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1 US NJ: Safer, Easier Than Buying From DealersTue, 11 Mar 2003
Source:Trentonian, The (NJ) Author:Sommers, Dave Area:New Jersey Lines:98 Added:03/11/2003

There are more than 4,390 Internet Web sites describing how to grow "excellent" indoor marijuana -- all 61 varieties.

And for those who need moreinformation, Amazon.com has at least 17 books on the subject, not to mention the 366 books that detail other nuances about the evil weed.

All of which explains why many pot smokers have given up buying street marijuana and instead grow their own.

"I will smoke (marijuana) for the rest of my life," a 56-year-old pot smoker was quoted as saying on the popular Web site marijuana.com., shortly after he was busted with 30 plants in his apartment.

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2 US OK: State To Study Teen Marijuana UseTue, 11 Mar 2003
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Killackey, Jim Area:Oklahoma Lines:90 Added:03/11/2003

As many as 10,000 Oklahoma schoolchildren ages 12 to 17 will be surveyed this fall about their use of illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco as part of a first-ever survey by the state Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Department.

A primary goal is to pinpoint the adolescent use of marijuana, the most commonly used illegal drug among Oklahoma teenagers, said Larry Didier, the mental health agency's prevention program coordinator.

Marijuana use represents nearly 60 percent of all illicit drug use among Oklahoma youths, he said.

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3US CA: Judge Denies Medical Pot InjunctionTue, 11 Mar 2003
Source:Oakland Tribune, The (CA)          Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:03/11/2003

Ruling Allows Federal Government To Keep Treating Users As Criminals

A federal judge has refused to bar U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and Drug Enforcement Administration chief Asa Hutchinson from treating medical marijuana patients as criminals.

Patients sued the government officials in October, claiming their civil rights were violated by federal crackdowns on medical marijuana. The federal government still deems all marijuana growth, possession or use illegal, even though California voters approved medical marijuana in 1996. Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon and Washington have similar laws.

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4US MS: Editorial: Drug CourtsTue, 11 Mar 2003
Source:Clarion-Ledger, The (MS)          Area:Mississippi Lines:Excerpt Added:03/11/2003

House Is Missing The Point

Drug courts make sense. It is simple. Drug courts treat the root problem by requiring treatment for offenders rather than just locking them up and starting a lifetime cycle of incarceration, chemical dependency and crime.

Root causes

- - Drug courts treat the root causes of crime by mandating treatment and dealing with an offender's chemical dependency.

- - The programs have better results and save taxpayers money.

Why is this so hard for the House of Representatives to understand?

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5 Australia: OPED: It Pays To Be Tough On DrugsSun, 09 Mar 2003
Source:Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) Author:Devine, Miranda Area:Australia Lines:123 Added:03/11/2003

The story of Australia's heroin drought is an extraordinary good news story. But it is getting little publicity because it destroys the popular myth that the illicit drug problem will never be eased by prohibition. It is a fascinating case study in how ideology blinds people to the truth.

Our heroin drought is unique in the world. It began about Christmas 2000 in Cabramatta, the nation's largest heroin market, when a sudden shortage of heroin was accompanied by a sharp rise in price and decline in purity.

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6 US KS: State Debates How to Handle Drug OffendersMon, 10 Mar 2003
Source:Lawrence Journal-World (KS) Author:Rothschild, Scott Area:Kansas Lines:131 Added:03/11/2003

Topeka o Kansas prisons are becoming warehouses for those addicted to drugs and alcohol and society might be better off if they weren't locked up.

That's not some left-wing, soft-on-crime rhetoric. It's the assessment of front-line workers in the drug war.

But how to fix this problem is at the heart of a fierce debate going on in the criminal justice community and Legislature.

Some prosecutors and judges are telling lawmakers to approve a bill that would give certain drug offenders treatment for substance abuse rather than jail time.

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7 CN BC: Methadone Bylaw Passes In SurreyTue, 11 Mar 2003
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Spencer, Kent Area:British Columbia Lines:54 Added:03/11/2003

Surrey went ahead with its controversial methad-one control bylaw last night, despite concerns for patients' privacy.

"This is not a road I wanted to go down, but it's necessary," said Coun. Dianne Watts, chairwoman of the public-safety committee.

Coun. Judith Higginbotham added her misgivings that good people "trying to do the right thing might be somewhat inconvenienced" by police inspections.

"I feel badly about it," she said. "We are getting into something a lot of us don't understand . . . but no other government is taking the responsibility."

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8 UK: British Ecstasy Use Goes MainstreamTue, 11 Mar 2003
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Brautigam, Tara Area:United Kingdom Lines:98 Added:03/11/2003

Increased Demand Sees Prices Plummet Cocaine Now Drug Of Choice In Clubs

LONDON—In a dank nightclub in Brixton, a south London neighbourhood with a rep for crime and a lively music scene, a man sporting a parka and toque scans the dance floor. He shifts his eyes every few seconds, looking for a sale.

"You want pills?" he asks above the din. "Two for ?5 (about $12.50 Canadian)."

We chat briefly. Exuding a savoir-faire for drug dealing, he says if I'm interested in a larger order he can hook me up with 50 hits of ecstasy for ?50 — a pound a pill.

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9 US TX: Edu: Activist Wants Drug Reforms, Not WarTue, 11 Mar 2003
Source:Daily Cougar (U of Houston, TX Edu) Author:Ali, Raiha Area:Texas Lines:80 Added:03/11/2003

Like many people who are often changed by an event in their life that makes them revise their perspective on things, Dean Becker was motivated by a life experience to become an activist in the fight to end the United States' war on drugs. In 1971, three of his friends were pulled over and jailed for possessing a joint.

One of them spent 90 days in jail. The second joined the Army and died fighting in Vietnam. The third was a 17-year-old who was later convicted. On the day of his sentencing, he put a gun to his head and took his own life.

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10 US ID: PUB LTE: Drug ParaphernaliaTue, 11 Mar 2003
Source:Idaho State Journal (ID) Author:Larsen, Leah Area:Idaho Lines:57 Added:03/11/2003

You may not have heard it, but last week there were police actions that were designed to take away a right of the American People. Right here in Pocatello, Idaho.

Last week several people were arrested and private property confiscated by our government because the merchandise being sold by these people might be used for smoking marijuana. This would be the same as saying that you are no longer able to sell or buy firearms because they might be used in an illegal act.

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