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1 CN PI: LTE: Legalizing Pot A Terrible IdeaFri, 29 Dec 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Weeks, Scott Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:52 Added:12/29/2017

Legalizing a drug like marijuana will not stop young people from using it, it will increase consumption.

Kevin Page, the Parliamentary budget officer, estimates 600,000 new users will start using marijuana if it becomes legal in Canada.

Marijuana is extremely dangerous for user aged 14-25 since the teenage brain is developing.

I love my family; we don't use drugs, I love my city, Charlottetown, I don't want the citizens using drugs.

Same goes for my province and great country Canada.

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2CN PI: Weed ControlThu, 28 Dec 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:McEachern, Terrence Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:12/28/2017

UPEI engineering students have designed and developed a THC breathalyzer device

A group of UPEI engineering students has come up with a way to help detect levels of marijuana in drivers.

The students designed and developed a prototype, handheld THC detection device.

But before they consider taking the product or a technological aspect to market, they have some unfinished business to take care of.

"We're going to concentrate on graduating first. And then after that, we'll see what happens," said Bryce Stewart of Wood Islands.

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3CN PI: Column: The Whiff Of Weed Permeates The AirFri, 22 Dec 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Wangersky, Russell Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:12/27/2017

There's a dirty little secret about legalized marijuana, one that could become an issue in neighbourhoods across the country.

Well, maybe it would be better to describe it as a stinky little secret, but one that's likely to become very familiar - and maybe too familiar.

Weed, both smoked and unsmoked, is more pungent than it once was. It's gone through decades of horticultural experimentation to strengthen its kick. And there's likely to be a lot more of that pungent to go around once smoking a joint isn't a criminal offence anymore.

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4 CN PI: LTE: Children At Risk From Pot SmokeTue, 19 Dec 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:McColl, Pamela Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:27 Added:12/24/2017

The recent announcement by the provincial government that marijuana use will be restricted to private residences to help limit its impact on communities and public health ignores the rights of children to protection from second-hand smoke in their homes.

Marijuana smoke is a recognized carcinogen and as with exposure to tobacco smoke, can cause serious health risks for those involved. Nearly one-third of deaths from tobacco second-hand smoke exposure are children, many of whom are infants.

Pamela McColl,



5 CN PI: LTE: Liberals Exposed For LegalizationTue, 19 Dec 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Staples, Garth E. Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:25 Added:12/24/2017

The federal Liberal Trudeau government has been exposed as to why marijuana is being legalized, so called.

The feds and provinces have been busy "cutting up the cash" to pay for the new healthcare and policing expenses which will be generated by the "weed."

Why generate the need for new expenses by the indiscriminate use of marijuana? Governments have gone mad.

Garth E. Staples, Charlottetown


6 CN PI: Province Mum On Pot PlansWed, 13 Dec 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Wright, Teresa Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:85 Added:12/16/2017

Opposition Tories press for details on rollout of government-run cannabis stores

The province appears to be keeping details of its business plans for selling legal pot in P.E.I. close to its chest for the time being, promising more specifics in the coming months. The Opposition Progressive Conservatives pressed for more details on government's plans, announced last week, to sell legal cannabis in government-run, standalone stores operated by the P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission.

On Friday, Finance critic Darlene Compton questioned Finance Minister Allen Roach on what the start-up costs would be for these stores. She also wanted to know how many stores will open in P.E.I. and what the projected revenues will be for the province?

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7CN PI: Editorial: Criminals To CapitalistsTue, 12 Dec 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:12/16/2017

It's funny how quickly a criminal enterprise can turn into a legitimate business opportunity. As a federal Conservative politician, even as late as 2015, Julian Fantino was opposed to the legalization of marijuana.

In 2004, he even compared weed to murder in an interview with the Toronto Sun, saying, "I guess we can legalize murder too and then we won't have a murder case. We can't go that way."

Now, he's partnered with former RCMP deputy commissioner Raf Souccar to open a medical marijuana business, Aleafia Total Health Network.

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8 CN PI: Editorial: Managing MarijuanaSat, 09 Dec 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:42 Added:12/14/2017

The P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission is a good choice for managing Prince Edward Island's new marijuana stores. The LCC is well equipped for developing policy and providing oversight.

It is also good that the provincial government has decided its pot sales will be conducted from different storefronts than its liquor sales.

It just gets the right message out there: If it is not good for the PEILCC to sell liquor and pot from the same premises, it's not good for a consumer to mix liquor and pot.

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9 CN PI: A Taxing IssueFri, 24 Nov 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Wright, Teresa Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:52 Added:11/28/2017

Trudeau still "working with provinces" on legal pot

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is still working with the provinces when it comes to how legal marijuana administration costs will be funded.

During a visit to P.E.I. Thursday, Trudeau said discussions are ongoing on legal cannabis with the provinces after premiers were cool to the idea of splitting the revenue of a proposed excise tax 50-50 with Ottawa.

"We continue to work with all provinces and territories and municipalities to ensure we bring in a strong legalized framework around cannabis in order to protect our kids, in order to keep the criminal organizations and gangs from making the billions of dollars in profits that they are," Trudeau told reporters in P.E.I. Thursday.

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10 CN PI: LTE: Legalizing Drug Poses ProblemsFri, 24 Nov 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Griffin, Megan Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:50 Added:11/28/2017

I am writing in response to the upcoming legalization of marijuana across Canada.

As a young adult who will experience the impact of this major decision, I do not agree and I hope the government comes to the realization that this will ruin lives.

Legalization of marijuana will result in easier access to the drug, causing an increase in usage.

If you consider the underage drinking problem with alcohol, we will have the same issues with underage marijuana usage.

This worries me specifically for minors, as studies have shown that marijuana usage can affect brain development as well as causing death in brain cells.

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11CN PI: Column: Reefer Madness To Think Marijuana Will Pay BillsMon, 27 Nov 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Harding, Lee Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:11/27/2017

Marijuana legalization opponents say long-term health and social costs will be significant

Legalize and tax marijuana and the budget will balance itself. Marijuana advocates from stoners to recreational users to the prime minister have tried to convince us of this for years. But they're all wrong.

It makes some sense that a product so commonly used should be regulated rather than criminalized, sending its newly enabled taxation revenues to the public coffers. Unfortunately, recent federal announcements and the examples of two American states tell us that a fiscal boon from legal pot is nothing more than reefer madness.

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12 CN PI: LTE: Legalization Ignores DangersTue, 21 Nov 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:MacAulay, Betty Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:39 Added:11/21/2017

In 1969, the Trudeau government removed abortion from the Criminal Code. This action has led to the deaths of over six million unborn Canadians. In 2016, the present Trudeau government legalized the killing (euthanasia) of the elderly, handicapped, depressed etc. and gave individual Canadians the legal right to assisted suicide.

In 2018, this same government will legalize marijuana, totally ignoring - among the other serious side effects - the research that shows the deadly side effects this drug has on the mental and physical health and development of young people. It is a proven fact the continued use of marijuana leads to the use of hard drugs.

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13 CN PI: LTE: Drug Issues Start With PotFri, 20 Oct 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Reid, Mitchell Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:35 Added:10/20/2017

I thought about writing something a number of months ago about being against legal pot. The verbal abuse was crazy. I know anything I say or do will not change anyone's mind. You are for legal pot or you are not.

I never dreamed about our government ever being drug dealers. I know it makes sense for it to be legal - extra tax money, less people in jail, new revenue streams for many. Over the last number of years I have talked to a number of people who have been dealing with addiction, and their families trying to help them get past this time in their life. The common thread, however, talking with people dealing with addiction, has been it all started with pot. This isn't from a survey or study, it's from talking with the addict on the street.

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14 CN PI: LTE: MPs Stunned Or Just Stoned?Tue, 10 Oct 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Chandler, Paul R. Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:36 Added:10/10/2017

With regards to legalization of marijuana, a mind-altering substance, I wonder if our MP's are stunned or stoned? Do these people not see what this stuff is doing to people, families, court systems etc.?

There is a negative that comes out of almost everything associated with this stuff. We have seen it with liquor in the past, now some stoner in Ottawa wants easy access. If you doubt me on this, sit in a courtroom and see how many cases are alcohol/ drug related. Ask any police officers, doctor, judge, etc. what this is doing to people.

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15CN PI: OPED: Give First Nations Access To Marijuana IndustryTue, 03 Oct 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Quesnel, Joseph Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:10/06/2017

The legalization of marijuana in Canada in July 2018 gives the federal government an opportunity to bring communities - including Indigenous ones - into this lucrative sector in a big way.

For example, Manitoba's Opaskwayak Cree Nation recently took a major stake in a medical marijuana company. OCN purchased $3 million in shares in National Access Cannabis, a privately-held company that recently traded publicly for the first time.

Private investors in medical and recreational marijuana are watching intently as the federal government unveils its plans for how pot will be legally grown and sold in Canada.

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16CN PI: Editorial: Let There Be Public MeetingsWed, 27 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2017

For a government that likes to tout its commitment to openness and public engagement, the MacLauchlan Liberals' decision to forego public meetings on legalizing cannabis is disappointing.

After all, it was the province that issued a call for opinions from Islanders on how P.E.I. should adapt to federal legislation that will make marijuana legal by July 2018.

"Have your say on cannabis legislation," the P.E.I. government website proclaims. "Share your thoughts on what cannabis legislation should look like for Prince Edward Island."

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17CN PI: OPED: Sell Pot At The LCCTue, 26 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Jackson, Karen Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/28/2017

UPSE supports public model for marijuana

The federal government is set to legalize marijuana in July 2018.

The P.E.I. government indicated that it will introduce legislation to regulate the sale of the product in the spring. Recently, in Ontario the government has chosen to distribute the sale of marijuana through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). The government and the province's public sector union agree that having the LCBO regulate the sale of cannabis is the best way to protect minors from purchasing the product, and to ensure quality control and public safety.

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18CN PI: 'Grass' May Mean More GreenMon, 25 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:MacDonald, Mitch Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/27/2017

P.E.I. could see substantial economic impact through cannabis, says group

Annie MacEachern wants to see P.E.I. become Canada's green province.

MacEachern, a communications consultant, says the province has the opportunity to see a substantial economic impact through cannabis, which is expected to become a multibillion dollar industry once it's legalized across Canada next summer.

However, she said the province must first approach the issue with more education.

"I have a dream of Prince Edward Island becoming Canada's green Island. I really think that growing cannabis here and allowing cannabis tourism should be something that is highlighted on P.E.I.," MacEachern said during the second public discussion in Charlottetown on the upcoming legislative changes.

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19CN PI: Column: Two Promises KeptSat, 23 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Holman, Alan Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/27/2017

Liberals election platform vowed to bring in changes to both pot and taxes

The federal Liberals are being castigated in some quarters over two promises they made in the last election. And no, they are not being hammered for breaking their vows. They're being pilloried for keeping them.

Well, pilloried might be too strong, but it is not for lack of trying on behalf of the opposition, especially on the Liberal promise to have some high-earners pay more taxes.

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20CN PI: Stepping UpSat, 23 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Wright, Teresa Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/27/2017

Islander hosting public discussion on legal pot after government says no to public meetings

A local woman is taking matters into her own hands to speak openly about legalizing marijuana after her request to government for a public meeting was denied.

Annie MacEachern says she asked provincial officials about its plans for a public meeting after government released a public engagement survey asking

Islanders for their opinions on how the province should deal with impaired driving, education, taxation, public health and regulatory compliance in regards to legal cannabis.

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21CN PI: Column: Tax Changes, Legalizing MarijuanaTue, 19 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Hebert, Chantal Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/23/2017

Two key hot-button issues to keep an eye on as Parliament returns this week

When it comes to two of the big policy battles that loom as the fall sitting of Parliament gets underway next week, prudence dictates that a journalist keeps his or her powder dry.

In the debate over the government's proposed tax changes for people with private corporations, as in the case of the Liberal plan to legalize marijuana, what we have so far seen are just the opening manoeuvres in a tug-of-war, the outcome of which in the court of public opinion is far from decided.

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22CN PI: OPED: Provinces Bear Marijuana BurdenMon, 18 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Bird, Malcolm Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/19/2017

Ottawa will enjoy political payoff but all problems and logistics will fall on provinces

The federal government is set on legalizing marijuana by summer 2018. While they will enjoy the political payoff of appearing progressive, all the problems and the logistics of legalizing pot will fall on the shoulders of the provincial governments.

There are strong correlations between how a drug or an indulgence, such as gambling, is made available to the public and the propensity for individuals to indulge in it, and the negative health and social outcomes associated with its use.

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23CN PI: OPED: The Well-Connected Ready To Cash InTue, 12 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Carver, Wayne Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/13/2017

Many involved in marijuana production are former civil servants, federal and provincial politicians

In anticipation of the impending approval of the marijuana legislation at the federal level, the province is now soliciting suggestions on how best to implement the roll out procedure for the sale and distribution of marijuana in this province.

How magnanimous is that gesture? The infrastructure is all in place, monies have been loaned, properties have been acquired and several government sponsored marijuana-growing operations are now in production.

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24CN PI: Column: Plan Won't Stunt Marijuana Black MarketTue, 12 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Hebert, Chantal Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/13/2017

Ontario stands to set the tone for much of the rest of the country in rules, regulations

Canada is edging closer to the July 2018 target date for the legalization of marijuana in a haze of political smoke.

With every new development, the gap between the political narrative attending the initiative and its actual implementation is harder to bridge.

Take the federal government's talking points. They have greatly evolved since Justin Trudeau was campaigning on university campuses in the last election campaign. Logic has not always benefited from that evolution.

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25CN PI: Editorial: Already Written?Thu, 07 Sep 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/09/2017

While it's a good idea for the Prince Edward Island government to seek public input on plans to legalize marijuana, the broad strokes of any such legislation are very likely already written.

Last week, Premier Wade MacLauchlan said his government is seeking Islanders' thoughts on what cannabis legislation should look like, an engagement process that's long overdue since Ottawa tabled its intentions in early April to legalize and regulate cannabis by July 1, 2018. Legalization is a federal decision but many of the rules and regulations fall under provincial responsibility so the 10 provinces are scrambling to deal with Ottawa's proposals. Most complain the narrow window won't allow enough time to get proper public health, pubic safety and public education guidelines in place.

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26CN PI: Pot PlansWed, 26 Jul 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Ross, Ryan Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:07/28/2017

Legislation on details such as the age of consumption and distribution likely coming in the spring, says Premier Wade MacLauchlan

P.E.I. will likely see legislation in the spring to get the province ready for marijuana legalization, says Premier Wade MacLauchlan.

MacLauchlan recently returned from Council of the Federation meetings in Edmonton where Ottawa's plan to legalize marijuana was discussed.

The most likely scenario for P.E.I. is that in the spring legislative session the government will introduce legislation to deal with issues like the age of consumption and distribution.

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27CN PI: Challenge Lies AheadSat, 22 Jul 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Stewart, Dave Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:07/25/2017

MADD manager says legalization of marijuana is going to create significant issues

Police need more powers to battle impaired drivers, says Susan MacAskill.

The regional manager of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) says the legalization of marijuana next year is going to create a whole new challenge for law enforcement, and governments need to act soon.

"Our federal government needs to have legislative framework in place and our provincial governments need to have legalization under the Motor Vehicle Act that gives police the powers to lay those drug impaired charges because a breathalyzer will not detect drugs,'' MacAskill said.

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28CN PI: No Magic BulletTue, 27 Jun 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Wright, Teresa Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:07/01/2017

Dr. Hendrik Visser, WCB medical adviser, says board seeing increasing claims for coverage of medical cannabis

The medical adviser for the Workers Compensation Board of P.E.I. says he believes the jury is still out on the effectiveness of medical marijuana.

Dr. Hendrik Visser is responsible for reviewing cases and providing medical opinions on injury claims submitted to the WCB in Prince Edward Island.

During a presentation at the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) annual meeting in Charlottetown Monday, Visser raised concern about the increasing perception of cannabis as a "magic bullet" among physicians.

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29CN PI: OPED: Oligopoly Thrives On P.E.I.Tue, 27 Jun 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Carver, Wayne Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:07/01/2017

Other than Mayor Clifford Lee, nobody addressed the cost associated with new legislation

Islanders are familiar with the practice of oligopoly. We saw it in spades with the PNP where it still continues under the secrecy of government control. It is a state of limited competition in which a market is shared by a small number of producers or sellers.

That is what happened with the PNP and that is what is happening with the legalization and production of marijuana. The federal and provincial governments are being criticized for creating an oligopoly of major companies to grow marijuana, called licensed producers, rather than a free market model which would open up the market to those with an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in producing the product.

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30CN PI: Editorial: Medical RejectionThu, 29 Jun 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:06/30/2017

It appears that Dr. Hendrik Visser isn't your typical medical adviser for the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) of P.E.I. The position usually goes to a doctor who has spent a number of years in private or general practice, is getting close to retirement and assumes this less strenuous role, while easing towards hanging up the stethoscope.

Apart from testifying at appeal hearings over disputed medical claims or decisions, the adviser often keeps a low profile, and is rarely the public face of the WCB.

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31 CN PI: LTE: 'No' To Methadone, MarijuanaTue, 06 Jun 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Curtis, John W. A. Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:30 Added:06/09/2017

A pioneer in methadone now says methadone isn't working. People on methadone are using other drugs. It is my opinion that under the methadone program the province has become the drug dealer.

What is the province going to do when Justin Trudeau legalizes marijuana? Intelligence isn't an attribute required for a politician. People are seeing provinces sue tobacco companies for health care costs. It won't take long for the provinces to sue companies selling marijuana for health care costs. Methadone isn't working for addictions to heavy drugs so how is the province going to pay for addictions to marijuana? Justin Trudeau campaigned for Wade MacLauchlan in the last provincial election, it is time both leaders provide answers. I think both methadone and legalizing marijuana are a joke.

John W.A. Curtis, Summerside


32 CN PI: LTE: City Mayor Speaks TruthThu, 25 May 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Naylor, Gary Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:33 Added:05/29/2017

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee appeared on CBC Compass on Friday to detail financial problems that the city foresees in preparing for the legalization of marijuana in 2018.The mayor did so but also took the opportunity to become the first leader in Canada to explain why the country will be making a huge mistake in legalizing the drug. He spoke the truth.

Congratulations Mayor Lee, your remarks were right on and should be required listening for all federal and provincial politicians.

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33 CN PI: LTE: Right On, Mayor Clifford LeeThu, 25 May 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Naylor, Gary Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:32 Added:05/29/2017

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee appeared on CBC Compass on Friday to detail financial problems that his city foresees in preparing for the legalization of marijuana in 2018.

The mayor did so but also took the opportunity to become the first leader in Canada to explain why the country will be making a huge mistake in legalizing the drug. He spoke the truth. Congratulations Mayor Lee, your remarks were right on and should be required listening for all federal and provincial politicians.

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34 CN PI: OPED: Time To Focus On PreventablesSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Colohan, Desmond Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:92 Added:05/24/2017

In a recent Canadian Public Health Association discussion paper, "A New Approach to Managing Illegal Psychoactive Substances in Canada," the point was made emphatically that our current approach to managing risk is not working.

Here are some of its highlights:

- - A psychoactive substance is a chemical that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness or behaviour. Societies mitigate the health, social, and economic consequences of the use and misuse of psychoactive substances such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, opioids, amphetamines, cocaine, tranquillizers and sleeping pills in a variety of ways with varying degrees of success. Their effects on population health, however, are often overshadowed by our fascination with the direct effects of substance misuse on individuals [e.g. recent rise in the opioid death rate due to adulteration of the drug supply with fentanyl and its analogues]. Currently, western societies manage illegal psychoactive substances largely through prohibition and criminalization and legal drugs, like tobacco and alcohol, through regulation, restricted availability and price control. The laws and systems initially introduced to control these substances reflected the times ! and prevalent issues of the day, but no longer reflect current scientific knowledge concerning substance-related harms to individuals, families, or communities.

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35 CN PI: LTE: Dangers Lurk With LegalizationWed, 17 May 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:MacIsaac, J. Bruce Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:40 Added:05/20/2017

There was a Letter to the Editor on the subject of legalizing marijuana by a person who is in the business of treating youth who have addiction issues. I agree with what the person is trying to relay on this very important issue. The people who are in the business of treating people with addictions know first hand the dangers of this great idea that the government is bringing on and that is legalizing of marijuana.

I know that from my own experience with addiction, that the results from the disease are so damaging and far reaching it boggles my mind how government can justify the legalizing of a drug that caused so much pain and suffering to addicts, family, friends and taxpayers.

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36CN PI: Editorial: Introducing Mary Jane To CanadaTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:04/19/2017

The Atlantic provinces have some blue-sky thinking to do, and not much time to do it. Or more to the point: maybe they have some blue-smoke thinking to be doing.

Last week, the federal government announced its plans to legalize marijuana and, in so doing, threw the ball into the provincial court. The provinces will have the final say on how weed will be marketed in their regions, and also on things like the minimum age of purchasers. And that's only the beginning. In fact, the provinces have more than a little heavy lifting of their own to do in the 15 months before the federal government's changed rules become law.

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37 CN PI: Releaf Is NearThu, 09 Mar 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:McKay, Millicent Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:92 Added:03/11/2017

Summerside couple opening store selling glass pieces for legal herbs and medical marijuana

It's a cause close to Megan Patey and Tommy Biggar's hearts.

"I use it for my anxiety and PTSD. And since starting it, I've been functioning a lot better," explained Patey.

The "it" is medicinal marijuana prescribed by a physician.

Biggar added, "It's incredible. It went from her nails being below the skin, to being able to paint them, to having to cut them. It was incredible to see how it helped her."

[continues 437 words]

38 CN PI: Editorial: Cannabis Is ComingThu, 02 Mar 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:73 Added:03/06/2017

As spring approaches, so does the federal government's promise to introduce legislation to legalize marijuana. The Justin Trudeau government announced back in April of last year that it would be introducing new legislation next spring. So now that spring is almost upon us, will that bill be coming soon?

Even when that bill arrives, it still needs to pass through the House of Commons and the Senate.

That could take months, perhaps extend into early 2018, and even then, the passing of the bill doesn't mean legal marijuana will be available right away.

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39 CN PI: Parental WarningWed, 19 Oct 2016
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:MacLean, Colin Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:64 Added:10/22/2016

Police stepping up patrols of Queen Elizabeth Park after incident involving needle

A Summerside family is reeling this week after one of its young members was scratched by a needle while playing at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Ethan Skevington, 11, was playing at the baseball complex Sunday with a group of kids when the incident occurred. He went home and told his family what happened and was taken to hospital.

On the way to the Prince County Hospital, the family stopped at the ball fields with the intention of retrieving the needle in case doctors needed it.

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40 CN PI: Meth ProblemSat, 08 Oct 2016
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Ross, Ryan Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:51 Added:10/11/2016

MLAs hear methamphetamine has replaced prescription pills as biggest drug issue in P.E.I.

It used to be prescription pills. Now if anyone asks RCMP Cpl. Andy Cook what the biggest problem drug is in P.E.I. he says it's methamphetamine. "We've gone from a downer to an upper as our biggest problem here," he said. Cook joined RCMP Chief Supt. Joanne Crampton for a presentation Friday to MLAs on the health and wellness committee. During the presentation, Cook said he wasn't going to give the credit to the police for the reduction in opiate use. "To me it's the methadone program has made the biggest difference in regards to the prescription opiate problem here," he said.

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41CN PI: Editorial: Straight Dope On Drug Use And DrinkingWed, 07 Sep 2016
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:09/07/2016

It's back to school time and, for many parents, that means serious discussions with their children about the many challenges that can arise in the schoolyard and the classroom: bullying (both on and offline), peer pressure, test anxieties and other stress, budding sexuality, alcohol and drugs.

In the case of the latter category - drinking and drugs - many of us might be tempted to tell our kids, "Just don't do it." But is that a realistic approach? Let's face it; our children, and older teens in particular, are prone to experimentation. Many of us did it and many of them will do it. It's a fact of life.

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42 CN PI: Editorial: Up In SmokeTue, 30 Aug 2016
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:97 Added:08/31/2016

Time for Low-Level Street Dealers to Move Out As Government Prepares to Move In

A judge seemed bewildered Friday as she sentenced a Prince Edward Island man for selling drugs out of his home.


Alfred William Gallant admitted to police he had been selling marijuana out his house for years.

He said he did so to pay for his own usage - about seven or eight grams a day.

A report found his common-law spouse didn't view it as trafficking because it was only marijuana and he only sold to people he knew.

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43 CN PI: News Flash: Pot Makes You LazyMon, 29 Aug 2016
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:Bains, Camille Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:76 Added:08/30/2016

VANCOUVER - Apparent laziness caused by the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana persists even when the same amount of pot's medicinal component is added, a new study suggests.

Lead author Mason Silveira, a PhD candidate in the University of British Columbia's psychology department, said one part of the research done on rats involved giving them THC, the intoxicating part of cannabis, and having them choose between an easy or hard task to earn sugary treats.

Silveira said that under normal circumstances, most rats preferred the more difficult task to get more rewards but they switched to the easier option when given THC.

[continues 384 words]

44 CN PI: RCMP Seeking Public's Help With Marijuana Grow-OpsMon, 29 Aug 2016
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI)          Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:40 Added:08/30/2016

It's nearing harvest time for marijuana crops and the RCMP on P.E.I. is calling on Islanders to help them find the illegal cash crops. The national police force discourages members of the public from actually investigating potential marijuana crops themselves, as the crops are sometimes guarded or are protected with traps, but they want concerned individuals to be on the lookout. "Often people will notice unusual activity that can be an indicator that a grow operation is nearby and officers are happy to take your information and investigate," an RCMP release indicates.

[continues 168 words]

45 CN PI: OPED: 'Low' And 'Slow' When It Comes to LegalizationFri, 12 Aug 2016
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Colohan, Desmond Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:81 Added:08/14/2016

At the request of the Canadian Medical Association, I recently completed a survey on the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use? It's hard to argue against the responsible use of a plant product which has been around for thousands of years and has been used as a social and personal lubricant since time immemorial.

History teaches us that mankind has always sought respite from the stresses of daily life through chemicals, and that much of the time we have turned to psychoactive plants for relief.

[continues 506 words]

46CN PI: OPED: 'Start Low and Go Slow'Sat, 30 Jul 2016
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Colohan, Desmond Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:07/31/2016

Sizing up the legal use of marijuana

I recently completed a C.M.A. survey on the legalization of cannabis (marijuana) for recreational use. I would like to share my responses with you.

It's hard to argue against the responsible use of a plant product, which has been around for thousands of years and has been used as a social and personal lubricant since time immemorial. Mankind has always sought respite from the stresses of daily life through chemicals, and often we have turned to psychoactive plants. Relief has included meditation, exercise, religion, collegial organizations, psychotherapy, and illicit psychoactive drugs such as cocaine, heroin and LSD, licit drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, as well as the consumption of fine foods.

[continues 387 words]

47CN PI: Veteran SupportThu, 21 Jul 2016
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Day, Jim Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:07/26/2016

Marijuana For Trauma wellness centre opens in Charlottetown

Veteran Jim Grant of Brackley credits a medical marijuana support service with giving him a fresh, energetic new lease on life.

The 78-year-old Grant failed to access medical marijuana until he turned to Marijuana For Trauma (MFT) in New Brunswick for assistance.

The company helped guide him through the hoops and hurdles to get on the federal medical marijuana program.

The positive impact was immediate and major when Grant started using the drug three months ago to help address the PTSD he links to "a number of tragic events'' during his lengthy career with the Canadian navy.

[continues 349 words]

48CN PI: Column: Readers Have Their SayTue, 21 Jun 2016
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Gifford-Jones, W. Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:06/23/2016

Eureka! Last week I reported it was impossible to write this column.

I had asked readers to respond to how I believe 42,000 addicts on methadone should be treated. Then my computer developed terminal cancer and I thought all your responses had been lost. Fortunately, the Geek Squad resurrected them.

From a Times Colonist reader, "Your suggestion that sending addicts to northern Canada to chop wood caught my eye. I was impressed by your research. The addicts I have known have no interest in getting off methadone and improving themselves. I say, enough of this nonsense. Why not have them chop wood? We all do some form of work to eat."

[continues 599 words]

49CN PI: Trauma After WarSat, 18 Jun 2016
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Wright, Teresa Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:Excerpt Added:06/21/2016

Afghanistan veteran Dennis MacKenzie opens up about how losing six friends overseas caused PTSD and how medical marijuana has helped him heal

His face was grief-stricken, streaming with tears, as he carried the coffin of one of six friends killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

Dennis MacKenzie's emotions gripped the country in April 2007 when he was photographed taking part in a ramp ceremony in Kandahar for his friends and fellow soldiers, killed by an improvised explosive device in their LAV-III armoured vehicle.

[continues 820 words]

50 CN PI: Column: Hopes And Dreams Go Up In SmokeMon, 09 May 2016
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Oz, Mehmet Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:47 Added:05/11/2016

"Up in Smoke" (Cheech and Chong, 1978) may have floated the hazy notion that smoking marijuana was harmless fun, but new research shows that a woman's chance for delivering a healthy baby is actually what goes up in smoke if she lets smoke into her brain and lungs while pregnant.

Researchers from the University of Arizona looked at 24 studies of pregnancy and marijuana smoking:

They discovered that pregnant women who smoke cannabis were more likely to be anemic and their babies more likely to end up in neonatal intensive care with low birth weight.

[continues 158 words]

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