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151 Kenya: Column: Ceasefire In The War On Drugs?Tue, 22 Nov 2011
Source:Star, the (Kenya) Author:Dyer, Gwynne Area:Kenya Lines:95 Added:11/26/2011
152 Kenya: Staff Shortage Hurts Drug Rehab DriveThu, 21 Jul 2011
Source:Daily Nation (Kenya) Author:Kitimo, Anthony Area:Kenya Lines:73 Added:07/26/2011
153 Nigeria: Rising Violence, Crime Wave: The Drug ConnectionTue, 05 Jul 2011
Source:Vanguard (Nigeria) Author:Edeh, Suzan Area:Nigeria Lines:120 Added:07/05/2011
154 Ghana: Editorial: When A Chief Oversteps His BoundsWed, 29 Jun 2011
Source:Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana)          Area:Ghana Lines:65 Added:06/30/2011
155 Nigeria: NDLEA Seeks 15 Yrs Sentence For Drug OffendersTue, 10 May 2011
Source:Vanguard (Nigeria) Author:Okolie, Ifeanyi Area:Nigeria Lines:69 Added:05/10/2011
156 Rwanda: Ill and Need Marijuana? Head South to RwandaMon, 18 Apr 2011
Source:East African, The (Kenya) Author:Mungai, Christine Area:Rwanda Lines:206 Added:04/17/2011
157 Zambia: 2 PF Officials Strip Over Garden KillingSun, 03 Apr 2011
Source:Post, The (Zambia) Author:Chimpinde, Kombe Area:Zambia Lines:51 Added:04/03/2011
158 Zambia: Anglicans Demand Apology Over DEC's ShootingsSun, 03 Apr 2011
Source:Post, The (Zambia) Author:Mbulo, Edwin Area:Zambia Lines:64 Added:04/03/2011
159 South Africa: Heroin In A New GuiseTue, 22 Mar 2011
Source:Sowetan (South Africa) Author:Botmi, Asmaa Area:South Africa Lines:76 Added:03/22/2011
160 Kenya: OPED: In Order to Fight Drugs Effectively, We Need toSun, 20 Feb 2011
Source:Daily Nation (Kenya) Author:Osoro, John B. Area:Kenya Lines:105 Added:02/21/2011
161Egypt: Photo of Slain Man Helped Spark Protests in EgyptThu, 10 Feb 2011
Source:San Francisco Chronicle (CA) Author:Londono, Ernesto Area:Egypt Lines:Excerpt Added:02/12/2011
162 Egypt: Egyptian Man's Death Became Symbol of Callous StateWed, 09 Feb 2011
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Londono, Ernesto Area:Egypt Lines:100 Added:02/12/2011
163 Nigeria: Evil Of Hard Drugs UnveiledSat, 05 Feb 2011
Source:Daily Sun (Nigeria) Author:Anozie, Mac-Ronald Area:Nigeria Lines:80 Added:02/08/2011
164 Tanzania: Hidden Addiction In ZanzibarMon, 31 Jan 2011
Source:Mail and Guardian (South Africa) Author:Palitza, Kristin Area:Tanzania Lines:130 Added:01/31/2011
165 Nigeria: NDLEA Raises Alarm Over Drug Abuse in Secondary SchoolsMon, 20 Dec 2010
Source:Daily Sun (Nigeria) Author:Obi, Petrus Area:Nigeria Lines:65 Added:12/20/2010
166 Africa: Desperate Addicts Inject Others' BloodWed, 14 Jul 2010
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:McNeil, Donald G. Jr. Area:Africa Lines:129 Added:07/17/2010
167 Nigeria: Towards A Drug-Free LagosThu, 24 Jun 2010
Source:Daily Independent (Nigeria) Author:Ebimomi, Victor Area:Nigeria Lines:123 Added:06/27/2010
168 Nigeria: NDLEA Raises Alarm Over Threat to Nigeria'sSat, 26 Jun 2010
Source:Punch (Nigeria)          Area:Nigeria Lines:33 Added:06/27/2010
169 Liberia Aids U.S. in Drug FightWed, 02 Jun 2010
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Weiser, Benjamin Area:Liberia Lines:123 Added:06/02/2010
170 Africa: Africa's Drug ProblemSun, 11 Apr 2010
Source:New York Times Magazine (NY) Author:Traub, James Area:Africa Lines:373 Added:04/11/2010
171 South Africa: The Lady With the Leaves on Her Business Card...Sun, 04 Apr 2010
Source:Times, The (South Africa) Author:Laganparsad, Monica Area:South Africa Lines:68 Added:04/09/2010
172 South Africa: 'Rasta' Mom Wants Her Kids BackMon, 01 Mar 2010
Source:Pretoria News, The (South Africa) Author:Venter, Zelda Area:South Africa Lines:117 Added:03/01/2010
173 South Africa: SA Drug Mules Could Rot Behind BarsWed, 30 Dec 2009
Source:Cape Times (South Africa) Author:Jones, Michelle Area:South Africa Lines:97 Added:01/01/2010
174 Nigeria: NDLEA Impounds Drugs Worth Over N100m In KanoSat, 26 Dec 2009
Source:Vanguard (Nigeria) Author:Muhammad, Abdulsalam Area:Nigeria Lines:49 Added:12/27/2009
175 Africa: U.S. Case Links Drugs to TerrorismSat, 19 Dec 2009
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Rotella, Sebastian Area:Africa Lines:142 Added:12/19/2009
176 Kenya: Heroin Addicts Sharing BloodSun, 29 Nov 2009
Source:Sunday Nation (Kenya) Author:Wesangula, Daniel Area:Kenya Lines:74 Added:11/28/2009
177 Guinea-Bissau: Guinea-Bissau: Cocaine's Traffic HubMon, 16 Nov 2009
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Kraft, Scott Area:Guinea-Bissau Lines:250 Added:11/16/2009
178 Nigeria: 86 Drug Barons, Traffickers Convicted In RiversSun, 28 Jun 2009
Source:Vanguard (Nigeria) Author:Onah, George Area:Nigeria Lines:44 Added:07/01/2009
179 Nigeria: Police Accused Of Backing Drug PeddlersSun, 28 Jun 2009
Source:This Day (Nigeria)          Area:Nigeria Lines:46 Added:07/01/2009
180 Egypt: Needle Sharing Rife Among Drug UsersMon, 22 Jun 2009
Source:Egyptian Gazette, The (Egypt)          Area:Egypt Lines:47 Added:06/23/2009
181 Nigeria: Probe Ndlea, Ac Advises FgMon, 22 Jun 2009
Source:This Day (Nigeria)          Area:Nigeria Lines:54 Added:06/21/2009
182 Uganda: Weak Marijuana Laws Worry Local LeadersThu, 04 Jun 2009
Source:New Vision (Uganda)          Area:Uganda Lines:31 Added:06/05/2009
183 Nigeria: Drug Barons Kill Two NDLEA OfficersMon, 25 May 2009
Source:Leadership Nigeria (Nigeria) Author:Uma, Joshua Area:Nigeria Lines:37 Added:05/27/2009
184 Nigeria: NDLEA Cartel: 62 Indicted Officials Still in ServiceSat, 23 May 2009
Source:Punch (Nigeria) Author:Ameh, John Area:Nigeria Lines:118 Added:05/25/2009
185 Nigeria: UN Rates Nigeria Best In Drug ControlSun, 17 May 2009
Source:This Day (Nigeria) Author:Ugah, Ndubuisi Area:Nigeria Lines:53 Added:05/19/2009
186 Nigeria: Drug Barons Threaten Political Power In NigeriaSun, 17 May 2009
Source:Punch (Nigeria) Author:Babalola, Ademola Area:Nigeria Lines:126 Added:05/17/2009
187 Nigeria: NDLEA Arrests 114-Year-Old ManSat, 21 Mar 2009
Source:Punch (Nigeria) Author:Oni, Ademola Area:Nigeria Lines:57 Added:03/22/2009
188 South Africa: Tik Losing Its Grip Cape Teens - ReportMon, 16 Mar 2009
Source:Cape Argus (South Africa) Author:Jooste, Bronwynne Area:South Africa Lines:66 Added:03/16/2009
189 Nigeria: Ogun, NDLEA Disagree Over Burning Of Seized DrugsSat, 14 Mar 2009
Source:Punch (Nigeria) Author:Oni, Ademola Area:Nigeria Lines:73 Added:03/16/2009
190 Senegal: Fears For Stability In West Africa As Cartels Move InTue, 10 Mar 2009
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Thompson, Christopher Area:Senegal Lines:115 Added:03/13/2009
191 South Africa: School Takes The High Road In Stamping Out DrugSun, 08 Feb 2009
Source:Times, The (South Africa) Author:Martin, Wendyl Area:South Africa Lines:46 Added:02/08/2009
192 Nigeria: 'Cultivation Of Indian Hemp In S-West Our MajorSun, 01 Feb 2009
Source:Punch (Nigeria) Author:Oni, Ademola Area:Nigeria Lines:126 Added:02/04/2009
193 Nigeria: NDLEA's Worries Over Indian Hemp FarmsSun, 01 Feb 2009
Source:This Day (Nigeria)          Area:Nigeria Lines:144 Added:02/02/2009
194 Kenya: Obama's Brother on Drugs ChargeSun, 01 Feb 2009
Source:Observer, The (UK) Author:Rice, Xan Area:Kenya Lines:80 Added:01/31/2009
195 Nigeria: NDLEA Sacks 100 Staff For Aiding Drug BaronsSun, 25 Jan 2009
Source:This Day (Nigeria)          Area:Nigeria Lines:56 Added:01/26/2009
196 Uganda: Marijuana Business Hits IDPs In Northern UgandaWed, 07 Jan 2009
Source:Monitor, The (Uganda) Author:Lawino, Sam Area:Uganda Lines:112 Added:01/07/2009
197 Nigeria: Stop Giving Farmland To Indian Hemp Barons -- NDLEA Tells MonarchsTue, 06 Jan 2009
Source:Daily Sun (Nigeria) Author:Raheem, Tunde Area:Nigeria Lines:44 Added:01/06/2009
198 Nigeria: Delta NDLEA Seizes 152 Tonnes Of Indian HempMon, 05 Jan 2009
Source:Vanguard (Nigeria) Author:Ogwuda, Austin Area:Nigeria Lines:37 Added:01/05/2009
199 Nigeria: NDLEA To IntensifySun, 04 Jan 2009
Source:Leadership Nigeria (Nigeria) Author:Uma, Joshua Area:Nigeria Lines:62 Added:01/05/2009
200Ghana: Drug Trade Clouds Ghana's Bright FutureSat, 03 Jan 2009
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Thomson, Alistair Area:Ghana Lines:Excerpt Added:01/03/2009

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