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1 US TX: LTE: Not An Addiction, Just Nasty HabitSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Houston Chronicle (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:41 Added:07/04/1998

When will the American public get their fill of liberal Democrat politicians lying about their concern for children on the tobacco issue? They jump at every opportunity to surround themselves with a group of kids in front of the television cameras and talk about "saving the children."

But all they care about is the tax money that cigarettes can bring in.

If tobacco is as bad as they say it is, why don't they outlaw it to "save the children," instead of leaving it legal so they can continue taxing it? This would show that they are really concerned about the children smoking, and not about more taxing and spending.

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2 Canada: Agitating For An End To Pot LawsSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Walkom, Thomas Area:Ontario Lines:86 Added:07/04/1998

MARIJUANA GROWERS even have their own lobbyist, in the forrn of transplanted Ontario libertarian Marc Emery.

He is the man Vancouver dopers love and the RCMP loves to hate.

Constable Vince Arsenault, of the Surrey drug squad, refers to Emery as part of the "dark side" - pro-pot forces that constantly agitate in the media to have marijuana legalized. Indeed, the former London, Ont., bookseller has long been crusading against the state.

A one-time candidate for the right-wing Freedom Party of Ontario, Emery made a point of flouting Sunday shopping laws in the late '80s and anti-obscenity laws in the early '90s. In 1991, he was convicted for selling obscene, anti-women rap music tapes. The same year. he openly sold what is called illegal drug literature - magazines and comic books that promoted pot smoking.

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3 US: Column: UIC Researcher Opens New Debate On Drug CrimesSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL)          Area:United States Lines:94 Added:07/04/1998

University of Illinois at Chicago criminologist John Hagedorn said he hoped his new study on drug dealing in the inner city would "force a debate" on the issue.

Mayor John Norquist of Milwaukee, where Hagedorn conducted his field research, was glad to oblige. "The conclusions reached by the author are what one would expect from drug-addled minds," Norquist wrote in response. He called the 30-page report "farcical . . . twisted . . . an insult . . . a celebration of criminality."

What tied hizzoner's knickers into a knot was Hagedorn's view of the ghetto drug trade as a well-ordered, operationally logical source of employment and entrepreneurial opportunity for those with few other options. Hagedorn's work refers to "drug businessmen (who) work long hours," says dealing "is in many ways an innovative . . . small-business venture" and concludes that "much of what we call `crime' is actually work."

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4 Romania: Wire: Romania Urges Action To Fight Drug TraffickingSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Reuters          Area:Romania Lines:73 Added:07/04/1998

SNAGOV, Romania -- (Reuters) Romania, a new link in drug trade routes linking the Middle East and Western Europe, urged neighboring countries on Monday to join a campaign to thwart smugglers and cut down abuse by young people.

"Fully aware of the consequences of the scourge of drugs, we call for more cooperation, exchange of information and joint action," Colonel Calin Mateescu, head of Romania's organized crime fighting brigade, told an international conference.

"Romania is the main section of a new, second Balkan route. It is an oasis of tranquillity and the safest way through the region. In 12 hours you can cross Romania, in another five you pass through Hungary to get to (European Union) states."

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5 US: Theater Review: Reefer BlandnessSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Christiansen, Richard Area:United States Lines:72 Added:07/04/1998

`I'm tired of trying to make this work," shouts Richard, the beer-bellied truckdriver, and out he walks, taking his dog Skipper and his stash of marijuana with him.

At this point, near the end of "Pot Mom," you may be thinking that Richard, not the smartest man in the world, is nonetheless the brightest character in this play.

By then, however, he and the audience have gone through several scenes of high-decibel shouting and wisecracking, fueled by endless smoking of joints and drinking of booze. And all to little purpose.

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6 US: WP: For the Record (Reno's Remarks at DEA's 25th anniversary)Sat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Washington Post (DC)          Area:United States Lines:46 Added:07/04/1998


Being in the State Attorney's Office and state attorney in Dade County during the late '70s gave one the best perspective to view what the dedicated agents in DEA did for that community as the drug wars threatened it and violence really created havoc. . . .

I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to see DEA from the perspective that I now enjoy. . . .

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7Mexico: GuiltySat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Orange County Register (CA)          Area:Mexico Lines:Excerpt Added:07/04/1998

A former federal police director in Mexico who admitted taking $1 million from a druglord was convicted Wednesday on unrelated charges of abuse of authority and sentenced to four years in prison. Adrian Carrera Fuentes was found guilty of having tortured a suspect later convicted for involvement in the 1994 murder of a ruling-party politician. - --- Checked-by: Richard Lake


8 US PA: Court Briefs - Marijuana PossessionSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Centre Daily Times (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:25 Added:07/04/1998

The following actions took place in Centre County court in Bellefonte on Wednesday:

Retired Penn State professor Julian Heicklen, who allegedly smoked marijuana in public to protest marijuana laws, was bound over for trial on charges of marijuana possession.

Arraignment is scheduled for July 27. - --- Checked-by: Richard Lake


9US OR: Double Hanging In Public Shocks Witnesses In PortlandSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Oregonian, The (OR) Author:Peeples, Dionne D. Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:07/04/1998

A Man And A Woman Apparently Commit Suicide Together By Throwing Themselves Off The Steel Bridge

A man and woman apparently hanged themselves from the south side of Portland's Steel Bridge Wednesday afternoon during rush-hour traffic and potentially in full view of a passing Amtrak train.

The pair was identified as Michael Shannon Douglas, 29, and Mora Kathleen McGowan, 25, both of Portland. Autopsies will be conducted this morning, said Terry Sparks, deputy Multnomah County medical examiner.

The hangings were reported about 3 p.m. when passers-by saw the bodies dangling from a rope beside the bridge, said Detective Sgt. Cheryl Kanzler, a Portland Police Bureau spokeswoman.

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10 UK: Editorial: One Tragedy Is EnoughSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:76 Added:07/04/1998

ANDREW Woodlock died after taking ecstasy tablets found by a friend. His death was a tragedy. It could easily have created another. If Andrew's foolish young supplier had been detained in a secure unit or young offenders institution the misery and horror of his death would have been compounded by an act of senseless retribution. The calm sense of one judge and the dead boy's mother ensured that did not happen. Lord Kirkwood and Phyllis Woodlock deserve our gratitude.

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11 US PA: LTE: Freedom Is More Than A Free-For-AllSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Centre Daily Times (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:48 Added:07/04/1998

I am writing to express my opposition to the actions of retired Professor Julian Heicklen. His resounding belief that people have the "freedom" to uninhibited pleasure is both disturbing and un-American. The Constitution was not written on the basis of freedom for all people solely on an individual level. It was written so that America could make its laws and decisions collectively.

When these laws pass, such as the laws against marijuana, then these laws become the American standard. This philosophy is based on such simple ideals as democracy, majority, respect and common courtesy.

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12 Ireland: Drug Addict Jailed For Syringe OffencesSat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:Irish Times (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:49 Added:07/04/1998

A drug addict who has spent most of the last nine years in prison has been jailed for four years. Paul Browne (26), of Mounttown Estate, Dun Laoghaire, pleaded guilty to stealing IEP118 from the XtraVision shop in Dalkey on November 10th, 1997, and to assault with intent to rob a youth on November 7th, 1997, at Killiney DART station.

Garda Brigid McGowan said Browne was unlawfully at large at the time of the offences. He had 25 previous convictions, dating back to 1989. He had turned to crime due to his drugs habit.

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13 US NY: OPED: Rockefeller's LegacySat, 04 Jul 1998
Source:In These Times          Area:New York Lines:97 Added:07/04/1998

The women, maybe 200 in all, waited in small groups. They carried bulky old pocketbooks and frayed overnight bags stuffed with food and water and blankets for the long ride upstate. Several had sleepy children in tow.

It was 9 p.m. on a Saturday in May at Columbus Circle in midtown Manhattan, where the Operation Prison Gap buses pick up weekend passengers headed for places like Attica, Auburn, Elmira and Ogdensburg. "Get down off that bench before you fall," Violet Vargas barks at her 4-year-old daughter. "Her father's in Riverview," Vargas says. "Five-to-15 for drugs. I try to see him every weekend."

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