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1Burma: Burma's Largest Rebel Army Battles Increase In OpiumTue, 15 Jan 2008
Source:San Francisco Chronicle (CA) Author:Baynham, Jacob Area:Burma Lines:Excerpt Added:01/16/2008
2Myanmar: $100m Worth Of Drugs DestroyedTue, 27 Jun 2006
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB)          Area:Burma Lines:Excerpt Added:06/27/2006
3 Burma: Rebels And Drug Smugglers Fight It Out On Burma's LastTue, 31 May 2005
Source:Daily Telegraph (UK) Author:Berger, Sebastien Area:Burma Lines:105 Added:05/31/2005
4 Myanmar: Today's Burma Funded by DrugsSun, 30 Jan 2005
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand)          Area:Burma Lines:94 Added:01/31/2005
5 Burma: Humanitarian Assistance 'Not Enough'Tue, 12 Oct 2004
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand) Author:Ashayagachat, Achara Area:Burma Lines:74 Added:10/15/2004
6 Burma: Poppy Farmers Need SupportWed, 13 Oct 2004
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand)          Area:Burma Lines:79 Added:10/15/2004
7 Burma: Poppy Crop Drops Sharply in BurmaTue, 12 Oct 2004
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand) Author:Jagan, Larry Area:Burma Lines:137 Added:10/15/2004
8 Burma: Crop Substitution Programmes Not WorkingSun, 01 Feb 2004
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand)          Area:Burma Lines:109 Added:02/04/2004
9 Burma: Uncertainty Over Pang SangSun, 01 Feb 2004
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand) Author:Wechsler, Maxmilian Area:Burma Lines:173 Added:02/04/2004
10 Burma: Burma Backs Thailand's War On DrugsSat, 29 Nov 2003
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand) Author:Kasitipradit, Sermsuk Area:Burma Lines:53 Added:11/29/2003
11 Myanmar: Wire: 'Just Say No' -- Bush Dashes Myanmar's Hopes OfSat, 01 Feb 2003
Source:Agence France-Presses (France Wire)          Area:Burma Lines:90 Added:02/02/2003
12 Burma: Burma's Unemployed Turn to Drug Producers for SurvivalThu, 16 Jan 2003
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand) Author:Kasem, Supamart Area:Burma Lines:64 Added:01/16/2003
13 Burma: Web: Fighting Burma's Drugs TradeWed, 11 Dec 2002
Source:BBC News (UK Web)          Area:Burma Lines:129 Added:12/11/2002
14 Burma: Small Victories Are Recorded in Burmese War on DrugsSun, 07 Jul 2002
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Mydans, Seth Area:Burma Lines:65 Added:07/07/2002
15 Burma: Myanmar Incinerates Over Rm3.8b In DrugsThu, 27 Jun 2002
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Burma Lines:49 Added:06/28/2002
16 Burma: Burmese Drugs Fuel Regional StrifeMon, 17 Jun 2002
Source:Christian Science Monitor (US) Author:Murphy, Dan Area:Burma Lines:128 Added:06/17/2002
17 Burma: Doi Tung Model For Drug-Free Wa VillageWed, 08 May 2002
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand)          Area:Burma Lines:29 Added:05/08/2002
18 Burma: Burma Shoots Thai Drug Informant In Botch-UpFri, 12 Apr 2002
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand) Author:Charoenpo, Anucha Area:Burma Lines:81 Added:04/12/2002
19 Burma: Junta Orders End To Drug TraffickingWed, 10 Apr 2002
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand) Author:Khuenkaew, Subin Area:Burma Lines:63 Added:04/09/2002
20 Burma: Myanmar Drug Gang: US Anti-Terror TargetTue, 19 Mar 2002
Source:Straits Times (Singapore)          Area:Burma Lines:26 Added:03/19/2002
21 Burma: Wa Drug Cartel In US SightsMon, 18 Mar 2002
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand) Author:Dawson, Alan Area:Burma Lines:85 Added:03/17/2002
22 Burma: UN Drug Control Officials Call For More Funds To BurmaTue, 29 Jan 2002
Source:Age, The (Australia) Author:Corben, Ron Area:Burma Lines:70 Added:01/30/2002
23 Burma: Web: Burma Joins Fight Against DrugsSat, 19 Jan 2002
Source:BBC News (UK Web) Author:Jagan, Larry Area:Burma Lines:89 Added:01/20/2002
24 UK Web: Burma 'Joins' Fight Against DrugsFri, 18 Jan 2002
Source:BBC News (UK Web) Author:Jagan, Larry Area:Burma Lines:114 Added:01/18/2002
25 Burma: Trying To Wean Burma Off DrugsMon, 10 Dec 2001
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand)          Area:Burma Lines:74 Added:12/09/2001
26 Burma: Wire: Source - Burma to Top Heroin ProduceFri, 12 Oct 2001
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Burma Lines:42 Added:10/12/2001
27 Burma: 'Crazy Medicine' Flows Out Of BurmaTue, 17 Jul 2001
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Chandrasekaran, Rajiv Area:Burma Lines:206 Added:07/17/2001
28 Burma: DKBA Troops Defect To KNU Over DrugsFri, 15 Jun 2001
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand)          Area:Burma Lines:28 Added:06/15/2001
29 Burma: Burma Tribe Takes Over BankMon, 30 Apr 2001
Source:Financial Times (UK) Author:Barnes, William Area:Burma Lines:61 Added:04/30/2001
30 Burma: Burma's Efforts 'Belittled'Thu, 29 Mar 2001
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand) Author:Ashayagachat, Achara Area:Burma Lines:31 Added:03/30/2001
31 Burma: Burma May Free Opposition LeaderTue, 12 Dec 2000
Source:San Jose Mercury News (CA) Author:Harden, Blaine Area:Burma Lines:89 Added:12/12/2000
32 Burma: Editorial: Burma's Insincere Attitude On DrugsSun, 19 Nov 2000
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand)          Area:Burma Lines:72 Added:11/20/2000
33Myanmar: Shady Deals With Generals Often End Ethnic Wars InFri, 17 Nov 2000
Source:Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA) Author:Harden, Blaine Area:Burma Lines:Excerpt Added:11/18/2000
34 Myanmar: For Burmese, Repression, AIDS, And DenialTue, 14 Nov 2000
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Harden, Blaine Area:Burma Lines:468 Added:11/16/2000
35 Burma: Chuan Asks Beijing To Back War On Drugs Along BorderThu, 20 Jul 2000
Source:Bangkok Post (Thailand)          Area:Burma Lines:67 Added:07/20/2000
36 Burma: Thai Border Security StrengthenedWed, 28 Jun 2000
Source:South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) Author:Barnes, William Area:Burma Lines:67 Added:06/28/2000
37 Myanmar: Thailand Golden Triangle Drugs Output RisingSat, 24 Jun 2000
Source:South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)          Area:Burma Lines:89 Added:06/26/2000
38 Myanmar: Wire: US Says Myanmar Rights Record Blocks Anti-Drug AidFri, 23 Jun 2000
Source:Reuters          Area:Burma Lines:69 Added:06/23/2000
39 Myanmar: Notorious Drug Lord At Death's DoorWed, 03 May 2000
Source:Straits Times (Singapore) Author:East, James Area:Burma Lines:109 Added:05/06/2000
40 Burma: Aristocrat Dies In Heroin RiddleTue, 07 Mar 2000
Source:Express, Express on Sunday (UK) Author:Drummond, Andrew Area:Burma Lines:62 Added:03/07/2000
41 Burma: AIDS Outbreaks Follow Asia's Heroin TrafficMon, 06 Mar 2000
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Okie, Susan Area:Burma Lines:91 Added:03/06/2000
42 Burma: Drug Deals To End, An Army SaysMon, 17 Jan 2000
Source:International Herald-Tribune Author:Crampton, Thomas Area:Burma Lines:114 Added:01/17/2000
43 Burma: Burma To Tackle Opium ProblemMon, 17 Jan 2000
Source:Examiner, The (Ireland)          Area:Burma Lines:51 Added:01/17/2000
44 Myanmar: 'Drug Free' Move Greeted With SuspicionMon, 17 Jan 2000
Source:South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)          Area:Burma Lines:69 Added:01/17/2000
45 Myanmar: United Nations Falling Short On FundsMon, 22 Nov 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Burma Lines:46 Added:11/24/1999
46 Myanmar: Burma Road Now Smuggler's RouteSat, 18 Sep 1999
Source:Associated Press          Area:Burma Lines:105 Added:09/19/1999
47 Myanmar: Wire: Ex-Druglord Khun Sa Back In BusinessThu, 22 Jul 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Wannabovorn, Sutin Area:Burma Lines:77 Added:07/22/1999
48 Myanmar: Wire: Myanmar Calls For Foreign Aid To EliminateMon, 26 Apr 1999
Source:Kyodo News (Japan)          Area:Burma Lines:64 Added:04/26/1999
49 Myanmar: New Drug Army Rules Atop 'Golden Triangle'Thu, 4 Mar 1999
Source:Seattle Times (WA) Author:Pathan, Don Area:Burma Lines:105 Added:03/04/1999
50 Myanmar: Wire: Focus-Albright Takes Swipe At Myanmar DrugWed, 3 Mar 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Wright, Jonathan Area:Burma Lines:86 Added:03/03/1999

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