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1 US ND: LTE: Marijuana Isn't A Proper MedicineSat, 05 Nov 2016
Source:Bismarck Tribune (ND) Author:Connell, Joan M. Area:North Dakota Lines:59 Added:11/08/2016
2 US ND: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Can Make A DifferenceFri, 04 Nov 2016
Source:Forum, The (Fargo, ND) Author:Fischer, John Area:North Dakota Lines:45 Added:11/08/2016
3 US ND: Medical Marijuana Supporters Make Last-Minute Plea To VotersThu, 03 Nov 2016
Source:Bismarck Tribune (ND) Author:Kolpack, Dave Area:North Dakota Lines:56 Added:11/08/2016
4 US ND: LTE: Measure 5 Is Not Good Medicine For NDWed, 02 Nov 2016
Source:Daily News, The (ND) Author:Stenehjem, Wayne Area:North Dakota Lines:63 Added:11/02/2016
5 US ND: PUB LTE: Legalize Medical Marijuana In NDWed, 02 Nov 2016
Source:Forum, The (Fargo, ND) Author:Field, Bonnie Area:North Dakota Lines:23 Added:11/02/2016
6 US ND: Editorial: Yes On Measure 5Wed, 02 Nov 2016
Source:Williston Herald (ND)          Area:North Dakota Lines:27 Added:11/02/2016
7 US ND: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Is Rooted In RacismFri, 15 Jul 2016
Source:Forum, The (Fargo, ND) Author:Christofferson, Cory Area:North Dakota Lines:56 Added:07/16/2016
8 US ND: Parents Of Andrew Sadek Want Fbi To Take Over CaseSat, 16 Apr 2016
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND)          Area:North Dakota Lines:64 Added:04/17/2016
9 US ND: Editorial: Yes, It's Possible To Prevent Drug AbuseMon, 21 Mar 2016
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Dennis, Tom Area:North Dakota Lines:84 Added:03/21/2016
10 US ND: Editorial: Legalization of Marijuana Likely to BeMon, 22 Feb 2016
Source:Bismarck Tribune (ND)          Area:North Dakota Lines:70 Added:02/22/2016
11 US ND: PUB LTE: Colorado's Experience Argues For LegalizingWed, 17 Feb 2016
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:White, Stan Area:North Dakota Lines:30 Added:02/18/2016
12 US ND: Marijuana Measure Sponsors Must Resubmit Petition AfterFri, 12 Feb 2016
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Nowatzki, Mike Area:North Dakota Lines:120 Added:02/13/2016
13 US ND: Edu: Column: Help Addicts, Legalize DrugsWed, 03 Feb 2016
Source:Dakota Student (ND Edu) Author:Sallen, Nick Area:North Dakota Lines:98 Added:02/04/2016
14 US ND: Dakotas Tribal Leaders Pitching Pot As EconomicMon, 15 Jun 2015
Source:Bismarck Tribune (ND) Author:MacPherson, James Area:North Dakota Lines:103 Added:06/16/2015
15 US ND: Dark Side Of The BoomMon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Horwitz, Sari Area:North Dakota Lines:351 Added:09/29/2014
16 US ND: Column: 'Medical' Marijuana Has Its Own EconomicsSun, 18 May 2014
Source:Bismarck Tribune (ND) Author:Lotterman, Edward Area:North Dakota Lines:140 Added:05/19/2014
17 US ND: Increasing Drug Trade, Violence Mar Positive Effects OfMon, 14 Apr 2014
Source:Billings Gazette, The (MT)          Area:North Dakota Lines:347 Added:04/14/2014
18 US ND: Heroin Use On The Rise In North DakotaSun, 06 Apr 2014
Source:Bismarck Tribune (ND) Author:Macpherson, James Area:North Dakota Lines:56 Added:04/06/2014
19 US ND: PUB LTE: Letter Was Spot On About Marijuana EffectsWed, 19 Mar 2014
Source:Forum, The (Fargo, ND) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:North Dakota Lines:30 Added:03/21/2014
20 US ND: PUB LTE: A More Rational View Of A God-Given PlantSat, 15 Mar 2014
Source:Forum, The (Fargo, ND) Author:White, Stan Area:North Dakota Lines:33 Added:03/18/2014
21 US ND: PUB LTE: A More Rational View Of A God-Given PlantSat, 15 Mar 2014
Source:Forum, The (Fargo, ND) Author:White, Stan Area:North Dakota Lines:33 Added:03/17/2014
22 US ND: PUB LTE: Pot Prohibition Does Not Decrease UseWed, 15 Jan 2014
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:North Dakota Lines:40 Added:01/15/2014
23 US ND: Court Rejects Effort To Put Medical Pot Back On BallotThu, 20 Sep 2012
Source:Dickinson Press, The (ND) Author:Springer, Patrick Area:North Dakota Lines:82 Added:09/20/2012
24 US ND: PUB LTE: Misrepresentations About Medical Marijuana LawWed, 22 Aug 2012
Source:Dickinson Press, The (ND) Author:Pierce, Nathan Area:North Dakota Lines:65 Added:08/23/2012
25 US ND: MT Lawmaker Says ND Lawmakers Should Deal With MedicalSun, 19 Aug 2012
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Grandstrand, Katherine Area:North Dakota Lines:117 Added:08/20/2012
26 US ND: As Issue Strikes ND, A Look At Medical Marijuana In MontanaSun, 19 Aug 2012
Source:Dickinson Press, The (ND) Author:Grandstrand, Katherine Area:North Dakota Lines:115 Added:08/19/2012
27 US ND: Editorial: Medical Marijuana? Not in N.D.Fri, 25 May 2012
Source:Minot Daily News (ND)          Area:North Dakota Lines:46 Added:05/25/2012
28 US ND: Marijuana: Is It Medicinal?Wed, 23 May 2012
Source:Dickinson Press, The (ND) Author:Wetzel, Dale Area:North Dakota Lines:65 Added:05/24/2012
29 US ND: Crime And Punishment: Those With A Criminal History Have ASat, 19 May 2012
Source:Williston Herald (ND) Author:Brooks, Jacob Area:North Dakota Lines:100 Added:05/22/2012
30 US ND: Stark County Jury Acquits Suspected Marijuana TraffickerFri, 03 Feb 2012
Source:Dickinson Press, The (ND) Author:Martin, Ashley Area:North Dakota Lines:71 Added:02/05/2012
31 US ND: Meth Makes A Comeback In Dickinson AreaTue, 30 Aug 2011
Source:Dickinson Press, The (ND) Author:Marti, Ashley Area:North Dakota Lines:79 Added:08/30/2011
32 US ND: New Drug Fad Is Legal In Minn, Not NdMon, 28 Jun 2010
Source:Jamestown Sun (ND) Author:Nowatzki, Mike Area:North Dakota Lines:269 Added:06/29/2010
33 US ND: ND Farmers Lose Appeal To Grow HempThu, 24 Dec 2009
Source:Monterey County Herald (CA) Author:Macpherson, James Area:North Dakota Lines:95 Added:12/24/2009
34 US ND: PUB LTE: Legalization Solves 'Medical Pot' ProblemSun, 06 Dec 2009
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Chase, John Area:North Dakota Lines:36 Added:12/11/2009
35 US ND: PUB LTE: Time to Admit That Prohibition Has FailedMon, 30 Nov 2009
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Thorpe, Susan Area:North Dakota Lines:32 Added:11/30/2009
36 US ND: PUB LTE: What Has Columnist Will Been Smoking?Mon, 30 Nov 2009
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Boop, Michael Area:North Dakota Lines:46 Added:11/30/2009
37 US ND: Column: Drop 'Medical' From Medical Pot LawsSun, 29 Nov 2009
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Will, George Area:North Dakota Lines:116 Added:11/29/2009
38 US ND: PUB LTE: Legalize Medical CannabisFri, 30 Oct 2009
Source:Bismarck Tribune (ND) Author:Snavely, Del Area:North Dakota Lines:46 Added:10/30/2009
39 US ND: Column: Obama Has A Hazy Pot PolicyThu, 02 Apr 2009
Source:Dickinson Press, The (ND) Author:Page, Clarence Area:North Dakota Lines:117 Added:04/02/2009
40 US ND: Column: Reform Outdated Medical Marijuana LawsThu, 12 Mar 2009
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Page, Clarence Area:North Dakota Lines:101 Added:03/13/2009
41 US ND: Edu: Editorial: Maturity and CelebrityFri, 06 Feb 2009
Source:Dakota Student (ND Edu) Author:Liden, Stephanie Area:North Dakota Lines:87 Added:02/08/2009
42 US ND: One Word: 'Disappointing'Sun, 08 Feb 2009
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Brevik, Brittany Area:North Dakota Lines:99 Added:02/08/2009
43 US ND: Involved Youth Less Likely To Abuse Alcohol, DrugsThu, 25 Dec 2008
Source:Daily News, The (ND) Author:Jauhola, Anna Area:North Dakota Lines:68 Added:12/26/2008
44 US ND: Industrial Hemp Production Licenses Accepted By N D AG DepartmentMon, 08 Dec 2008
Source:Jamestown Sun (ND)          Area:North Dakota Lines:44 Added:12/09/2008
45 US ND: PUB LTE: Montana Gets Message on Medical MarijuanaSat, 27 Sep 2008
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Snavely, Del Area:North Dakota Lines:58 Added:09/28/2008
46 US ND: PUB LTE: Legalize, Regulate And Tax CannabisSun, 06 Jul 2008
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Snavely, Del Area:North Dakota Lines:66 Added:07/06/2008
47 US ND: OPED: It's Time to Wake Up and See That Cannabis Can Help OthersMon, 26 May 2008
Source:Jamestown Sun (ND) Author:Snavely, Del Area:North Dakota Lines:59 Added:05/30/2008
48 US ND: PUB LTE: Don't Stigmatize Medical-Marijuana UseWed, 30 Apr 2008
Source:Grand Forks Herald (ND) Author:Snavely, Del Area:North Dakota Lines:56 Added:05/01/2008
49 US ND: Law Enforcement Cuts LoomThu, 27 Mar 2008
Source:Forum, The (Fargo, ND) Author:Schmidt, Helmut Area:North Dakota Lines:89 Added:03/29/2008
50 US ND: Ray Farmer Fighting To Grow Hemp ProductMon, 25 Feb 2008
Source:Williston Herald (ND) Author:Eckroth, LeAnn Area:North Dakota Lines:128 Added:02/25/2008

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