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1 PBS Online Newshour: Helms vs. WeldWed, 30 Jul 1997
                  Area:Mexico Lines:171 Added:07/30/1997


Sen. Jesse Helms opposes President Clinton's nomination of Gov. William Weld (R MA) as next ambassador to Mexico. Have bipartisan gestures been thwarted by internal divison? After a backgrounder by Kwame Holman, Jim Lehrer discusses Weld's chances of becoming ambassador with two political journalists.

JIM LEHRER: Mike Barnicle is a columnist of the Boston Globe and a NewsHour regular. Ralph Hallow is senior national correspondent for the Washington Times. Mike Barnicle, does Weld think he can overcome Jesse Helms, or is something else at work here?

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2BelAir Thousands of Marijuana Plants Found in MansionWed, 30 Jul 1997
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA)                 Lines:Excerpt Added:07/30/1997

Most of the plants were being grown under artificial lights in side the home, detectives said.

At least one man was being questioned in connection with the seizure, officials said.

Detectives said the search culminated a lengthy investigation.


3LTEs: Methadone FraudWed, 30 Jul 1997
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA)          Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:07/30/1997

Mismanagement in Methadone Clinics

"State, DEA Probe Mismanagement in Methadone Clinics,"

I am a former addict and up until 1993 was on methadone. I experienced the different policies in regard to protocol and treatment both here in California and in London, where I worked as an assistant at a clinic specializing in the treatment of addiction. I believe that California has the most archaic, impractical and conflicting rules and regulations regarding dispensing and treatment for opiatedependent addicts. The whole approach to addiction treatment is failing. Under the current law a person on methadone has to attend his/her clinic every day. As a jobseeking individual, I quickly found that just getting to the clinic every day between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. (clinics can be over an hour away) became a job. In the event of being late, doses are withheld. I suggest a more individualistic approach. If addicts can prove themselves accountable and sincere about getting help, more options should be available to them in the dispensing of methadone. It would help to let physicians practice as they are licensed to do, and accordingly make choices based on their expert opinions. To let the DEA dictate what is or is not acceptable is to let crane operators do brain surgery. Methadone treatment should be one of many options. The current "one size fits all" approach does not work. CLAUS CASTENSKIOLD Los Angeles

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4Soros: IN the eye of the StormWed, 30 Jul 1997
Source:San Francisco Chronicle (CA) Author:Wright, Robin Area:Burma Lines:Excerpt Added:07/30/1997

Millionaire George Soros perhaps best known for his extensive philanthropic work in former Soviet bloc nationsis also globally remembered for speculative attacks that forced the British pound out of the European Monetary System in 1992. His purchases and sales of currencies are closely followed in the foreign exchange market.

Soros has been criticized for using his wealth to punish ASEAN for admitting Burma to its ranks despite that country's human rights record. Soros denied that his Open Society Foundation, which promotes democracy in Burma, has any connection with or influence on his financial dealings.

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5 Male prostitution study shows link with drugsThu, 31 Jul 1997
Source:Irish Times (Ireland)                 Lines:60 Added:07/31/1997

The typical male prostitute gets involved for the money. "The guys I was hanging around with were working the Park . . . one day I was broke . . . it didn't mean anything except cash" is representative of comments from 27 males prostitutes surveyed. Another response was: "When homeless, there is no other way on the street."

Four (15 per cent) of the boys surveyed were introduced to prostitution when aged 13, but most were in the 14to19 age bracket.

Many young boys who have been sexually abused as children "drift easily into being paid for sexual favours", while there are very few opportunities for gay teenagers to explore their sexuality.

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6 'Spice Girls' drug on streetsThu, 31 Jul 1997
Source:Scotsman (UK)                 Lines:104 Added:07/31/1997

Parents warned as ecstasy named after group and containing 'date rape' chemical found circulating JENNY BOOTH Home Affairs Correspondent

TEENAGE girls are being targeted by drug dealers seeking to exploit the success of the Spice Girls by naming a new form of ecstasy after the hit band.

Last night, GPs were being alerted over the danger presented by the "Spice Girls" drug which is selling in Edinburgh, Fife and Dumfries. The drugs harm reduction group Crew 2000 was handing out leaflets at rave clubs in the Capital warning of the pills, which are being sold at around 10 each.

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