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1 CN NS: Province To Consult With Public On Marijuana LegalizationSat, 07 Oct 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Gunn, Andrea Area:Nova Scotia Lines:55 Added:10/11/2017

Nova Scotia will be launching its public consultations for marijuana legalization within days, with results expected to be compiled and released before the end of the year, the premier's office has confirmed.

Of the Atlantic provinces, Nova Scotia is the last to launch its consultations, which will include telephone and online surveys. P.E.I. just completed an online consultation, garnering around 3,000 responses, Newfoundland released a report of its consultation period in August, and New Brunswick - the furthest along - last month announced its framework for legalization, including plans to follow Ontario in creating a Crown corporation to oversee all pot sales.

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2 CN NS: Officer's Sense Of Smell Not Sufficient For Arrest And SeizureTue, 26 Sep 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS)          Area:Nova Scotia Lines:85 Added:09/28/2017

A RCMP officer's decision to arrest and search two people because he could smell fresh marijuana in the vehicle has resulted in drug and weapon charges being dismissed against an Ingonish couple.

Provincial court Judge Peter Ross ruled Monday that it is widely held that police officers can give evidence on what they detect or recognize by smell.

"But difficulties arise when the police claim to be able to recognize this particular smell (raw marijuana) as a basis for arrest, with no other supporting grounds," said the judge. Ross ruled that the seizure of the marijuana and the arrest of the two individuals violated their rights not to be arbitrarily detained and to be protected from unreasonable search. The decision meant that items seized would not be admitted into evidence at trial.

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3 CN NS: Editorial: Sales Pitch Goes UnheededSat, 23 Sep 2017
Source:News, The (New Glasgow, CN NS)          Area:Nova Scotia Lines:84 Added:09/27/2017

A lot of sides want a piece of the action - not surprising considering the high hopes many have for profits in selling legal marijuana.

What provinces decide about the matter is coming very much under scrutiny these days, particularly after Ontario announced rules that put sales entirely in government hands - much to the chagrin of the private sector. The province will sell the product, when legal as of next July, through the corporation that sells liquor, the LCBO, although in separate outlets.

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4 CN NS: Column: Two Big Issues To Keep An Eye On As Parliament ReturnsMon, 25 Sep 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Hebert, Chantal Area:Nova Scotia Lines:104 Added:09/27/2017

When it comes to two of the big policy battles that loom as the fall sitting of Parliament gets underway this week, prudence dictates that a journalist keeps his or her powder dry.

In the debate over the government's proposed tax changes for people with private corporations, as in the case of the Liberal plan to legalize marijuana, what we have so far seen are just the opening manoeuvres in a tug-of-war, the outcome of which in the court of public opinion is far from decided.

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5 CN NS: Editorial: Decriminalize All Drug Possession? Not A Bad IdeaThu, 21 Sep 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS)          Area:Nova Scotia Lines:80 Added:09/26/2017

NDP leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh's recent promise that, as prime minister, he would move quickly to drop criminal penalties for possession or purchase of small amounts of all drugs will no doubt seem radical to many.

Broad-based decriminalization would beast ark reversal after decades of increasingly punitive policies. And this would certainly add a layer of complication to the already complicated task of legalizing marijuana, which Ottawa and the provinces are struggling to do by next summer. The Trudeau government' s current position on decriminalization is understandable: Ottawa already has its hands full with pot.

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6 CN NS: Column: Stirring The Pot On Legal WeedTue, 19 Sep 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:Cleveland, Tristan Area:Nova Scotia Lines:90 Added:09/20/2017

We need to figure out how to sell weed in Nova Scotia - we also need to get more stores to sell healthy food.

Maybe we can use one problem to solve the other: allow stores to sell weed if they also offer a minimum quantity and quality of fruit and vegetables.

Access to healthy food is a major problem in Halifax. Getting to a store that sells broccoli can be a struggle for residents in Harrietsfield, Middle Musquodoboit and parts of urban neighbourhoods like Spryfield and north-end Halifax and Dartmouth.

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7 CN NS: PUB LTE: Signs Of OmissionThu, 14 Sep 2017
Source:Coast, The (CN NS) Author:H., Lindsay Area:Nova Scotia Lines:37 Added:09/19/2017

I don't really know where to go with this other than The Coast, since you appreciate input from us random faces in the crowds, and it shows. I recently stumbled across this article on the Metro chain's Halifax website: "Woman high on weed in wreck that killed grandkids." That is terrifying news as our country is striving to make marijuana legal, so I clicked and read briefly into the article-only to realize it was a poor copy-paste job from an Associated Press story that omitted half the information.

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8 CN NS: Local MLA Worried About Pot LegalizationSat, 16 Sep 2017
Source:News, The (New Glasgow, CN NS) Author:Macdonald, Sam Area:Nova Scotia Lines:163 Added:09/19/2017

Government, business community and advocacy groups have varied opinions

As the deadline for the federal government's move to legalize marijuana in July 2018 approaches, users, stakeholders, business people and politicians involved in the matter offer a variety of concerns.

Hank Merchant, CEO of HBB Medical, a medical marijuana dispensary, welcomes the introduction of guidelines and regulations on the sale of marijuana, "because there are people who have no qualms about operating outside the law."

"We, as medical marijuana dispensaries, don't do that," Merchant added.

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9 CN NS: What Harm Reduction Really MeansTue, 19 Sep 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS) Author:Sullivan, Nikki Area:Nova Scotia Lines:59 Added:09/19/2017

Harm reduction is one kind of treatment approach for helping people with substance abuse disorders and it can be confusing for people not familiar with it.

"Sometimes people think it's abstinence versus harm reduction but that isn't true," said Laura Chapman, health promotion specialist with Mental Health and Addiction Services.

"Harm reduction absolutely includes abstinence."

Chapman and many other clinical therapists, counsellors and other professionals working directly with people suffering from substance abuse disorders feel harm reduction is an important tool.

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10 CN NS: Opposition: Nova Scotia Government Dragging HeelsMon, 11 Sep 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Gunn, Andrea Area:Nova Scotia Lines:83 Added:09/13/2017

With the release of Ontario's marijuana legalization framework on Friday, Nova Scotia's opposition is concerned the provincial government is dragging its heels.

The first province to have constructed a comprehensive legalization plan, Ontario's framework includes plans to open 150 standalone stores, and to have the province's liquor control board oversee all recreational pot sales.

Ottawa will legalize pot by July 2018 but has left it up to the individual provinces to design their own distributions.

So far, the Nova Scotia government has been tight-lipped on its plans surrounding legalization, but Progressive Conservative Pictou West MLA and opposition justice critic Karla MacFarlane said they need to start talking.

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11 CN NS: Column: N.S. Government Still In Legal Pot HazeMon, 11 Sep 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Vibert, Jim Area:Nova Scotia Lines:112 Added:09/13/2017

There are concerns Nova Scotia isn't moving fast enough to deal with new standards regulating the legal sale of marijuana, and it could mean other provinces get a leg up. Nova Scotia's plans to get into the pot business are eerily reminiscent of a late-20th century, would-be-pusher - distinguished by stealth and uncertainty. No one knows what, if anything, the province has done to prepare for July 2018, when cannabis is legal in Canada, and the province's vague statements are neither illuminating nor reassuring.

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12 CN NS: Column: Latest Plan Won't Stunt Marijuana Black MarketWed, 13 Sep 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Hebert, Chantal Area:Nova Scotia Lines:109 Added:09/13/2017

Canada is edging closer to the July 2018 target date for the legalization of marijuana in a haze of political smoke.

With every new development, the gap between the political narrative attending the initiative and its actual implementation is harder to bridge.

Take the federal government's talking points. They have greatly evolved since Justin Trudeau was campaigning on university campuses in the last election campaign. Logic has not always benefited from that evolution.

To hear the prime minister these days, the point of the policy is to make it harder for minors to buy marijuana. Clearly, Canada is making its peace with marijuana the better to fight it.

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13 CN NS: Medical Marijuana Operation Re-OpenedWed, 06 Sep 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:McEachern, Cody Area:Nova Scotia Lines:49 Added:09/08/2017

After the RCMP raided three local medicinal marijuana dispensaries last week, one store has already re-opened.

Maritime Medicinal, one of the three Bible Hill dispensaries, reopened its Main Street location immediately after officers cleared out Friday afternoon.

"We were open right after they left," said Ashley Brown of Maritime Medicinal. "There were some charges laid against an individual who worked at the store, however, we support medical cannabis and we decided we would reopen to try and accommodate our patients. We have patients that require our services."

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14 CN NS: Search Warrants Executed At Three Medical MarijuanaSat, 02 Sep 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Sullivan, Harry Area:Nova Scotia Lines:84 Added:09/07/2017

RCMP officers raided three medical marijuana dispensaries in Bible Hill Friday afternoon.

Sgt. Duane Cooper told the Truro Daily News that search warrants were executed at about 3 p.m. at Re-Leaf Medical Dispensary, 197 Pictou Rd., Community Compassion Centre, 274 Pictou Rd., and at the Maritime Medicinal Centre, 27 Main Street.

"As we speak we're still in the process of executing the search warrants," said Cooper, who added the investigations are continuing and more information would be forthcoming when those tasks are complete.

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15 CN NS: Tasty Budds Store Searched By PoliceWed, 30 Aug 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:Woodford, Zane Area:Nova Scotia Lines:47 Added:09/01/2017

Four arrested by officers in Cole Harbour dispensary

One day after Tasty Budds reopened its five Nova Scotia locations following police raids last week, one of them has again been searched by police.

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Jennifer Clarke confirmed to Metro Tuesday afternoon that police searched the Tasty Budds location in Cole Harbour.

"We arrested four people, one of whom will be in court tomorrow morning in Dartmouth," Clarke said.

Charges are expected against that one person, and Clarke said police will be naming them on Wednesday.

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16 CN NS: Making Their Voices HeardTue, 29 Aug 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Gooding, Christopher Area:Nova Scotia Lines:64 Added:08/31/2017

Supporters of marijuana advocate protest outside Amherst courthouse

Support for a Cumberland County man charged with marijuana and firearm offences showed up early Monday for his first court appearance since being arrested almost a week ago.

Fifty-two year old Daren Wayne McCormick was arrested and charged Aug, 23, after Cumberland RCMP and a street crime unit conducted a search at a Northport home. Ten handguns, a shotgun, drug paraphernalia and what police descried as a large number of marijuana plants were removed from the home.

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17 CN NS: Tasty Budds Dispensaries ReopenTue, 29 Aug 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:Woodford, Zane Area:Nova Scotia Lines:69 Added:08/31/2017

'Alleged illegal activity' only at one location

All five Tasty Budds medical marijuana dispensaries in Nova Scotia have reopened following raids last week, and allegations of illegal activity that the chain's owner says were confined to just one location.

Police searched four homes and five Tasty Budds dispensaries last week after an eight-month investigation, and laid charges against nine people, including Tasty Budds president Mal McMeekin.

Police said those searches turned up a loaded handgun, a shotgun, cocaine, marijuana, shatter, hash, oil, edibles, and large amounts of cash. One man, 31-year-old Jarrett Randall Shrum of Bedford, was charged with trafficking cocaine, plus seven firearms charges including possession of a firearm obtained by crime and tampering with a firearm's serial number.

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18 CN NS: Tasty Budds President Apologizes After Police Raids And DrugMon, 28 Aug 2017
Source:Chronicle Herald (CN NS) Author:Beswick, Aaron Area:Nova Scotia Lines:74 Added:08/31/2017

Tasty Budds president Mal McMeekin is "very sorry" about alleged illegal activities that police say were occuring at his company's storefronts.

"We want to be very clear that the alleged illegal activity was occuring at one Tasty Budds location (Sackville Location)," reads a written statement sent to The Chronicle Herald and attributed to Mal McMeekin.

"This only came to our attention through the recent police activity and investigation. This is a gross violation of our code of conduct, our ethics, and everything that Tasty Budds stands for."

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19 CN NS: OPED: Class Of 420Thu, 31 Aug 2017
Source:Coast, The (CN NS) Author:LaPlante, Lucy Area:Nova Scotia Lines:82 Added:08/31/2017

A smoking syllabus to becoming the most productive pothead on campus.

Harvard studies suggest cannabis enhances cognitive function. German studies conclude micro-dosing weed is an effective ADHD treatment. And with Canada's impending marijuana legalization, the "lazy stoner" stereotype is washing away, making room for the high-functioning user to spark up. Carefully chosen MMJ strains, dosage and smoke methods just might be your path to becoming most productive pothead on campus.

Pre-class anxiety? Live every week like it's shark week with Great White Shark: This stimulating sativa offers an energizing high that melts away the anxiety in a room full of tutorial strangers. Great White's plant parents obliterate depression, stress and pain, so you can stay relaxed yet inspired while scoring full participation marks. Ren, a second-year NSCAD student with a nervous tummy, attributes her stellar grades to this potent strain.

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20 CN NS: Overdose Awareness Day Brings Tears And HopeThu, 31 Aug 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS) Author:Sullivan, Nikki Area:Nova Scotia Lines:99 Added:08/31/2017

Event aims to break stigma around overdose and drug use

About 75 Cape Bretoners gathered at Wentworth Park Bandshell on Thursday to pay tribute to loved ones who died by drug overdose or who are struggling with addiction.

Tears flowed and people could be heard quietly sobbing and sniffing during the Overdose Awareness Day event, especially when the names of people who died of drug overdoses were being called out.

Antoinette Murphy, who lost her son to an overdose five months ago, was there with her three daughters and a granddaughter.

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21 CN NS: 'I Keep Waiting For It To Get Easier'Thu, 24 Aug 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS) Author:Sullivan, Nikki Area:Nova Scotia Lines:99 Added:08/29/2017

Overdose awareness event equal parts memorial and educational

The Ally Centre of Cape Breton is hosting an event for International Overdose Awareness Day to remember those lost to overdose and bring awareness to the opioid crisis on the island.

"Each year we try to make an impact, somehow, to draw attention to overdose and the effect it's having on our communities," explained Christine Porter, executive director of the Ally Centre.

From 2008-2016, there have been 169 overdose deaths in CapeBreton.

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22 CN NS: 'This Is Medicine, Not About Getting High'Mon, 14 Aug 2017
Source:News, The (New Glasgow, CN NS) Author:Adshade, Kevin Area:Nova Scotia Lines:82 Added:08/15/2017

Medicinal marijuana dispensary in Stellarton offers variety of products

This isn't your grandma's home remedy.

Although maybe it is - maybe your grandma is totally on board with medical marijuana taking away the aches and pains that can come with old age.

"If you eat that ice cream, you're going to feel very, very relaxed. We've got people in their 80s coming in here," said Hank Merchant, chief executive officer of HBB Medical - a medicinal pot dispensary in Stellarton that opened several weeks ago.

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23 CN NS: City Looks Into Pot PlanningMon, 14 Aug 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:Woodford, Zane Area:Nova Scotia Lines:95 Added:08/15/2017

Staff suggest HRM consider how to handle legalization

Halifax is starting to think about how legal marijuana will roll out in the municipality.

In a staff report coming to regional council's meeting on Tuesday, staff recommend starting the process to consider amending land-use bylaws to determine the best places for marijuana-production facilities and dispensaries in the municipality ahead of next summer's promised legalization.

The federal government introduced legislation to legalize marijuana this spring. The bill passed first and second reading, and was referred to committee for further debate. The government intends to bring the law into effect no later than July 2018.

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24 CN NS: Column: Pot's Just One Solution For Digital DisconnectionThu, 10 Aug 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Vibert, Jim Area:Nova Scotia Lines:114 Added:08/15/2017

Legal pot was inevitable the moment society became inexorably bound to runaway technology.

Friday, with a digital lifeline severed, pasty-faced, disoriented humans stumbled out of the disrupted dichotomy - separate connection - to join other disoriented, confused survivors wandering, lost and untethered, in the foreign world of a decade back.

Sitting stoned alone in your backyard would clearly be a healthier psychological response. When everything depends on one thing, and that one thing is undependable, dupable and destructible, there needs to be a fallback, and "who gives a crap" is a viable option.

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25 CN NS: PUB LTE: Cannabis At 18Mon, 07 Aug 2017
Source:Chronicle Herald (CN NS) Author:Baxter, Brian Area:Nova Scotia Lines:32 Added:08/12/2017

Some so-called experts say the human brain keeps growing until age 25 and a CTV poll found a majority of people said the legal age for marijuana should be 21 or 25

This does not make sense to me. In Canada, you can join the military at 18, get a driver's licence at 16 and vote at 18.

A lot of kids 18 and younger are smoking marijuana. Bought legally, it will be safer than from the black market. Government, instead of organized crime, should be profiting from the sale of cannabis. Drug stores are the best place to sell marijuana and the legal age should be 18.

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26 CN NS: Green, Gray Or Black And White?Tue, 01 Aug 2017
Source:Victoria Standard, The (CN NS) Author:Barber, Carolyn Area:Nova Scotia Lines:197 Added:08/05/2017

Victoria County's first and only medical marijuana dispensary opened in June. It is listed with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks and has a CRA business number, a bank account and 25 clients. The RCMP are well aware of it. However, dispensaries are illegal in Canada. So how does it still exist? The Standard's Carolyn Barber explores the making og a gray area where some choose to roll the dice.

Our story about the medical marijuana (cannabis) dispensary that opened in June in Bay St. Lawrence began as a typical business profile. On July 16, The Standard's Carolyn Barber interviewed sole proprietor and operator Kevin Mackinnon, his wife Amy, and daughter Danielle at their dispensary located on Buchanan Lane in the northern Cape Breton village. Some basic background research on medical marijuana dispensaries generated further questions. That's when it became more than a profile.

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27 CN NS: OPED: Renters, Landlords Have The Right To Be Cannabis-FreeWed, 26 Jul 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Russell, Kevin Area:Nova Scotia Lines:69 Added:07/28/2017

Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS) is not in favour of the proposed Federal Government's cannabis legalization legislation.

"Nova Scotia's Cannabis Legalization Working Group must take into consideration multi-family unit dwellings' high-density living environment when writing cannabis regulations," says IPOANS president Jeremy Jackson. Adding "The current legislation, as is, fails to protect tenants' right to peaceful enjoyment of their homes, a right guaranteed under the Nova Scotia Residential Tenancy Act."

According to Statistics Canada's 2011 National Household Survey, there are 111,000 renter households in Nova Scotia. Taking into account an average 1.5 occupancy factor per renter household, marijuana use and cultivation places 166,000 Nova Scotians' health and safety in jeopardy.

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28 CN NS: Editorial: Peaceable Premiers Getting Tough On PotTue, 25 Jul 2017
Source:Chronicle Herald (CN NS)          Area:Nova Scotia Lines:71 Added:07/28/2017

If last week's meeting of provincial premiers is any indication, the issue that most unites Canadian provinces in the summer of 2017 is the timing of the introduction of legalized marijuana.

Canadians should be forgiven for thinking that the premiers face more daunting and serious problems - starting with the state of provincial health care systems. A study by the New York-based Commonwealth Fund concludes Canada's health care system ranks in the bottom three in a group of 11 wealthy countries.

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29 CN NS: Second-hand Pot Smoke Worries Apartment Building OwnersTue, 25 Jul 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:d'Entremont, Yvette Area:Nova Scotia Lines:42 Added:07/28/2017

The association representing Nova Scotia's apartment building owners is speaking out against the federal government's proposed cannabis legalization legislation.

In a media release issued on Monday, the Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia (IPOANS) expressed concerns about secondhand marijuana smoke.

The release said the association's members have heard from tenants with respiratory conditions, young families, seniors and non-smoking residents who've expressed concerns about "inhaling drifting (second hand) marijuana smoke and drifting airborne toxins from marijuana plant cultivation."

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30 CN NS: Editorial: Don't Rush Marijuana LawWed, 26 Jul 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS)          Area:Nova Scotia Lines:72 Added:07/26/2017

"Go slow, take your time," is the excellent advice Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was given last year on his plan to legalize recreational marijuana in Canada. The speaker was none other than Anne McLellan, leader of the federal government's task force on the issue, and her message was do your homework and get the job right the first time around.

The caution from this former Liberal deputy prime minister was wise. It seems even more urgent now after nine Canadian premiers told the prime minister last week they have so many concerns about his promise to legalize recreational pot starting July 1, 2018 that they may ask him to postpone the change.

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31 CN NS: After Naloxone - 'Then What?'Fri, 21 Jul 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:Ryan, Haley Area:Nova Scotia Lines:51 Added:07/25/2017

Advocate calls for more details on N.S. opioid plan

Nova Scotia's plan to offer hundreds of free naloxone kits will undoubtedly save lives, but one advocate says a lack of hard timelines and specific plans to help people outside an opioid emergency raises "more questions than answers."

Amy Graves, founder of the non-profit Get Prescription Drugs Off The Street Society, has been raising awareness around the dangers of prescription drugs and pushing for changes since 2011, after the loss of her younger brother Josh to an accidental hydromorphone overdose.

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32 CN NS: Naloxone A 'Great First Step'Thu, 20 Jul 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:d'Entremont, Yvette Area:Nova Scotia Lines:78 Added:07/22/2017

Access to drug will save lives, says front-line worker

A Halifax woman working on the front lines of the opioid crisis describes the province's decision to expand access to naloxone as "a great first step.".

Naloxone can reverse an opioid overdose. A department of health and wellness media release reports that the life-saving medication has saved at least 40 lives in Nova Scotia since January of 2016.

"We had three overdoses in one week. My team has naloxone training," said Rebekah Brounstein, residential co-ordinator with the Salvation Army's Halifax Centre of Hope.

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33 CN NS: Researchers Want Two Weed StreamsTue, 18 Jul 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:Fida, Kashmala Area:Nova Scotia Lines:81 Added:07/19/2017

Dalhousie duo say recreational, medical need to be separate

Dalhousie researchers are lending their voices to the debate on keeping the medical and recreational streams of marijuana separate.

The Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation published recommendations in a framework for legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2016.

It stated recreational marijuana be accessed separately from medical marijuana.

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) came out against that recommendation in favour of a single stream instead.

The task force noted patients felt a separate system was necessary to avoid losing their current access rights to cannabis.

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34 CN NS: Column: Something In The Air TonightMon, 10 Jul 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Bartlett, Steve Area:Nova Scotia Lines:107 Added:07/14/2017

The distinctive smell of weed was permeating the air around the concert grounds.

And I was panicking.

Not because I had sparked one up and feared getting caught.

No, I was afraid of a question: "Daddy, what's that smell?"

You see, I was doing my rock'n'roll duty, trying to pass my burning love of concerts on to my young'uns.

It was their first show. It was a Canada Day freebee and it was spectacular, with a lineup that included The Novaks, a St. John's-based rock machine, and The Sheepdogs, the Saskatoon band with big sound and even bigger hair.

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35 CN NS: Boxer Fights For His ReputationTue, 11 Jul 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:Croucher, Philip Area:Nova Scotia Lines:114 Added:07/14/2017

Custio Clayton alleges racial profiling by Montreal police

A cloud still follows Custio Clayton after one spring night in Montreal.

The former Olympian turned professional boxer has been in his hometown of Dartmouth for three weeks now, following his biggest pro victory to date. But this period of rest and relaxation has been sullied for the 29-year-old father of four.

Clayton says he was racially profiled by Montreal police during a traffic stop April 4 - during which a veteran officer accused him of being a drug dealer hiding marijuana inside a 2017 Yukon Denali.

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36 CN NS: OPED: Insure Medical CannabisFri, 23 Jun 2017
Source:Chronicle Herald (CN NS) Author:Zaid, Jonathan Area:Nova Scotia Lines:94 Added:06/23/2017

Approximately 200,000 Canadians have a medical marijuana prescription, but it isn't covered by most health insurance plans. (File)

Since the implementation of Canada's national medical cannabis system in 2001, attitudes toward cannabis have changed significantly. What was once stigmatized as a street drug has come to be understood as a substance with broad therapeutic uses.

Today about 200,000 Canadians have a prescription to use medical cannabis under a doctor's care for management of symptoms caused by chronic pain, bowel diseases, spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis, certain mental health disorders and a host of illnesses. Patients use cannabis because it works for them with manageable side effects.

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37 CN NS: Shelburne Man Obtains Medical Marijuana LicenceThu, 22 Jun 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Woolvett, Amy Area:Nova Scotia Lines:44 Added:06/22/2017

It happened like clockwork. Every year, the RCMP would raid a Shelburne man's property as his neighbours looked on.

The police were looking for pot and Dave Butler fully admits they were going to find it.

"They've come every year since 2001… they never missed a year," said Butler.

Butler's property, or the land around it, was always a place to find marijuana growing. Most of the time, he's managed to avoid charges - until recently.

Butler was expected to stand trial on production of marijuana charges June 19 at Shelburne Supreme Court after an arrest in 2014 but instead pleaded guilty to the lesser, included offence of possession. He was sentenced to 12 months of probation and will be given a total discharge if he complies with his probation order and pays a $100 victim surcharge.

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38 CN NS: OPED: How Prepared Are Police For Drug-Related ImpairedFri, 16 Jun 2017
Source:Amherst News (CN NS) Author:Gannes, Geoff de Area:Nova Scotia Lines:76 Added:06/19/2017

Canada's law enforcement agencies, MADD Canada and other first responders took to the country's roads and highways recently in their annual campaign to promote safety on our highways over the summer holiday season.

Adding to the complexity of addressing the issue of impaired driving is the steady increase in the numbers of drivers who have been stopped for drug impairment.

Law enforcement is also concerned that the impending legalization of marijuana by the Trudeau Government will compound the problem.

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39 CN NS: Column: How To Best Treat Society's Most Vulnerable?Fri, 16 Jun 2017
Source:Amherst News (CN NS) Author:Jones, Walter Area:Nova Scotia Lines:62 Added:06/19/2017

Two questions: What drug is the most addictive and can give you a condition that can kill you?

What other drug has the worse withdrawal effects and can destroy your brain? Answers! No. 1 is nicotine. It is so addictive because no matter how much you ingest your body still craves more and as it leaves your body the craving gets more intense.

Over time it can cause lung disease. Answer No. 2 is alcohol/ Longtime excessive use can lead to brain damage. It even has a name - Korsakoff Syndrome. You can also die from the DTs if you go cold turkey and are not under a doctors care.

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40 CN NS: Regional Police Preparing For Legal CannabisWed, 14 Jun 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS) Author:King, Nancy Area:Nova Scotia Lines:81 Added:06/19/2017

Municipalities are the ones who are going to be dealing with it on a daily basis

The Cape Breton Regional Police Service is attempting to prepare for the impending legalization of cannabis but it's unclear how much it will cost to put the necessary supports in place, Chief Peter McIsaac says.

In a report to the board of police commissioners Tuesday, McIsaac outlined some of the measures that the service is taking to prepare for the change. The federal government is set to legalize the recreational use of cannabis next year but it hasn't been explained yet how it will be regulated and distributed. While the law will be federal, it will be left to the provinces and municipalities to regulate it, he said.

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41 CN NS: Editorial: More Concerns, Few AnswersWed, 14 Jun 2017
Source:News, The (New Glasgow, CN NS)          Area:Nova Scotia Lines:79 Added:06/19/2017

Many have noted the federal government's vision on recreational marijuana regulations remains notably blurry. With legalization anticipated about a year from now, the questions continue, as do recommendations about where to draw certain lines.

The legal age to possess and partake is right up there among concerns. To that end, the New Brunswick Medical Society has weighed in this week, saying the bar should be set at 21. They add that the legal age for tobacco purchase and consumption should also be 21.

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42 CN NS: Editorial: Time To Get ReadyWed, 24 May 2017
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS)          Area:Nova Scotia Lines:71 Added:05/29/2017

If all goes according to plan, Canada's new marijuana law will take effect in July 2018.

It's what happens between now and then that is critical, especially when it comes to safeguarding young Canadians who are the most vulnerable to the potential harms of marijuana use.

Studies have shown adolescents are particularly at risk due to the fact their brains are continuing to develop and at a rapid pace. It's wise to take into consideration that research has shown that chronic marijuana usage is linked to memory and attention difficulties, prominently among individuals who started use while in early adolescence.

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43 CN NS: Editorial: Time To Get ReadyWed, 24 May 2017
Source:News, The (New Glasgow, CN NS)          Area:Nova Scotia Lines:69 Added:05/29/2017

If all goes according to plan, Canada's new marijuana law will take effect in July 2018. It's what happens between now and then that is critical, especially when it comes to safeguarding young Canadians who are the most vulnerable to the potential harms of marijuana use.

Studies have shown adolescents are particularly at risk due to the fact their brains are continuing to develop and at a rapid pace. It's wise to take into consideration that research has shown that chronic marijuana usage is linked to memory and attention difficulties, prominently among individuals who started use while in early adolescence.

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44 CN NS: Marijuana Grower Funds Man's Fight For Insurance CoverageMon, 29 May 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Hager, Mike Area:Nova Scotia Lines:96 Added:05/29/2017

One of Canada's largest medical cannabis producers says it will fund a Nova Scotia man's ongoing legal fight to have his marijuana prescription paid for by his employee-insurance plan - the latest move in a nationwide push by industry, patients and their advocates for more widespread cannabis coverage.

Aurora Cannabis Inc., a publicly traded grower based in Alberta, announced this week that it will bankroll elevator mechanic Gordon Skinner's coming defence this fall in the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.

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45 CN NS: Drug Battle Moves Across CBRMFri, 26 May 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS) Author:Montgomery-Dupe, Sharon Area:Nova Scotia Lines:94 Added:05/26/2017

A Town That Cares group to host more town hall meetings

The fight against the local drug crisis is being expanded.

Buddy Penney, a founder of the A Town That Cares group, says town hall meetings will be held in communities across the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

"We want people to see it's a problem for every community, not just New Waterford," he said.

"We will be working on gathering support to see a mental health/drug addiction facility built in the CBRM. Strength comes in numbers."

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46 CN NS: THC Testing Could Come To A Roadside Stop Near YouWed, 10 May 2017
Source:Amherst Citizen, The (CN NS) Author:Mathieson, Dave Area:Nova Scotia Lines:63 Added:05/15/2017

Driving on the dope could soon lead to a driving suspension and a fine.

"In Canada the proposed legislation for roadside screening is going to between two and five nanograms of cannabis for suspensions and a $1,000 fine."

That was the message RCMP Const. Travise Dow gave at the MADD Road Rally Saturday at the Amherst Lions Club.

Dow said a 2016 study done by the Canadian Safety Council shows that 24 per cent of drivers who have crashed on Canadian highways have high levels of THC in their system. THC is the active chemical in cannabis giving users the high they seek.

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47 CN NS: OPED: Health And Safety Top Priorities In New Cannabis LawsMon, 24 Apr 2017
Source:Queens County Advance, The (CN NS) Author:Goodale, Ralph Area:Nova Scotia Lines:111 Added:04/24/2017

If your objectives are to protect public health and safety, keep marijuana out of the hands of minors and cut illegal profits flowing to organized crime-then the law as it stands today has been an abject failure.

Law enforcement agencies in Canada spend an estimated $2-3 billion a year trying to fight pot, yet Canadian teenagers are among the heaviest users in the western world. And criminals walk away with $7-8 billion every year in illicit proceeds. We have to do better.

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48 CN NS: LTE: Cannabis Act Full Of HolesTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS)          Area:Nova Scotia Lines:69 Added:04/19/2017

The Liberals have introduced a new Cannabis Act that attempts to check the box of an election promise kept. I don't think the bill will pass anytime soon and I doubt the Liberals are serious about it anyway.

Why unveil the Act on the last day before a two-week break in Ottawa?

The act does have its challengers in the medical and legal fields. Eighteen is not an acceptable age for the government to allow for marijuana use. Medical opinion has advised that up to the age of 25 the human brain is still developing and that marijuana use can stunt this development.

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49 CN NS: Halifax Landlords' Concern Growing Over LegalizationTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:Metro (Halifax, CN NS) Author:Steeves, Julianne Area:Nova Scotia Lines:53 Added:04/19/2017

Property owners plan around issues like ventilation, insurance

Landlords' main concerns with marijuana legalization in Nova Scotia are around protecting tenant's health and possible damage to buildings, says one advocacy group.

Kevin Russell of Halifax, head of the Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia's (IPOANS) Cannabis Legalization Committee, said the proposed federal legislation is causing "a lot of concern" for property owners as well as tenants with respiratory problems or small children who are worried about second-hand smoke.

[continues 198 words]

50 CN NS: Column: Pot Promise Put To The TestThu, 13 Apr 2017
Source:Cape Breton Post (CN NS) Author:Hebert, Chantal Area:Nova Scotia Lines:110 Added:04/15/2017

Legislation to be tabled today in the House of Commons will pave the way to the legal selling of marijuana across the country by the summer of next year

If he wants to avoid spending the 2019 campaign walking on the shards of yet another broken signature promise, Justin Trudeau has little choice but to make good on his promise to legalize marijuana in time for the next election.

Of the many commitments the prime minister made on the way to his majority victory some were more emblematic than others. The Liberal embrace of deficit spending, the vow to change the voting system in time for 2019 and the legalization of marijuana fall into that category.

[continues 666 words]

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