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1 US IL: Editorial: Seize Chance to Decriminalize Personal-UseFri, 29 Apr 2016
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:104 Added:04/30/2016
2 US IL: Aldermen Want to OK Medical Pot Dispensaries in 'Wed, 27 Apr 2016
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Spielman, Fran Area:Illinois Lines:79 Added:04/27/2016
3 US IL: Medical Pot May Come To LoopWed, 27 Apr 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Dardick, Hal Area:Illinois Lines:63 Added:04/27/2016
4 US IL: PUB LTE: Asset Forfeiture Is Worst Strategy of War onTue, 26 Apr 2016
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Gierach, James E. Area:Illinois Lines:57 Added:04/26/2016
5 US IL: Legislator: Put Warning Labels On Medical PotMon, 04 Apr 2016
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Moreno, Ivan Area:Illinois Lines:35 Added:04/04/2016
6 US IL: Pot Extract Could Help Kids With EpilepsyMon, 04 Apr 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:McCoppin, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:158 Added:04/04/2016
7 US IL: Illinois Lawmakers Take Another Go at DecriminalizingSun, 27 Mar 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Moreno, Ivan Area:Illinois Lines:83 Added:03/27/2016
8 US IL: Column: Fewer Opiates Mean More SufferingSun, 20 Mar 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Chapman, Steve Area:Illinois Lines:102 Added:03/20/2016
9 US IL: Hope DealerSun, 20 Mar 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Keilman, John Area:Illinois Lines:364 Added:03/20/2016
10 US IL: Drug Issue Sizable For Juvenile OffendersFri, 18 Mar 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Vivanco, Leonor Area:Illinois Lines:90 Added:03/19/2016
11 US IL: OPED: Learn From Mistakes Of ProhibitionWed, 16 Mar 2016
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Franklin, Neill Area:Illinois Lines:87 Added:03/17/2016
12 US IL: OPED: 5 Myths About HeroinWed, 09 Mar 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Szalavitz, Maia Area:Illinois Lines:193 Added:03/09/2016
13 US IL: Medical Marijuana Dispensary a Positive for SpringfieldSun, 28 Feb 2016
Source:State Journal-Register (IL) Author:Esswein, Edna Area:Illinois Lines:44 Added:03/03/2016
14 US IL: LTE: Illinois Erred In Allowing Medical MarijuanaSat, 20 Feb 2016
Source:State Journal-Register (IL) Author:Boyenga, Kirk Area:Illinois Lines:42 Added:02/20/2016
15 US IL: Review: Half-Baked Documentary on Marijuana LegalizationFri, 19 Feb 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Padua, Pat Area:Illinois Lines:43 Added:02/20/2016
16 US IL: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Is Safer Than OpioidsThu, 21 Jan 2016
Source:Rockford Register Star (IL) Author:Schwartz, Rick Area:Illinois Lines:47 Added:01/22/2016
17 US IL: OPED: Looking for a Less Potent High? End the Drug WarTue, 19 Jan 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Hari, Johann Area:Illinois Lines:93 Added:01/19/2016
18 US IL: Expansion Of Medical Pot Plan UrgedTue, 19 Jan 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:McCoppin, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:130 Added:01/19/2016
19 US IL: Use Medical Marijuana To Help Manage PainSat, 16 Jan 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Sloan, Marc Area:Illinois Lines:47 Added:01/17/2016
20 US IL: OPED: More Work to Be Done for Medical Cannabis IndustrySun, 17 Jan 2016
Source:News-Gazette, The (Champaign, IL) Author:Morreale, Ross Area:Illinois Lines:70 Added:01/17/2016
21 US IL: Column: El Chapo Got Caught. So What?Thu, 14 Jan 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Chapman, Steve Area:Illinois Lines:95 Added:01/15/2016
22 US IL: PUB LTE: Thumbs Up To Cannabis DecriminalizationWed, 06 Jan 2016
Source:Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, IL) Author:Linn, Dan Area:Illinois Lines:43 Added:01/07/2016
23 US IL: PUB LTE: It Is Vulgar To Keep Marijuana IllegalSat, 02 Jan 2016
Source:Rockford Register Star (IL) Author:White, Stan Area:Illinois Lines:27 Added:01/04/2016
24 US IL: OPED: Make Cannabis Legal To Revitalize IllinoisTue, 29 Dec 2015
Source:Rockford Register Star (IL) Author:Linn, Dan Area:Illinois Lines:78 Added:12/30/2015
25 US IL: Medical Pot Lures Former Law EnforcersMon, 28 Dec 2015
Source:Seattle Times (WA) Author:Zagier, Alan Scher Area:Illinois Lines:125 Added:12/29/2015
26 US IL: PUB LTE: Administrators, Let Doctors Choose on MedicalWed, 23 Dec 2015
Source:Dispatch, The (Moline, IL) Author:Morreale, Ross Area:Illinois Lines:47 Added:12/25/2015
27 US IL: PUB LTE: Police Bust Poor Neighborhoods For The EaseMon, 14 Dec 2015
Source:Journal Standard, The (Freeport, IL) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Illinois Lines:29 Added:12/15/2015
28 US IL: Newly Legalized in Illinois, Medical Pot Sells BrisklySun, 15 Nov 2015
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:McCoppin, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:54 Added:11/15/2015
29 US IL: PUB LTE: Legalizing Drugs Will Stop The KillingThu, 12 Nov 2015
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Hartmann, Lawrence Area:Illinois Lines:21 Added:11/13/2015
30 US IL: Column: On Pot, Can We Keep Up With The Neighbors?Sun, 08 Nov 2015
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Chapman, Steve Area:Illinois Lines:98 Added:11/08/2015
31 US IL: PUB LTE: Allow Medical Marijuana for Autism TreatmentFri, 23 Oct 2015
Source:Daily Chronicle (DeKalb, IL) Author:Ihm, Patricia Area:Illinois Lines:66 Added:10/23/2015
32 US IL: PUB LTE: Adults Should Be Free To Use CannabisMon, 19 Oct 2015
Source:Journal Standard, The (Freeport, IL) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Illinois Lines:31 Added:10/21/2015
33 US IL: Could Medical Pot Lead To Addiction?Mon, 19 Oct 2015
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:McCoppin, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:175 Added:10/19/2015
34 US IL: PUB LTE: Medical Pot Safer Than Prescription MedsWed, 14 Oct 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Linn, Dan Area:Illinois Lines:46 Added:10/15/2015
35 US IL: OPED: Medical Marijuana Causes Host Of ProblemsTue, 13 Oct 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Fay, Calvina Area:Illinois Lines:49 Added:10/15/2015
36 US IL: Editorial: Even Springfield Can Reach a Deal on MedicalTue, 13 Oct 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:58 Added:10/15/2015
37 US IL: Column: In Race, Pot An Untapped PotFri, 18 Sep 2015
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Freedlander, David Area:Illinois Lines:259 Added:09/18/2015
38 US IL: Review: Del Toro Dives Back Into Drug WarsFri, 18 Sep 2015
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Coyle, Jake Area:Illinois Lines:91 Added:09/18/2015
39 US IL: PUB LTE: Call For CannabisSat, 22 Aug 2015
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Bake, Maureen Area:Illinois Lines:43 Added:08/23/2015
40 US IL: Trials Of Pot Drug For Epilepsy Show PromiseSun, 16 Aug 2015
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:McCoppin, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:121 Added:08/19/2015
41 US IL: Rauner Pushes Stricter Pot BillSat, 15 Aug 2015
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Garcia, Monique Area:Illinois Lines:116 Added:08/17/2015
42 US IL: Review: 'El Chapo' Looms Large in Timely, BloodySun, 09 Aug 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Oldenburg, Don Area:Illinois Lines:80 Added:08/09/2015
43 US IL: PUB LTE: Patients Need Medical Marijuana NowFri, 07 Aug 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Erickson, Joel Area:Illinois Lines:43 Added:08/08/2015
44 US IL: Editorial: Give Medical Marijuana Program a Chance toThu, 06 Aug 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:61 Added:08/08/2015
45 US IL: Dracut Rep Vows to Oppose Ballot Initiatives toWed, 05 Aug 2015
Source:Boston Herald (MA) Author:Chabot, Hillary Area:Illinois Lines:58 Added:08/06/2015
46 US IL: 'Dry' Town Site Of New Medical Marijuana FarmMon, 03 Aug 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Schlikerman, Becky Area:Illinois Lines:78 Added:08/03/2015
47 US IL: PUB LTE: 'El Chapo' Is a Creation of the United StatesFri, 17 Jul 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Manuel, Ted Z. Area:Illinois Lines:37 Added:07/19/2015
48 US IL: LTE: El Chapo To Blame For Chicago's Drug ViolenceThu, 16 Jul 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL) Author:Bensinger, Peter Area:Illinois Lines:31 Added:07/19/2015
49 US IL: Editorial: If Caught, 'El Chapo' Should Be TriedTue, 14 Jul 2015
Source:Chicago Sun-Times (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:78 Added:07/19/2015
50 US IL: Editorial: Multi-faceted Solution Needed In Heroin CrisisFri, 10 Jul 2015
Source:Jacksonville Journal-Courier (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:77 Added:07/13/2015

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