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1 Iran: Marijuana Use Is Rising in Iran, With Little InterferenceSun, 26 Jun 2016
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Erdbrink, Thomas Area:Iran Lines:163 Added:06/26/2016
2 Iran: Iran Facing Drug Abuse CrisisSat, 03 Jan 2015
Source:Daily Mail (UK) Author:Crone, Jack Area:Iran Lines:94 Added:01/03/2015
3 Iran: Heads Of 3 Branches Of Govt Decide To Intensify Drug WarMon, 26 Dec 2011
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:28 Added:12/27/2011
4 IRAN: Don't Praise Iran's War On DrugsFri, 05 Aug 2011
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Sanei, Faraz Area:Iran Lines:114 Added:08/05/2011
5Iran: Drug Traffickers On Death RowTue, 31 May 2011
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC)          Area:Iran Lines:Excerpt Added:05/31/2011
6 Iran: Iran Hosts Regional Summit On Fighting Drugs, ExtremismSun, 24 May 2009
Source:Khaleej Times (UAE)          Area:Iran Lines:91 Added:05/24/2009
7Iran: Iran Hangs 21 Drug SmugglersThu, 06 Sep 2007
Source:National Post (Canada)          Area:Iran Lines:Excerpt Added:09/09/2007
8 Iran: HIV Rates On The Rise In IranThu, 14 Jun 2007
Source:Daily Times (Pakistan)          Area:Iran Lines:49 Added:06/14/2007
9 Iran: AIDS Crisis Brings Radical Change In Iran's Response To Heroin UseMon, 25 Jul 2005
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Vick, Karl Area:Iran Lines:183 Added:02/11/2007
10 Iran: Iran Helping Cut Heroin Traffic From AfghanistanSun, 18 Jun 2006
Source:Arizona Daily Star (AZ) Author:Dine, Philip Area:Iran Lines:64 Added:06/19/2006
11 Kurds Blame Iranians for Drugs and MoreMon, 20 Mar 2006
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Athanasiadis, Iason Area:Iran Lines:101 Added:03/21/2006
12 Iran: Sects, Drugs And Rock And RollWed, 04 Jan 2006
Source:New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) Author:McDowall, Angus Area:Iran Lines:68 Added:01/04/2006
13 Iran: Iran Faces Up to Its Most Lethal Threat - DrugsThu, 27 Oct 2005
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Tait, Robert Area:Iran Lines:169 Added:10/27/2005
14 Iran: The Hero And HeroinSat, 16 Jul 2005
Source:Financial Times (UK) Author:Mohammadi, Kamin Area:Iran Lines:565 Added:07/19/2005
15 Iran: AIDS Crisis Brings Radical Change in Iran's Response to Heroin UseTue, 05 Jul 2005
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Vick, Karl Area:Iran Lines:186 Added:07/06/2005
16 United Arab Emirates: Cabinet Okays MoU With Iran To Combat NarcoticsTue, 29 Mar 2005
Source:Khaleej Times (UAE)          Area:Iran Lines:42 Added:03/31/2005
17 Iran: Iran's War With Soaring Drug AddictionTue, 26 Oct 2004
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:McDowall, Angus Area:Iran Lines:142 Added:10/26/2004
18 Iran: Quiet Revolution As Iran Widens Arsenal in War on DrugsSun, 11 Jul 2004
Source:Khaleej Times (UAE)          Area:Iran Lines:108 Added:07/12/2004
19 Iran: Iran Police Blame US, UK For Flow Of Afghan DrugsSun, 27 Jun 2004
Source:DAWN (Pakistan)          Area:Iran Lines:80 Added:07/02/2004
20 Iran: Iran Seeks To Extinguish Hubble-Bubble PipesTue, 22 Jun 2004
Source:Financial Times (UK) Author:Oliver, Christian Area:Iran Lines:78 Added:06/24/2004
21 Iran: 1,600 Kilos Of Morphine Seized In Northeast IranTue, 13 Apr 2004
Source:Khaleej Times (UAE)          Area:Iran Lines:29 Added:04/13/2004
22 Iran: Iranians Cope With Emotional Wounds From EarthquakeWed, 18 Feb 2004
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Vick, Karl Area:Iran Lines:196 Added:02/19/2004
23 Iran: Police Seize Three Tons of Illicit drugsSun, 26 Oct 2003
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:40 Added:10/30/2003
24 Iran: Wire: ECO Holds Meeting On Drug ControlTue, 21 Oct 2003
Source:Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran Wire)          Area:Iran Lines:59 Added:10/21/2003
25 Iran: 25m Addicts In Iran - OfficialMon, 20 Oct 2003
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:43 Added:10/20/2003
26 Iran: UN Agency Praises Iran's Effort to Combat Drug TraffickingSat, 13 Sep 2003
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:65 Added:09/19/2003
27 Iran: Moscow Welcomes Anti-Drug Cooperation With TehranTue, 19 Aug 2003
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:64 Added:08/25/2003
28 Iran: Wire: 33 Smugglers Arrested, 1.7 Tons of Drugs SeizedSun, 24 Aug 2003
Source:Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran Wire)          Area:Iran Lines:25 Added:08/24/2003
29 Iran: Wire: Iran Police Seized 58 Tons Of Drugs In Four MonthsThu, 21 Aug 2003
Source:IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran Wire)          Area:Iran Lines:24 Added:08/24/2003
30 Iran: Iranian, Pakistani Police To Launch Joint Campaign Against DrugsWed, 13 Aug 2003
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:34 Added:08/13/2003
31 Iran: Wire: Police Chief Warns On Change Of Addiction PatternsWed, 25 Jun 2003
Source:IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran Wire)          Area:Iran Lines:66 Added:06/26/2003
32 Iran: Wire: Official: Drug Trade Poses Threat to WorldMon, 24 Feb 2003
Source:IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran Wire)          Area:Iran Lines:69 Added:02/24/2003
33 Iran: Wire: Drug Addicts To Be Rounded Up NationwideSat, 08 Feb 2003
Source:IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:96 Added:02/09/2003
34 Iran: Drug Trade Ranks Third In World Commerce: OfficialTue, 03 Sep 2002
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:64 Added:09/04/2002
35 Iran: Number Of Addicts Rising By The DayMon, 01 Jul 2002
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:33 Added:07/01/2002
36 Iran: Drug Trafficking Continues Despite Strict MeasuresTue, 11 Jun 2002
Source:Gulf News (UAE) Author:Asgary, Mohsen Area:Iran Lines:94 Added:06/13/2002
37 Iran: Official Says Cultural Approach Best Method Of FightingMon, 10 Jun 2002
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:67 Added:06/10/2002
38 Iran: Web: Iran's Battle With HeroinFri, 07 Jun 2002
Source:BBC News (UK Web) Author:Muir, Jim Area:Iran Lines:127 Added:06/08/2002
39 Iran: Cleric: Drug Abuse Thorniest Problem Of Iran's SocietySun, 02 Jun 2002
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:57 Added:06/02/2002
40 UK Web: Six Die In Iranian Drugs HaulMon, 29 Apr 2002
Source:BBC News (UK Web)          Area:Iran Lines:46 Added:04/29/2002
41 Iran: Web: Iran Nets Major Drugs HaulSun, 21 Apr 2002
Source:BBC News (UK Web)          Area:Iran Lines:46 Added:04/21/2002
42 Iran: Condom As A Problem Word - Iran Grapples With A Surge InThu, 04 Apr 2002
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:MacFarquharehran, Neil Area:Iran Lines:166 Added:04/04/2002
43 Iran: What The Taliban BannedThu, 14 Mar 2002
Source:Economist, The (UK)          Area:Iran Lines:63 Added:03/15/2002
44 Iran: Iran Loses Its Drugs WarTue, 12 Mar 2002
Source:Le Monde Diplomatique (France) Author:Gouverneur, Cedric Area:Iran Lines:233 Added:03/13/2002
45 Iran: Merchants Of Death Still In BusinessMon, 04 Mar 2002
Source:Tehran Times (Iran)          Area:Iran Lines:98 Added:03/05/2002
46 Iran: Series: Part 2 Of 3 - The Enemy WithinFri, 01 Mar 2002
Source:Le Monde Diplomatique (France) Author:Gouverneur, Cedric Area:Iran Lines:240 Added:03/01/2002
47 Iran: On The Sly, Iran Weighs Closer Ties With USFri, 09 Nov 2001
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Fathi, Nazila Area:Iran Lines:105 Added:11/10/2001
48Iran: Iran Fears a Flood of Afghan DrugsTue, 16 Oct 2001
Source:USA Today (US) Author:Walt, Vivienne Area:Iran Lines:Excerpt Added:10/17/2001
49 Iran: Iran Fights Afghan Drugs, Not TerroristsSun, 07 Oct 2001
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Murphy, Brian Area:Iran Lines:123 Added:10/09/2001
50 Iran: Iran Denounces Afghan DrugsSat, 06 Oct 2001
Source:The Herald-Sun (NC) Author:Murphy, Brian Area:Iran Lines:135 Added:10/06/2001

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