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101 US AL: PUB LTE: Ashamed of GovernmentFri, 17 Sep 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Parker, David Area:Alabama Lines:31 Added:09/18/2010
102 US AL: PUB LTE: Marijuana Bill Deserves PassageWed, 15 Sep 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:Palmer, Dawn Area:Alabama Lines:47 Added:09/15/2010
103 US AL: PUB LTE: Marijuana Has Many Helpful PropertiesWed, 15 Sep 2010
Source:Shelby County Reporter ( AL) Author:Crumpton, Ron Area:Alabama Lines:67 Added:09/15/2010
104 US AL: PUB LTE: Prohibition Still Not EffectiveFri, 10 Sep 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:Hooper, Grady Area:Alabama Lines:26 Added:09/11/2010
105 US AL: PUB LTE: Legal Marijuana Use Will OccurWed, 08 Sep 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Epstein, Jerry Area:Alabama Lines:44 Added:09/09/2010
106 US AL: PUB LTE: Cast a Vote for CompassionSun, 29 Aug 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Nall, Loretta Area:Alabama Lines:58 Added:09/03/2010
107 US AL: PUB LTE: Un-American to Harass the SickMon, 30 Aug 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:McCool, Colleen Area:Alabama Lines:51 Added:09/03/2010
108 US AL: New Meth Craze On The RiseWed, 01 Sep 2010
Source:Southeast Sun, The (Enterprise, AL) Author:Braun, Melissa Area:Alabama Lines:117 Added:09/02/2010
109 US AL: PUB LTE: Marijuana Valid Medical ProductSat, 21 Aug 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:Cole, Alice Area:Alabama Lines:25 Added:08/24/2010
110 US AL: PUB LTE: Reconsider Marijuana DecisionTue, 24 Aug 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Brooks, Hunter Area:Alabama Lines:35 Added:08/24/2010
111 US AL: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Truly BeneficialWed, 18 Aug 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:Crumpton, Ron Area:Alabama Lines:51 Added:08/23/2010
112 US AL: Heroin Use On The Rise In Shelby CountyFri, 20 Aug 2010
Source:Shelby County Reporter ( AL)          Area:Alabama Lines:56 Added:08/19/2010
113 US AL: Anniston Man Finds One State's Medicine Is Another's Illicit DrugWed, 18 Aug 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Camper, Laura Area:Alabama Lines:133 Added:08/18/2010
114 US AL: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana NeededSat, 14 Aug 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Crumpton, Ron Area:Alabama Lines:39 Added:08/14/2010
115 US AL: PUB LTE: Student Drug Testing Not Way To Prevent UseMon, 26 Jul 2010
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:Kertesz, Stefan G. Area:Alabama Lines:46 Added:07/31/2010
116 US AL: LTE: Drug Testing: Applauds Policy in TrussvilleFri, 23 Jul 2010
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:Bonner, Eddy Area:Alabama Lines:33 Added:07/26/2010
117 US AL: The Green RushThu, 15 Jul 2010
Source:Birmingham Weekly (AL) Author:Chambers, Jesse Area:Alabama Lines:115 Added:07/16/2010
118 US AL: PUB LTE: Legalization Would Fill GapMon, 12 Jul 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:Nall, Loretta Area:Alabama Lines:48 Added:07/12/2010
119 US AL: PUB LTE: Marijuana: Legalize, Tax It to Fund MedicaidSun, 11 Jul 2010
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:Nall, Loretta Area:Alabama Lines:41 Added:07/12/2010
120US AL: Drug Task Force Flies Low To Spot, Destroy MarijuanaTue, 06 Jul 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:Roney, Marty Area:Alabama Lines:Excerpt Added:07/07/2010
121 US AL: PUB LTE: New Jim Crow: War On Drugs Provides ExcuseWed, 30 Jun 2010
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:Zylman, Jack Area:Alabama Lines:51 Added:07/01/2010
122US AL: Column: New Jim Crow' Surfaces in U.S. JusticeMon, 28 Jun 2010
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:Pitts, Leonard Area:Alabama Lines:Excerpt Added:06/28/2010
123 US AL: Two Attorneys Arrested, JailedThu, 20 May 2010
Source:Gadsden Times, The (AL) Author:Rogers, Lisa Area:Alabama Lines:60 Added:05/23/2010
124 US AL: PUB LTE: Evils of Marijuana?Sun, 23 May 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Palmer, Dawn Area:Alabama Lines:36 Added:05/23/2010
125 US AL: Edu: Editorial: State Debates Medical MarijuanaThu, 15 Apr 2010
Source:Auburn Plainsman, The (Auburn U, AL Edu)          Area:Alabama Lines:71 Added:04/19/2010
126US AL: Alabama House Panel OKs Bill to Legalize Marijuana for Medical UseThu, 08 Apr 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:Johnson, Scott Area:Alabama Lines:Excerpt Added:04/10/2010
127US AL: PUB LTE: Make Marijuana Legal For PatientsSat, 03 Apr 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:Barksdale, Sam Area:Alabama Lines:Excerpt Added:04/03/2010
128 US AL: PUB LTE: Mandatory Sentences Provide Little DeterrenceWed, 24 Mar 2010
Source:Press-Register (Mobile, AL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Alabama Lines:39 Added:03/29/2010
129 US AL: PUB LTE: Pass Medical Marijuana BillSun, 28 Mar 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Barksdale, Samuel Area:Alabama Lines:43 Added:03/29/2010
130US AL: Coalition Launches Effort To Curb Drug, Alcohol AbuseSat, 27 Mar 2010
Source:Huntsville Times (AL) Author:Young, Anthony Area:Alabama Lines:Excerpt Added:03/27/2010
131US AL: Editorial: Reducing the DisparityMon, 15 Mar 2010
Source:Press-Register (Mobile, AL)          Area:Alabama Lines:Excerpt Added:03/20/2010
132 US AL: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana: Support Bill In HouseSat, 20 Mar 2010
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:Barksdale, Samuel Area:Alabama Lines:42 Added:03/20/2010
133 US AL: Edu: PUB LTE: Lies, Lies, and More LiesMon, 08 Mar 2010
Source:Vanguard, The (AL Edu) Author:Givens, Ralph Area:Alabama Lines:43 Added:03/08/2010
134 US AL: Edu: PUB LTE: Christianity Implies LegalizationMon, 08 Mar 2010
Source:Vanguard, The (AL Edu) Author:White, Stan Area:Alabama Lines:34 Added:03/08/2010
135 US AL: Edu: PUB LTE: Debate Misses PointMon, 08 Mar 2010
Source:Vanguard, The (AL Edu) Author:Woolridge, Howard Area:Alabama Lines:32 Added:03/08/2010
136 US AL: Edu: PUB LTE: Legalizing Marijuana Helps HealthMon, 08 Mar 2010
Source:Vanguard, The (AL Edu) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Alabama Lines:42 Added:03/08/2010
137 US AL: Edu: Editorial: A Look Into The Marijuana Arguments At HandMon, 01 Mar 2010
Source:Vanguard, The (AL Edu) Author:Whalen, Alex Area:Alabama Lines:98 Added:03/03/2010
138 US AL: Edu: OPED: “Heads” vs. “Feds'Mon, 01 Mar 2010
Source:Vanguard, The (AL Edu) Author:Hager, Steve Area:Alabama Lines:63 Added:03/02/2010
139 US AL: Edu: OPED: 'Heads' vs 'Feds': The Debate Over Marijuana, 'Feds'Mon, 01 Mar 2010
Source:Vanguard, The (AL Edu) Author:Stutman, Robert Area:Alabama Lines:80 Added:03/01/2010
140 US AL: Edu: Legalization For MedicationMon, 15 Feb 2010
Source:Kaleidoscope (U of Alabama at Birmingham, Edu)          Area:Alabama Lines:162 Added:02/16/2010
141 US AL: PUB LTE: The Right To ChooseThu, 11 Feb 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Alabama Lines:34 Added:02/15/2010
142 US AL: PUB LTE: State Should Allow Medical MarijuanaTue, 09 Feb 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:O'Brien, Christie Area:Alabama Lines:36 Added:02/13/2010
143 US AL: PUB LTE: Marijuana NonsenseMon, 08 Feb 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Seibold, Don Area:Alabama Lines:34 Added:02/08/2010
144 US AL: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana: Bill Would Legalize UseMon, 08 Feb 2010
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:O'Brien, Christie Area:Alabama Lines:42 Added:02/08/2010
145 US AL: PUB LTE: The Right to SmokeWed, 03 Feb 2010
Source:Anniston Star (AL) Author:Vaughan, Penny Area:Alabama Lines:47 Added:02/06/2010
146 US AL: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana a Valuable ToolThu, 28 Jan 2010
Source:Montgomery Advertiser (AL) Author:Vaughan, Penny Area:Alabama Lines:48 Added:01/31/2010
147 US AL: PUB LTE: Follow Example of the DutchSun, 03 Jan 2010
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Alabama Lines:39 Added:01/03/2010
148 US AL: PUB LTE: Stop the War on DrugsThu, 31 Dec 2009
Source:Alexander City Outlook, The (AL) Author:Nall, Loretta Area:Alabama Lines:46 Added:01/02/2010
149 US AL: PUB LTE: Teen Drug Use Educate, Not IncarcerateSat, 02 Jan 2010
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:Joiner, Gil Area:Alabama Lines:41 Added:01/02/2010
150 US AL: PUB LTE: Drug Offenders: War on Drugs a FailureTue, 29 Dec 2009
Source:Birmingham News, The (AL) Author:Seibold, Don Area:Alabama Lines:26 Added:12/29/2009

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