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1US CA: Task Force Issues Its Cannabis ProposalsTue, 15 Oct 2002
Source:San Diego Union Tribune (CA) Author:Huard, Ray Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:10/19/2002

Patients Would Be Allowed To Keep 3 Pounds Of Pot

Sick people who use marijuana under a doctor's advice could keep up to 3 pounds of the drug without fear of arrest from San Diego police under guidelines proposed by a citizens task force.

The city's Medical Cannabis Task Force recommendations also would allow patients to grow as many as 72 marijuana plants for their own use.

Caregivers who grow marijuana for others could keep as much as 12 pounds of marijuana and grow as many as 90 plants under the guidelines. The guidelines will be reviewed by the City Council Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee at 2 p.m. tomorrow in a public hearing in the City Administration Building, 202 C St. The recommendations must be approved by the City Council.

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2 US MO: LTE: Craig GlazerFri, 18 Oct 2002
Source:Kansas City Star (MO) Author:Cox-Davis, Dianne Area:Missouri Lines:36 Added:10/19/2002

I have had the opportunity to become well acquainted with Westport promoter Craig Glazer. I can honestly say he is one of the most caring, kindhearted, decent citizens in our city.

I have seen him help others economically. I also know that he has made a difference in the lives of students by speaking to them about life choices and drug abuse. Despite Glazer's status and busy schedule, if you are in need of a shoulder to lean on, he wants to help.

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3 CN BC: Column: Drug Addicts Getting Too Much AttentionFri, 18 Oct 2002
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Ferry, Jon Area:British Columbia Lines:86 Added:10/19/2002

Like thousands who live in the burbs, I'm distinctly unimpressed by the deification of outgoing Vancouver Mayor Philip Owen, the supposed saviour-in-chief of local drug addicts.

And I'm saddened this municipal election appears to have been co-opted by those who drool over drug addiction, as if there weren't more pressing things to discuss. Like traffic.

It reflects, I suppose, the great Canadian veneration of victims and those whose greatest skill lies in draining the public purse.

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4 US MI: Drug Tests For Welfare FamiliesSat, 19 Oct 2002
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Liptak, Adam Area:Michigan Lines:22 Added:10/19/2002

Families that receive welfare may have to take drug tests, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, in Cincinnati, ruled. It held that the state's interest in protecting children, in public safety and in not paying for illegal drugs was stronger than the recipients' right to privacy. Earlier decisions had allowed testing students and people with sensitive jobs. A lawyer for the plaintiffs, Graham A. Boyd, said the ruling was the first to endorse testing parents.


5 US NY: PUB LTE: Yearning To VoteSat, 19 Oct 2002
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Papa, Anthony Area:New York Lines:33 Added:10/19/2002

To the Editor:

Re "Former Felons Have a Right to Vote" (editorial, Oct. 17):

I was a first-time nonviolent offender who served 12 years under the Rockefeller drug laws of New York State. When I was released on parole, I could not vote. This was a great blow to my self-esteem.

My South Bronx neighborhood was deteriorating, and there were many community issues I wanted to voice my opinion on through the vote. But I couldn't. I felt the pain of felony disenfranchisement and was being further punished for my crime.

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6 US MD: Fire Fatal To 6 Leads A City to Scrutinize Its Drug WarSat, 19 Oct 2002
Source:New York Times (NY)          Area:Maryland Lines:87 Added:10/19/2002

BALTIMORE, Oct. 18 - In this city where 60,000 people, about one in 10 residents, are addicted to narcotics, a simple message appears on billboards, police cruisers, city buses, T-shirts, brochures and in television advertisements: "Believe."

That slogan, from a $2 million antidrug campaign Baltimore began six months ago, is part exhortation, part call to action, part desperate plea to take back the neighborhoods, to report drug dealers, to seek drug treatment, to become a police officer or a mentor to a troubled youngster.

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7 US NY: Editorial: Baltimore's Homegrown TerrorismSat, 19 Oct 2002
Source:New York Times (NY)          Area:New York Lines:41 Added:10/19/2002

The horrifying murders of a Baltimore woman, Angela Dawson, and five of her six children is a tragedy not only for their loved ones but also for a city where some neighborhoods have been described as under siege by lawbreakers. The arson fire, in which Mrs. Dawson's husband was critically injured, was apparently the result of her bold decision to do what all of us are asked to do: She reported drug dealing and other crime in her neighborhood to police. And she went a step further recently, testifying in an assault case against a drug dealer.

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8 Canada: Don't Throw Out Federal Pot Laws, Lawyer WarnsSat, 19 Oct 2002
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Gadd, Jane Area:Canada Lines:76 Added:10/19/2002

Regulations Ensure MDs, Not Patients, Govern Medical Use Of Cannabis, Court Told

TORONTO -- Throwing out Ottawa's regulations on medical use of marijuana would lead to a tidal wave of demand to treat "everything from warts to hemorrhoids," a Justice Department lawyer warned in Ontario Superior Court yesterday.

Fighting a court bid by patients who want easier access to a drug they say helps them, lawyer Harvey Frankel said the regulations ensure that doctors, not patients, decide who gets an exemption from federal laws banning marijuana possession.

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9 CN ON: Edu: Column: Mary Jane's Army Raising AwarenessFri, 18 Oct 2002
Source:Gazette, The (London, CN ON Edu) Author:Simpson, Tait Area:Ontario Lines:74 Added:10/19/2002

Gazette readers, for all of their virtues, are a fairly contained group. Most students, some professors and a few alumni comprise the small list of people who get the distinct pleasure of reading our little publication four times a week. I say little, because, in the grand scheme of media and influence, The Gazette is a small fish in a much larger pond.

With this in mind, I was more then a little surprised when I received letters last week from across North America. From California and Colorado, New Jersey and Illinois, the letters filled my inbox, asking to have their 300 words printed in our small paper. What topic inspired grown people to send their letters across four time zones in the hopes of having them printed? Surely, we must have done something outrageously wrong if people from two countries were taking notice!

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10 CN BC: Assessing Addict Services is ComplexFri, 18 Oct 2002
Source:Kelowna Capital News (CN BC) Author:McDonald, John Area:British Columbia Lines:48 Added:10/19/2002

The Interior Health Authority has extended for six months the contracts of addictions service providers while a review of their contracts is completed. Responsibility for addictions services was transferred to the IHA last April.

The review was to have been completed for late September but health authority officials say the project was bigger than first thought.

"I would say we were taken by surprise at the complexity of the issue," said Kim Marshal, director of mental health in the Okanagan health service area.

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11 US OH: Amendment Could Change Ohio's Drug PolicyWed, 09 Oct 2002
Source:Post, The (OH Edu) Author:Long, Natalie Area:Ohio Lines:91 Added:10/09/2002

Ohioans will have a chance to amend the state Constitution on Nov. 5 when they vote on Issue I, a reform initiative to require treatment instead of jail time for first-time, non-violent drug offenders. Supporters of Issue I say it will saves lives and money for the state, and opponents argue it ignores Ohio's system of treatment and justice for drug offenders.

The Ohio Campaign for New Drug Policies is responsible for getting the issue on the ballot, said Chris Abbruzzese, spokesman for the secretary of state's office.

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12 US MD: Schools Host Workshop On Drug PoliciesWed, 16 Oct 2002
Source:The Star Democrat (MD) Author:Maki, Greg Area:Maryland Lines:66 Added:10/19/2002

Changes Affecting Talbot Athletes Under Discussion

EASTON - The Talbot County Board of Education will hold a public workshop before its regular meeting tonight to discuss the controversial proposed changes to the schools' athletic policies. At their September meeting, board members were hopeful that the issue, which has been on the table for much of this year, will be resolved tonight.

Throughout the lengthy debate, School Superintendent Dr. J. Sam Meek has repeatedly emphasized that there is a serious drug and alcohol problem among the youth of Talbot County. That viewpoint was backed up this week by the Maryland State Department of Education.

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