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1 India: Delhi Emerging As Global Transit Hub For Drugs By Courier AndSat, 26 Dec 2015
Source:DNA (India) Author:Desai, Shweta Area:India Lines:53 Added:12/31/2015
2 India: Drug Smuggling Rampant In UdhampurMon, 19 Jan 2015
Source:Tribune, The (India) Author:Gupta, Deepanker Area:India Lines:79 Added:01/21/2015
3 India: Congress Plans Rally To Counter Amit Shah's Anti-DrugMon, 12 Jan 2015
Source:Hindu, The (India)          Area:India Lines:58 Added:01/11/2015
4 India: OPED: Let There Be No DrugsWed, 06 Aug 2014
Source:Greater Kashmir (India) Author:Malik, Muhmmad Amin Area:India Lines:148 Added:08/07/2014
5 India: Delhi University Says No To Drugs, RaggingTue, 05 Aug 2014
Source:Deccan Herald (India) Author:Das, Neha Area:India Lines:68 Added:08/06/2014
6 India: NCB Steps Up Drug AwarenessThu, 26 Jun 2014
Source:Hindu, The (India)          Area:India Lines:69 Added:06/28/2014
7 India: 'Rural Population, Adolescents Most Vulnerable To Drug Abuse'Sun, 04 May 2014
Source:Times of India, The (India)          Area:India Lines:45 Added:05/05/2014
8 India: Notwithstanding Blame On Akali Leaders, Jaitley TakesFri, 18 Apr 2014
Source:Hindustan Times (India) Author:Iyer, Shekhar Area:India Lines:66 Added:04/19/2014
9 India: City Police Tightens Noose Around Drug MenaceSat, 22 Feb 2014
Source:Greater Kashmir (India) Author:Hamdani, Syed Imran Ali Area:India Lines:67 Added:02/25/2014
10 India: Gang Beats Up Trio Who Protested Against Drug Abuse InFri, 17 Jan 2014
Source:Hindu, The (India)          Area:India Lines:50 Added:01/18/2014
11 India: Drug Wars Take Shine Off Indian Beach DestinationThu, 28 Nov 2013
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Lakshmi, Rama Area:India Lines:148 Added:11/29/2013
12 India: Candle Light Vigil Held Against Drug AbuseMon, 24 Jun 2013
Source:Greater Kashmir (India)          Area:India Lines:62 Added:06/24/2013
13 India: After Drug Trafficking Residents Cry Waywardness At BadamwariSat, 22 Jun 2013
Source:Greater Kashmir (India)          Area:India Lines:33 Added:06/24/2013
14 India: Mafia Tentacles Spread Far And WideSat, 08 Jun 2013
Source:Deccan Herald (India) Author:Chhakchhuak, Ramzuava Area:India Lines:126 Added:06/11/2013
15 India: Highway To Drug AddictionSat, 08 Jun 2013
Source:Deccan Herald (India) Author:Kumar, Chethan Area:India Lines:178 Added:06/11/2013
16 India: 'Undue Haste Shown In Expelling IIM Students Caught SmokingSun, 25 Nov 2012
Source:Hindu, The (India) Author:N, Vijetha S. Area:India Lines:65 Added:11/27/2012
17 India: Of Highs and LawsSat, 10 Nov 2012
Source:Times of India, The (India)          Area:India Lines:124 Added:11/10/2012
18 India: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan Cops Join Hands To FightTue, 11 Sep 2012
Source:Tribune, The (India) Author:Singh, Jupinderjit Area:India Lines:64 Added:09/13/2012
19 India: Students Blow Dough On DopeSun, 19 Aug 2012
Source:DNA (India) Author:Rathod, Kishore Area:India Lines:50 Added:08/21/2012
20 India: Drug Pushers Can Breeze In And Out Of JailMon, 06 Aug 2012
Source:DNA (India)          Area:India Lines:49 Added:08/07/2012
21 India: Punjab On A Drug High: DGP SainiSat, 04 Aug 2012
Source:Hindustan Times (India) Author:Deogan, Tarsem Singh Area:India Lines:56 Added:08/06/2012
22 India: Parents Hiring Sleuths To Track KidsSun, 05 Aug 2012
Source:Indian Express, The (India) Author:Sudan, Sanjna Area:India Lines:68 Added:08/05/2012
23 India: Rights Violation Fears Keep Police AwaySun, 29 Jul 2012
Source:Times of India, The (India) Author:Pandey, Jhilmil Mukherjee Area:India Lines:71 Added:07/29/2012
24 India: Cops Take Students' Help To Spot Drug Users On CampusTue, 03 Jul 2012
Source:Times of India, The (India) Author:Selvaraj, A Area:India Lines:48 Added:07/04/2012
25 India: Addict-Felon Turns Role Model, Thanks To De-AddictionMon, 26 Dec 2011
Source:Deccan Herald (India) Author:Singh, Jyotsna Area:India Lines:88 Added:12/27/2011
26 India: Meth Labs Are HereSun, 12 Jun 2011
Source:Tehelka (India) Author:Majumder, Rishi Area:India Lines:344 Added:06/12/2011
27 India: Editorial: Drugs Need New ThinkingMon, 30 May 2011
Source:Hindu, The (India)          Area:India Lines:63 Added:05/31/2011
28 India: Drug-Trafficking Worse Than Murder: HCSun, 15 May 2011
Source:Times of India, The (India)          Area:India Lines:59 Added:05/15/2011
29 India: Students Easy Prey To DrugsSun, 27 Jun 2010
Source:Telegraph, The (India)          Area:India Lines:70 Added:06/27/2010
30 India: Editorial: Bondage Of AddictionSat, 26 Jun 2010
Source:Nagaland Post (India)          Area:India Lines:70 Added:06/27/2010
31 India: Drug Abuse On The Rise In CitySat, 26 Jun 2010
Source:Times of India, The (India) Author:Kumar, Naveen Area:India Lines:53 Added:06/27/2010
32 India: Children Form Vital Part Of Drug Peddlers' NetworkFri, 25 Jun 2010
Source:Times of India, The (India)          Area:India Lines:48 Added:06/27/2010
33 India: Satellite Images Show Mega Rise in HP Poppy CultivationMon, 25 May 2009
Source:Tribune, The (India) Author:Chuhan, Pratibha Area:India Lines:67 Added:05/27/2009
34 India: Cocaine Could Be Breaking Into City Party CircuitSun, 08 Feb 2009
Source:Times of India, The (India)          Area:India Lines:60 Added:02/09/2009
35 India: Tainted Police Officer Accused Of Falsely ImplicatingWed, 28 Jan 2009
Source:Hindustan Times (India)          Area:India Lines:49 Added:01/29/2009
36 India: Anti-Narcotics Police Officer Turns Drug PeddlerMon, 26 Jan 2009
Source:Hindustan Times (India)          Area:India Lines:88 Added:01/25/2009
37 India: Naxals Strive From Opium CultivationMon, 12 Jan 2009
Source:Sangai Express, The (India) Author:Philip, Snehesh Alex Area:India Lines:67 Added:01/12/2009
38 India: Narcotics Production On The RiseSun, 04 Jan 2009
Source:Statesman, The (India) Author:Chatterjee, Rajib Area:India Lines:62 Added:01/05/2009
39 India: Study To Formulate 'Effective' Drug Abuse Prevention SchemesThu, 25 Dec 2008
Source:Hindu, The (India)          Area:India Lines:52 Added:12/26/2008
40 India: 36 Test Positive For EcstacySun, 21 Dec 2008
Source:Times of India, The (India)          Area:India Lines:52 Added:12/21/2008
41 India: Militants Subsisted On DrugsThu, 04 Dec 2008
Source:DAWN (Pakistan)          Area:India Lines:34 Added:12/05/2008
42 India: Verdict On Plea Against Closure Of Jaswant Case ReservedTue, 05 Aug 2008
Source:Hindu, The (India)          Area:India Lines:72 Added:08/05/2008
43 India: 6 Punjab Cops Accused Of Conniving With PeddlerMon, 14 Jul 2008
Source:Indian Express, The (India)          Area:India Lines:51 Added:07/14/2008
44 India: Drug Mafia in India Switches to High Profit HybridSun, 06 Jul 2008
Source:Deccan Herald (India)          Area:India Lines:82 Added:07/09/2008
45 India: OPED: The Day Against Drug AbuseMon, 07 Jul 2008
Source:Greater Kashmir (India) Author:Maajid, Area:India Lines:100 Added:07/09/2008
46 India: Drug Peddlers Kill InformerMon, 30 Jun 2008
Source:Times of India, The (India)          Area:India Lines:47 Added:07/01/2008
47 India: Thriving Opium Trade Next Door Bad News for IndiaFri, 27 Jun 2008
Source:Times of India, The (India)          Area:India Lines:68 Added:06/29/2008
48 India: KU Campus Safe Haven for Drug Addicts, Says SurveySun, 13 Apr 2008
Source:Daily Etala'at (India) Author:Rashid, Jehangir Area:India Lines:74 Added:04/16/2008
49 India: Column: If Drugs Were Legal, Scarlett Might Be AliveFri, 14 Mar 2008
Source:Times of India, The (India) Author:Suraiya, Jug Area:India Lines:92 Added:03/14/2008
50 India: Cops Blind To Border Opium TradeMon, 10 Mar 2008
Source:Telegraph, The (India) Author:Akhtar, Shahnawaz Area:India Lines:89 Added:03/10/2008

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