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1 Australia: Injecting Room Syringe 'Stunt'Thu, 27 Jul 2006
Source:Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) Author:Braithwaite, David Area:Australia Lines:84 Added:07/27/2006

A bin full of exposed syringes was planted near a Kings Cross injecting clinic to discredit the centre, its medical director says.

A Sydney newspaper today published photographs of about 100 "potentially deadly blood-tainted needles" dumped near the clinic and called for the centre to be shut down.

"It's been said before, but it needs to be said again and again until it is done - this place needs to be shut down now," said the Daily Telegraph newspaper in an editorial.

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2 US WI: Eddie Was Drug User Who Avoided ConfrontationSun, 23 Jul 2006
Source:Wisconsin State Journal (WI)          Area:Wisconsin Lines:71 Added:07/27/2006

Eddie Harris "did not like screaming and hollering. It bugged his head," his mother, Rebecca Anderson, said.

He was more of the type to avoid confrontation, a "follower," Anderson said -- definitely not the type to lead a raid to rip off a marijuana dealer, carrying a loaded shotgun.

Harris, 24, was shot dead in the home of a marijuana dealer March 16, a Thursday. Also killed was his companion, Jaeson Shepard.

When Anderson's daughter, Leah told her Eddie was dead, "I figured it was a drug overdose, I thought suicide, because Eddie was having a tough time," she said. "I never would have expected him to be shot."

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3 US WI: Secret Room Hid Interesting StuffSun, 23 Jul 2006
Source:Wisconsin State Journal (WI) Author:Hesselberg, George Area:Wisconsin Lines:82 Added:07/27/2006

For Openers, It Held About $500,000 Worth Of Marijuana Plants.

It had something to do with the pegboard.

What Eddie Harris and Jaeson Shepard died for, the reason Erin Van Epps was shot at, and why police suspect Brad Fandrich took his own life, was behind the pegboard in the basement.

Harris, Shepard and Van Epps drove to Brad and Jeanna Fandrich's home on Highway N in the town of Argyle in March because, police believe, they had heard marijuana was growing there, and they wanted to steal it.

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4 New Zealand: Drug Dogs Cost Schools ThousandsTue, 25 Jul 2006
Source:Manawatu Evening Standard (New Zealand) Author:Mckay, Caitlin Area:New Zealand Lines:82 Added:07/27/2006

Some Manawatu schools are paying for private dog services to ensure schools are kept drug-free, at a cost of $1500 a time.

Palmerston North Boys' High School conducts up to seven searches a year.

There is no funding available and the Ministry of Education offers no guidelines for schools to follow.

Boys' High rector Tim O'Connor said he wrote to the ministry to request funding, but -was declined.

"I think this is an indictment on the ministry - they don't know what's happening in the real world," Mr O'Connor said.

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5 US OK: Killing The DragonTue, 25 Jul 2006
Source:Native American Times (US) Author:Cross, Dan Area:Oklahoma Lines:292 Added:07/27/2006

Tulsa Recovery House Focuses on the Spiritual

"Jerred" (not his real name) had always been a violent person. There seemed within him an angst, a pain too deep for his understanding, yet prevalent in every part of his being. That pain expressed in rage, and that rage in violence. Where did the pain come from? It had always been there. Why was he different? He didn't know, but his difference would dominate. Power was essential, and that was the draw of methamphetamine, otherwise known as "speed", "crystal", "zoom", "ice". When he was on it, he felt powerful.

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6 US CA: Folsom Ban On Medical Pot Stores StaysWed, 26 Jul 2006
Source:Folsom Telegraph (CA) Author:Hosseini, Raheem Area:California Lines:107 Added:07/27/2006

With its temporary moratorium set to expire, the Folsom City Council was expected to adopt a permanent ban against operating medical marijuana dispensaries in the city at last night's meeting.

Citing a conflict between state and federal law and a feared burden on police services, city council members held a public hearing on the prohibitive ordinance at its July 11 meeting. No residents stepped forward to offer comments.

Interim Assistant Community Development Department Director Gail Furness De Pardo said last week she couldn't see "why it wouldn't be adopted." Results of the meeting were unknown at press time.

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7 US NY: OPED: The State Should Target The Real Drug KingpinsWed, 26 Jul 2006
Source:Newsday (NY) Author:Papa, Anthony Area:New York Lines:93 Added:07/27/2006

Ashley O'Donoghue is a low-level, nonviolent offender currently serving a 7-to-21-year sentence for the sale of 2 1/2 ounces of cocaine. In September 2003, the Oneida County district attorney claimed that the 20-year-old was a major drug kingpin and needed to face a life sentence under the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Reacting to a commonly used scare tactic, O'Donoghue agreed to a plea bargain. His A-1 felony, the highest possible felony, was reduced to a B felony. Like magic, O'Donoghue was no longer a kingpin - that is, a drug dealer distributing extraordinarily large quantities.

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