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1US OH: Drugs Put In Prison CoffeeWed, 29 Dec 1999
Source:Cincinnati Enquirer (OH) Author:Mclaughlin, Sheila Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:12/29/1999
2 US OH: Mayor: Maybe I am infringing on (NORML's) Constitutional Rights.Sun, 26 Dec 1999
Source:Record-Courier (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:130 Added:12/28/1999
3 US OH: City Fights Plans for Store Run by Marijuana LegalizersMon, 27 Dec 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Ohio Lines:68 Added:12/27/1999
4US OH: Drug Dealers Trying Rush-Delivery ServicesSun, 26 Dec 1999
Source:Cincinnati Enquirer (OH) Author:Hannah, James Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:12/26/1999
5 US OH: Editorial: McCaffrey Takes Right TackThu, 16 Dec 1999
Source:Blade, The (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:64 Added:12/16/1999
6 US OH: Editorial: Still A Violent NationMon, 13 Dec 1999
Source:Blade, The (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:68 Added:12/13/1999
7 US OH: Protecting Companies Against Violence Is A Growing PartMon, 06 Dec 1999
Source:Associated Press Author:Hannah, James Area:Ohio Lines:113 Added:12/06/1999
8 US OH: Ravenna: Cannabis Shop Lacks Required PermitsWed, 01 Dec 1999
Source:Akron Beacon-Journal (OH) Author:Jenkins, Colette M. Area:Ohio Lines:88 Added:12/01/1999
9 US OH: Column: Police Actions Breed Cynicism Among PublicMon, 22 Nov 1999
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Stephens, Steve Area:Ohio Lines:106 Added:11/25/1999
10 US OH: Clearing The SmokeSun, 31 Oct 1999
Source:Akron Beacon-Journal (OH) Author:Wheeler, Tracy Area:Ohio Lines:111 Added:10/31/1999
11US OH: Columbus Police Sued For Alleged Rights AbusesFri, 22 Oct 1999
Source:Orange County Register (CA)          Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:10/24/1999
12 US OH: Rally To Spotlight Medical Use Of PotMon, 11 Oct 1999
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Smeltzer, Nancy J. Area:Ohio Lines:72 Added:10/11/1999
13US OH: Voinovich Tries To Block D.C. Marijuana LawTue, 05 Oct 1999
Source:Plain Dealer, The (OH) Author:Diemer, Tom Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:10/05/1999
14 US OH: Campsite May Be Closed Over Drug BustTue, 21 Sep 1999
Source:Blade, The (OH) Author:Sielicki, Jim Area:Ohio Lines:84 Added:09/22/1999
15US OH: Daughter Sorry She Turned In MotherFri, 17 Sep 1999
Source:Plain Dealer, The (OH) Author:Hudak, Stephen Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:09/18/1999
16 US OH: Officer is Returned to ForceThu, 26 Aug 1999
Source:Akron Beacon-Journal (OH) Author:Korte, Gregory Area:Ohio Lines:103 Added:08/27/1999
17 US OH: Bush's Answers Raise QuestionsFri, 20 Aug 1999
Source:Charlotte Observer (NC) Author:Barabak, Mark Z. Area:Ohio Lines:137 Added:08/21/1999
18US OH: Baby Boomers Should Warn Kids About Drug UseSat, 21 Aug 1999
Source:Dallas Morning News (TX) Author:Miller, Jay Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:08/21/1999
19 US OH: Bush Says Parents Must Warn Children About Drugs and AlcoholFri, 20 Aug 1999
Source:New York Times (NY)          Area:Ohio Lines:128 Added:08/20/1999
20 US OH: Wire: Darryl Strawberry Ready To Move Forward On AndThu, 05 Aug 1999
Source:Associated Press Author:Resnik, Andy Area:Ohio Lines:97 Added:08/05/1999
21 US OH: Editorial: Environmental Catch 22Sat, 31 Jul 1999
Source:Blade, The (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:74 Added:08/01/1999
22 US OH: Drug Law Wins OK, But Many DoubtfulTue, 20 Jul 1999
Source:Akron Beacon-Journal (OH) Author:Korte, Gregory Area:Ohio Lines:66 Added:07/20/1999
23 US OH: Judge Orders Auction DelayedTue, 13 Jul 1999
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Hinchey, Frank Area:Ohio Lines:74 Added:07/16/1999
24US OH: Backers Expect Some Changes But It's A Big TaskSun, 11 Jul 1999
Source:Plain Dealer, The (OH) Author:Frolik, Joe Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:07/12/1999
25 US OH: Wire: Lucas County Officials Considering Drug CourtSun, 11 Jul 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Ohio Lines:70 Added:07/11/1999
26 US OH: PUB LTE: Anti-Drug Ads Must Include AlcoholWed, 30 Jun 1999
Source:Plain Dealer, The (OH) Author:Joseph, Christopher A. Area:Ohio Lines:39 Added:06/30/1999
27 US OH: Editorial: Decriminalizing ResearchWed, 26 May 1999
Source:Blade, The (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:54 Added:05/30/1999
28 US OH: Ohio Supreme Court Ruling Limits Access To Officers'Thu, 08 Apr 1999
Source:Dayton Daily News (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:69 Added:04/08/1999
29 US OH: Wire: Study - Many Children Are Using DrugsWed, 07 Apr 1999
Source:United Press International          Area:Ohio Lines:57 Added:04/07/1999
30 US OH: LTE: Teaching Students Contradictory LessonsThu, 01 Apr 1999
Source:Cincinnati Enquirer (OH) Author:Curry, Amanda Area:Ohio Lines:46 Added:04/01/1999
31 US OH: Cop Who Planted Drugs Wins RoundTue, 30 Mar 1999
Source:Cincinnati Post (OH) Author:Perry, Kimball Area:Ohio Lines:63 Added:03/30/1999
32 US OH: Other Views Springfield News-Sun, March 23, on drugsSun, 28 Mar 1999
Source:Herald, The (WA)          Area:Ohio Lines:41 Added:03/28/1999
33 US OH: Wire: Pain PreventionSat, 27 Mar 1999
Source:Augusta Chronicle, The (GA)          Area:Ohio Lines:33 Added:03/27/1999
34 US OH: Wire: Principal's PrincipleThu, 25 Mar 1999
Source:United Press International          Area:Ohio Lines:21 Added:03/25/1999
35 US OH: State Says Man Can't Attend Birth To His Inmate-WifeFri, 19 Mar 1999
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:49 Added:03/19/1999
36 US OH: Research: Pot Helps Ill, Study FindsFri, 19 Mar 1999
Source:Dayton Daily News (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:87 Added:03/19/1999
37 US OH: Institute Advocates Medical Use Of PotThu, 18 Mar 1999
Source:Akron Beacon-Journal (OH) Author:Mcfarling, Usha Lee Area:Ohio Lines:119 Added:03/18/1999
38 US OH: Stealing By The StateWed, 17 Mar 1999
Source:Cincinnati Post (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:108 Added:03/17/1999
39 US OH: Column: He Dares Question Idiocy Of Drug War On College CampusMon, 15 Mar 1999
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Stephens, Steve Area:Ohio Lines:99 Added:03/15/1999
40 US OH: PUB LTE: Drugwar - Stupid Is As Stupid DoesFri, 12 Mar 1999
Source:Blade, The (OH) Author:White, Jim Area:Ohio Lines:28 Added:03/12/1999
41 US OH: PUB LTE: DrugWar: Stupid Is As Stupid DoesFri, 12 Mar 1999
Source:Blade, The (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:39 Added:03/12/1999
42 US OH: DeWine and Clinton Are At Odds Over Drug WarMon, 8 Mar 1999
Source:The Blade (OH) Author:Packer-Tursman, Judy Area:Ohio Lines:126 Added:03/08/1999
43 US OH: Wire: Ohio Teenager Turns In Mom's Crack PipeThu, 25 Feb 1999
Source:United Press International          Area:Ohio Lines:46 Added:02/25/1999
44 US OH: Wire: Disabled Man Faces Another Drug ChargeWed, 24 Feb 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Ohio Lines:56 Added:02/24/1999
45US OH: After Pledge Dies, Case Western U Fraternities Declare Alcohol MoratoriumTue, 23 Feb 1999
Source:Chronicle of Higher Education, The (US) Author:Hughes, Jason Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:02/23/1999
46US OH: A Dopey LetterSat, 30 Jan 1999
Source:Plain Dealer, The (OH) Author:Quinn, Christopher Area:Ohio Lines:Excerpt Added:01/30/1999
47 US OH: Advocates Of Marijuana Legalization Split And End RiftThu, 28 Jan 1999
Source:The Blade (Toledo, OH) Author:Tressler, Mike Area:Ohio Lines:69 Added:01/28/1999
48 US OH: Drug War Chipping Away At America's Grip On Basic RightsMon, 18 Jan 1999
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Stephens, Steve Area:Ohio Lines:83 Added:01/18/1999
49 US OH: Wire: Limits On Police Searches Debated U.S. SupremeThu, 14 Jan 1999
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:50 Added:01/14/1999
50 US OH: Editorial: Treating The CauseSun, 3 Jan 1999
Source:The Cincinnati Post (OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:65 Added:01/03/1999

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