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1 Malaysia: OPED: Dealing With Substance AbuseTue, 01 Mar 2016
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Fahmi, Mohamad 'Ariff Area:Malaysia Lines:91 Added:03/02/2016
2 Malaysia: New Approach For Drug Treatment And RehabilitationMon, 01 Jul 2013
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia) Author:Harun, Hana Naz Area:Malaysia Lines:54 Added:07/03/2013
3 Malaysia: 'Decriminalise Drug Use and We Can Stop Spread ofFri, 28 Jun 2013
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Fong, Loh Foon Area:Malaysia Lines:49 Added:06/28/2013
4 Malaysia: Column: Ustaz Harun On A MissionTue, 12 Mar 2013
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Raslan, Karim Area:Malaysia Lines:107 Added:03/13/2013
5 Malaysia: Malaysia's No1 Social Scourge Is Drugs, Says MCPFTue, 21 Aug 2012
Source:Malay Mail (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:35 Added:08/21/2012
6 Malaysia: Recovering Addicts Look Forward To Drug-freeWed, 15 Aug 2012
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Mei, Wong Pek Area:Malaysia Lines:63 Added:08/17/2012
7 Malaysia: MCPF Calls for Policy to Help Former AddictsSun, 05 Aug 2012
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:37 Added:08/06/2012
8 Malaysia: LTE: War On Drugs Needs Greater EffortSun, 17 Jul 2011
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Thye, Tan Sri Lee Area:Malaysia Lines:90 Added:07/17/2011
9 Malaysia: Anti-Drugs Swoop Turns UglyMon, 22 Jun 2009
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Lai, Allison Area:Malaysia Lines:62 Added:06/21/2009
10 Malaysia: Hostile Reception To Dadah OpMon, 22 Jun 2009
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia) Author:John, Jason Gerald Area:Malaysia Lines:70 Added:06/21/2009
11 Malaysia: Van Driver Gets Death For TraffickingFri, 30 Jan 2009
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Vijayan, Meera Area:Malaysia Lines:41 Added:01/31/2009
12 Malaysia: Low Air Fare Also Lure Drug Rings To Use KL As TransitSat, 10 Jan 2009
Source:Daily Express (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:38 Added:01/11/2009
13 Malaysia: Paradigm Shift Needed In Treating Dadah AddictsSat, 20 Dec 2008
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:65 Added:12/21/2008
14 Malaysia: LTE: Drug Addicts: Hunt Down Pushers, SmugglersSun, 14 Dec 2008
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia) Author:Nor, Nor Shahid Mohd Area:Malaysia Lines:63 Added:12/15/2008
15 Malaysia: Two Indonesians Sentenced To Death In MalaysiaSun, 16 Nov 2008
Source:Jakarta Post (Indonesia) Author:Simanjuntak, Hotli Area:Malaysia Lines:37 Added:11/17/2008
16 Malaysia: Lighting Up The Dark World Of AddictsMon, 23 Jun 2008
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:60 Added:06/24/2008
17 Malaysia: Drugs: One Student Being Nabbed Every MonthWed, 18 Jun 2008
Source:Daily Express (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:43 Added:06/18/2008
18 Malaysia: Cop Shot During Undercover OpTue, 19 Feb 2008
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Mcintyre, Ian Area:Malaysia Lines:40 Added:02/19/2008
19 Malaysia: The Gallows For Two Drug TraffickersSat, 26 Jan 2008
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:41 Added:01/27/2008
20 Malaysia: Sabah's Addicts Mostly Married MenSun, 09 Dec 2007
Source:Daily Express (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:38 Added:12/09/2007
21 Malaysia: Govt Won't Intercede for Drug Mules Held AbroadSun, 09 Dec 2007
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:43 Added:12/09/2007
22 Malaysia: 15,000 Drug Addicts Targeted for Harm ReductionThu, 29 Nov 2007
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:56 Added:12/01/2007
23 Malaysia: Editorial: The Lesser EvilMon, 26 Nov 2007
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:59 Added:11/27/2007
24 Malaysia: Drug Convict Spared the Gallows After 9-Year WaitTue, 13 Nov 2007
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia) Author:Yatim, A. Hafiz Area:Malaysia Lines:71 Added:11/14/2007
25 Malaysia: Ex-Painter Sent to GallowsMon, 29 Oct 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Dewi, K. Kasturi Area:Malaysia Lines:44 Added:10/29/2007
26 Malaysia: Labourer Gets 6 Years For Drug PossessionTue, 23 Oct 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Loh, Ivan Area:Malaysia Lines:42 Added:10/24/2007
27 Malaysia: Methadone Treatment For 25,000 Drug AddictsMon, 01 Oct 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Nik, Mazwin Area:Malaysia Lines:47 Added:10/02/2007
28 Malaysia: Suspected Drug Dealer Shot DeadSun, 30 Sep 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Hui, Beh Yuen Area:Malaysia Lines:41 Added:10/01/2007
29 Malaysia: 7 Years Jail, 10 Strokes of Rotan for Drug PossessionFri, 21 Sep 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Rajendra, Edward Area:Malaysia Lines:31 Added:09/22/2007
30 Malaysia: Indonesian Labourer Gets 15 Years For Drug PossessionMon, 20 Aug 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Fung, Cecil Area:Malaysia Lines:54 Added:08/20/2007
31 Malaysia: Factory Worker Escapes GallowsThu, 09 Aug 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:47 Added:08/13/2007
32 Malaysia: Bruce Willis Battles War On DrugsThu, 14 Jun 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:30 Added:06/14/2007
33 Malaysia: Harder To Prevent HIV SpreadMon, 21 May 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:53 Added:05/22/2007
34 Malaysia: Visitors That Malaysia Can Do WithoutMon, 21 May 2007
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia) Author:Shi-Ian, Lee Area:Malaysia Lines:59 Added:05/22/2007
35 Malaysia: Editorial: Getting Real With AIDSTue, 22 May 2007
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:57 Added:05/22/2007
36 Malaysia: More Students Into CrimesMon, 14 May 2007
Source:Daily Express (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:69 Added:05/15/2007
37 Malaysia: Student Crime Trend 'Worrying'Mon, 14 May 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:47 Added:05/15/2007
38 Malaysia: Using Artistes To Fight Drug Abuse Does Not WorkSun, 22 Apr 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:42 Added:04/23/2007
39 Malaysia: Spotlight: A Shot In The Arm Or A Headache For TheSat, 24 Mar 2007
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:105 Added:03/24/2007
40 Malaysia: Duo To Be Hanged After Losing Their Final AppealsTue, 20 Mar 2007
Source:Daily Express (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:79 Added:03/20/2007
41 Malaysia: Hope For Heroin AddictsSun, 11 Mar 2007
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia) Author:Abas, Azura Area:Malaysia Lines:148 Added:03/12/2007
42 Malaysia: OPED: Granny On Weed, But Then AgainMon, 12 Mar 2007
Source:Star, The (Malaysia) Author:Schneider, Mary Area:Malaysia Lines:105 Added:03/12/2007
43 Malaysia: Thais Charged With Trafficking In CannabisTue, 28 Nov 2006
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:28 Added:11/30/2006
44 Malaysia: One Of Four Foreign Students Caught With Ganja IsSun, 26 Nov 2006
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia) Author:Yoong, Jed Area:Malaysia Lines:65 Added:11/29/2006
45 Malaysia: Former MP's Daughter Faces Drug ChargeMon, 27 Nov 2006
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia) Author:Yoong, Jed Area:Malaysia Lines:69 Added:11/29/2006
46 Malaysia: Electrician's Death SentenceTue, 17 Oct 2006
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:37 Added:10/21/2006
47 Malaysia: OPED: It Takes Courage To Turn The Tide Of HIV/AIDSWed, 23 Aug 2006
Source:New Straits Times (Malaysia) Author:Kamarulzaman, Adeeba Area:Malaysia Lines:153 Added:08/29/2006
48 Malaysia: Ex-Contract Worker Gets 20 Years In Jail InsteadWed, 16 Aug 2006
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:46 Added:08/19/2006
49 Malaysia: 10 Years and Caning for Having DrugsFri, 21 Jul 2006
Source:Star, The (Malaysia)          Area:Malaysia Lines:38 Added:07/21/2006
50 Malaysia: 'Hip' Drugs Need Repellent NamesTue, 11 Jul 2006
Source:Gulf Times (Qatar)          Area:Malaysia Lines:32 Added:07/12/2006

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