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1 Australia: Lord Mayor Attacked On Drug PlanTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Age, The (Australia) Author:Boreham, Gareth Area:Australia Lines:70 Added:06/23/1998

The Premier has challenged the Lord Mayor, Cr Ivan Deveson, to use the ``tens of millions'' earned by the City of Melbourne from the sale of electricity assets to fight the drug problem.

The Premier has challenged the Lord Mayor, Cr Ivan Deveson, to use the ``tens of millions'' earned by the City of Melbourne from the sale of electricity assets to fight the drug problem.

Mr Jeff Kennett said yesterday that, if the Lord Mayor was so concerned, the council had ``plenty of cash'' to do something about the city heroin trade.

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2US WI: U.S. Accuses 33 Of Running Latin King Reign Of TerrorMon, 22 Jun 1998
Source:Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI) Author:McBride, Jessica Area:Wisconsin Lines:Excerpt Added:06/22/1998

Charges In Gang Case Include 9 Murders

Thirty-three alleged members of the Latin Kings gang, accused of orchestrating an 11-year reign of terror on the near south side, were indicted Monday on federal racketeering, drug conspiracy and arms charges.

In a 73-page indictment, federal authorities said the 33 defendants were responsible for nine murders, 21 attempted murders, nine robberies, three arsons and an attempted arson, five kidnappings and an ongoing drug trafficking conspiracy.

The Milwaukee chapter of the Almighty Latin King Nation -- its official name -- was sophisticated enough, authorities allege, to provide safe houses for firearms, require dues from members, punish disobedient members through beating or death, have a written manifesto, receive training on destroying evidence, murder law-enforcement informers, and be ruled by a "crown council" of top leaders.

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3 US GA: Book Review: Stone CrazyTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Savannah Morning News (GA) Author:Wyatt, Doug Area:Georgia Lines:98 Added:06/23/1998

The war against drugs, says a new book, is a colossal failure.

Drug Crazy. How We Got Into This Mess and How We Can Get Out. By Mike Gray. Random House. $23.95.

If World War II had been as successful as America's "war on drugs," we'd all be chowing down on bratwurst and naming our newborns after Adolf and Eva.

The main trouble with the country's strategy, says Mike Gray in "Drug Crazy," has been prohibition. Outlawing drugs -- as we should have learned in the 1920s, when illegal booze fueled the growth of organized crime -- succeeds, he says, mostly in making the drugs fantastically profitable for illicit traffickers.

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4 US: U.S. To Survey Cigarette PreferencesTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:San Jose Mercury News (CA) Author:Harris, John F. Area:United States Lines:38 Added:06/23/1998

WASHINGTON -- President Clinton plans to announce today that the federal government will begin conducting annual surveys to determine cigarette brand share in the market for underage smokers, a defiant gesture aimed at tobacco companies and their congressional allies.

Recoiling from the demise of comprehensive anti-smoking legislation in the Senate last week, Clinton will issue an executive order directing the Department of Health and Human Services to begin documenting which brands enjoy favor among smokers ages 12 to 17, as part of the yearly National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, senior administration officials said Sunday.

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5 Australia: Pro-Marijuana Campaigner Appeals Against ConvictionTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia)          Area:Australia Lines:39 Added:06/23/1998

In north Queensland, one of Australia's most seasoned pro-marijuana campaigners returns to court today, to clear his name on charges of distributing "dangerous literature".

Steve Dimitriou, who has stood as a candidate in Federal and State elections, says his 1997 conviction was a strike against free speech.

He was fined $400 for publishing information on how to cultivate cannibis plants, in his newsletter "The Cannibis News".

Mr Dimitriou says his action in the Court of Appeal at Cairns will seek to overturn the conviction.

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6 Australia: OPED: Small Dose Of Humanity A Big Part Of The Cure For Our Drug IllsTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Age, The (Australia) Author:Crofts, Nick Area:Australia Lines:114 Added:06/23/1998

OUR drug policies are inhuman, ineffective in achieving their stated goals, damaging in uncountable ways to the health of individuals and of society. They are enormously costly and corrupting. They don't work.

So why do we not only continue with these policies but even extend them? Why do we attack strategies of proven effectiveness and humanity, including methadone maintenance and needle and syringe distribution? Simple. We do not care.

Prohibition rests on a view of drug users as subhuman and outside society. The practice of prohibition reinforces these views. Internationally, drug users suffer human rights abuses from the most severe _ torture and death _ to daily irritations. They are discriminated against on every level and lack access to services we take for granted. The first and most fundamental step needed to tackle the problems around illicit drug use is to re-admit drug users to the human race. If we can refocus attention away from the demon heroin and on to the lives and desires of the people concerned _ and if we can look for what works rather than what is electorally popular _ then we will be devising very different approaches that will help.

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7 Australia: Kennett Rejects Heroin Trial CallTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Age, The (Australia)          Area:Australia Lines:44 Added:06/23/1998

The State Government would not support a heroin trial launched only in Melbourne, the Premier, Mr Jeff Kennett, said yesterday.

Responding to suggestions by the Lord Mayor, Cr Ivan Deveson, that the state and federal governments move urgently to tackle the city's illicit drug trade, the Premier said only a national approach would receive his endorsement.

Cr Deveson had advocated the establishment of safe injection centres for heroin users. "We shouldn't just sit back and allow Canberra to lead the way as they tried to a year ago," he said.

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8US CA: Marijuana Tip LineTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:San Diego Union Tribune (CA)          Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:06/23/1998

The number is (619) 616-4444.

The line is operated by the county's Integrated Narcotics Task Force and the Sheriff's Department.

Callers can remain anonymous if they choose. Authorities ask that tipsters be as exact as possible on locations, suspects or vehicle information. If callers would like to speak with a narcotics detective, they will be referred to another telephone number.

"Citizens may come upon marijuana gardens being grown indoors, while attending a party, or stumble upon a marijuana crop while hiking their favorite backcountry trail," Lt. Bill Baxter said. "Either way, the Marijuana Tip Line is for those citizens who may have hesitated to call about these crops in the past."

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9 New Zealand: PUB LTE: Delamere Drug SenseTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Dominion, The (New Zealand)          Area:New Zealand Lines:39 Added:06/23/1998

The Drug Foundation wishes to record its support for recent statements by Customs Minister Tuariki Delamere at the United Nations General Assembly on Drugs.

Mr Delamere said New Zealand drug policies aim to reduce the harm caused by drug-taking, as well as trying to stop it happening.

For example, our needle-swapping scheme has kept the HIV infection rate amongst drug users one of the lowest anywhere. This contrasts with the United States "war on drugs" approach, which sees needle exchange as condoning drug use.

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10 US CA: A Prison For The FutureTue, 23 Jun 1998
Source:Times, The (UK) Author:Herdt, Timm Area:California Lines:102 Added:06/23/1998

Kern County: Private firm is ready to make a bid to house state's felons.

Sometime this week, bulldozers will begin to carve the high-desert landscape of Kern County to make way for a $94 million development unique in California: a massive, privately built prison.

Sometime later this month, a Senate committee will consider a constitutional amendment that would assure that not a single felon convicted in California courts will ever spend a day inside it.

In a state where politicians and voters have consistently embraced enhanced-sentencing laws, but have in recent years shied away from nearly every proposal to build new prisons, the private project in California City is destined to become a battleground in a big-spending political war.

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