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1 US WV: PUB LTE: Trading American Liberty For Security Is A Fatal ErrorThu, 19 Dec 2002
Source:Charleston Daily Mail (WV) Author:Buors, Chris G. Area:West Virginia Lines:59 Added:12/20/2002

Thanks for publishing Robert Sharpe's letter on the Drug Policy Alliance. America would not be the first country in history to destroy the liberty upon which it was founded.

John Locke wrote: "Whenever legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience," in 1690.

Thomas Jefferson was a big fan of Locke, and incorporated many of Locke's tenets into the Declaration of Independence.

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2 US VA: Series Index: Four Lives, One Last Chance - A Year In Drug CourtThu, 19 Dec 2002
Source:Daily Press (VA)          Area:Virginia Lines:184 Added:12/20/2002

(41 Articles)

Article 1 - Act 1

URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v02/n2292/a01.html

Article 2 - Act I: Jennifer

URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v02/n2293/a09.html

Article 3 - Act I: Linwood

URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v02/n2294/a01.html

Article 4 - Act I: Linda

URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v02/n2295/a02.html

Article 5 - Act I: Vernon

URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v02/n2293/a02.html

Article 6 - Act I: Insanity

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3 US AL: Another Drug WarTue, 17 Dec 2002
Source:Troy Messenger (AL) Author:Stetson, Stephen Area:Alabama Lines:148 Added:12/20/2002

Loretta Nall could have done a lot of things when the helicopters started to target her. She could have gotten scared. She could have moved to another house or into an apartment. She could have just tried to ignore them and prayed that they'd go away.

Instead, when police helicopters began hovering over her rural Tallapoosa County home, whipping the trees with high-speed winds and deafening her with thunderous noise, she got organized. "I think they were looking for marijuana, but I don't know why they thought that I was growing it," she said. "I wasn't."

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4 US CA: Patients, Deputies Left GuessingTue, 17 Dec 2002
Source:Daily Press (CA) Author:Vanhorne, Scott Area:California Lines:197 Added:12/20/2002

San Bernardino County Sheriff Gary Penrod doesn't hesitate to express his opinion about medical marijuana.

"I think it's just a step to legalize drugs," the county's top cop said. "I'm opposed to it."

But six years after California voters approved Proposition 215, the statewide initiative that legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, both proponents of the law and narcotics officers continue to disagree over how the law should be implemented.

"It's forcing district attorneys, police and law enforcement agencies to make up their own rules," said Detective Robbie Ciolli, a member of the Sheriff's Marijuana Eradication Team.The problem, both sides agree, is that the law only requires a person to secure a doctor's recommendation (prescription) to use marijuana for almost any ailment and doesn't set how much patients can grow.

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5 US MI: LTE: Drugs, Laws And Kids' FuturesFri, 20 Dec 2002
Source:Detroit Free Press (MI) Author:Hiltz, Susan L. Area:Michigan Lines:43 Added:12/20/2002

The 2002 Monitoring the Future study delivered an early holiday gift with its encouraging news about the reduction of drug use by teens ("Teen drug use on decline, study says: U-M researchers say 9/11 has a sobering effect," Dec. 17). However, it is important to remember that drug use among teens remains unacceptably high. We can't let up in our efforts to reduce drug use among kids.

Attitudes about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are changing, and when they do, behavior changes. These changes in attitude can be attributed in part to collaborative community efforts to educate, involve and inform young people. The reality of substance abuse continues to resonate with teens.

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6 US MI: PUB LTE: Drug Laws Can Ruin LivesFri, 20 Dec 2002
Source:Detroit Free Press (MI) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Michigan Lines:43 Added:12/20/2002

According to your Dec. 18 editorial "No matter why, it's great to see teens kick bad habits," "drugs will mess up your college plans, get you arrested, get you raped." The Higher Education Act denies student loans to youths convicted of drug offenses. Hypocritical drug laws are the reason Americans who prefer marijuana to martinis are thrown in jail and raped. In short, the war on some drugs poses a greater threat to today's teenagers than drugs themselves.

Most teenagers outgrow their youthful indiscretions involving drugs. An arrest and criminal record, on the other hand, can be life-shattering. After admitting to smoking pot (but not inhaling), former President Bill Clinton opened himself up to "soft on drugs" criticism, and thousands of Americans have paid the price in the form of shattered lives. More Americans went to prison or jail during the Clinton administration than during any past administration.

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7 US MI: PUB LTE: Welcome ChangesFri, 20 Dec 2002
Source:Detroit Free Press (MI) Author:Tieber, F. Martin Area:Michigan Lines:50 Added:12/20/2002

I applaud your editorial welcoming changes to Michigan's draconian mandatory minimum drug laws ("Drug Fight: Engler can untie judges' hands with flexible laws," Dec. 18). For nearly a quarter of a century, as director of the Lansing office of the State Appellate Defender, I fought a generally losing battle against the racially biased war on drugs and the outrageous prison expansion this war fueled.

As I enter private practice, I hope to remain active in the ongoing effort to reduce this state's appetite for incarceration. The revisions discussed in your editorial are a testament to the fact that a fiscal crisis does have its uses.

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8 US MI: PUB LTE: A Failed WarFri, 20 Dec 2002
Source:Detroit Free Press (MI) Author:Morse, David M. Area:Michigan Lines:34 Added:12/20/2002

My hat's off to the writer of the Dec. 4 letter, "Drug-policy connection," which cited legislative restriction (prohibition) as the true underlying cause of the tragedies associated with the drug problem in Detroit and many other U.S. cities.

For decades, government officials, the media and the general public have steadfastly blamed the drug problem on such superficial scapegoats as insufficient police protection, easy access to guns, video violence, etc., all the while ignoring the simple truths the years of alcohol prohibition revealed: Substance abuse cannot be resolved by simply outlawing the substance.

The losses of thousands of lives and billions of dollars will never end until it is openly recognized that our war on drugs has been a monumental failure, and that our drug laws must be drastically revised.

David M. Morse

Grosse Ile


9 US MI: LTE: Who Twisted His Arm?Thu, 19 Dec 2002
Source:Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI) Author:Webster, Harry Area:Michigan Lines:24 Added:12/20/2002

Judge Gilbert has blamed his drinking for smoking marijuana. I would like to know who twisted his arm and poured the alcohol down his throat. Think about that one.

How can he sit on the bench and look people in the eye, when it seems most of the people want him to resign?

Harry Webster

Traverse City


10 US CA: Nuz Of The WeirdWed, 18 Dec 2002
Source:Metro Santa Cruz (CA)          Area:California Lines:133 Added:12/20/2002

Fodor's 2002 described Santa Cruz as "a haven for those opting out of the rat race" and "a bastion of 1960s-style counterculture."

But since housing prices aren't stuck in a '60s time warp, who can opt out of even the hamster wheel of life?

And with the City Council set to regulate that holiest cow of Santa Cruz counterculture--the street performers--will Fodor have to classify SC as "no longer nearly so weird?"

Not if BOOKSHOP SANTA CRUZ owner NEAL COONERTY can help it. Coonerty, who says the current council's decision to reduce limits from 14 feet to 10 feet "is a fairly good compromise," is selling "Keep Santa Cruz Weird" T-shirts and stickers at his bookstore.

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