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1 US MD: Strip-Search Ruled Illegal in Drug ArrestTue, 30 Dec 2003
Source:Washington Times (DC)          Area:Maryland Lines:63 Added:12/30/2003
2 US MD: Editorial: Holiday GiftsThu, 18 Dec 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD)          Area:Maryland Lines:68 Added:12/20/2003
3 US MD: Group Mobilizes Opposition to New Voting MachinesSun, 14 Dec 2003
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Schulte, Brigid Area:Maryland Lines:102 Added:12/14/2003
4 US MD: Medical Marijuana's Side EffectSun, 23 Nov 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Desmon, Stephanie Area:Maryland Lines:183 Added:11/23/2003
5 US MD: OxyContin: Rx For Pain Hits The StreetsWed, 12 Nov 2003
Source:Catonsville Times (MD) Author:Ames, Marcia Area:Maryland Lines:192 Added:11/15/2003
6 US MD: Red Ribbon Campaign in South EndTue, 28 Oct 2003
Source:Cumberland Times-News (MD)          Area:Maryland Lines:71 Added:11/02/2003
7 US MD: Column: Drug War, Not The Patriot Act, Infringes On Our FreedomsWed, 22 Oct 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Kane, Gregory Area:Maryland Lines:97 Added:10/22/2003
8 US MD: Column: Good Riddance To Pot Foes' Bid To Silence DoctorsThu, 16 Oct 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Page, Clarence Area:Maryland Lines:100 Added:10/16/2003
9 US MD: Editorial: Gagging On The Gag OrderWed, 15 Oct 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD)          Area:Maryland Lines:61 Added:10/15/2003
10 US MD: Medical Marijuana, Child Seat, Breastfeeding Laws TakeThu, 02 Oct 2003
Source:Frederick News Post (MD) Author:Dennis, Steven T. Area:Maryland Lines:34 Added:10/03/2003
11 US MD: Medical MarijuanaWed, 01 Oct 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Desmon, Stephanie Area:Maryland Lines:40 Added:10/01/2003
12 US MD: MD Starts Test Run Of Medical MarijuanaWed, 01 Oct 2003
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Craig, Tim Area:Maryland Lines:159 Added:10/01/2003
13 US MD: Dozens of Maryland Laws to Take Effect WednesdayMon, 29 Sep 2003
Source:Washington Times (DC) Author:Stuckey, Tom Area:Maryland Lines:88 Added:09/30/2003
14 US MD: New Laws Take Effect WednesdayMon, 29 Sep 2003
Source:Daily Times, The (MD) Author:Stuckey, Tom Area:Maryland Lines:91 Added:09/29/2003
15 US MD: Group Recruiting to Fight Local War on DrugsWed, 24 Sep 2003
Source:Cumberland Times-News (MD) Author:Shawver, Sam Area:Maryland Lines:110 Added:09/25/2003
16 US MD: Ecstasy Study Retracted From JournalSat, 06 Sep 2003
Source:Watertown Daily Times (NY)          Area:Maryland Lines:61 Added:09/07/2003
17 US MD: In Baltimore, Slogan Collides With RealityTue, 02 Sep 2003
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Gettleman, Jeffrey Area:Maryland Lines:270 Added:09/02/2003
18 US MD: A Scientist's Lifetime Of Study Into The Mysteries OfTue, 19 Aug 2003
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Duenwald, Mary Area:Maryland Lines:160 Added:08/26/2003
19US MD: Head Of Drug Abuse Agency Gives Perspectives On AddictionMon, 25 Aug 2003
Source:Dallas Morning News (TX)          Area:Maryland Lines:Excerpt Added:08/25/2003
20 US MD: Editorial: Living With AIDSThu, 14 Aug 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD)          Area:Maryland Lines:80 Added:08/17/2003
21 US MD: Column: The Delicious Subplots Of September AwaitSun, 17 Aug 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Smith, C. Fraser Area:Maryland Lines:100 Added:08/17/2003
22 US MD: Editorial: Money For SomethingThu, 07 Aug 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD)          Area:Maryland Lines:74 Added:08/08/2003
23 US MD: Column: Eliminating Death Penalties For Drug UseFri, 01 Aug 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Chapman, Steve Area:Maryland Lines:92 Added:08/01/2003
24 US MD: PUB LTE: Hoping Gov. Ehrlich Is Smart With Smart GrowthThu, 17 Jul 2003
Source:Bay Weekly (MD) Author:Hildebrandt, Erin Area:Maryland Lines:46 Added:07/24/2003
25 US MD: OPED: GOP Leads the Way on Drug Policy ReformMon, 21 Jul 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Andrews, Tara Area:Maryland Lines:103 Added:07/22/2003
26 US MD: PUB LTE: Raid Will Do Little to Deter Drug DealersWed, 09 Jul 2003
Source:Cumberland Times-News (MD) Author:Hildebrandt, Erin Area:Maryland Lines:45 Added:07/12/2003
27 US MD: PUB LTE: Praise the Lord and Pass the MarijuanaFri, 11 Jul 2003
Source:City Paper (MD) Author:White, Stan Area:Maryland Lines:36 Added:07/11/2003
28 US MD: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Decisions Shouldn't Be MadeThu, 10 Jul 2003
Source:Frederick News Post (MD) Author:Hildebrandt, Erin Area:Maryland Lines:44 Added:07/11/2003
29 US MD: PUB LTE: Solve The Drug Problem: Repeal All The LawsThu, 10 Jul 2003
Source:Frederick News Post (MD) Author:Ditman, John L. Area:Maryland Lines:31 Added:07/10/2003
30 US MD: PUB LTE: It's High TimeWed, 02 Jul 2003
Source:City Paper (MD) Author:Wertz, Jason Area:Maryland Lines:61 Added:07/05/2003
31 US MD: Legal Drug Use SlowedWed, 02 Jul 2003
Source:Frederick News Post (MD) Author:Haynes, Reagan Area:Maryland Lines:133 Added:07/03/2003
32 US MD: Marijuana Fight To Be ContinuedWed, 02 Jul 2003
Source:Frederick News Post (MD) Author:Cumber, Clifford G. Area:Maryland Lines:164 Added:07/03/2003
33 US MD: Police - Most County Crime Drug-RelatedMon, 30 Jun 2003
Source:Cumberland Times-News (MD) Author:Beavers, Liz Area:Maryland Lines:94 Added:06/30/2003
34 US MD: Drug of Choice: General Assembly Committee To HoldWed, 25 Jun 2003
Source:City Paper (MD) Author:Roberts, Jamil Area:Maryland Lines:107 Added:06/27/2003
35 US MD: Two Officials Protest Plans For Drug ClinicTue, 24 Jun 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD)          Area:Maryland Lines:114 Added:06/24/2003
36 US MD: Medical Marijuana: Compassionate or a Trap for Users?Sun, 15 Jun 2003
Source:Daily Times, The (MD) Author:Gates, Deborah Area:Maryland Lines:165 Added:06/19/2003
37 US MD: PUB LTE: Wrong On WeedMon, 09 Jun 2003
Source:Herald-Mail, The (Hagerstown, MD) Author:White, Stan Area:Maryland Lines:33 Added:06/11/2003
38 US MD: PUB LTE: Prohibition Of Any Substance Is FascismFri, 06 Jun 2003
Source:Daily Times, The (MD) Author:Hopwood, Jos. E. Area:Maryland Lines:69 Added:06/07/2003
39 US MD: Editorial: Marijuana Bill Right On TargetSun, 01 Jun 2003
Source:Daily Times, The (MD)          Area:Maryland Lines:58 Added:06/06/2003
40 US MD: PUB LTE: Pot Phobia Distorts Truth About Its Medical PropertiesMon, 02 Jun 2003
Source:Herald-Mail, The (Hagerstown, MD) Author:Hildebrandt, Erin Area:Maryland Lines:64 Added:06/02/2003
41 US MD: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Shouldn't Be IllegalSun, 01 Jun 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Hildebrandt, Erin Area:Maryland Lines:31 Added:06/01/2003
42 US MD: Anti-Marijuana Activist Persistent in Pursuit ofThu, 29 May 2003
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Montgomery, Lori Area:Maryland Lines:74 Added:05/31/2003
43 US MD: Column: Hypochondriacs May Benefit From Marijuana BillThu, 29 May 2003
Source:Herald-Mail, The (Hagerstown, MD) Author:Rowland, Tim Area:Maryland Lines:103 Added:05/31/2003
44 US MD: Ehrlich Bucks Bush, Signs Marijuana BillFri, 30 May 2003
Source:Washington Blade (DC) Author:Crea, Joe Area:Maryland Lines:150 Added:05/31/2003
45 US MD: Approval Of Marijuana Bill Brings Little Sense Of ReliefWed, 28 May 2003
Source:Towson Times (MD) Author:Sears, Bryan P. Area:Maryland Lines:87 Added:05/30/2003
46 US MD: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Poses Little ThreatWed, 28 May 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Dietz, Julia Area:Maryland Lines:31 Added:05/28/2003
47 US MD: Carroll Law Enforcement Preparing For Camp COPSTue, 27 May 2003
Source:Carroll County Times (MD) Author:Kelly, Jamie Area:Maryland Lines:75 Added:05/27/2003
48 US MD: Column: Marijuana Law Makes A Humane DistinctionSun, 25 May 2003
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Olesker, Michael Area:Maryland Lines:117 Added:05/26/2003
49 US MD: Medical Marijuana Bill SignedFri, 23 May 2003
Source:Frederick News Post (MD) Author:Cumber, Clifford G. Area:Maryland Lines:109 Added:05/26/2003
50 US MD: Medical Marijuana OK In MDFri, 23 May 2003
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL)          Area:Maryland Lines:19 Added:05/23/2003

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