Canada: Column: A War You Can Stop (Letters)
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1 Canada: Column: A War You Can StopSat, 14 Mar 2009
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Frum, David Area:Canada Lines:110 Added:03/14/2009

Guess which city leads the world in kidnappings?

No, not Beirut. Not Baghdad. Mexico City.

And guess who comes second? Ready? It's Phoenix, Ariz.: 370 recorded cases in 2008 alone, and who knows how many unrecorded cases.

When you think Phoenix, you may think of retirees and golf courses. But here's what the late Paul Harvey used to call "the rest of the story," courtesy of the Web site

"Late on the night of June 22, [2008] a residence in Phoenix was approached by a heavily armed tactical team preparing to serve a warrant. The members of the team were wearing the typical gear for members of their profession: black boots, black BDU (battle dress uniform) pants, Kevlar helmets and Phoenix Police Department (PPD) raid shirts pulled over their body armour. The team members carried AR-15 rifles equipped with Aimpoint sights to help them during the low-light operation and, like most cops on a tactical team, in addition to their long guns, the members of this team carried secondary weapons --pistols strapped to their thighs.

[continues 666 words]

2 Canada: PUB LTE: 'Just Say No' Doesn't WorkMon, 16 Mar 2009
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Tousaw, Kirk Area:Canada Lines:29 Added:03/16/2009

David Frum thinks that people just need to stop buying drugs and the violence associated with drug prohibition will disappear. True, as far as it goes -- which is to say, not very far at all.

Perhaps Mr. Frum has never acquainted himself with the concept of drug addiction. Addicts' addictions, coupled with our illogical and wrongheaded insistence on prohibition, are what create the vast profits and violence in the drug markets.

I would remind Mr. Frum that "Just Say No" has been around since the mid-'80s.

Kirk Tousaw



3 Canada: PUB LTE: 'Just Say No' Doesn't WorkMon, 16 Mar 2009
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Malmo-Levine, David Area:Canada Lines:31 Added:03/16/2009

Re: A War You Can Stop, David Frum, March 14.

It is the policy of criminalizing distribution, not the act of drinking (or smoking or sniffing) that leads to violence. It is a shame that there are still some intelligent people who attempt to confuse the issue by offering solutions that go against everything we know about human nature.

David Frum would have as much success fighting AIDS with a plea for sexual abstinence as he would fighting gang violence through drug abstinence or attempting to put Al Capone out of business with a plea for alcohol abstinence. Let's end the War On Drugs now and see what effect that has on the violence.

David Malmo-Levine



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