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151 US NC: Former Carteret Sheriff Pleads Guilty To Misusing FundsTue, 04 May 2010
Source:Jacksonville Daily News (NC)          Area:North Carolina Lines:45 Added:05/08/2010
152 US NC: Willie Nelson's Band Members Fined $25Fri, 07 May 2010
Source:Jacksonville Daily News (NC) Author:McErlean, Ashley Area:North Carolina Lines:54 Added:05/08/2010
153 US NC: Thomas Pleads GuiltyWed, 05 May 2010
Source:Carteret County News-Times, The (NC) Author:Hogwood, Ben Area:North Carolina Lines:123 Added:05/05/2010
154 US NC: 'Any Lab Is One Meth Lab Too Many'Mon, 03 May 2010
Source:Gaston Gazette, The (NC) Author:Kurzweg, Victoria Area:North Carolina Lines:211 Added:05/03/2010
155 US NC: Editorial: Drugs May Change But Addictions Still Very RealThu, 29 Apr 2010
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC)          Area:North Carolina Lines:79 Added:05/02/2010
156 US NC: PUB LTE: N.C. Needs Tax Dollars That Medical MarijuanaThu, 29 Apr 2010
Source:Charlotte Observer (NC) Author:Marlowe, Jean Area:North Carolina Lines:26 Added:05/02/2010
157 US NC: CGH Institutes New Narcotic Drug PolicyWed, 28 Apr 2010
Source:Carteret County News-Times, The (NC) Author:Hibbs, Mark Area:North Carolina Lines:75 Added:05/01/2010
158 US NC: Column: Dirty Cops Ruin Reputation of All CopsMon, 26 Apr 2010
Source:Jacksonville Daily News (NC) Author:Moore, Carole Area:North Carolina Lines:64 Added:04/30/2010
159 US NC: Column: Decriminalize Marijuana, Cut Prison CostsTue, 27 Apr 2010
Source:Creative Loafing (Charlotte, NC) Author:Grooms, John Area:North Carolina Lines:216 Added:04/29/2010
160 US NC: Edu: Duke's Dynamic Drug Scene Largely MutedTue, 27 Apr 2010
Source:Chronicle, The (Duke U, NC Edu) Author:OConnor, Ciaran Area:North Carolina Lines:218 Added:04/28/2010
161 US NC: Edu: Column: Looking for a Sensible Drug PolicyFri, 23 Apr 2010
Source:Technician, The (NC State U, NC Edu) Author:Miano, Nicholas Area:North Carolina Lines:73 Added:04/26/2010
162 US NC: Edu: Column: A Whiff Of Change In Pot VoteWed, 14 Apr 2010
Source:Seahawk, The (NC Edu Univ of North Carolina - Wilm Author:Polman, Dick Area:North Carolina Lines:116 Added:04/18/2010
163 US NC: Edu: Million Marijuana March Having Trouble With PermitsThu, 15 Apr 2010
Source:East Carolinian (NC Edu) Author:Hiebert, Will Area:North Carolina Lines:104 Added:04/18/2010
164 US NC: Column: On the Drug War's Front LineThu, 08 Apr 2010
Source:News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) Author:Galvinn, Glenn Area:North Carolina Lines:97 Added:04/13/2010
165 US NC: Charges Against Nelson Band Members PendingMon, 12 Apr 2010
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Clark, Doug Area:North Carolina Lines:116 Added:04/13/2010
166 US NC: Methodist University Program Provides Training InWed, 07 Apr 2010
Source:Fayetteville Observer (NC) Author:Reid, Sarah A. Area:North Carolina Lines:81 Added:04/11/2010
167 US NC: Edu: Column: Legalize ItFri, 09 Apr 2010
Source:Technician, The (NC State U, NC Edu) Author:Miano, Nick Area:North Carolina Lines:87 Added:04/09/2010
168 US NC: Edu: OPED: The Business Of Illegal DrugsMon, 29 Mar 2010
Source:Daily Tar Heel, The (U of NC, Edu) Author:VanAntwerp, Tom Area:North Carolina Lines:70 Added:04/03/2010
169 US NC: Third Party Candidate Represents Fourth Option in DASun, 28 Mar 2010
Source:Hickory Daily Record (NC) Author:Gould, Richard Area:North Carolina Lines:104 Added:04/02/2010
170 US NC: Column: Stop the Madness Just Say No MoreSun, 28 Mar 2010
Source:Fayetteville Observer (NC) Author:Broadwell, Charles Area:North Carolina Lines:53 Added:04/02/2010
171 US NC: Edu: PUB LTE: Jesus Risked Jail to Help the SickThu, 25 Mar 2010
Source:Technician, The (NC State U, NC Edu) Author:White, Stan Area:North Carolina Lines:35 Added:03/27/2010
172 US NC: PUB LTE: Stop Caging Humans Using CannabisThu, 25 Mar 2010
Source:Salisbury Post (NC) Author:White, Stan Area:North Carolina Lines:33 Added:03/27/2010
173 US NC: Edu: Column: Medical Marijuana: A Personal DecisionMon, 22 Mar 2010
Source:Technician, The (NC State U, NC Edu) Author:Daughtry, Sam Area:North Carolina Lines:103 Added:03/24/2010
174 US NC: PUB LTE: Drug War Is Costly and Does More Harm Than GoodSun, 21 Mar 2010
Source:Burlington Times-News (NC) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:North Carolina Lines:41 Added:03/23/2010
175 US NC: PUB LTE: And They Call This Justice?Sat, 20 Mar 2010
Source:Star-News (Wilmington, NC) Author:Carr, Lowell J. Area:North Carolina Lines:31 Added:03/23/2010
176 US NC: Speakers Promote Cannabis for HealthFri, 19 Mar 2010
Source:Salisbury Post (NC) Author:Potts, Shavonne Area:North Carolina Lines:98 Added:03/21/2010
177 US NC: Policies In Place To Track Drug Fund MoneySun, 14 Mar 2010
Source:Jacksonville Daily News (NC) Author:Pippin, Jannette Area:North Carolina Lines:77 Added:03/17/2010
178 US NC: Local Veteran Hopes Legalization of Medical Marijuana Doesn't Go Up In SmMon, 15 Mar 2010
Source:Gaston Gazette, The (NC) Author:Barrett, Michael Area:North Carolina Lines:169 Added:03/17/2010
179US NC: WNC Has High Rate Of Prescription Drug DeathsWed, 17 Mar 2010
Source:Asheville Citizen-Times (NC) Author:Boatwright, Josh Area:North Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:03/17/2010
180 US NC: Former Carteret Sheriff Accused Of Skimming Drug MoneyThu, 11 Mar 2010
Source:Jacksonville Daily News (NC) Author:Pippin, Jannette Area:North Carolina Lines:51 Added:03/12/2010
181 US NC: Editorial: State Needs to Reach Consensus on MarijuanaThu, 11 Mar 2010
Source:Burlington Times-News (NC)          Area:North Carolina Lines:66 Added:03/12/2010
182US NC: Editorial: Make Schools Safer By Keeping Prescription Drugs OutMon, 08 Mar 2010
Source:Asheville Citizen-Times (NC)          Area:North Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:03/11/2010
183 US NC: LTE: Marijuana, Moonshine Carry Penalty of LawThu, 11 Mar 2010
Source:Jacksonville Daily News (NC) Author:Yopp, Randy Area:North Carolina Lines:40 Added:03/11/2010
184 US NC: Sen. Albertson Writes a Ditty About WillieSun, 07 Mar 2010
Source:Free Press, The (Kinston, NC) Author:Smith, Barry Area:North Carolina Lines:88 Added:03/10/2010
185 US NC: Senator Records Song About Citations Against Willie Nelson's Band MembersThu, 04 Mar 2010
Source:Jacksonville Daily News (NC) Author:Smith, Barry Area:North Carolina Lines:90 Added:03/09/2010
186 US NC: PUB LTE: It's Time To Legalize Marijuana Used For Medical PurposesMon, 08 Mar 2010
Source:Charlotte Observer (NC) Author:Davis, Ralph D. Area:North Carolina Lines:29 Added:03/09/2010
187 US NC: PUB LTE: We Should Legalize MarijuanaWed, 03 Mar 2010
Source:Star-News (Wilmington, NC) Author:Oldham, Franklin Area:North Carolina Lines:35 Added:03/08/2010
188 US NC: Medical Marijuana Advocates MeetWed, 03 Mar 2010
Source:Charlotte Observer (NC) Author:Morrill, Jim Area:North Carolina Lines:65 Added:03/08/2010
189 US NC: Edu: School-Issued Laptops Begin to Raise PrivacyTue, 02 Mar 2010
Source:Pendulum, The (NC Edu Elon University)          Area:North Carolina Lines:81 Added:03/07/2010
190 US NC: PUB LTE: Don't Prohibit DrugsTue, 23 Feb 2010
Source:Herald-Sun, The (Durham, NC) Author:Polewka, David Area:North Carolina Lines:27 Added:02/27/2010
191 US NC: Editorial: Doctor’s Behavior Just Like That Of A StreetFri, 26 Feb 2010
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC)          Area:North Carolina Lines:70 Added:02/26/2010
192 US NC: Editorial: Hard Time: Quiet Commission Seeks SmartFri, 26 Feb 2010
Source:Fayetteville Observer ( NC )          Area:North Carolina Lines:66 Added:02/26/2010
193 US NC: Editorial: Looking At Dollars Spent On JusticeFri, 26 Feb 2010
Source:Jacksonville Daily News ( NC )          Area:North Carolina Lines:67 Added:02/26/2010
194 US NC: PUB LTE: Prescribed Relief Is Illegal For NowFri, 26 Feb 2010
Source:Daily Reflector (Greenville, NC) Author:Styron, Mack Area:North Carolina Lines:39 Added:02/26/2010
195 US NC: LTE: Wrong Drug MessageThu, 25 Feb 2010
Source:News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) Author:Solovieff, Nicholas Area:North Carolina Lines:29 Added:02/25/2010
196 US NC: Willie Nelson's Canceled Concert Inspires State Senator's SongThu, 25 Feb 2010
Source:Star-News (NC) Author:Ribeiro, Ana Area:North Carolina Lines:82 Added:02/25/2010
197 US NC: Sending Monies To The Schools Means Taxpayers NowWed, 24 Feb 2010
Source:Star-News (NC) Author:Reynolds, David Area:North Carolina Lines:70 Added:02/25/2010
198 US NC: $150,646 Goes From New Hanover Sheriff's Office ToWed, 24 Feb 2010
Source:Star-News (NC) Author:Reynolds, David Area:North Carolina Lines:115 Added:02/25/2010
199 US NC: Fake Weed: Same Effects, but Legal?Wed, 24 Feb 2010
Source:Shelby Star, The (NC) Author:Jackson, Daniel Area:North Carolina Lines:136 Added:02/24/2010
200 US NC: SLED Chief Flags Mexican Drug CartelsFri, 19 Feb 2010
Source:Charlotte Observer (NC) Author:Garfield, Matt Area:North Carolina Lines:75 Added:02/21/2010

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