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1 Denmark: Danish Commune Tears Down Drug Mart After ShootingsSat, 03 Sep 2016
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Bilefsky, Dan Area:Denmark Lines:119 Added:09/03/2016
2 Denmark: No Plans To Follow Colorado's Lead On CannabisSat, 11 Jan 2014
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark) Author:Stanners, Peter Area:Denmark Lines:120 Added:01/13/2014
3 Denmark: Inside Denmark's 'Fixing Rooms', Where Nurses WatchMon, 06 May 2013
Source:Observer, The (UK) Author:Boffey, Daniel Area:Denmark Lines:157 Added:05/07/2013
4 Denmark: Injection Room Finally Finds A HomeThu, 19 Apr 2012
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:53 Added:04/21/2012
5 Denmark: Legal Marijuana Gets One Step CloserTue, 22 Nov 2011
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark) Author:Stanners, Peter Area:Denmark Lines:74 Added:11/22/2011
6 Denmark: Copenhagen Votes To Legalise MarijuanaFri, 18 Nov 2011
Source:Daily Telegraph (UK) Author:Orange, Richard Area:Denmark Lines:63 Added:11/22/2011
7 Denmark: Mobile Injection Room Rolls OutThu, 15 Sep 2011
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:68 Added:09/15/2011
8 Denmark: Minister Approves Marijuana DrugFri, 03 Jun 2011
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:42 Added:06/03/2011
9 Denmark: Hash Treatment Moves Into SchoolsMon, 21 Feb 2011
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:31 Added:02/21/2011
10Denmark: Free Heroin Clinic Opens For AddictsTue, 23 Feb 2010
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)          Area:Denmark Lines:Excerpt Added:02/23/2010
11 Denmark: City Trying to 'Hash Out' Pot IssueTue, 07 Jul 2009
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:125 Added:07/07/2009
12 Denmark: Europe's Last Commune Braces For BattleMon, 23 Jul 2007
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Thompson, Christopher Area:Denmark Lines:102 Added:07/23/2007
13Denmark: '70s Utopia Soon to Be Just Another Brick in the WallSun, 22 Jul 2007
Source:San Francisco Chronicle (CA) Author:Steves, Rick Area:Denmark Lines:Excerpt Added:07/22/2007
14 Denmark: Health Minister Eases Drug Room StanceThu, 06 Apr 2006
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:61 Added:04/12/2006
15Denmark: Reality Threatens The Fairytale Of Copenhagen's Hippie SquatSun, 26 Feb 2006
Source:Montreal Gazette (CN QU) Author:McArthur, Shaughn Area:Denmark Lines:Excerpt Added:02/27/2006
16 Denmark: Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Linked to SchizophreniaTue, 20 Dec 2005
Source:Medical Post (Canada) Author:Birchard, Karen Area:Denmark Lines:45 Added:12/26/2005
17Denmark: Hash Smokers' Heaven Gets GroundedSun, 31 Oct 2004
Source:San Francisco Chronicle (CA) Author:Dunaway, David King Area:Denmark Lines:Excerpt Added:10/31/2004
18 Denmark: Record AbuseThu, 21 Oct 2004
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:27 Added:10/26/2004
19 Denmark: Where's All the Cannabis, Police AskThu, 12 Aug 2004
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:34 Added:08/13/2004
20 Denmark: Drugs AhoyThu, 05 Aug 2004
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:19 Added:08/05/2004
21 Denmark: Excise Officials Seize Fewer Illegal DrugsThu, 22 Jul 2004
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:48 Added:07/28/2004
22 Denmark: Police Sweep Marks End of Pusher StreetWed, 17 Mar 2004
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:58 Added:03/18/2004
23 Denmark: Pusher Street SweepWed, 17 Mar 2004
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:46 Added:03/18/2004
24Denmark: Copenhagen Drug Raid Called 'Publicity Stunt'Wed, 17 Mar 2004
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:, Area:Denmark Lines:Excerpt Added:03/17/2004
25 Denmark: Hippies Can Stay If They Behave, Danes SayMon, 15 Mar 2004
Source:Kitchener-Waterloo Record (CN ON)          Area:Denmark Lines:57 Added:03/17/2004
26 Denmark: Danish Police Arrest 53 in Drugs Raid on ChristianiaWed, 17 Mar 2004
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Linton, Leyla Area:Denmark Lines:77 Added:03/17/2004
27 Denmark: Hippie Haven Can Stay, But Must Toe LineSun, 14 Mar 2004
Source:Charlotte Observer (NC) Author:Olsen, Jan M. Area:Denmark Lines:41 Added:03/15/2004
28 Denmark: Going Up In SmokeSun, 22 Feb 2004
Source:Observer, The (UK)          Area:Denmark Lines:499 Added:02/22/2004
29 Denmark: Web: Battle of Christiania Flares As Hash-Seller Burn Own StandsFri, 09 Jan 2004
Source:Drug War Chronicle (US Web) Author:Smith, Phillip S. Area:Denmark Lines:176 Added:01/11/2004
30 Denmark: Residents, Drug Dealers of Danish Hippie Enclave Tear Down Hashish StanMon, 05 Jan 2004
Source:Daily Camera (CO) Author:Olsen, Jan M. Area:Denmark Lines:74 Added:01/05/2004
31 Denmark: Wire: Denmark Enclave Tears Down Hashish StandsSun, 04 Jan 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Olsen, Jan M. Area:Denmark Lines:59 Added:01/05/2004
32 Denmark: Besieged Hippies Prepare To Make War - Not LoveSat, 27 Dec 2003
Source:Halifax Herald (CN NS) Author:Boyes, Roger Area:Denmark Lines:89 Added:12/27/2003
33 Denmark: End Is Nigh for the Commune That Kept Hippie Dream AliveSun, 21 Dec 2003
Source:Observer, The (UK) Author:Burke, Jason Area:Denmark Lines:152 Added:12/21/2003
34 Denmark: Pusher Street Dealers Face CrackdownThu, 07 Aug 2003
Source:Guardian Weekly, The (UK) Author:Arie, Sophie Area:Denmark Lines:93 Added:08/10/2003
35 Denmark: Pusher Street Dealers Face Up To The ShoveSat, 26 Jul 2003
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Arie, Sophie Area:Denmark Lines:141 Added:07/27/2003
36 Denmark: Copenhagen's Hippies Under SiegeFri, 30 May 2003
Source:Financial Times (UK) Author:MacCarthy, Clare Area:Denmark Lines:69 Added:05/31/2003
37 Denmark: Drug Dealers On Strike In 'Free City'Thu, 27 Mar 2003
Source:Guardian, The (UK)          Area:Denmark Lines:33 Added:03/27/2003
38 Denmark: Drug Dealers On Strike To Save Danish DistrictThu, 27 Mar 2003
Source:Detroit Free Press (MI)          Area:Denmark Lines:34 Added:03/27/2003
39 Denmark: Hashish Dealers Go On Strike As Denmark Curbs SalesThu, 27 Mar 2003
Source:Orlando Sentinel (FL)          Area:Denmark Lines:19 Added:03/27/2003
40Denmark: Ex-Lawmaker Among Those Held In Arms CaseFri, 08 Nov 2002
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA)          Area:Denmark Lines:Excerpt Added:11/08/2002
41 Denmark: Cannabis SubstituteFri, 06 Sep 2002
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark)          Area:Denmark Lines:21 Added:09/06/2002
42 Denmark: Cannabis Showdown In ChristianiaFri, 08 Mar 2002
Source:Copenhagen Post, The (Denmark) Author:Knowles, Howard R. Area:Denmark Lines:56 Added:03/09/2002
43 Denmark: Rebellious Commune Turns Mellow, WealthySun, 12 Aug 2001
Source:San Jose Mercury News (CA) Author:Williams, Carol J. Area:Denmark Lines:106 Added:08/13/2001
44 Denmark: Denmark's Hippies Hit Their Golden YearsFri, 27 Oct 2000
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Wallace, Charles P. Area:Denmark Lines:100 Added:10/27/2000
45 Denmark: PUB LTE: Colorado WhiningThu, 11 Jun 1998
Source:International Herald-Tribune Author:Armstrong-See, P. Area:Denmark Lines:33 Added:06/11/1998

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