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1 US IN: Senate Joins House In Passing Indiana Cannabis Oil BillMon, 05 Feb 2018
Source:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)          Area:Indiana Lines:60 Added:02/06/2018
2 US IN: Indiana House Calls For Study Of Medical MarijuanaThu, 25 Jan 2018
Source:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)          Area:Indiana Lines:33 Added:01/25/2018
3 US IN: Indiana Students Say They Caught Teacher Using Cocaine InSat, 25 Nov 2017
Source:Detroit Free Press (MI)          Area:Indiana Lines:39 Added:11/28/2017
4 US IN: Indiana Court Overturns Drug Conviction After Swat TeamFri, 13 Jan 2017
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Ingraham, Christopher Area:Indiana Lines:180 Added:01/13/2017
5 US IN: Indiana Inmate Who Died Accused Of Prison Drug RingWed, 18 May 2016
Source:South Bend Tribune (IN)          Area:Indiana Lines:53 Added:05/19/2016
6 US IN: Call for Drug-Testing of Pregnant Women Comes With aFri, 04 Mar 2016
Source:Herald Bulletin, The (Anderson, IN) Author:Hayden, Maureen Area:Indiana Lines:116 Added:03/04/2016
7 US IN: Another Push for Medical Pot in Indiana Not Likely toMon, 04 Jan 2016
Source:South Bend Tribune (IN) Author:Parrott, Jeff Area:Indiana Lines:168 Added:01/06/2016
8 US IN: Prosecutors Push To Restore Tougher Drug SentencesMon, 09 Nov 2015
Source:News and Tribune (IN) Author:Hayden, Maureen Area:Indiana Lines:118 Added:11/10/2015
9 US IN: Health Department Looks To Fight IV Drug AbuseTue, 21 Jul 2015
Source:News-Sentinel, The (Fort Wayne, IN) Author:Bogue, Ellie Area:Indiana Lines:76 Added:07/22/2015
10 US IN: A Church Of Cannabis Tests Limits Of New LawThu, 02 Jul 2015
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Davey, Monica Area:Indiana Lines:107 Added:07/03/2015
11US IN: First Church Of Cannabis Wins IRS Nonprofit StatusWed, 03 Jun 2015
Source:Indianapolis Star (IN) Author:Tuohy, John Area:Indiana Lines:Excerpt Added:06/04/2015
12 US IN: PUB LTE: Marijuana Isn't Killing Our Kids, Heroin IsFri, 29 May 2015
Source:Journal and Courier (IN) Author:Asbury, Deb Area:Indiana Lines:19 Added:06/01/2015
13 US IN: HIV Outbreak Spurs Indiana To Ok Needle ExchangeFri, 22 May 2015
Source:Seattle Times (WA) Author:Callahan, Rick Area:Indiana Lines:38 Added:05/24/2015
14 US IN: Ind. Governor Ok's Needle ExchangeFri, 27 Mar 2015
Source:Boston Globe (MA)          Area:Indiana Lines:35 Added:03/28/2015
15 US IN: Alexander Addresses Negative Impact Of Drug LawsSun, 08 Feb 2015
Source:South Bend Tribune (IN) Author:Dukes, Howard Area:Indiana Lines:95 Added:02/11/2015
16 US IN: LTE: Don't Fall For Marijuana LegalizationSun, 25 Jan 2015
Source:Indianapolis Star (IN) Author:Huber, Dick Area:Indiana Lines:71 Added:01/27/2015
17 US IN: Parent Program On Drugs And Children Set Jan. 28 At GHSThu, 22 Jan 2015
Source:Banner Graphic (IN)          Area:Indiana Lines:76 Added:01/23/2015
18US IN: Medical Marijuana Bill Assigned To GraveyardMon, 19 Jan 2015
Source:Star Press, The (Muncie, IN) Author:Slabaugh, Seth Area:Indiana Lines:Excerpt Added:01/21/2015
19US IN: Bills Would Legalize Medical MarijuanaMon, 19 Jan 2015
Source:Indianapolis Star (IN) Author:Guerra, Kristine Area:Indiana Lines:Excerpt Added:01/21/2015
20 US IN: Column: Anti-Drug Meatloaf Will Make Us All More SoberSun, 24 Aug 2014
Source:Post-Tribune (Merrillville, IN) Author:Rutter, David Area:Indiana Lines:109 Added:08/25/2014
21 US IN: Column: Is Illegal Drug Use Mostly A Male Thing?Sat, 23 Aug 2014
Source:Post-Tribune (Merrillville, IN) Author:Wallace, Robert Area:Indiana Lines:75 Added:08/23/2014
22US IN: A Rising Tide Of Drug Overdose DeathsMon, 18 Aug 2014
Source:Journal and Courier (IN) Author:Porter, Steven Area:Indiana Lines:Excerpt Added:08/19/2014
23 US IN: PUB LTE: Fertilizer Purchase Leads To DEA WarrantFri, 16 May 2014
Source:Kokomo Tribune (IN) Author:Slack, Shaun Area:Indiana Lines:42 Added:05/17/2014
24 US IN: Column: Indiana Goes Too Far - Backward - In Medical MarijuanaThu, 08 May 2014
Source:Post-Tribune (Merrillville, IN) Author:Davich, Jerry Area:Indiana Lines:138 Added:05/10/2014
25 US IN: LTE: Marijuana Use Presents RisksThu, 24 Apr 2014
Source:Star Press, The (Muncie, IN) Author:Wagner, Bryant Area:Indiana Lines:46 Added:04/25/2014
26 US IN: Legalizing Pot's CousinWed, 19 Feb 2014
Source:Kokomo Tribune (IN) Author:Hayden, Maureen Area:Indiana Lines:103 Added:02/21/2014
27 US IN: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Is DehumanizingWed, 04 Dec 2013
Source:Kokomo Tribune (IN) Author:McCollom, Jerome Area:Indiana Lines:37 Added:12/07/2013
28 US IN: LTE: Indiana Should Legalize MarijuanaWed, 04 Dec 2013
Source:Indianapolis Star (IN) Author:Rubeck, Travis Area:Indiana Lines:46 Added:12/07/2013
29 US IN: PUB LTE: Marijuana Laws Make No SenseMon, 26 Aug 2013
Source:Evansville Courier & Press (IN) Author:Andersen, Ray Area:Indiana Lines:24 Added:08/27/2013
30 US IN: Shutting Off The SourceFri, 28 Jun 2013
Source:Herald Argus, The (LaPorte, IN) Author:Gonzalez, Gabrielle Area:Indiana Lines:185 Added:07/01/2013
31 US IN: PUB LTE: Stop Pointless Arrests, Tax Legal MarijuanaTue, 25 Jun 2013
Source:News-Sentinel, The (Fort Wayne, IN) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Indiana Lines:37 Added:06/25/2013
32 US IN: Column: Society Can't Deem Cigarettes Health Hazard Yet EmbraceFri, 14 Jun 2013
Source:News-Sentinel, The (Fort Wayne, IN) Author:Neal, Andrea Area:Indiana Lines:92 Added:06/15/2013
33 US IN: PUB LTE: War On Marijuana Is Failed Cultural InquisitionFri, 07 Jun 2013
Source:Times, The (Munster IN) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Indiana Lines:31 Added:06/08/2013
34 US IN: PUB LTE: Don't Smoke Dope If You Want, But Don't Jail MeFri, 07 Jun 2013
Source:Times, The (Munster IN) Author:Bergstrom, Jay Area:Indiana Lines:27 Added:06/08/2013
35 US IN: OPED: Society's Mixed MessagesThu, 06 Jun 2013
Source:Journal Review (IN) Author:Neal, Andrea Area:Indiana Lines:97 Added:06/08/2013
36 US IN: Column: Token Fine For Tokin' Doesn't Make SenseTue, 04 Jun 2013
Source:Times, The (Munster IN) Author:Neal, Andrea Area:Indiana Lines:95 Added:06/05/2013
37 US IN: PUB LTE: Prohibiting Pot Accomplishes LittleSun, 21 Apr 2013
Source:Tribune Star (Terre Haute, IN) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Indiana Lines:31 Added:04/21/2013
38 US IN: PUB LTE: Making Sense Of Marijuana DebateSun, 14 Apr 2013
Source:Tribune Star (Terre Haute, IN) Author:Travelstead, Mike Area:Indiana Lines:63 Added:04/15/2013
39 US IN: LTE: Other Views Needed In Marijuana DebateTue, 02 Apr 2013
Source:Herald Bulletin, The (Anderson, IN) Author:Couch, Frank Area:Indiana Lines:79 Added:04/02/2013
40 US IN: Debate Over Pot Penalties Not OverSun, 31 Mar 2013
Source:Kokomo Tribune (IN) Author:Hayden, Maureen Area:Indiana Lines:131 Added:03/31/2013
41 US IN: Column: Pot Debate Included In Criminal Code OverhaulMon, 25 Feb 2013
Source:Herald Bulletin, The (Anderson, IN) Author:Hayden, Maureen Area:Indiana Lines:77 Added:02/25/2013
42 US IN: Indiana May Consider Marijuana Possession An InfractionMon, 21 Jan 2013
Source:Pharos-Tribune (Longport, IN) Author:Hayden, Maureen Area:Indiana Lines:87 Added:01/22/2013
43 US IN: In Indiana, Both Parties Call For Lighter Pot PenaltiesSun, 20 Jan 2013
Source:Herald Bulletin, The (Anderson, IN) Author:Hayden, Maureen Area:Indiana Lines:112 Added:01/20/2013
44 US IN: PUB LTE: It's Time To Tax Legal MarijuanaThu, 20 Dec 2012
Source:Tribune Star (Terre Haute, IN) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Indiana Lines:40 Added:12/20/2012
45 US IN: Column: Crashing Federal Government's Hypocrisy onMon, 17 Dec 2012
Source:Tribune Star (Terre Haute, IN) Author:Harrop, Froma Area:Indiana Lines:85 Added:12/17/2012
46 US IN: Editorial: Don't Let Pot Smoke Obscure Bigger IssueMon, 17 Dec 2012
Source:Tribune Star (Terre Haute, IN)          Area:Indiana Lines:91 Added:12/17/2012
47 US IN: PUB LTE: Pot Comment Showed WisdomSun, 09 Dec 2012
Source:Evansville Courier & Press (IN) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Indiana Lines:30 Added:12/11/2012
48 US IN: Editorial: Don't Expect Indiana To Legalize MarijuanaWed, 05 Dec 2012
Source:Evansville Courier & Press (IN)          Area:Indiana Lines:65 Added:12/08/2012
49 US IN: Hoosier Lawmakers Ponder Changes To Marijuana LawsMon, 03 Dec 2012
Source:Tribune Star (Terre Haute, IN) Author:Hayden, Maureen Area:Indiana Lines:110 Added:12/04/2012
50 US IN: Local Law Enforcement Officials Brush Off Comments On LegalizingSat, 01 Dec 2012
Source:Evansville Courier & Press (IN) Author:Gootee, Richard Area:Indiana Lines:97 Added:12/03/2012

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