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1 Malta: Government Has Failed in Its Fight Against Drugs inWed, 20 Jul 2016
Source:Independent (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:55 Added:07/20/2016
2 Malta: LTE: How Is It That The Church Understands Drugs?Sun, 20 Jul 2014
Source:Independent on Sunday (Malta) Author:Attard, Mario Area:Malta Lines:90 Added:07/21/2014
3 Malta: PUB LTE: Let's Talk About DrugsSun, 20 Jul 2014
Source:Independent on Sunday (Malta) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Malta Lines:36 Added:07/20/2014
4 Malta: Column: Let's Talk About DrugsSun, 13 Jul 2014
Source:Independent (Malta) Author:Bezzina, Alison Area:Malta Lines:140 Added:07/15/2014
5 Malta: Introduction Of Medical Marijuana ProposedTue, 08 Jul 2014
Source:Independent (Malta) Author:Orland, Kevin Schembri Area:Malta Lines:83 Added:07/12/2014
6 Malta: Column: Legalise It, Or Should We?Sun, 29 Jun 2014
Source:Independent (Malta) Author:Puli, Clyde Area:Malta Lines:169 Added:07/03/2014
7 Malta: OPED: Be Frank About War On DrugsFri, 27 Jun 2014
Source:Times, The (Malta) Author:Callus, Robert Area:Malta Lines:94 Added:06/28/2014
8 Malta: Former Health Minister Advocates Medical Use Of CannabisTue, 10 Jun 2014
Source:Independent (Malta) Author:Cordina, John Area:Malta Lines:59 Added:06/15/2014
9 Malta: 'If a Drug Works, Let Us Use It'Thu, 12 Jun 2014
Source:Independent (Malta) Author:Cordina, John Area:Malta Lines:131 Added:06/15/2014
10 Malta: Government Non-committal On What Drugs Are To BeMon, 19 May 2014
Source:Independent (Malta) Author:Orland, Kevin Schembri Area:Malta Lines:89 Added:05/19/2014
11 Malta: Softer Legal Stance on Drugs 'Inevitable'Sun, 30 Mar 2014
Source:Times, The (Malta) Author:Martin, Ivan Area:Malta Lines:55 Added:03/31/2014
12 Malta: Decriminalisation Or Legalisation?Tue, 14 Jan 2014
Source:Independent (Malta) Author:Cordina, John Area:Malta Lines:189 Added:01/16/2014
13 Malta: PUB LTE: Drug Policy Should Be Based On ReformSun, 29 Sep 2013
Source:Times, The (Malta) Author:Alamango, Mark Area:Malta Lines:48 Added:10/02/2013
14 Malta: Column: In Just a Few Years' Time, Our Children WillSun, 22 Sep 2013
Source:Times, The (Malta) Author:Chetcuti, Kristina Area:Malta Lines:127 Added:09/23/2013
15 Malta: Editorial: Addicts Need Help, Not Jail TimeSat, 27 Jul 2013
Source:Independent (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:70 Added:08/01/2013
16 Malta: LTE: The Campaign To Legalise CannabisSat, 16 Feb 2013
Source:Times, The (Malta) Author:Ferrante, Herbert Messina- Area:Malta Lines:40 Added:02/17/2013
17 Malta: 'War On Drugs Is A Failure'Wed, 13 Feb 2013
Source:Times, The (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:53 Added:02/13/2013
18 Malta: Man Files Constitutional Case Over Cannabis PlantsThu, 31 Jan 2013
Source:Independent (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:30 Added:01/31/2013
19 Malta: Drug Laws In Malta Are Unfair, Court ToldWed, 30 Jan 2013
Source:Times, The (Malta) Author:Johnston, Waylon Area:Malta Lines:53 Added:01/31/2013
20 Malta: Call For Cannabis-Based Mouth Spray ApprovalTue, 21 Feb 2012
Source:MaltaToday (Malta) Author:Debono, James Area:Malta Lines:90 Added:02/24/2012
21 Malta: PUB LTE: Cannabis, Schengen And Double StandardsSat, 21 Jan 2012
Source:Times, The (Malta) Author:Smith, Paul Area:Malta Lines:56 Added:01/22/2012
22 Malta: Pro-Cannabis Demonstrators Call For DecriminalisationSun, 18 Dec 2011
Source:Independent on Sunday (Malta) Author:Vella, Francesca Area:Malta Lines:145 Added:12/18/2011
23 Malta: Drug Abuse Mothers Worry Child Protection Agency StaffMon, 01 Aug 2011
Source:Times, The (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:79 Added:08/01/2011
24 Malta: PUB LTE: Heroin Maintenance ProgrammeSun, 26 Dec 2010
Source:Times, The (Malta) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Malta Lines:47 Added:12/26/2010
25 Malta: Editorial: Yes To Debating Drug UseSun, 19 Dec 2010
Source:Times, The (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:77 Added:12/19/2010
26 Malta: Malta's Problem Drug Use 8th Highest in EUSun, 27 Jun 2010
Source:Independent (Malta) Author:Borg, Annaliza Area:Malta Lines:160 Added:06/27/2010
27 Malta: Malta Second For Cocaine-related Deaths In EuropeSat, 26 Jun 2010
Source:Independent (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:70 Added:06/27/2010
28 Malta: Man Liberated On Appeal From Khat ChargesWed, 15 Jul 2009
Source:MaltaToday (Malta) Author:Vella, Matthew Area:Malta Lines:75 Added:07/16/2009
29 Malta: Education Division Unaware Of Teacher On Drug ChargesSun, 15 Feb 2009
Source:MaltaToday (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:96 Added:02/18/2009
30 Malta: Prevalent Opioids Use In MaltaThu, 22 Nov 2007
Source:Times, The (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:62 Added:11/25/2007
31 Malta: Sedqa' Summer CampaignsWed, 27 Jun 2007
Source:Independent (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:34 Added:06/28/2007
32 Malta: International Day Against Abuse And Illegal TraffickingWed, 27 Jun 2007
Source:Independent (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:39 Added:06/28/2007
33 Malta: Cocaine Vaccine To Use Or Not To Use It?Mon, 05 Feb 2007
Source:Independent (Malta) Author:Ameen, Juan Area:Malta Lines:109 Added:02/05/2007
34 Malta: European Study on Drugs, Prices in Malta Among HighestFri, 24 Nov 2006
Source:Times, The (Malta) Author:Massa, Ariadne Area:Malta Lines:129 Added:11/25/2006
35 Malta: PUB LTE: Drug WarSat, 01 Jul 2006
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Malta Lines:46 Added:07/03/2006
36 Malta: A Day In The LifeSat, 24 Jun 2006
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta) Author:Debono, Fiona Galea Area:Malta Lines:298 Added:06/28/2006
37 Malta: Editorial: A Call To BattleMon, 26 Jun 2006
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:79 Added:06/27/2006
38 Malta: Editorial: Stepping Up the War on DrugsSat, 27 May 2006
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:77 Added:05/30/2006
39 Malta: Column: Decriminalisation Of DrugsSun, 02 Apr 2006
Source:MaltaToday (Malta) Author:Manduca, Philip Area:Malta Lines:135 Added:04/04/2006
40 Malta: Most Drug Overdose Deaths Caused By HeroinMon, 31 Jan 2005
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta) Author:Busuttil, Cynthia Area:Malta Lines:141 Added:02/01/2005
41 Malta: Editorial: Using The Rod PrudentlyThu, 23 Dec 2004
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:78 Added:12/23/2004
42 Malta: The War On Drugs Is 'Lost'Sun, 07 Nov 2004
Source:Independent on Sunday (Malta) Author:Ameen, Juan Area:Malta Lines:70 Added:11/07/2004
43 Malta: Magistrate Recommends Changes To Dangerous DrugsThu, 04 Nov 2004
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta) Author:Calleja, Claudia Area:Malta Lines:70 Added:11/05/2004
44 Malta: Drug Abuse Low, Alcohol Abuse High Among Maltese YouthSun, 17 Oct 2004
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:61 Added:10/17/2004
45 Malta: Anti-drug Message To StudentsWed, 06 Oct 2004
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:33 Added:10/10/2004
46 Malta: 'No Compromise' By The Army On Drug AbuseTue, 24 Aug 2004
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta) Author:Testa, Michael Area:Malta Lines:91 Added:08/24/2004
47 Malta: Caritas Makes Case For Clients With Drug-Related HistoryTue, 10 Aug 2004
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta) Author:Macdonald, Vanessa Area:Malta Lines:84 Added:08/12/2004
48 Malta: Gavin Gulia Suggests Public Discussion On Drug LawFri, 02 Jul 2004
Source:Independent (Malta)          Area:Malta Lines:41 Added:07/03/2004
49 Malta: Police Raids Yield 285 Cannabis PlantsSat, 26 Jun 2004
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta) Author:Testa, Michael Area:Malta Lines:74 Added:07/03/2004
50 Malta: OPED: No Place For Witch HuntsThu, 01 Jul 2004
Source:Times Of Malta (Malta) Author:Herrera, Jose A. Area:Malta Lines:76 Added:07/03/2004

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