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1 Ghana: Editorial: When A Chief Oversteps His BoundsWed, 29 Jun 2011
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:65 Added:06/30/2011
2Ghana: Drug Trade Clouds Ghana's Bright FutureSat, 03 Jan 2009
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Thomson, Alistair Area:Ghana Lines:Excerpt Added:01/03/2009
3Ghana: West Africa Becoming 'The Coke Coast'Wed, 24 Dec 2008
Source:Montreal Gazette (CN QU) Author:Thomson, Alistair Area:Ghana Lines:Excerpt Added:12/24/2008
4 Ghana: Editorial: The Unsung HeroesTue, 05 Aug 2008
Source:Daily Guide (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:99 Added:08/05/2008
5 Ghana: Editorial: War Against CrimeMon, 07 Jul 2008
Source:Ghanaian Times, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:62 Added:07/07/2008
6 Ghana: War On Drugs Intensifies- As America's DEA Sets UpFri, 20 Jun 2008
Source:Statesman, The (Ghana) Author:Addo-Kufuor, Kwame Area:Ghana Lines:107 Added:06/21/2008
7 Ghana: Corruption, Lack Of Resources Hamper Fight Against DrugsThu, 27 Mar 2008
Source:Daily Graphic (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:89 Added:03/28/2008
8 Ghana: Drug Control Efforts Should Focus More On Health Than CrimeFri, 14 Mar 2008
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:61 Added:03/14/2008
9 Ghana: Ghana Produces Narcotic Drugs - Dr AsareWed, 05 Mar 2008
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:96 Added:03/06/2008
10 Ghana: More Laws Needed To Tackle Drug AbuseMon, 03 Mar 2008
Source:Public Agenda (Ghana) Author:Amevor, Selorm Area:Ghana Lines:85 Added:03/05/2008
11 Ghana: Column: Getting High On Lies And InsultsMon, 04 Feb 2008
Source:Statesman, The (Ghana) Author:Gabby, Qanawu Area:Ghana Lines:247 Added:02/05/2008
12 Ghana: Tension Mounts At CID Headquarters Over Missing CocaineThu, 31 Jan 2008
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana) Author:Painstil, David Alan Area:Ghana Lines:98 Added:02/01/2008
13 Ghana: Cocaine Cops Get 75yrsSat, 22 Dec 2007
Source:Statesman, The (Ghana) Author:Boyefio, Gilbert Area:Ghana Lines:94 Added:12/23/2007
14 Ghana: Ghana To UK: The New Trail Of MiserySun, 11 Nov 2007
Source:Observer, The (UK) Author:McDougall, Dan Area:Ghana Lines:213 Added:11/13/2007
15 Ghana: Editorial: The Drugs Strategies Don't WorkTue, 28 Aug 2007
Source:Statesman, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:98 Added:09/01/2007
16 Ghana: PUB LTE: Marijuana Can Treat AsthmaTue, 03 Jul 2007
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana) Author:Barth, Russell Area:Ghana Lines:39 Added:07/04/2007
17 Ghana: Marijuana Can't Cure Asthma -- CounselorThu, 28 Jun 2007
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:43 Added:06/28/2007
18 Ghana: Drug abuse: Global Rates Holding SteadyThu, 28 Jun 2007
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:86 Added:06/28/2007
19 Ghana: Consequence Of Numerous Cocaine Scandals: Ghana SoursThu, 22 Mar 2007
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana) Author:Takyi-Boadu, Charles Area:Ghana Lines:119 Added:03/23/2007
20 Ghana: Editorial: Any Plans For Drug Addicts?Mon, 09 Oct 2006
Source:Statesman, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:100 Added:10/11/2006
21 Ghana: Kick It Out!Tue, 29 Aug 2006
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana) Author:Essel, Isaac Area:Ghana Lines:95 Added:09/03/2006
22 Ghana: Promoting 'Wee' In Ghana?Wed, 30 Aug 2006
Source:Heritage, The (Ghana) Author:Arthur, Benjamin Konadu Area:Ghana Lines:64 Added:08/30/2006
23 Ghana: Cocaine Is Real Threat To Democracy - Poku Raises AlarmWed, 16 Aug 2006
Source:Daily Graphic (Ghana) Author:Yeboah, Kofi Area:Ghana Lines:178 Added:08/17/2006
24 Ghana: Editorial: Cocaine Probe Deserves SupportMon, 07 Aug 2006
Source:Daily Graphic (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:72 Added:08/09/2006
25 Ghana: Government Adopting Measures To Check Drug TraffickingThu, 20 Jul 2006
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:48 Added:07/27/2006
26 Ghana: LTE: Provide Counsellors For All SchoolsWed, 14 Jun 2006
Source:Daily Graphic (Ghana) Author:Dadzie, Benjamin Nana Area:Ghana Lines:42 Added:06/15/2006
27 Ghana: Editorial: The Menace Of Drug TraffickingFri, 01 Oct 2004
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:78 Added:10/06/2004
28 Ghana: Column: Common Sense - The Importance Of AcquiredWed, 04 Aug 2004
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana) Author:Dugan, Daniel Area:Ghana Lines:181 Added:08/06/2004
29 Ghana: Editorial: Curbing Drug AddictionMon, 12 Jul 2004
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:86 Added:07/14/2004
30 Ghana: PSG Wants More Rehab Centres To Fight Drug AbuseThu, 01 Jul 2004
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana) Author:Freiku, Sebastian R. Area:Ghana Lines:52 Added:07/02/2004
31 Ghana: In Attempt To 'Kill' Case, Police Bribe Informant?Tue, 23 Mar 2004
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana) Author:Jale, Dominic Area:Ghana Lines:63 Added:03/27/2004
32 Ghana: Flourishing Madina Marijuana And Sex MarketTue, 02 Mar 2004
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana) Author:Essel, Isaac Area:Ghana Lines:82 Added:03/03/2004
33 Ghana: Africa's Pot WarThu, 08 Jan 2004
Source:Metro (CA) Author:Zachary, G. Pascal Area:Ghana Lines:122 Added:01/12/2004
34 Ghana: HIV/AIDS Campaigners Urged To Focus On Poor, Drug AddictsMon, 01 Dec 2003
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:48 Added:12/03/2003
35 Ghana: Organized Crime Spreading, Using Modern TechnologyTue, 14 Oct 2003
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:43 Added:10/15/2003
36 Ghana: NCB Confiscates $Millions Illicit DrugsThu, 21 Aug 2003
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana) Author:Frimpong, George Kyie Area:Ghana Lines:51 Added:08/26/2003
37 Ghana: Media Blamed For Proliferation Of Illicit DrugsMon, 04 Aug 2003
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (GH) Author:Braimah, Sulemana Area:Ghana Lines:67 Added:08/04/2003
38 Ghana: 60 Virgin Clubs For AshantiWed, 02 Apr 2003
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (GH)          Area:Ghana Lines:42 Added:04/02/2003
39 Ghana: Greater Collaboration To Fight Drug TraffickingWed, 19 Mar 2003
Source:Accra Daily Mail, The (GH)          Area:Ghana Lines:65 Added:03/19/2003
40 Ghana: More Than 1,000 Arrests Made Over Drug Trafficking LastThu, 01 Aug 2002
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (GH) Author:Amakye, Arahaeal O. Area:Ghana Lines:73 Added:08/01/2002
41 Ghana: Editorial: Drugs And Mental CasesFri, 15 Dec 2000
Source:Daily Graphic (CN MB)          Area:Ghana Lines:76 Added:12/16/2000

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