Source:News Herald (Willoughby, OH) Author:Sanner, Ann Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:06/10/2016

COLUMBUS (AP) - Republican Gov. John Kasich signed a bill Wednesday legalizing medical marijuana in Ohio, though patients shouldn't expect to get it from dispensaries here anytime soon.

The bill lays out a number of steps that must happen first to set up the state's medical marijuana program, which is expected to be fully operational in about two years. The law would allow patients to use marijuana in vapor form for certain chronic health conditions, but bar them from smoking it or growing it at home.

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