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1 Ireland: 'Every Woman Is In Danger Because Of Junkies'Tue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Irish Times (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:62 Added:06/23/1998

Maria has been working as a prostitute in the south Dublin red-light area for 18 years. She spoke to Catherine Cleary

"Every woman out there is in danger because of these junkies working the streets. A girl got her face kicked in recently in Fitzwilliam Square. A lot of women are frightened.

"We've said there will be murder yet between the junkies. They sit around on the canal intimidating other women. You've got a young woman feeding an addiction - her addiction and her boyfriend's and sometimes his friend. The guards just search them and let them off.

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2 US: PA: Retired PSU Professor Arrested For Smoking MarijuanaTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Centre Daily Times (PA)          Area:United States Lines:27 Added:06/23/1998

Julian Phillip Heicklen, a retired Penn State professor, was arrested at 12:30 p.m. Monday on the front steps of the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, where he was gathered with a small group people smoking marijuana.

Heicklen was arraigned Monday before District Justice Daniel Hoffman and sent to Centre County Prison in lieu of $10,000 bail, according to court documents.

He was charged with possessing a small amount of marijuana. Heicklen's preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. July 1.

- --- Checked-by: "Rolf Ernst"


3 US CA: PUB LTE: Drug WarTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Phillips, Marshall Area:California Lines:29 Added:06/23/1998

In 1993, when Vice President Al Gore undertook his "reinventing government" assignment, I was delighted when he seemed to indicate that the Drug Enforcement Administration would (be) abolished and its functions absorbed by another agency. During 20 years of service and travel in South America,I had had many opportunities to observe the inability of the DEA to do a job described by the Economist as "Mission Impossible," because it was based on an unworkable policy of prohibition.

Once again,we are asking the international community to join hands in pounding sand in a rat hole.

- --- Checked-by: (trikydik)


4 US: COLUMN: She's Trapped By Drug Use -- And She's The Clean OneTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Standard-Times (MA)          Area:United States Lines:87 Added:06/23/1998

Dear Heart: Help! I am between a rock and a very hard place and I really don't know what to do! It's my fiancE9 vs. me vs. drugs vs. his friends.

You see, he used to abuse coke and due to that abuse, he lost/sold everything (including his family and job) to support his habit. We met after several clean years.

It was love. This was the man who took care of me, put me first, loved me and made me laugh. Yes! Yes! I do want to marry this man.

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5 US: Prescription Painkiller Pulled From Shelves After 4 DeathsWed, 24 Jun 1998
Source:Standard-Times (MA)          Area:United States Lines:38 Added:06/24/1998

NEW YORK -- The potent painkiller Duract was recalled by the manufacturer yesterday after four people who had been taking it died, and eight others required liver transplants.

All but one of the patients had been using Duract for longer than the government-recommended maximum of 10 days, Wyeth-Ayerst said. The person who used it for a shorter time already had significant liver disease.

The company concluded that keeping the product on the market with a stronger warning against using it for more than 10 days would not be feasible or effective.

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6 US VA: Fake 'Ecstasy' Case Brings Guilty PleasWed, 24 Jun 1998
Source:Roanoke Times (VA) Author:Chittum, Matt Area:Virginia Lines:98 Added:06/24/1998

In April, lab reports indicated that the pills that Richard Gluth Jr. had sold to the police informant were actually Robitussin DM cough medicine, Branscom said.

FINCASTLE -- The former Lord Botetourt High School football players charged with dealing what they believed to be a drug called Ecstasy were brought down by one of their own.

Three members of the group pleaded guilty to reduced charges Thursday.

The "Ecstasy" they were dealing turned out to be cough medicine, a fact apparently unknown to them.

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7 US: Clinton OKs Survey of Teen Smokers' Brand PreferencesWed, 24 Jun 1998
Source:San Jose Mercury News (CA) Author:Lewis, Kathy Area:United States Lines:76 Added:06/24/1998

WASHINGTON -- President Clinton, his efforts to get comprehensive anti-smoking legislation stymied, Monday ordered an annual survey of teenagers to find out what brands of cigarettes they smoke.

``Parents, quite simply, have a right to know,'' said Clinton.

He said the federal survey not only would reveal which brands teenagers buy, but also which companies are most responsible for the teen smoking problem.

Clinton said public health officials would use the information to try to reduce teen smoking.

The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. released a statement suggesting the survey would serve no purpose. Company officials said the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had provided such information in surveys in 1989 and 1993, and said most studies conclude that the primary factors in youth smoking are peer pressure, family influence and access.

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8US WI: Editorial: No Suprise Dare's Falling Out of FavorWed, 24 Jun 1998
Source:Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)          Area:Wisconsin Lines:Excerpt Added:06/24/1998

DARE seems such a nifty program. It brings cops into classrooms to rap with kids about the ills of drugs. It's popular among schools around the state and the nation.

There's just one problem: It doesn't work. And that's too bad.

A Shorewood School Board committee is urging that district to scrap DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and to put in its stead a more promising anti-drug program -- a reasonable decision. After all, study after study shows that DARE fails to curtail drug use.

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9 US: 'House Approves Measure to Aid Drug-Free Business'Wed, 24 Jun 1998
Source:Herald, The (UK)          Area:United States Lines:26 Added:06/24/1998

The measure, approved 402-9, is part of a package of anti-drug bills the Republican leadership has made a top priority over the past month. Sponsored by Rep. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, the bill encourages states to provide financial benefits to small businesses that meet minimum standards for drug-free workplaces.

- --- Checked-by: (Joel W. Johnson)


10US CA: Oakland Policy Permits 1 1/2 Pounds of MarijuanaWed, 24 Jun 1998
Source:Oakland Tribune (CA) Author:Kirkwood, Kathleen Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:06/24/1998

OAKLAND - In Oakland, medicinal marijuana users would be able to keep a 1 1/2-pound supply of cannabis on hand - well above a 1-ounce threshold set by state Attorney General Dan Lungren - in a policy being considered by the City Council.

If the council approves it in two weeks, the policy would be the most detailed - and permissive in terms of sheer quantity - in the state when it comes to implementing ProposiTion 215, the medicinal marijuana initiative approved by voters In 1996.

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11 US PA: Two Amish Men Accused of Cocaine Deals with Motorcycle GangWed, 24 Jun 1998
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Rosin, Hanna Area:Pennsylvania Lines:69 Added:06/24/1998

Federal prosecutors in Pennsylvania yesterday accused two Amish men of buying cocaine from a gang called the Pagan Motorcycle Club and distributing the drug to other young members of the religious group at parties known as "hoedowns."

"We've seen plenty of underage drinking cases but a drug case is unheard of" among the Amish, said John Pyfer, who is representing Abner Stoltzfus, 24. The other defendant is Abner King Stoltzfus, 23, who is no relation.

The case in Lancaster County underscores the vulnerability of the Amish, who have seen suburban development and tourism encroach on their once secluded lives. The suburbanites and the gawkers have made it difficult for the Amish to close their eyes to what they consider the corrupting influences of modernity. Members of the sect do not have electricity or plumbing in their homes, and still make their way around the county in horse-drawn buggies. The two men accused belong to the most conservative Amish sect, the Old Order Amish.

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12 US: Another New Drug Pulled Off ShelvesWed, 24 Jun 1998
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Tribune, From Area:United States Lines:33 Added:06/24/1998

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Food and Drug Administration once again is pulling a prescription drug off pharmacy shelves.

Duract, a painkiller from Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories of St. Davids, Pa., has caused a dozen cases of serious liver failure since last July. Four patients died and eight required liver transplants. All the cases involved patients who took the drug for longer than the recommended 10 days.

The FDA and the company are advising patients who have been taking Duract for longer than 10 days to stop immediately, and all patients who are using the medication should consult their doctors.

It's the third time in nine months that the FDA has removed a drug over safety. The high blood pressure medication Posicor and the diet drug Redux and its cousin, fenfluoramine, also were removed.

- --- Checked-by: Melodi Cornett


13 US VA: Ex-Informant Says 36 Years For 2 Stolen Lawn Tractors Is Too MuchWed, 24 Jun 1998
Source:Roanoke Times (VA) Author:Vertefeuille, Jan Area:Virginia Lines:158 Added:06/24/1998

'A con, a liar and a thief' seeks retrial

Career criminal Michael Fulcher has often avoided convictions because he worked as an informant for everyone from the CIA and DEA to the local police.

Getting into trouble has always come easy to Michael Fulcher. But his real talent is for getting out of it.

Fulcher, 40, has been charged with more than 50 felonies over the years, court records show, and he walked away from most of them without a conviction. The few that did stick, however, came with a stiff penalty.

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