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1Sweden: Pot Messes With Teen's Brain: StudySun, 19 Jun 2005
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Telegraph, Daily Area:Sweden Lines:Excerpt Added:06/20/2005
2Sweden: Pot Users Risk Later AddictionsSat, 18 Jun 2005
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Highfield, Roger Area:Sweden Lines:Excerpt Added:06/18/2005
3Sweden: Young Pot Smokers Face Long-Term Risks: StudySat, 18 Jun 2005
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:CanWest, Area:Sweden Lines:Excerpt Added:06/18/2005
4 Sweden: Web: Drug Deaths QuadrupleWed, 11 Feb 2004
Source:Sveriges Television (SVT) (Sweden, web)          Area:Sweden Lines:186 Added:02/12/2004
5 Sweden: Sweden Takes Lead On Drug LawsFri, 04 Jul 2003
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Waugh, Paul Area:Sweden Lines:51 Added:07/09/2003
6 Sweden: Few Heroin Addicts Receive MethadoneFri, 07 Sep 2001
Source:Dagens Nyheter (Sweden) Author:Engstrom, Adam Area:Sweden Lines:104 Added:09/07/2001
7 Sweden: Wire: Swedes Fume Over Cannabis Design On RucksacksFri, 31 Aug 2001
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Sweden Lines:33 Added:08/31/2001
8 Sweden: Sweden's First Hemp FarmSun, 05 Aug 2001
Source:Aftonbladet (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:25 Added:08/05/2001
9 Sweden: The Drugs DebateThu, 19 Jul 2001
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Ginn, Kate Area:Sweden Lines:160 Added:07/20/2001
10 Sweden: Renoir's `Conversation' found during drug bustFri, 06 Apr 2001
Source:San Jose Mercury News (CA)          Area:Sweden Lines:17 Added:04/06/2001
11 Sweden: OPED: How Not To Reduce The Drugs TradeFri, 24 Nov 2000
Source:Ostgota Correspondenten (Sweden) Author:Grauers, Goran Area:Sweden Lines:108 Added:11/24/2000
12 Sweden: A Relatively Calm Evening At The GlobeFri, 17 Nov 2000
Source:Dagens Nyheter          Area:Sweden Lines:32 Added:11/19/2000
13 Sweden: Purgatives To Expose Drug SmugglersThu, 16 Nov 2000
Source:Aftonbladet (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:22 Added:11/17/2000
14 Sweden: Artists Will Not Get VIP-TreatmentTue, 14 Nov 2000
Source:Aftonbladet (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:55 Added:11/15/2000
15 Sweden: Drug Squads Will Come To The GlobeTue, 14 Nov 2000
Source:Expressen (Sweden) Author:Utterstrom, Andreas Area:Sweden Lines:59 Added:11/15/2000
16 Sweden: Drug Squad Not Needed At MTV AwardsSat, 11 Nov 2000
Source:Aftonbladet (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:103 Added:11/13/2000
17 Sweden: Authorities Have To Uphold the LawSat, 11 Nov 2000
Source:Aftonbladet (Sweden) Author:Alfredsson, Andreas Area:Sweden Lines:60 Added:11/13/2000
18 Sweden: Police Prioritize Minor Drug OffencesTue, 07 Nov 2000
Source:Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:72 Added:11/13/2000
19 Sweden: Drugs Thrown Into JailMon, 30 Oct 2000
Source:Dagens Nyheter (Sweden) Author:Alfredson, Lena Area:Sweden Lines:106 Added:10/31/2000
20 Sweden: Born AddictsSat, 21 Oct 2000
Source:New Scientist (UK)          Area:Sweden Lines:31 Added:10/25/2000
21 Sweden: Drug Liberals Gaining GroundTue, 17 Oct 2000
Source:Dagens Nyheter (Sweden) Author:Hedstrom, Ingrid Area:Sweden Lines:72 Added:10/24/2000
22 Sweden: Bodstroem is needed in the debate on drugsTue, 17 Oct 2000
Source:Aftonbladet (Sweden) Author:Petersen, Åsa Area:Sweden Lines:66 Added:10/17/2000
23 Sweden: Editorial: Bodstrom Reverses On DrugsTue, 17 Oct 2000
Source:Dagens Nyheter (Sweden) Author:Stenberg, Ewa Area:Sweden Lines:70 Added:10/17/2000
24 Sweden: Fewer Dealers IndictedTue, 17 Oct 2000
Source:Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:35 Added:10/17/2000
25 Sweden: New Justice Minister: 'Drug Criminalisation Meaningless'Sun, 15 Oct 2000
Source:Expressen (Sweden) Author:Lindehag, Lena Area:Sweden Lines:89 Added:10/15/2000
26 Sweden: Editorial: A Matter Worth DiscussingSun, 15 Oct 2000
Source:Expressen Author:Nilsson, PM Area:Sweden Lines:80 Added:10/15/2000
27 Sweden: PUB LTE: Sweden Losing Drugs BattleWed, 27 Sep 2000
Source:Irish Examiner (Ireland) Author:Yates, John Area:Sweden Lines:39 Added:09/28/2000
28 Sweden: Sweden's Drink Laws Are Ruled IntolerableWed, 08 Mar 2000
Source:Examiner, The (Ireland) Author:Hennessy, Mark Area:Sweden Lines:73 Added:03/10/2000
29 Sweden: OPED: Nine Out Of Ten Can Handle Trying DrugsSun, 27 Jun 1999
Source:Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm, Sweden Author:Goldberg, Ted Area:Sweden Lines:192 Added:06/27/1999
30 Sweden: Wire: Drug Center Weapon Against AddictionThu, 25 Feb 1999
Source:Associated Press Author:Dagbladet, Svenska Area:Sweden Lines:69 Added:02/25/1999
31 Sweden: Wire: Sweden Seizes Record Cocaine HaulFri, 19 Feb 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Sweden Lines:32 Added:02/19/1999
32 Sweden: Police Unable To Hinder Youths Narcotics UseMon, 08 Feb 1999
Source:Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:54 Added:02/08/1999
33 Sweden: Gambians Arrested For Drug CrimesWed, 23 Dec 1998
Source:Dagens Nyheter Author:Nilsson, Kjell Area:Sweden Lines:29 Added:12/23/1998
34 Sweden: Ecstasy Can Cause Irreversible Brain DamageTue, 22 Dec 1998
Source:Dagens Nyheter Author:Holmberg, Mats Area:Sweden Lines:27 Added:12/22/1998
35 Sweden: Deport Drug Dealers For LifeTue, 22 Dec 1998
Source:Dagens Nyheter Author:Nilsson, Kjell Area:Sweden Lines:32 Added:12/22/1998
36 Sweden: Sweden Increasingly Alone In The Fight Against DrugsTue, 1 Dec 1998
Source:Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:27 Added:12/01/1998
37 Sweden: Sweden More Lonesome In Fight Against DrugsMon, 30 Nov 1998
Source:Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden) Author:Nilsson, Ylva Area:Sweden Lines:27 Added:11/30/1998
38 Sweden: 90% Of Cot Death Babies Have Nicotine In TheirMon, 7 Sep 1998
Source:Examiner, The (Ireland) Author:Gallagher, Mark Area:Sweden Lines:74 Added:09/07/1998
39 SWEDEN: WIRE: Sweden Might Sell Liquor On SaturdaysTue, 18 Aug 1998
Source:International Herald-Tribune (via Reuters)          Area:Sweden Lines:29 Added:08/18/1998
40 Sweden: Wire: U.S. Drug Czar Praises Sweden's Drugs PoliciesTue, 14 Jul 1998
Source:Associated Press          Area:Sweden Lines:28 Added:07/14/1998
41 Sweden: Wire: Drug Czar Bashes Dutch Policy on Eve of VisitMon, 13 Jul 1998
Source:Reuters Author:Schmelz, Abigail Area:Sweden Lines:28 Added:07/13/1998
42 Sweden GE: OPED: 'No One Demands Cocain In The Grocery Store'Thu, 2 Jul 1998
Source:Dagens Nyheter Author:Curman, Peter Area:Sweden Lines:219 Added:07/02/1998
43 MN: Sweden: Uncompromising Climate in Drug DebateFri, 26 Jun 1998
Source:Aftonbladet (Sweden) Author:Dahlbäck, Ingrid Area:Sweden Lines:96 Added:06/26/1998
44 Sweden: Editorial: Law Without MuscleSat, 20 Jun 1998
Source:Express, Express on Sunday (UK)          Area:Sweden Lines:53 Added:06/20/1998
45 Sweden: The Chemically Controlled Maniac And Other Everyday MythsSun, 14 Jun 1998
Source:Oberoende (Sweden) Author:Sunesson, Sune Area:Sweden Lines:254 Added:06/14/1998
46 Sweden GE: Editorial: Stand Up To Soros' Drug Liberals (Improved translation repSat, 13 Jun 1998
Source:Aftonbladet (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:77 Added:06/13/1998
47 Sweden GE: Editorial: Stand Up Against Soros' Drug LiberalsThu, 11 Jun 1998
Source:Aftonbladet (Sweden)          Area:Sweden Lines:77 Added:06/11/1998
48 Sweden: The Development Of Drug Abuse In SwedenSat, 30 May 1998
Source:Oberoende (Sweden) Author:Lenke, Leif Area:Sweden Lines:175 Added:05/30/1998
49 Sweden: Abolish The Slogan 'A Drug Free Society'Wed, 27 May 1998
Source:Oberoende (Sweden) Author:University, Henrik Tham Prof. Area:Sweden Lines:134 Added:05/27/1998
50 Sweden: Drug Wars and the Open or Closed SocietyWed, 27 May 1998
Source:Oberoende (Sweden) Author:Lenke, Leif Area:Sweden Lines:121 Added:05/27/1998

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