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1 CN ON: Column: Pot's Dirty Secret: It's A Money-Maker For GovernmentsWed, 13 Dec 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Walkom, Thomas Area:Ontario Lines:100 Added:12/16/2017

The legalization of marijuana promises to provide governments with a tidy little windfall. That's the dirty secret the country's finance ministers didn't want to talk about when they were cutting up the cash this week. But it's true.

To hear the provinces talk, you'd think legalized cannabis would be nothing but a drain on their revenues. They complain that the legal pot regime will be more costly to police than the current illegal one - - without exactly explaining why.

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2CN ON: LCBO Looking For Space In City To Set Up Recreational PotWed, 13 Dec 2017
Source:Windsor Star (CN ON) Author:Cross, Brian Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:12/16/2017

With the Ontario government passing legislation Tuesday that paves the way for the government-run sale of recreational marijuana starting in July, the search is on for a ready-to-go store in Windsor.

According to a City of Windsor staff report going to council Monday, the list of requirements for this store, run by an LCBO subsidiary, the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp., include a standalone operation, apart from the LCBO's alcohol operations; 2,500 square feet of space at a location that's already properly zoned for retail; a location that's near to a Transit Windsor bus route; an existing space instead of new construction; and a location that's not located close to schools, addiction treatment centres, mental-health facilities and emergency shelters.

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3 CN ON: City To Get Pot StoreWed, 13 Dec 2017
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON) Author:Ball, Vincent Area:Ontario Lines:142 Added:12/16/2017

Brantford on list of 14 cities announced by the province

Brantford is getting a government-run marijuana store after all.

The city is on a list of 15 cities announced Tuesday by the government.

The stores will sell marijuana for recreational use.

Officials confirmed Tuesday that the city has been identified for the location of at least one cannabis retail store by next July, the same month the federal government plans to legalize cannabis. Brantford was not on a list announced in November of 14 cities chosen to host pot shops.

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4 CN ON: Doctors Call For No Tax On Medicinal MarijuanaTue, 12 Dec 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Kirkup, Kristy Area:Ontario Lines:47 Added:12/16/2017

Ottawa must withdraw its plan to charge tax on medicinal marijuana or risk having an adverse effect on patients, a group of more than 50 doctors warned Monday as the federal government hashed out a pot-tax revenue-sharing agreement with the provinces and territories.

The doctors, who describe themselves as a group of physicians who routinely prescribe marijuana to their patients, say applying a sales or excise tax to medicinal pot would impose a financial barrier for those who use the drug to manage their symptoms, compared to patients who take other medication.

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5 CN ON: Manitoba Pushes For Whole Pot PieMon, 11 Dec 2017
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:Robertson, Dylan Area:Ontario Lines:106 Added:12/16/2017

OTTAWA - Manitoba will push the federal government to transfer all of the sin taxes collected from recreational marijuana into provincial coffers, the Free Press has learned.

"This is a federal policy, with a federal timeline, with provincial obligations and responsibilities," provincial Finance Minister Cameron Friesen said.

On Sunday evening, federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau hosted his colleagues from the provinces and territories for a working dinner before a lengthy meeting today examining everything from pension reform to equalization payments.

It's the looming July 2018 deadline

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6 CN ON: 'I Am Tired Of Having To Go To Funerals'Tue, 12 Dec 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Mathieu, Emily Area:Ontario Lines:65 Added:12/16/2017

Fighting back tears, Olympia Lynn Trypis stood in the rotunda of city hall and begged for better services for drug users, to save her life and the lives of her friends.

"In the last two years I've lost three of my really close friends and I am tired of having to go to funerals and not celebrating more birthdays. These people were beautiful souls," said Trypis, 22, speaking to a crowd who had marched to city hall in memory of people lost to drug overdoses, or contaminated drugs.

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7 CN ON: Backers Give Injection Site Search Shot In ArmMon, 11 Dec 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Sher, Jonathan Area:Ontario Lines:106 Added:12/16/2017

It'll be months before London finds out if it gets the go-ahead and funding for supervised drug injection sites, but it appears key players already are walking in unison to support the sites, but restrict where they can locate.

The area's medical officer of health, a key city planner and an advocate for the downtrodden all express some confidence there will be suitable sites sufficiently far from schools and other places frequented by children.

"I completely understand why the city and stakeholders would want to limit where it goes," said Chris Mackie, the head of public health in London and Middlesex County. "I definitely think it will be possible to find one or two locations that will work."

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8 CN ON: Communities Can Delay, Not Deny Pot ShopsSat, 09 Dec 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Jeffords, Shawn Area:Ontario Lines:76 Added:12/14/2017

TORONTO-Communities across Ontario cannot opt out of hosting a government-run pot shop if they are selected for a site, the provincial government said Friday after at least one town expressed resistance to having a cannabis retail location.

If a community is selected to host one of the marijuana shops, it could delay hosting the store but cannot completely opt out of having it, said Ontario's Ministry of Finance.

"As we roll out the next phase of stores, we will continue to engage with municipalities on an ongoing basis including with those municipalities who may not be ready for a store opening in July 2018," said Jessica Martin, spokesperson for Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

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9 CN ON: Pot Store Expected By Next SummerSat, 09 Dec 2017
Source:Peterborough Examiner, The (CN ON) Author:Kovach, Joelle Area:Ontario Lines:71 Added:12/14/2017

LCBO advises city that Peterborough will have one of the first 40 marijuana stores to open in Ontario

Peterborough will have a marijuana store by next summer, says the city CAO.

Allan Seabrooke said the store will sell marijuana for recreational use. He said it will be open by July - the same month weed is going to be legalized in Canada.

In an email to The Examiner, Seabrooke wrote that the store will be operated by a subsidiary of the LCBO and will sell only cannabis - not alcohol.

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10 CN ON: SAH Boss Talks Hospital Cannabis PolicySat, 09 Dec 2017
Source:Sault Star, The (CN ON) Author:Ougler, Jeffrey Area:Ontario Lines:75 Added:12/14/2017

Smoke-free means smoke-free at Sault Area Hospital - whether that applies to tobacco fixes or toking up.

Sault Area Hospital currently has a no-cigarette policy that encompasses its entire property, which will apply once recreational pot becomes legal in Canada next summer.

"We have a no-smoking policy, so that would apply to smoking marijuana on our property," SAH president and CEO Ron Gagnon told The Sault Star.

SAH's policy includes all buildings, parking lots, the Hub Trail running along the eastern edge of the hospital grounds, roads encircling the hospital leading to and from both Great Northern Road and Third Line and wooded and grass areas to the south and west of the emergency department and helipad.

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11 CN ON: Still Unclear If Cities Can Refuse Pot ShopsSun, 10 Dec 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Jeffords, Shawn Area:Ontario Lines:87 Added:12/10/2017

Province backtracks on stand that municipalities cannot opt out of cannabis stores

The Ontario government appeared to backtrack late Friday on an earlier statement that municipalities would be unable to opt out of hosting marijuana stores, raising more questions about the province's readiness for the expected pot legalization next summer.

The issue came up earlier this week after a city of Richmond Hill committee unanimously endorsed a statement saying it was not willing to host one of the retail stores.

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12 CN ON: Editorial: More Can Be Done To Stop CarnageSun, 10 Dec 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:94 Added:12/10/2017

Just how horrific Ontario's opioid crisis has become came into sharp focus this past week with the release of timely new data from Ontario's chief coroner, Dirk Huyer.

Sadly, from May to July of this year, there were 336 opioid-related deaths in the province, up from 201 in that same period last year. That represents a staggering 68-per-cent increase.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins put a human face on the startling statistics when he reminded Ontarians that "each and every one of these numbers is a person: someone who was loved by their family, someone who won't be coming home this holiday season."

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13 CN ON: The Cost Of AddictionSat, 09 Dec 2017
Source:Sudbury Star (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:126 Added:12/09/2017

Community Drug Strategy steps up efforts to combat opioid crisis

Some 52 people were admitted to hospitals in the Sudbury area in the past six months due to drug overdose, official say.

Members of Sudbury's Community Drug Strategy also said Friday they have had preliminary discussions about the need for an overdose prevention site in the city.

They made the comments in response to the Ontario government's decision Thursday to expand the provincial opioid response, which they called good news.

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14 CN ON: Safe Injection Site SoughtSat, 09 Dec 2017
Source:Kingston Whig-Standard (CN ON) Author:Ferguson, Elliot Area:Ontario Lines:91 Added:12/09/2017

Currently, some of the city's drug users have set up supervised sites in their own homes

Contamination of the street drug supply with substances such as fentanyl has forced some of the city's drug users to set up their own supervised consumption sites in their homes.

The agency that works most closely with drug users says the home sites indicate that Kingston needs a formal, government-sanctioned consumption site.

"We definitely know there is a need because we are aware of people using their homes right now as safer places to use," said Dr. Meredith MacKenzie, a physician for Kingston Community Health Centres' Street Health Centre who described a home site as a "not perfectly safe, but safer, environment to use in."

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15CN ON: 'I said, Close 'em Down': Pot Shop Operator EvictedFri, 08 Dec 2017
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Miller, Jacquie Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:12/08/2017

Fed-up landlord cracks down

Ontario's threat of huge fines or jail time for landlords who rent to illegal pot shops has spurred at least one in Ottawa to take quick action, in the latest chapter of Canada's move to legalize and regulate weed.

Police arrived at the popular Cannabis Culture dispensary on Bank Street on Thursday morning with a bailiff, who changed the locks and posted a notice on the door saying the lease was being terminated. Five people working inside were released without charge, according to staff who gathered outside.

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16 CN ON: Richmond Hill Mayor Just Says No To WeedThu, 07 Dec 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Karzour, Kim Area:Ontario Lines:92 Added:12/07/2017

Council does not want LCBO's legal dispensary to be located in town

"Thanks but no thanks."

That was the answer Monday night from local councillors to a suggestion Richmond Hill should be one of the first host towns for legal recreational marijuana sales.

The town of Richmond Hill received a letter Nov. 28 from the Ministry of Finance announcing a cannabis store may be coming to town in July 2018.

"We are not interested," Mayor Dave Barrow said at a committee of the whole meeting this week.

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17 CN ON: Kensington Dispensary RaidedThu, 07 Dec 2017
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:Warmington, Joe Area:Ontario Lines:68 Added:12/07/2017

Pot shop weeded out

Another one has gone up in smoke.

And just like with the other potshop closures, it appeared as though the void, at least in part, was immediately filled by street drug dealers.

"Actually, there are four or five guys," said one retailer in the Kensington Market area.

On Wednesday morning after the raid that shut down The Toronto Dispensary at 33 Kensington Ave., you could see street dealers lurking nearby as people who hadn't yet heard the news were looking for their buzz.

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18 CN ON: Ontario To Allow Municipalities To Delay Opening Pot ShopsThu, 07 Dec 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Gray, Jeff Area:Ontario Lines:86 Added:12/07/2017

The Ontario government says it will delay opening branches of its new cannabis retail chain in municipalities that object to having them.

A handful of mayors in the Greater Toronto Area have said they do not want a marijuana store in their areas, even though they recognize they are powerless to stop Queen's Park.

Among them is Dave Barrow of Richmond Hill. His town council has received a deluge of complaints from residents about the province's plan to open one of the provincially controlled stores in the suburb north of Toronto, and is expected to vote No to it on Monday.

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19 CN ON: Cambridge Residents Urge Region To Put The Brakes On SafeThu, 07 Dec 2017
Source:Cambridge Times (CN ON) Author:Jackson, Adam Area:Ontario Lines:98 Added:12/07/2017

Cambridge resident Cindy Watson wants the Region of Waterloo to put the brakes on the proposed use of safe injection sites.

During the region's community services committee Tuesday, Watson spoke in front of councillors asking them to think hard before moving forward with safe injection sites.

"You will be making one of the most important decisions of your career," said Watson. "Don't be pressured into using a broken model … the model itself is broken."

Watson said harm reduction is needed, but needs to be balanced with public safety and livelihood of downtown cores.

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20 CN ON: Region Gathers To Battle Opioid CrisisThu, 07 Dec 2017
Source:Cambridge Times (CN ON) Author:Jackson, Adam Area:Ontario Lines:189 Added:12/07/2017

While regional councillors have heard bits and pieces about the opioid response in the region, they heard it from the horse's mouth on Tuesday.

Members from various regional and community groups spoke before council in a public meeting to encourage a broad understanding of the complex issue.

The public meeting was broken down into core areas, such as policing, mental health services and public health services.

Bruce Lauckner, CEO of the Waterloo-Wellington Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), said opioids have become similar to cancer, where the general population is impacted by one or two degrees of separation at most.

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21CN ON: 'Keep Our Great Country Safe From All The Weed,' Tory SaysSat, 02 Dec 2017
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Smith, Marie-Danielle Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:12/06/2017

Poetic Riposte

OTTAWA - With the Liberal cannabis legalization bill now being debated in the Senate, the Conservative Party's health critic used poetry Friday to ask for sober second thought.

Marilyn Gladu implored the upper chamber to "keep our great country safe from all the weed" Friday after the Senate's first debate on Bill C-45, a federal framework for legal marijuana, got underway Thursday afternoon.

The House of Commons passed the federal bill Monday. It must get through an unpredictable Senate before it can become law. So far, eight provinces and territories have unveiled plans ahead of the government's July 1, 2018, deadline for Canadians to access legal pot.

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22CN ON: Gas Can Found Outside As Pot Shop Goes Up In Smoke InSat, 02 Dec 2017
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Gillis, Megan Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:12/06/2017

A Carlington pot shop won't reopen after a fire now being probed by arson investigators, says a city councillor who's long been opposed to the illicit enterprise.

The owners of Ottawa Cannabis Dispensary did not respond to an interview request but Coun. Riley Brockington said that they told him Friday that the Laperriere Avenue shop had closed before it was gutted by an early morning fire and they are no longer in the business.

Brockington is disappointed that arson is suspected in the fire, which was near homes and across the street from a Montessori school. Nearby businesses include an auto body shop with a stack of tires, and a chip truck out front with a large propane tank.

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23 CN ON: Doctor Rebukes Mp Over Marijuana ClaimSat, 02 Dec 2017
Source:Chatham Daily News, The (CN ON) Author:Morrison, Tom Area:Ontario Lines:79 Added:12/06/2017

Legalized marijuana will 'enslave our youth" and turn the federal government into "the new pusher on the block," a Chatham politician says - drawing a rebuke from the community's top publichealth official.

Dave Van Kesteren said that nothing about the federal government's Cannabis Act is good, but he's particularly concerned about how it allows youth ages 11 to 17 to carry up to five grams of cannabis.

"Doctors have been saying, psychiatrists have been saying, that because the brain is still forming and is not fully formed by the time somebody is 25, somebody below that age should certainly not be using it," the Conservative member said in an interview.

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24 CN ON: LTE: Common Sense Lacking In Today's CanadaSat, 02 Dec 2017
Source:Peterborough Examiner, The (CN ON) Author:Baldwin, J. R. Area:Ontario Lines:33 Added:12/06/2017

Why is Canada being changed for the worse? For example, young peoples' brains are definitely adversely affected by THC in marijuana and yet we are legalizing this garbage? We, soon, will be a nation of idiots.

Why is it that our judiciary is letting a convicted murderers out on un-escorted passes i.e. Melissa Todorovic and Tara Sanderson. Are the victims granted life again? NO, but the murderers are not punished.

They just get a slap on the wrist and their lives go on. Why is it that I think that Canada's judicial system is a joke?

Our bending over backwards to be oh-so accommodating is turning logic and common sense upside-down. Where is this "Oh aren't we so tolerant and accommodating" going to end? We have to get back to logic and common sense.

J.R. Baldwin



25 CN ON: Change For Drug GroupSat, 02 Dec 2017
Source:Sun Times, The (Owen Sound, CN ON) Author:Gowan, Rob Area:Ontario Lines:103 Added:12/06/2017

Grey-Bruce task force expands mandate from mostly meth to other drugs, substances

The Grey Bruce Task Force on Crystal Meth and Other Drugs is expanding its mandate.

As part of the expansion, the group, which involves a network of over 30 local partners, has changed its name to the Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy.

"We recognize there continues to be crystal met husein the community, so we are not saying we have solved the problem and it is time to move on to something else," Alison Govier, coordinator of the Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy said Friday. "But we are also seeing a trend in polysubstance use -- dependence on more than one substance at a time -- so we feel as a community our efforts are better spent to expand the mandate to include all substances."

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26 CN ON: Health Unit Grapples With Cannabis LegalizationFri, 01 Dec 2017
Source:Recorder & Times, The (CN ON) Author:Bedford, Sabrina Area:Ontario Lines:90 Added:12/06/2017

It will become legal next year, but the local health unit is grappling with what role it will play in dealing with recreational cannabis.

The federal government has laid out the legal framework to legalize recreational cannabis use by June, and the province has already set out how it plans to regulate use throughout Ontario.

The sale of marijuana will only be allowed through government-regulated stores overseen by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) and the proposed minimum age to use, purchase and possess will be 19.

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27 CN ON: LTE: Pot Laws SickeningWed, 06 Dec 2017
Source:Niagara Falls Review, The (CN ON) Author:Rosetto, Norphy Area:Ontario Lines:31 Added:12/06/2017

Re: Marijuana legalization

I agree with the letter to the editor from Rita Dillon. Don't we have enough situations that degrade we Canadians at this time?

Do we have to have marijuana for entertainment purposes? Is there not enough sickness around that cannot be controlled?

One day the use or possession of marijuana is against the law of the land, then it's encouraged to be used.

Talk about sick. Maybe some of our politicians need a good looking at, starting from the top.

Norphy Rosetto



28 CN ON: Kiely Questions Feds Pot Revenue ProposalWed, 06 Dec 2017
Source:Northern News (CN ON) Author:Sherratt, Brad Area:Ontario Lines:125 Added:12/06/2017

KIRKLAND LAKE - Councillor and Finance Chair Pat Kiely is skeptical municipalities will see extra revenue from an excise tax on cannibis.

The Trudeau government says it is willing to give provinces and territories a bigger share of the revenue from a federal excise tax on cannabis, provided that the extra money is devoted to helping municipalities cope with the impact of legalizing recreational pot.

The feds have proposed giving provincial and territorial governments half of the estimated $1-billion annual excise tax take once weed becomes legal next July.

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29 CN ON: LTE: Pot Laws SickeningWed, 06 Dec 2017
Source:Standard, The (St. Catharines, CN ON) Author:Rosetto, Norphy Area:Ontario Lines:31 Added:12/06/2017

Re: Marijuana legalization

I agree with the letter to the editor from Rita Dillon. Don't we have enough situations that degrade we Canadians at this time?

Do we have to have marijuana for entertainment purposes? Is there not enough sickness around that cannot be controlled?

One day the use or possession of marijuana is against the law of the land, then it's encouraged to be used.

Talk about sick. Maybe some of our politicians need a good looking at, starting from the top.

Norphy Rosetto



30 CN ON: City Backs Downtown Supervised Injection SiteTue, 05 Dec 2017
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Dongen, Matthew Van Area:Ontario Lines:98 Added:12/05/2017

Two community agencies on hand to lend support for initiative which is expected to be paid for by province

The city has endorsed a supervised injection site for downtown Hamilton but it's up to a community agency to step up to run such a facility.

The city's board of health endorsed the findings of a long-awaited study Monday that recommend adding at least one permanent site in the core for people to safely inject illegal drugs under the watchful eye of health professionals.

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31 CN ON: Opioid Crisis Is Here TooMon, 04 Dec 2017
Source:Sun Times, The (Owen Sound, CN ON) Author:Crosby, Don Area:Ontario Lines:101 Added:12/04/2017

Ontario is in the middle of an opioid crisis, Grey Bruce Health Unit program director Lynda Bumstead and Hope Grey Bruce member Dave Roy told Brockton council.

Bumstead said one person dies every 10 hours in Ontario from an opioid overdose. In 2016, there were eight deaths in Grey Bruce linked to opioid overdose.

"There are many, many more individuals suffering from overdoses and addictions every day in Grey and Bruce," Bumstead told council last week. Overdoses due to opioids killed more people in 2014 than car accidents, and the number of deaths due to opioid overdose continues to rise.

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32 CN ON: Letter: Marijuana Grow-Ops Destroy Homes And NeighbourhoodsMon, 04 Dec 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Denis, Jonathan Area:Ontario Lines:36 Added:12/04/2017

Re: Alberta betting on marijuana boom, Opinion, Nov. 28

I read with interest Gillian Steward's column about the cannabis industry in Alberta. I write to clarify some of her comments.

Residential marijuana grow-ops have destroyed houses and injured neighbourhoods. When I had the privilege of serving in office, we sought to address this issue with a task force that focused on what could be done from a provincial level. One of the frequent comments we heard was that the decriminalization of cannabis, a federal issue, would decrease the incentives for such activities.

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33 CN ON: Editorial: Safe-Injection Site Makes Sense For HamiltonSat, 02 Dec 2017
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:74 Added:12/02/2017

Facing the reality that Hamilton needs at least one supervised injection site is not pleasant.

In an ideal world, such a thing might not be needed. People with drug addictions would get counselling and support to break their addiction. Until then, they could ingest drugs in a safe and clean environment.

But this isn't an ideal world. We're in a historic and growing street-drug crisis. And those qualities - access to support and a safe environment - are exactly what you get with a supervised injection site (SIS).

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34 CN ON: 'It's Not A One-Person Job'Fri, 01 Dec 2017
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON) Author:Ruby, Michelle Area:Ontario Lines:121 Added:12/01/2017

First co-ordinator of drugs strategy says community role key to success

As the first co-ordinator of a plan to address local drug use, Lacey DaSilva knows she has been handed a weighty task.

The Brantford-Brant Community Drugs Strategy, officially launched earlier this month, sets out goals to delay or prevent substance abuse and keep those already using safe and healthy.

It also aims to ensure residents have timely access to services and to reframe addiction from an issue of criminal justice to one of public health.

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35 CN ON: High Time To Stop Driving ImpairedThu, 30 Nov 2017
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:Doucette, Chris Area:Ontario Lines:40 Added:11/30/2017

Far too many young people still think driving while under the influence of drugs is somehow less risky than drinking and driving.

So R.I.D.E. Checks - an organization that works with cops to promote road safety - has teamed up with the licensed marijuana producer Beleave Inc. to launch a campaign called, Consequence Strains, to spell out the dangers of driving high.

"There still seems to be a common misconception where it's not as bad as having a few drinks and getting behind the wheel. People say, 'Oh, I can focus more,'" Dr. Roger Ferreira, Beleave's chief science officer, said Wednesday at Humber College's Lakeshore campus where police from services across the province gathered to kick off this year's RIDE program.

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36 CN ON: LTE: Canadians Going To PotThu, 30 Nov 2017
Source:Standard, The (St. Catharines, CN ON) Author:Dillon, Rita Area:Ontario Lines:60 Added:11/30/2017

In wiser times, cigarettes were considered poison: protect the kids, reduce health-care expense, ban that toxin almost everywhere. As a result, we all breathe easier.

Now it's 2017 - set up shops and fill them with pretty coloured weed balls, like lollipops. Who cares how many more toxins are in those?

Huge numbers of young people in their 20s are still in school and still dependent on their parents.

Is the medical community thrilled to welcome a new mind-altering drug we can all enjoy? Is there enough paper to list all the side-effects?

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37 CN ON: Pot Shop For Falls After AllThu, 30 Nov 2017
Source:Niagara Falls Review, The (CN ON) Author:Spiteri, Ray Area:Ontario Lines:153 Added:11/30/2017

Province grants cannabis store to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls will receive at least one government-run pot shop when recreational marijuana becomes legal next July.

On Tuesday night, Coun. Wayne Thomson read a letter from Ontario Ministry of Finance sent to the city and dated Nov. 28 that the popular tourist destination has been identified "for the location of at least one initial cannabis retail store by July 2018."

Thomson, along with Mayor Jim Diodati, voiced their disappointment when the Honeymoon Capital wasn't among the first 14 cities announced earlier this month by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to host a legal pot shop next July.

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38 CN ON: Pot Award Show Rolls Out The Red Carpet For First GalaThu, 30 Nov 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Wright, Lisa Area:Ontario Lines:79 Added:11/30/2017

Host's company says event aims to add legitimacy to community

What do you do if you're a budding awards show trying to create a buzz around Canada's $8.7-billion cannabis market?

First you weed out the best producers from the very large crop of products out there. Then you book a swanky joint and roll out the red carpet for business types looking to get in on the potential pot of gold surrounding legalization next summer.

The CEO of Lift Co., the online marketplace for the medical marijuana industry that is holding the event, says it was high time for a grass gala to highlight the fourth annual Canadian Cannabis Awards - previously held only online - in an effort to add some legitimacy to the often stigmatized cannabis community.

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39 CN ON: LTE: Canadians Going To PotThu, 30 Nov 2017
Source:Niagara Falls Review, The (CN ON) Author:Dillon, Rita Area:Ontario Lines:60 Added:11/30/2017

In wiser times, cigarettes were considered poison: protect the kids, reduce health-care expense, ban that toxin almost everywhere. As a result, we all breathe easier.

Now it's 2017 - set up shops and fill them with pretty coloured weed balls, like lollipops. Who cares how many more toxins are in those?

Huge numbers of young people in their 20s are still in school and still dependent on their parents.

Is the medical community thrilled to welcome a new mind-altering drug we can all enjoy? Is there enough paper to list all the side-effects?

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40 CN ON: LTE: Canadians Going To PotThu, 30 Nov 2017
Source:Tribune, The (CN ON) Author:Dillon, Rita Area:Ontario Lines:60 Added:11/30/2017

In wiser times, cigarettes were considered poison: protect the kids, reduce health-care expense, ban that toxin almost everywhere. As a result, we all breathe easier.

Now it's 2017 - set up shops and fill them with pretty coloured weed balls, like lollipops. Who cares how many more toxins are in those?

Huge numbers of young people in their 20s are still in school and still dependent on their parents.

Is the medical community thrilled to welcome a new mind- altering drug we can all enjoy? Is there enough paper to list all the side- effects?

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41 CN ON: Hamilton's Proposed Supervised Drug Site To Be Injection OnlyThu, 30 Nov 2017
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Frketich, Joanna Area:Ontario Lines:133 Added:11/30/2017

Handful in B.C., Alberta permit snorting or orally taking drugs

A PROPOSED SITE for supervised illicit drug use in Hamilton's core would only allow for substances to be injected and prohibit snorting, smoking or taking narcotics orally.

The Board of Health will decide Dec. 4 if it supports a supervised injection site (SIS) to be located between Queen Street North and Ferguson Avenue North and bordered by Main Street East and Barton Street East.

"There have been rising deaths, emergency department visits, hospitalizations and paramedic responses related to drug use," states a needs assessment and feasibility study by Hamilton Public Health Services in partnership with McMaster University. "In particular, harms from opioid use are a growing urgent concern among the community."

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42 CN ON: PUB LTE: Put Injection Sites In HospitalsThu, 30 Nov 2017
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Scott, Bruce Area:Ontario Lines:21 Added:11/30/2017

RE: Safe injection sites in Hamilton

Drug addiction is a major problem. Just look at the statistics. Safe injection sites are all about health care and saving lives. Why not make it part of our health-care system and set them up in the hospitals?

Bruce Scott, Burlington


43 CN ON: Impaired By DrugsSat, 25 Nov 2017
Source:Sudbury Star (CN ON) Author:Dempsey, Keith Area:Ontario Lines:79 Added:11/29/2017

Red Ribbon Campaign gets started, with emphasis on drivers who use marijuana

Action Sudbury has kicked off its 29th annual Red Ribbon Campaign with an emphasis on educating the public about the use of cannabis, as the federal government is set to legalize recreational marijuana.

"The biggest thing for the youth is to ensure they're aware of how cannabis can possibly effect their ability to operate a motor vehicle," OPP Sergeant Dave Wallbank said.

Wallbank showed a presentation of drug evaluation and classification to those in attendance, including students from Confederation Secondary School and Marymount Academy.

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44 CN ON: Talking Pot A What It Will Mean When It's LegalSat, 25 Nov 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Monteiro, Liz Area:Ontario Lines:130 Added:11/29/2017

KITCHENER - At gatherings with family and friends, it's common for people to sit and chat as they enjoy a glass of wine.

Drinking alcohol is legal and regulated by the government, but too much of it causes impairment and your long-term health could be at risk.

The same could be said for marijuana.

The now illicit drug will soon be legal, regulated and sold by the government. Smoking it daily could lead to a dependency, healthcare professionals say.

But the stigma associated with dope smoking remains.

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45CN ON: OPED: Police Fume Over Pot Shop ConundrumSat, 25 Nov 2017
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Kirkland, Doug Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:11/29/2017

Officers can't nab owners because of resource woes, says Doug Kirkland

A Citizen report Nov. 18 quotes Judge Norm Boxall on the Ottawa Police Service's failure to charge the owners and backers of illegal marijuana distribution shops.

Sentencing a young budtender from a Rideau Street shop, he said: "I just don't understand how the police cannot shut down a dispensary."

I understand the context of his statements, but the judge, despite his distinguished legal background, has the wrong target.

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46 CN ON: Board Weighs Putting Naloxone Kits In Every SchoolFri, 24 Nov 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Outhit, Jeff Area:Ontario Lines:88 Added:11/29/2017

WATERLOO REGION - The public school board is considering stocking every school with an emergency kit to fight drug overdoses, at the cost of $119,000 per year.

Kits contain the medication naloxone. By injection or nasal spray, it temporarily reverses the effects of an overdose of an opioid drug such as fentanyl or heroin.

Currently, local schools are to call 911 if an overdose is suspected.

"If that was my child I would want someone to do something," trustee Cindy Watson said, after pressing the Waterloo Region District School Board to buy overdose kits and train staff to use them.

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47CN ON: Teenager Killed After Visit To Crack Den, Police SayWed, 29 Nov 2017
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Yogaretnam, Shaamini Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:11/29/2017

Homicide victim attacked outside after looking for place to smoke pot, cops say

Police believe a teen who was fatally stabbed in Vanier was just looking for a place to smoke weed purchased at an illegal dispensary when he wound up inside a crack den, the Citizen has learned.

Zakaria Iqbal, just 18 years old and a Gloucester High School student, died Monday night after an attack on Montreal Road.

Detectives believe that Iqbal and his friends purchased marijuana at Dr. Greenthumb dispensary, also on Montreal Road. Employees at the dispensary said police visited the pot shop Tuesday as part of their homicide investigation, asking questions about who was there and when.

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48 CN ON: Sign Stirs The PotThu, 23 Nov 2017
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:Braun, Liz Area:Ontario Lines:87 Added:11/28/2017

Group wants billboard near kids' music school taken down

Should a billboard claiming that marijuana legalization isn't harmful be hanging over a kids' music school in North York?

That's the question being posed by Prevent, Don't Promote, an organization opposed to the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

Prevent, Don't Promote is particularly sensitive to anything that looks like advertising or marketing to children.

The billboard in question hangs over Little Jammerz, a music school that caters to children from Kindergarten to Grade 6, according to their website.

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49 CN ON: LTE: First Tobacco, Now PotThu, 23 Nov 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Mundy, Lloyd Area:Ontario Lines:29 Added:11/28/2017

Re: Hazards of cannabis - Nov. 11

Thanks to Ron Wagner for his informative letter regarding marijuana.

We taxpayers have spent billions of dollars through the government ads regarding the dangers of smoking. I have lost two members of my family to lung cancer, both heavy smokers of filter-tip cigarettes. The advertising has worked and very few cigarette butts litter our streets. However, when money is spent foolishly, a source of income must be found. The sale of marijuana will help.

Lloyd Mundy



50 CN ON: Supervised Injection Site Eyed For Downtown CoreThu, 23 Nov 2017
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Frketich, Joanna Area:Ontario Lines:123 Added:11/28/2017

Mayor backs scheme, says time to get it out of alleyways and off railway lands

A decision on whether to authorize a supervised injection site in Hamilton's core is expected to be made Dec. 4 by the Board of Health.

The proposed site would be located somewhere between Main Street East and Barton Street East and bordered by Queen Street North and Wellington Street North.

"It's high time we tried to get these injection issues out of the alleyways and the railway lines and make sure people who are doing drugs, do it safely," said Mayor Fred Eisenberger. "People are drug addicted and that's just the reality. Turning our mind away from that or sticking our head in the sand is delusional."

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