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1 CN BC: 'Prince Of Pot' Soon Off To PrisonFri, 08 Jan 2010
Source:Nanaimo Daily News (CN BC) Author:O'Connor, Elaine Area:British Columbia Lines:65 Added:01/08/2010

Under A Plea Deal Marc Emery Is Bound To Serve Five Years Behind Bars In The U.S.

Vancouver marijuana activist Marc Emery is taking his last puff of freedom -- as the clock counts down on an extradition order that will send him to a U.S. jail for five years.

Emery, founder of the B.C. Marijuana Party and publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, is currently out on bail waiting for Federal Justice Minister and Attorney General Rob Nicholson to sign the extradition order, which can be done any time after today.

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2 Canada: Weeding Out A Bad Home PurchaseFri, 08 Jan 2010
Source:Metro (Vancouver, CN BC) Author:Johnson, Erica Area:Canada Lines:55 Added:01/08/2010

We all know Mike Holmes - the guy with biceps the size of tires, who rights wrongs when it comes to home renovations. But at Marketplace, we team up with Mike tonight to tackle a growing (no pun intended) problem in Canada - homes that are used for marijuana grow-ops, then sold to unsuspecting buyers.

The RCMP estimates there are thousands of houses being used for grow-ops today, often in quiet, suburban neighbourhoods where you'd least expect them. They're often quietly patched up - leaving new homeowners stuck with mold, structural and electrical issues.

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3 US HI: PUB LTE: Government FailureFri, 08 Jan 2010
Source:Garden Island (Lihue, HI) Author:Boranian, Harry Area:Hawaii Lines:32 Added:01/08/2010

Prohibition did not work with alcohol. It's not working with marijuana.

The only fair solution is to treat marijuana abuse the same as alcohol abuse. If a person is driving a car after excessive marijuana use, he should be treated the same as a person disabled by excessive alcohol use or abuse of any other mind altering substance.

I suspect that the pro-alcohol lobby is heavily involved in the fight against the decriminalizing of marijuana. We could sure empty a lot of jail cells if marijuana use was treated in the same way as alcohol use.

Government inaction in this matter is another example of the failure of the best government that money can buy.

Harry Boranian



4US HI: Marijuana Decriminalization Request Voted Down, 7-2Thu, 07 Jan 2010
Source:Honolulu Advertiser (HI)          Area:Hawaii Lines:Excerpt Added:01/08/2010

A Hawai'i County Council committee on Tuesday voted 7-2 against a resolution asking the state Legislature to decriminalize marijuana, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported.

Councilman Kelly Greenwell, the measure's sponsor, and Emily Naeole Beason voted for the resolution.

The Legislature cannot actually decriminalize marijuana, because the drug is regulated by state and federal laws. But Greenwell said he hoped an affirmative vote by the council would put pressure on the Legislature to ease regulation of the drug.

The resolution now moves to the full council with a negative recommendation.

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5 US HI: Forum To Explore Impacts Of Jail, Substance Abuse On MauiThu, 07 Jan 2010
Source:Lahaina News (HI)          Area:Hawaii Lines:44 Added:01/08/2010

WAILUKU - Maui Economic Opportunity's Being Empowered and Safe Together (BEST) community reintegration program is sponsoring a community forum to share concerns on the effects of incarceration and substance abuse on Maui families.

The forum will take place today, Thursday, Jan. 7, at Classrooms 1-2 of MEO's Weinberg Family Center at 99 Mahalani St. in Wailuku from 5 to 8:30 p.m.

The event's panel will be comprised of Rep. Mele Carroll, Danette Kahele Arrojo, Lenny Hatori and Aunty Honey, whose daughter was sent off island, and as a result, she is now caring for her grandchildren.

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6US HI: Council Rejects Resolution To Decriminalize PakaloloThu, 07 Jan 2010
Source:West Hawaii Today (HI) Author:Media, Stephens Area:Hawaii Lines:Excerpt Added:01/08/2010

HILO -- A Hawaii County Council committee has voted against a resolution seeking to decriminalize marijuana despite a councilman's threat to resign if his measure failed.

Councilman Kelly Greenwell decided Tuesday to stay even though only one other colleague voted for the resolution that failed to gain the support of seven others.

"I'm going to take back what I said about resigning from this council. And the reason," he said, addressing supporters, "is because of you. I'm not going to be a Sarah Palin. The hell with them who don't want to vote this way. I'm going to stick with you guys, and we're going to get this done."

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7 China: LTE: Brown, Clean Up Your Own HouseMon, 04 Jan 2010
Source:China Daily (China) Author:Hashmi, S. R. H. Area:China Lines:41 Added:01/08/2010

According to press reports, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was furious over the death sentence given by Chinese courts to Akmal Shaikh, a British national who was arrested with 4 kg of heroin in his possession.

A few countries grant death sentence for drug offences. The execution of Shaikh is in accordance with Chinese law so there is absolutely no need for Brown to raise too much fuss over it.

I have seen what drugs can do to people, to families and to communities and I strongly feel that the drug trade is one offence that should carry a mandatory death sentence.

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8 China: 'Settle' Differences, Britain UrgedWed, 06 Jan 2010
Source:China Daily (China) Author:Yang, Ai Area:China Lines:90 Added:01/08/2010

China yesterday urged the United Kingdom to "properly settle" differences that arose after the execution of a British drug trafficker late last year, and "avoid impairment of bilateral relations".

Addressing the first regular press briefing of the new year, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said: "The two countries may hold different opinions on the issue, but we should follow the principle of mutual respect, and refrain from damaging our relationship."

Jiang said that no one had the right to point a finger at the judiciary, which she said was an independent authority whose sovereignty should be respected.

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9 Web: Hot Off The 'Net and What YOU Can Do This WeekFri, 08 Jan 2010
Source:DrugSense Weekly (DSW)                 Lines:152 Added:01/08/2010



The Media Awareness Project archived about 14,500 news clippings during 2009. Here is our annual list of the ones most frequently accessed by our users.



Making State First in Nation to Allow Judges to Waive Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Drug-Free School Zones



By Daniela Perdomo

Why women have signed onto marijuana reform -- and why they could be the movement's game-changers.

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10 Web: Letter Of The WeekFri, 08 Jan 2010
Source:DrugSense Weekly (DSW)                 Lines:30 Added:01/08/2010

By Gene Fellner

Regarding the Dec. 27 front-page article "Mexico questions its drug strategy":

The United States has survived the violence of its war on drugs, but Mexico might not. This sad situation illustrates something that nearly everyone except the folks in the U.S. government has known since Prohibition turned our streets into battlegrounds: The second-order effects of criminalizing drugs cause more harm than the drugs themselves.

Gene Fellner, Derwood

Pubdate: Wed, 30 Dec 2009

Referenced: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v09/n1155/a05.html


11 The 2009 Letter to the Editor Writers of the YearFri, 08 Jan 2010
Source:DrugSense Weekly (DSW) Author:Lake, Richard        Lines:50 Added:01/09/2010

2009 saw two letter writers achieve amazing numbers of published letters. Russell Barth had 183 letters published. Robert Sharpe had 176 letters published. Since there may be letters from each which were published but not newshawked to MAP we consider this accomplishment a tie and recognize both of them as The 2009 Letter to the Editor Writers of the Year.

Russell Barth writes to Canadian newspapers from his home in Nepean, Ontario. Canada has less than an eighth the number of daily newspapers as does the United States. MAP has archived a total of 678 of his published letters which you may read at http://www.mapinc.org/writers/Russell+Barth

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12 US: Web: Swapping Politics for Science on Drug PolicyMon, 04 Jan 2010
Source:Nation, The (US) Author:Schwartzapfel, Beth Area:United States Lines:262 Added:01/08/2010

Policy wonks and deficit hawks weren't the only ones paying attention when President Obama signed the Fiscal Year 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act last week. HIV activists, public health experts and communities of drug users celebrated--not for what's in the appropriations bill, but for what's not in it: a ban on federal funding for needle exchange programs, which has appeared in the federal budget every year since 1988.

After two decades, this change is a historic achievement. Obama had already missed one opportunity to lift the ban, neglecting to pull it out of his budget in May. Still, that same month former Seattle chief of police Gil Kerlikowske was sworn in as the director of national drug control policy, calling for a new common-sense approach to drug addiction. When the drug czar calls for an end to the war on drugs, it's clearly the start of a new era.

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