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1 CN AB: LTE: Affects Of Smoking Pot Remain HazyThu, 11 May 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Millman, Evelyn Area:Alberta Lines:35 Added:05/15/2017

It has taken years to persuade individuals that smoking causes cancer and years to persuade various levels of government, corporations, schools and other organizations to ban smoking in public places.

Now we are faced with a new but similar peril which seems to parallel tobacco smoking. There are many unknowns that cause us concern, like the effects on health, addictions, distracted and impaired driving and psychiatric implications.

We understand the need for medical marijuana use but do we need to rush into something that requires a lot more thought and research into long-term effects just because of the pressures of marijuana growers and by users who want easier access for their habit?

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2 CN AB: Children Living In Houses Where Drugs SeizedThu, 11 May 2017
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Author:Kuhl, Nick Area:Alberta Lines:64 Added:05/15/2017

Several young children were found living in drug houses on the city's westside, while five people face charges under Alberta's Drug Endangered Children's Act after ALERT recently seized nearly $100,000 worth of drugs and cash.

ALERT's organized crime and drug unit in Lethbridge, along with Lethbridge Police Service members, executed four search warrants on vehicles and homes in west Lethbridge late last week to conclude an investigation that began in late 2016.

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3 CN AB: PUB LTE: Safe Injection Sites Needed In SuburbsTue, 09 May 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Nixon, Tim Area:Alberta Lines:44 Added:05/09/2017

There can be no doubt a safe injection site needs to be in the McCauley community health centre or in the Boyle Street Co-op or the George Spady Centre.

However, homeless people in the inner city are not the majority of opiate users, so why all the injection sites in one small area? This is simply opportunistic.

People living in McCauley have shown themselves to be very compassionate towards the poor and addicted.

They also seem to have no ability to set reasonable social boundaries.

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4CN AB: Taxes From Pot Should Go To Mental Health, U Of A Prof UrgesSat, 06 May 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Kaufmann, Bill Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:05/08/2017

Mental health is 25 per cent of the total disease burden so we have a massive imbalance in spending on public health.

Alberta needs to better prepare its health-care system for marijuana legalization, an academic told a Calgary seminar on the watershed drug reforms said Friday.

While Cam Wild praised Ottawa's approach to legalizing the recreational use of the drug, he said the province has considerable work to do in the medical field to ensure the move's success.

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5 CN AB: Safe-Injection Site A Plausible Scenario For Medicine HatFri, 05 May 2017
Source:Medicine Hat News (CN AB) Author:Cranker, Mo Area:Alberta Lines:89 Added:05/08/2017

A safe-injection site could be coming to Medicine Hat.

Though still early in the process, HIV Community Link executive director Leslie Hill says this is something communities around Alberta could be seeing over the course of the next year or so.

"Right now we have a researcher in Medicine Hat working on creating a survey to get to drug users," she said. "We are doing this in response to a rise in opioid use across the province and we are trying to be proactive with this."

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6 CN AB: City Closer To Supervised Consumption SitesWed, 03 May 2017
Source:Metro (Edmonton, CN AB) Author:Simes, Jeremy Area:Alberta Lines:68 Added:05/08/2017

Council votes to approach feds; decision to be made in Ottawa

Edmonton got a step closer to seeing supervised consumption sites in the city, after city council voted Tuesday to ask the federal government to allow the proposed sites to open as soon as possible.

Councillors voted 10-1 to send the letter of opinion to Ottawa, and although the decision is ultimately up to the federal government, the ruling Liberals have previously indicated they support the services.

Couns. Bev Esslinger and Mike Nickel were absent for the vote.

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7CN AB: Column: Everyone Loves Safe Injection Sites A Except TheWed, 03 May 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Staples, David Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:05/08/2017

It's painful on a daily basis to deal with people in the neighbourhood who have serious addiction issues.

Most everyone in the city, it seems, supports safe injection sites for intravenous drug addicts going into Edmonton inner-city neighbourhoods. Everyone except for one lonely group, those people who have to live near them.

The prospective neighbours don't buy the notion that these sites will make life better for all.

Edmonton city council, on the other hand, voted overwhelmingly, 10 votes to one, in favour of giving its stamp of approval for safe injection sites.

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8CN AB: Marijuana Legalization Could Threaten Public Health GainsThu, 04 May 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Wood, James Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:05/08/2017

The prospect of legal marijuana in 2018 is raising alarm among anti-smoking advocates, while some public health experts are hopeful legalization will prove to be a greater benefit than risk.

In April, the federal Liberal government unveiled a plan to legalize recreational pot for those over 18 by July of next year.

Les Hagen, executive director of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), said he doesn't oppose legalization but believes public health is taking a back seat to commercial and political interests as the Trudeau government speeds toward legal weed.

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9 CN AB: OPED: Regulating Marijuana Is A Fool's ErrandMon, 08 May 2017
Source:Medicine Hat News (CN AB) Author:McGarvey, Robert Area:Alberta Lines:109 Added:05/08/2017

The good news: an absurd prohibition on pot is about to end. The bad news: the Trudeau government has tied itself in knots

EDMONTON - The federal government's plan to legalize marijuana is another nail in the coffin of Canada's expensive and wasteful war on drugs. But at what social cost?

Former justice minister Anne McLellan, who chaired the federal task force on marijuana legalization, and Bill Blair, a former Toronto police chief, played key roles in the government's new legislation. This forthright and responsible group examined the complex issues, listened to many concerned citizens, drafted their reports and made their recommendations.

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10CN AB: Protesters Decry Plan To Cluster Three Safe-Injection Sites InMon, 08 May 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Faulder, Liane Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:05/08/2017

Protesters representing the Chinese community, as well as residents in McCauley and Central McDougall, expressed anger Saturday at not being properly consulted before a decision was made to place three safe injection sites into their midst.

The proposed public locations are the Boyle McCauley Health Centre on 96 Street and 106 Avenue, Boyle Street Community Services at 101 Street and 105 Avenue, and the George Spady Society at 100 Street and 105A Avenue, all locations that currently offer support for homeless people. A fourth site at the Royal Alexander Hospital would serve the hospital's patients.

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11CN AB: Council Votes To Support Supervised Injection SitesWed, 03 May 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Stolte, Elise Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:05/06/2017

Letter to federal authorities is first step; advisory committee to give feedback

City council voted 10-1 Tuesday to write a letter of support for four supervised injection sites in the inner core, pledging to monitor for any negative effect on the community.

The province is responsible for funding the service; Ottawa is responsible to regulate it.

But Mayor Don Iveson said, "We will continue to play a key role ... so we can speak up if the worst fears of the community do come to pass."

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12CN AB: City Residents Give Council Earful On Supervised InjectionTue, 02 May 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Stolte, Elise Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:05/06/2017

'Already, the drug dealers, they own the place. It will only get worse,' says resident

Tensions were running high at city hall Monday with more than two dozen community members begging city council not to endorse three supervised injection sites for drug users in their area.

"Already, the drug dealers, they own the place. It will only get worse. How is that healthy for anyone?" said McCauley resident Geo Fiddler, showing council a photo-montage of used needles and homeless people in the area.

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13 CN AB: Editorial: Opioid Crisis A Local Issue, TooWed, 03 May 2017
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB)          Area:Alberta Lines:76 Added:05/06/2017

Complex problem requires multi-pronged approach

In the past couple of years, the growing opioid crisis has grabbed headlines across the country as the death toll continues to climb. A recent Canadian Press story reported that Canadians are the second highest per-capita consumers of opioids in the world, after their U.S. counterparts. But while opioid use is declining in the U.S., in Canada it's rising.

It's a problem that hits close to home. There were 349 fentanyl reported overdose deaths in Alberta in 2016. That's up from 257 such deaths in 2015, and almost triple the 117 fentanyl deaths in 2014. In the first six weeks of 2017, 51 fentanyl deaths were reported, a pace that, if maintained throughout the year, would see yet another annual increase.

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14CN AB: Drug-Using Employees Mean Higher Costs, Oil And Gas CEOs WarnTue, 02 May 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Healing, Dan Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:05/06/2017

Oilpatch CEOs fear their costs will rise when the federal government passes legislation to legalize recreational marijuana.

The issue of drug use is closely watched in the industry, where workers tend to be young and hazards include long commutes to and from remote drilling sites, wells that produce poisonous or explosive gas, and exposure to heavy machinery. Many oil and gas companies have strict bans on alcohol and drugs at work.

Precision Drilling CEO Kevin Neveu, whose Calgary-based firm operates in Canada and the United States, says his opposition to legalization is supported by his company's experiences in Colorado after that state legalized the drug in 2014. He said costs there have increased for employees who need drug counselling, or for those who fail drug tests and must be sent home under Precision's "zero tolerance" drug and alcohol policy. And it's more difficult to find new recruits, who can pass pre-employment drug tests, he said.

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15 CN AB: Opioid Crisis Hits HomeTue, 02 May 2017
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Author:Villeneuve, Melissa Area:Alberta Lines:179 Added:05/06/2017

Coalition on opioid use informs council about local issue and efforts to combat problem

The rising use of illicit opioids, such as fentanyl, in Canada has become an "epidemic" and Lethbridge isn't immune. On Monday, a local coalition on opioid abuse informed members of city council about the scope of the issue and how, through collaborative efforts, it plans to combat the multi-faceted problem.

The coalition was formed last November in response to the rising number of addictions and overdoses related to the dangerous and highly-addictive drug, as well as the resulting consequences such as increased property crime, drug trafficking, public consumption and needle disposal.

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16 CN AB: Column: Tale Of Two Drug BustsWed, 26 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Bonokoski, Mark Area:Alberta Lines:102 Added:04/30/2017

"My father had a couple of connections," said Justin Trudeau.

"No s---!" cried the peasants.

These would be the same peasants, by the way, with no connections whatsoever, whose father was not a former prime minister still worshipped by the progressives and the elites, who wouldn't know a good lawyer from an ambulance chaser (and could not afford either), and who have no strings to pull in either law enforcement or the judiciary because they are just another sad face in a teeming court system overflowing with sad faces.

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17 CN AB: Column: Let's Not Sweat The Small StuffWed, 26 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Sun, The (CN AB) Author:Leong, Ricky Area:Alberta Lines:98 Added:04/30/2017

As Canada prepares to legalize marijuana, one lone Alberta pot plant has the potential to become something of a poster child for the internal struggle currently facing law enforcement.

In a news release issued this month - days before the federal government was to reveal its new cannabis policies - RCMP in Hanna trumpeted the arrest of a 48-year-old woman resulting from the execution of a search warrant at a home, which turned up one marijuana plant and marijuana equipment.

The woman was to appear in court this week.

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18CN AB: Pot Fans At 4/20 Rally Divided On Merits Of Legalization BillFri, 21 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Wakefield, Jonny Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/26/2017

Marijuana could be legal in Canada next year, but whether what comes next will be better has users of the drug divided.

Throngs of pot smokers gathered on the Alberta legislature grounds Thursday for one of the last 4/20 rallies before marijuana is legalized next year.

On April 13, the Trudeau government introduced a bill to legalize and regulate the sale and possession of marijuana by July 2018.

While some 4/20 attendees were happy to see the drug become legal, others said the law won't make life better for cannabis users. While U.S. states including Colorado and Washington now have legal pot, Canada would be just the second country to legalize the drug.

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19CN AB: Marijuana Enforcement Likely Violates Charter Rights: ExpertsFri, 21 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Wood, James Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/26/2017

Ottawa is facing big questions as its move to legalize cannabis use for adults goes hand in hand with stricter laws on drunk and drugged driving and tough sentences for those providing marijuana to minors.

While the Alberta government is supportive of new measures around roadside tests, a University of Calgary law school professor and a prominent city defence lawyer say many of the new federal laws go too far and will almost certainly be challenged as unconstitutional.

In keeping its campaign promise on legalization, the Liberal government last week unveiled a crackdown on impaired driving that will no longer require police to suspect a driver has alcohol in his or her system to administer a roadside test. New legislation will also enable police to take a saliva sample from a driver they suspect of drug use.

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20CN AB: Calgary Catches Up On Cannabis CultureFri, 21 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Kaufmann, Bill Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/26/2017

Upcoming weed expo at Stampede Park expected to match Edmonton trade show

Taboos over marijuana are going up in smoke, supercharging cannabis expos in Alberta, including one taking seed in Calgary next month, say organizers.

Fuelled by a buzz over impending national legalization and eight U.S. states that have dropped pot prohibition, an Edmonton trade show held in early April exceeded attendance expectations, said Kevin Blackburn of organizer Canwest Productions.

"We were hoping for 3,000 to 5,000 people and we doubled that," he said.

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21CN AB: Column: Get Ready For The Stoner Next DoorSat, 22 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Spencer, Christina Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/24/2017

"Stoners are nice," said Samantha, a happy participant in Thursday's 4-20 celebrations on Parliament Hill. "Honestly, we're like a great big family."

So went the blissful murmurings among cannabis users at the annual homage. With 6,000 people toking on the lawn in front of Centre Block - - the prime minister was not in town to bask in the glow of their happiness - you'd think recreational marijuana use was already legal.

It isn't yet, and may not be even by July 1, 2018, the target date the Trudeau government has set. Barely a week after four ministers and a parliamentary secretary were trotted out to introduce the pertinent legislation, it's becoming clear what a complicated business this is going to be.

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22 CN AB: Legalization Gets Spirits High At City RallyFri, 21 Apr 2017
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Author:Martin, Tijana Area:Alberta Lines:84 Added:04/24/2017

There was a cloud of smoke at Galt Gardens Thursday as hundreds gathered to smoke marijuana during the annual 4/20 celebration.

Every year on April 20, Canadians gather for pro-pot events, but it seems that cannabis activists may soon be getting what they want as the Government of Canada has proposed the Cannabis Act, which would legalize and regulate cannabis use.

Despite cannabis use still being illegal for most, unless prescribed for medical purposes, Lethbridge Police Services simply observed the rally and no arrests were made on drug charges.

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23 CN AB: Hatters Gather To Raise Awareness About The Legalization OfFri, 21 Apr 2017
Source:Medicine Hat News (CN AB) Author:Cranker, Mo Area:Alberta Lines:59 Added:04/24/2017

A few dozen Hatters gathered in front of city hall Thursday to light up a joint and raise awareness of the proposed legalization of cannabis in Canada.

The group met downtown at 3 p.m. and talked to anyone interested before lighting up some joints at 4:20 p.m. and marching to the provincial building. Armed with signs, pamphlets and pins, the group's main goal was to raise awareness and, more importantly, spread education on the topic of the proposed legalization, said group spokesperson Caelan Walton.

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24 CN AB: Users 'Leery' About LegalizationFri, 21 Apr 2017
Source:Metro (Edmonton, CN AB) Author:Maimann, Kevin Area:Alberta Lines:74 Added:04/24/2017

4-20 revelers aren't all that excited about recent federal government announcements.

A newfound sense of empowerment met with an air of cynicism at the annual 420 gathering on the Alberta legislature grounds Thursday.

While cannabis seedlings were handed out for free and at least one dispensary advertised openly, participants were cautious to rejoice over recent announcements from the federal government that will see marijuana legalized by July 2018.

"I'm a little leery and we're just kind of watching and seeing what they're doing," said Paige Brummet, who is on the board of directors for Edmonton-based non-profit United Cannabis Coalition. "We're here to fight."

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25 CN AB: Column: Truckload Of TroubleFri, 21 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Bonokoski, Mark Area:Alberta Lines:96 Added:04/24/2017

Industry bracing for time bomb of buzzed drivers

The image of a toked-up Cheech or Chong rolling down the highway hauling an 18-wheeler loaded with a cargo of toxic chemicals or flammable liquids has the trucking industry bracing for the worst.

It is just one leg of a multi-legged beast the Trudeau Liberals have created by rushing into the legalization of marijuana in order to get elected and appear hip to their millennial fan base.

Thinking it through properly, however, and ticking off the multitude of boxes necessary to protect the public, was obviously not a major part of the process.

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26 CN AB: Column: Welcome To The Pot PartySat, 22 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Hicks, Graham Area:Alberta Lines:111 Added:04/24/2017

Marijuana legalization is coming whether you like it or not - but don't worry, the sky won't fall

Marijuana is rushing out of the closet, what with the federal government's plan to legalize marijuana use across Canada as of July 2018.

Which is somewhat ironic: Pot has been almost as common as booze, smoked by a sizeable minority of Canadians since getting high became popular 50 years ago.

The fact it's been illegal just made users more secretive.

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27 CN AB: A Hazy SituationThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Wakefield, Jonny Area:Alberta Lines:75 Added:04/24/2017

Questions around planned pot legalization still in the air as police prepare for 4/20 events

Edmonton's police chief says he doesn't expect a larger-than-usual 4/20 gathering Thursday as the city prepares for legal marijuana.

"I imagine we'll get a few people there, but nothing that's really on the radar we're concerned about," Chief Rod Knecht said Wednesday.

The annual smoke-up at the Alberta legislature could be one of the last under existing marijuana laws, as the Trudeau government prepares to legalize the drug.

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28 CN AB: Editorial: A Pot Revolution Comes To CanadaSat, 22 Apr 2017
Source:Medicine Hat News (CN AB)          Area:Alberta Lines:92 Added:04/22/2017

The right prices and levels of taxation must be set. If they're too low, people might be tempted to overindulge. If they're too high, criminals will provide cheaper alternatives.

In case you missed it, the federal government has just sown the seeds for a full-blown social revolution in Canada.

Last Thursday, just before the Easter long weekend started, the Liberals tabled legislation that will legalize and regulate the production, sale and use of recreational marijuana in this country starting in the summer of 2018.

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29CN AB: Usual Crowd Expected At 4/20 Marijuana EventThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Wakefield, Jonny Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/22/2017

Edmonton's police chief says he doesn't expect a larger than usual 4/20 gathering Thursday as the city prepares for legal marijuana.

"I imagine we'll get a few people there, but nothing that's really on the radar we're concerned about," Chief Rod Knecht said Wednesday.

The annual smoke-up at the Alberta legislature could be one of the last under existing marijuana laws, as the Trudeau government prepares to legalize the drug.

The Liberals introduced bills this month to legalize and regulate marijuana by July 2018.

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30CN AB: Editorial: Work Must Exclude PotThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB)          Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/22/2017

Adding to the many concerns and ambiguities clouding the Trudeau government's rush to legalize recreational marijuana use in Canada, the energy sector has exposed a significant void in the proposed rollout.

Enform, the oilpatch safety organization, is justifiably concerned that proposed federal laws tabled in the House of Commons last week do not include regulations on workplace safety.

It's urging Ottawa and provincial leaders - though the federal cannabis task force - to harmonize labour rules to ban marijuana use in workplaces where safety could be compromised. In Alberta, that would include most oil and gas operations.

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31 CN AB: Local Leaders Skeptical About Marijuana LegalizationWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:St. Albert Gazette (CN AB) Author:Henderson, Jennifer Area:Alberta Lines:114 Added:04/22/2017

Last week the Liberal government tabled its long awaited legislation to legalize marijuana but provinces and municipalities are already concerned with the costs and responsibilities associated with it.

St. Albert MP Michael Cooper and Mayor Nolan Crouse are both concerned that the federal government is downloading the responsibilities to the provinces and municipalities without providing any financial support.

The bills tabled on Thursday outline the federal government's guidelines for legalization, which they plan to achieve by July 1, 2018.

The government plans to legalize the possession of 30 grams of dried cannabis for Canadian adults over the age of 18. Provinces have the option to raise the age if they see fit. Canadians will be able to buy the cannabis through the mail or at provincially regulated retail spaces.

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32 CN AB: Creating Community One Puff At A TimeThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Vue Weekly (CN AB) Author:Boissonneault, Stephan Area:Alberta Lines:87 Added:04/22/2017

Cannabis Clubs of Canada to be community focused hub for marijuana users

Since the Liberal's announcement of marijuana legislation, the media has been in an absolute frenzy, attempting to answer the question of what regulation in Canada will look like. In this pot-centric media storm no one has really approached the question of how recreational use will happen in a community setting.

Enter the Cannabis Clubs of Canada. Much like Spain's underground cannabis club scene, these collective hubs will allow people to consume marijuana on club property without worry.

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33 CN AB: Alberta Sees Costs, No Cash Cow From Federal CannabisWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:Banff Crag & Canyon, The (CN AB) Author:Griwkowsky, Catherine Area:Alberta Lines:92 Added:04/22/2017

It's going to be challenging to get the province ready for the federal government's deadline of July 1, 2018, for legalized marijuana in the country, says Premier Rachel Notley.

Bills tabled Thursday in the House of Commons in Ottawa kickstart a national move toward legalization of recreational pot for people 18 and older.

A lot of decisions in the "very ambitious project" will be left to provinces to figure out before the law takes effect, Notley told reporters Thursday at the Alberta legislature.

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34 CN AB: The War On Deadly OpioidsWed, 19 Apr 2017
Source:St. Albert Gazette (CN AB) Author:Henderson, Jennifer Area:Alberta Lines:135 Added:04/22/2017

How drug units deal with fentanyl

The death toll for fentanyl continues to rise in 2017, with nearly double the number of deaths being reported in the first six weeks of the year.

According to Health Canada, from Jan. 1 to Feb, 11, 51 people died from overdosing on fentanyl. In 2016 during the same six weeks, 28 Albertans died as a result of a fentanyl overdose.

The drug was first found in St. Albert in 2014 and since then the St. Albert RCMP's drug unit said that currently there is at least one pill found in around 80 per cent of their overall drug cases.

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35 CN AB: Concerns Sparked Over Federal Cannabis LegislationThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Airdrie City View (CN AB) Author:Waldner, Christina Area:Alberta Lines:96 Added:04/22/2017

he federal government outlined its plans for the legalization of cannabis April 13, which includes regulations for the production, distribution, sale and possession of the drug while introducing strict penalties for its misuse.

"Today, we are following through on our commitment to introduce comprehensive legislation to legalize, strictly regulate and restrict access to cannabis and to create new laws to punish more severely those who drive under its influence," Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould said in a release issued by the government.

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36 CN AB: Pot Law Draws Mixed ReactionThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Cochrane Eagle (CN AB) Author:Seewalt, Lindsay Area:Alberta Lines:110 Added:04/22/2017

Last week the federal government announced it will move forward with its highly-anticipated and contentious pledge to legalize recreational marijuana.

What might possibly be the most memorable piece of legislation undertaken by the Justin Trudeau Liberals will most certainly result in polarizing political and personal stances.

Social media and online reactions range from cheers to fears - including criticisms that the whole movement is nothing short of a government tax grab that has parent and landlord advocates up in arms.

"I've witnessed Justin Trudeau try to manage the economy, electoral reform … I'm not sure I have faith in his ability to protect kids from pot," said Banff-Airdrie Conservative MP Blake Richards.

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37 CN AB: Editorial: Ramifications Of Legal Marijuana Remain CloudyThu, 20 Apr 2017
Source:Medicine Hat News (CN AB) Author:Gallant, Collin Area:Alberta Lines:99 Added:04/22/2017

Today is April 20, or 4/20 for short, the day marijuana activists use for protest, public displays of defiance and a call to action to legalize pot.

The times are certainly about to change as Ottawa and the provinces consider the implications of the Liberal government's plan to make marijuana legal.

Concerns about decriminalizing pot, however, have many recreational smokers increasingly leery about receiving what they wished for.

Those are the people who should benefit most from the bill, which is posed as a measure to avoid criminal records and fines for possession of the drug that is extremely common, if one is being honest.

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38 CN AB: Column: Making The Illegal SaferTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:Vulcan Advocate (CN AB) Author:Wilson, Morgan Area:Alberta Lines:103 Added:04/21/2017

There's very little middle ground in the debate about safe injection sites.

Lines are quickly drawn between the supporters and the opposition.

I suspect that you could do a bit of political polling during a discussion about "supervised consumption sites" and the lines dividing the participant camps would likely reveal a left-right political split as well.

Conservatives tend to be anti-drug, anti-safe injection types.

Liberals tend to flow to the other side, largely supporting supervised consumption sites.

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39CN AB: Oil And Gas Industry Wants Pot Ban In Dangerous JobsTue, 18 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Southwick, Reid Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/21/2017

Worried that dope-smoking workers could cause a "catastrophic event" at an oil and gas operation, an oilpatch safety group will press the federal and provincial governments to ban marijuana in hazardous workplaces after the drug is legalized.

Enform, which is funded by oil and gas industry groups, had raised its proposed ban with the federal cannabis task force, but the Liberal government's legislation, released last week, is silent on workplace safety.

The group will lobby the provinces and Ottawa to harmonize labour rules to allow for a ban in so-called safety-sensitive workplaces, such as refineries, gas plants and mines, until drug testing for cannabis improves.

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40 CN AB: LTE: Hazy LawMon, 17 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Temoor, Sohail Area:Alberta Lines:30 Added:04/19/2017

While I do understand the reasoning behind legalizing marijuana, I believe that the public health risks outweigh the legislative benefits. It can cause impairment of both perception and motor skills.

These factors need to be functional to ensure safe driving. A likely outcome of legalizing marijuana is that it may lead to greater incidents of accidents - and possible deaths - due to intoxication. We are already working towards mitigating deaths due to alcohol, adding marijuana to the mix poses an additional liability to public safety.

Sohail Temoor

(People shouldn't drive drunk or stoned.)


41 CN AB: PUB LTE: Green DreamsSat, 15 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Fisker, Eric Area:Alberta Lines:35 Added:04/19/2017

I can't help but feeling Ms. Leitch's column is not about marijuana but about her getting votes (of older people?); at the same time she derides Trudeau for, in her opinion using it to get the younger vote.

Having been a teenager in the '70s I've been exposed to smoking dope and know people who do so daily (I am not one of them). I can't think of anyone who has messed up their life, family or career due to this habit. Quite the contrary for people who consume alcohol daily.

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42 CN AB: Column: Legit Weed's Price PointSun, 16 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Bonokoski, Mark Area:Alberta Lines:106 Added:04/19/2017

Buy low, sell high, and other dope on legalized pot

In the bull-bear world of stock-market traders, the smell of fear ultimately tightens sphincter muscles and triggers sell-offs.

Within minutes of Justin Trudeau's Liberals tabling their pot legislation, for example, the TSX began dumping some of its publicly traded marijuana stocks.

The lack of clarity in the Liberals' spanking-new Cannabis Act got speculative investors nervous, which led to a feeling of financial uncertainty, which led to an unloading of stock.

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43 CN AB: Feds Hit Mark On Marijuana Bill: ProducerSat, 15 Apr 2017
Source:Winnipeg Sun (CN MB) Author:Dawkins, Glen Area:Alberta Lines:74 Added:04/19/2017

Cam Battley recently did a presentation near Calgary where high school students talked about how easy it was to access cannabis in their school. But when he asked if anyone was selling illegal liquor, the answer was no.

"Managing a legal substance like alcohol with age restrictions and regulation has actually worked much better than having a prohibition system," said Battley, the Executive Vice President of Aurora Cannabis which is the second largest producer of medical cannabis in Canada. "That's what we're trying to do with cannabis."

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44CN AB: 'There Wasn't This Escalation In Crime'Fri, 14 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Cole, Yolande Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/19/2017

Calgary's police chief is backing calls for a local site where drug users could consume substances under medical supervision. Roger Chaffin said preliminary discussions are underway about what a supervised consumption site in the city will look like. He added that police will work to ensure that community members feel safe.

Dr. Thomas Kerr is the co-director of the Addiction and Urban Health Research Initiative at the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and the principal investigator of several large cohort studies involving people who inject drugs and people living with HIV/AIDS. He spoke to Postmedia about community concerns when supervised injection facility Insite was established in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in 2003.

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45 CN AB: Column: Don't Forget About That Omnibus BillFri, 14 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Bonokoski, Mark Area:Alberta Lines:97 Added:04/15/2017

The Liberals' hot-boxing of a marijuana smokescreen

It was a brilliant if not cynical move on the part of the Trudeau Liberals to table their marijuana legislation during the same week they thumped down a 294-page omnibus budget document like those contemptible Harperites were so prone to doing.

After all, if a smokescreen was ever needed for a touchy topic, such as the Liberals' breaking a promise to never table the kind of all-encompassing omnibus bill that riled them up during the Conservatives' years, then what better way than to hot-box it in the progressive hipsterism of legalizing pot?

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46 CN AB: Column: Justin Trudeau Is Telling Our Young People That It'sFri, 14 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Sun, The (CN AB) Author:Leitch, Kellie Area:Alberta Lines:85 Added:04/15/2017

This week, the Trudeau Liberals introduced The Cannabis Act, legislation that will legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

I am opposed to this legislation and I will vote against it, but the Liberals will use their majority to pass it.

So when I am elected prime minister in 2019, I will repeal this legislation.

Marijuana, like other pharmaceuticals, is a harmful drug and dangerous when not used under the supervision of a physician. As a physician, I know the impact this drug can have on the developing brains of children and young people. This is clear from the research, which shows that young people who use marijuana have lower high school graduation rates, which puts their future in jeopardy. Worse, the science shows that marijuana use in 18 to 25 year olds can result in brain deformities.

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47 CN AB: Pot Timeline 'Ambitious'Fri, 14 Apr 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Griwkowsky, Catherine Area:Alberta Lines:92 Added:04/15/2017

Notley wants consultations on marijuana policy

It's going to be challenging to get the province ready for the federal government's deadline of July 1, 2018, for legalized marijuana in the country, says Premier Rachel Notley.

Bills tabled Thursday in the House of Commons in Ottawa kickstart a national move toward legalization of recreational pot for people 18 and older.

A lot of decisions in the "very ambitious project"will be left to provinces to figure out before the law takes effect, Notley told reporters Thursday at the Alberta legislature.

[continues 457 words]

48 CN AB: Chamber Asks Feds To Delay Weed Laws Till Work SafetyTue, 11 Apr 2017
Source:Metro (Edmonton, CN AB) Author:Boyd, Alex Area:Alberta Lines:41 Added:04/13/2017

With the federal government set to legalize marijuana next summer, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is asking the government to hold off another year in order to address what they say are "substantial" workplace safety concerns.

In a release Monday President and CEO Janet Riopel said that while there are "significant economic opportunities" that will come with legal cannabis, there will be concerns for employers, too.

"Many businesses and industry groups have told us that marijuana use is completely incompatible with safety-sensitive workplaces," she said.

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49CN AB: Column: Liberals Should Announce An Amnesty For MarijuanaTue, 11 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Breakenridge, Rob Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:04/13/2017

With legalization near and courts jammed, why are people still being charged?

In sharp contrast to last year, marijuana activist Dana Larsen's latest visit to Calgary ended up being uneventful, at least from a law enforcement perspective.

As part of Larsen's cross-country Overgrow Canada tour, he was handing out marijuana seeds to those in attendance at Friday's event. Police were briefly present, but left without incident.

It's certainly understandable why police would avoid making a fuss. For one thing, there are numerous places in Calgary where marijuana seeds can be obtained. If Calgary police are going to turn a blind eye to that, it wouldn't make sense to start arresting people at Larsen's event. Moreover, there's the additional hassle of having to prove that these are, in fact, viable marijuana seeds.

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50 CN AB: Column: The Minimum Age To Buy Pot Should Be 21, Not 18Sun, 09 Apr 2017
Source:Calgary Sun, The (CN AB) Author:Warren, Jim Area:Alberta Lines:111 Added:04/12/2017

The minimum age to buy and consume recreational marijuana should be set at 21 across Canada.

The new provincial rules on weed should also ban anyone 22 years of age and under from having any trace of marijuana in their body while operating a motor vehicle.

That ban should also apply to anyone with less than five years of driving experience.

These rules should be put in place to protect our children.

They are the most vulnerable to the potential perils of legal marijuana. A minimum age of 21 will help keep marijuana out of our high schools

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