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1 CN BC: Column: Reality Check: Does Cannabis Cause Psychosis?Fri, 03 Apr 2009
Source:Chilliwack Progress (CN BC) Author:Dawson, Kim Area:British Columbia Lines:102 Added:04/05/2009

Psychosis is a class of mental illnesses characterized by strongly-held irrational beliefs not consistent with reality (delusions) and bizarre sensations of objects or people that are not actually present (hallucinations). Leading up to a psychotic episode is often a period including lack of motivation, lack of emotions, and difficulty thinking or speaking in a way that makes sense to others or oneself.

As a drug in the class of psychedelic substances, cannabis can, within minutes after inhaling its vapors, induce psychosis-like symptoms including hallucinations, paranoid delusions, lack of motivation, and difficulty thinking or speaking logically. So, can cannabis cause psychosis?

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2 CN BC: Drugging DrivingWed, 01 Apr 2009
Source:Lakes District News (CN BC)          Area:British Columbia Lines:59 Added:04/05/2009

BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation's executive director Allan Lamb, wants British Columbians to know that drivers impaired by drugs are a danger to all road users.

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse released their Alcohol and Drug Use Among Drivers: British Columbia Roadside Survey for 2008. The survey showed fewer people driving after drinking, but more doing so after taking drugs.

Lamb is particularly concerned that young drivers who act responsibly when it comes to combining alcohol and driving, have no idea that they could become too impaired to drive after smoking cannabis, using coke or taking their drug of choice.

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3US GA: Meth Costs Georgia 13 BillionThu, 02 Apr 2009
Source:Times, The (Gainesville, GA) Author:Gurr, Stephen Area:Georgia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/05/2009

Hall County Superior Court Judge Jason Deal can see the price of methamphetamine abuse in the faces of the people in his courtroom.

Of the 119 participants in Deal's felony drug court, roughly a third landed there as a result of methamphetamine charges. Many others abused meth along with other drugs.

The ill effects seem to be long-lasting, from rotted teeth to scarred skin that can cause low self-esteem and hinder participants on the path to self-improvement, Deal said.

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4 US GA: Edu: Column: It's Time To Legalize Drugs And Ban PoliticiansWed, 01 Apr 2009
Source:Georgian (CN NF) Author:Carter, Cass Area:Georgia Lines:100 Added:04/05/2009

Imagine a system where in order to save you from the potential danger posed by crossing the street, someone will throw you off a tall building. This is the current insanity of drug policy. In order to 'protect citizens from the danger of drugs', we throw people in prison.

Drugs are dangerous; I am smart enough to grant that. You can overdose easily on most drugs, and that includes alcohol. I've had enough booze in me until I hallucinated pirates and such and probably could've died from it. Do I think alcohol should be illegal? No. Because when taken responsibly, alcohol isn't that dangerous; the same is true for the bulk of the drugs out there now. Indeed, much of the danger of drugs today lies in the illegality of it-buying drugs of unknown potency from shady characters raises the risk, for certain.

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5 CN BC: Crime Proceeds Used To Educate Youth At RiskFri, 03 Apr 2009
Source:Prince George Free Press (CN BC) Author:Williams, Arthur Area:British Columbia Lines:66 Added:04/05/2009

Prince George Community Policing will be using proceeds of crime seized by the province to education youth at risk in the city about the dangers of drugs and gang involvement.

On Friday, Prince George-Mount Robson MLA Shirley Bond announced a $17,500 grant to Community Policing from the Civil Forfeiture Remediation and Crime Prevention program. Since May 2006, the Civil Forfeiture Act has allowed the B.C. Supreme Court to seize $5.6 million in property acquired through crime or to further criminal activity.

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6 US: US Aid Delays In Drug War CriticizedSun, 05 Apr 2009
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Booth, William Area:United States Lines:200 Added:04/05/2009

Mexicans Seek 'True Solidarity'

MEXICO CITY -- After promising $1.4 billion last year under a landmark initiative to help fight drug trafficking in Mexico, the U.S. government has spent almost none of the money, fanning criticism on both sides of the border that the United States is failing to respond quickly to the deepening crisis.

In June, Congress appropriated $400 million to assist Mexico under the first installment of the Merida Initiative, which was signed into law by President George W. Bush. The three-year aid package was passed as an emergency measure because of deteriorating security in Mexico. In December, the State Department announced that $197 million had been "released."

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7 CN BC: LTE: Canada's Soldiers Needed At HomeFri, 03 Apr 2009
Source:Langley Advance (CN BC) Author:Charles, James Area:British Columbia Lines:27 Added:04/05/2009

Dear Editor,

I wish that that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was deeply troubled with the automatic gun fire on the streets of greater Vancouver and elsewhere across Canada.

In fact, I wish Harper was so deeply troubled with the violence and death across Canada attributed to drugs and lawlessness that he would bring our troops home from Afghanistan. The money saved could then be spent here on crime control and prevention.

James Charles



8 US OR: PUB LTE: War On Pot's A Big ScamFri, 03 Apr 2009
Source:Albany Democrat-Herald (OR) Author:Erickson, Allan Area:Oregon Lines:42 Added:04/05/2009

Well, Larry Compton apparently has only a bad attitude to defend his position against cannabis ("Can't Pot Cure Everything?" March 30).

The truth is that the whole war on pot is a scam and has always been a scam. Pot (and all other medicines) used to be available right off the shelf. Pot was once the key ingredient in many tinctures and palliative medicines. Today we know that pot fights many diseases and conditions. We also know that the government has buried studies showing positive benefits of cannabis (including one in 1974 that demonstrated it has great anti-cancer potential), obstructed research into positive effects of cannabis and engaged in a seven-decade-long propaganda war that avoided truth like the plague.

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9 US NY: PUB LTE: Drug Treatment, Not PrisonSat, 04 Apr 2009
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Knickman, James R. Area:New York Lines:39 Added:04/05/2009

To the Editor:

Re "Albany Reaches Deal to Repeal '70s Drug Laws" (front page, March 26):

The agreement between Gov. David A. Paterson and state legislative leaders to dismantle the Rockefeller drug laws is long awaited.

The laws' enforcement of mandatory minimum sentencing - even for first-time low-level offenders - squandered the opportunity to link individuals with substance abuse issues to effective treatment.

The proposed plan's expansion of access to substance abuse treatment for first-time nonviolent offenders will help prevent people from entering a revolving door between substance abuse and the criminal justice system.

We applaud the governor's focus on treatment, rather than punishment, to end the cycle of addiction.

James R. Knickman

President and Chief Executive New York State Health Foundation

New York


10 CN BC: PUB LTE: Let's Get The Average Cops' Opinions On DrugsThu, 02 Apr 2009
Source:Georgia Straight, The (CN BC) Author:Kumar, Monica Area:British Columbia Lines:35 Added:04/05/2009

With all of the theoretical and rational discourse around the harmful impact on every level and aspect of society the war on drugs has, it is unfortunate that we are not privy to cops' opinions on the subject ["Cop calls to legalize drugs", March 19-26].

Whether they are bound by an implicit or explicit code of silence on this issue, they could be the best group of people to provide us with a realistic and educated opinion, both through their firsthand perspective and because of the respect that people could have for their view.

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